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Chat log from R22 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R22 of 2019

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Ash777: damn no english
original: Macrae v dunkley please don’t go huge dunks
Dead_Ned: this game is basically my prelim decider..
AuroraBore: anyone know who deboer has gone to?
AuroraBore: nevermind its the bont, FFS brought him in this week before checking if deboer was back
Dead_Ned: flower that. my oppo has dunks and macrae and i have bont. 🙁
original: Macrae and greene VS dunkley McLean
Ash777: wow basil is so bad
Yelse: jelly vs bont for me
Yelse: Zac williams u gotta be kidding us hit a target
Dead_Ned: LIFT whitfield
Dead_Ned: thanks for listening
duckky: Whitfield … 3 minutes ago was on 4 sc points
Wends: Afternoon all – have macrae capt, hoping for a long shot come from behind prelim win
duckky: 12 goals in one quarter? some games have that around 3/4 time.
Danstar: Deboer will swap to Dunkley if he keeps dominating
Danstar: Ducky: just Adelaide and freo games lol
thesilentl: Kelly+240 vs bont,macrae,zilliams. My sc final is tight
BestCoast: Go Bullies
Wends: Anyone watching know if Greene gone from the guts now Kelly is back?
BestCoast: Bont can flick tagging flogs no probs
Danstar: Didn’t even realise jelly was playing lol
feralmong: dogs v crows next week gonna be huge.
Wends: Nice goal toby. Bad luck with the loss BestCoast – was a good game.
Tig-Train: Hawthorn go into the 8 with a good win today… who woulda thought
Danstar: Hawks will lose by 60+ next week though
Yelse: this game huge for that 8th spot did a few ladder predictions
OhSoRozee: lost this 1 to much gws game
Jackwatt$: Dogs vs Crows next week at Mars Stadium. Surely the town of Ballarat has never seen a bigger event before
BestCoast: Anyone have any news on how Gawn is with injuries???
Jackwatt$: Hopefully Libba doesn’t celebrate a point!
Lynch_MOB: deboar will be under done, bont could have a good 2nd half
OhSoRozee: they wont risk gawn
feralmong: deboar what a waste of a space on an afl list
OhSoRozee: nothing to play for surely doesnt play could injure it and have 2-3 months off preseason
feralmong: play a decent mid instead they’d be top 4.
BestCoast: Looks like Gawn to Goldy next week
Dead_Ned: cmon bont all i ask is for u to match macrae
Yelse: what was gawns injury?
Ash777: sore hammy yelse
Ash777: He wont play next week there is no reason to last game
ajconodie: If Gawn is 80% he will still play.
Lynch_MOB: hammy tightness thats all
Dead_Ned: keep going whitfield
OhSoRozee: if he does play club deserves the muppet
Yelse: lucky got that trade up my sleeve for final hoping opponent doesn’t. 2k on the line
Dead_Ned: if he does he will be up against goldy
amigaman: If Mummy is still out, Witts might be worth a look
BestCoast: Dead_Ned Goldmember as turned back time Stella performance yesterday
jbjimmyjb: I need Whitfield to outscore Taranto by 17 SC
Wends: Toby: the David Warner of footy….
Ash777: Mummy will be back. He was out because of gastro
Danstar: Go Bont. Loving the anger he’s showing. Captain next year
DrSeuss: Thanks to Rocky just need Greene to score as much as Taranto and Jelly combined. Big chance lol
Lynch_MOB: lolz deserve to lose still having rocky
faisca7: Toby is Dave warner and Dangerfield is Steve smith
DrSeuss: Worse than that Lynch – I was going to trade him out this week – traded out Higgins instead!!
VodkaHawk: Lol, what an insult to Smith.
Danstar: Need Williams to score 123 :/ stupid houli score so much
BestCoast: Houli’s score was blissfull to say the least Danstar sorry mate
Danstar: Not when I don’t have him. And it’s houli vs. Williams in my hame were its 50/50
Wends: Lol faisca.
BestCoast: Danstar I still want Williams to go big as I have him
StuL: damn should have kept greene
Manowar: Get de Boer onto Dunkley, and I mean NOW!
Haydo: Dunkley has done nothing for his points
Ash777: go lipi
original: Haydo I have him and I agree
Danstar: 6 clearances 19 pos. At 72 percent
original: Get green back on the ball
Danstar: Probably a bit high though
original: Dan star we talking this quarter tho
thiccgucci: went sloane to josh kelly this round. kelly not looking too fit
original: Macrae + greene + 10 VS dunkley and McLean. Who wins from here?
zoomba23: Pull your finger out Macrae
Dead_Ned: macrae and greene by a country mile
zoomba23: I put the C on you over Dunkley, don’t let me down
original: Dunkley goal fuuuming
thiccgucci: please ton up today kelly, need it badddd
OhSoRozee: the pressure actually helped him drive that footy
OhSoRozee: most owned player behind gawn/grundy in 2020 is dunkley
Danstar: Hmm Williams score well or
Danstar: Dogs big win… Go dogs!!!! Better. Screw sc
Tangent: Win or loss, dosn’t matter for the dogs.
Manowar: Go Dogs, we want Adelaide to go down the ladder!!
Danstar: Tangent. Guaranteed win crows you sting? 😜
StuL: I misunderstood before. God has the C on Dunks.
thiccgucci: kelly better get some points for that smother 😉
Danstar: Score review trying to keep gws in game
Tangent: Hoping Macrae or dunks gets injured
Dead_Ned: fingers crossed de boer moves to dunks or macrae
Danstar: Shows gws doesn’t have much depth. All their rookies on bottom of scores
Danstar: Fingers cross Williams 32 point qtr.
Ash777: gws should probably check their tyres 😛
italz: would like the see the dogs make finals over the other 3 teams, they look like the one that could make some noise
OhSoRozee: @ash dont get smug will end up losing
Danstar: Could lose
Danstar: To crows next week
OhSoRozee: this game is likely match up if we make finals
GobChuck: Assuming dogs win, friday night will be crucial for them elim games. gws vs dogs and pies vs dons prediction
OhSoRozee: think in the 12 games young has played played at this ground 3 times
thiccgucci: bont is a shocking set shot
Tangent: Dogs should be making finals
Danstar: Bont should close his eyes or use his right
OhSoRozee: @thicc yeh not as bad as hunter tho
Dead_Ned: has de boer moved to someone else?
Wends: De Boer all over Bont like white on rice.
amigaman: GWS vs ESS elimination set in stone
OhSoRozee: gonna beat pies amiga?
thiccgucci: love the doggies players getting around phil davis there
GobChuck: If Essendon win friday yes @amiga
GobChuck: But I think we’ll rest a lot of guys like Hooker and all those hamstring guys Stringer Saad Smack etc
Wends: Naughton you’re gonna have to kick those after trying to stare down Davis lol
amigaman: Correction Dons can finish 8th. My bad
Danstar: Where’s williams
Danstar: Naughton 19 years old playing kp forward first time ever. He’ll be right
italz: whitfield please stay below 118, i beg
OhSoRozee: doubt we woulda won this if cameron played
Danstar: Thanks heath
Wends: His strut is certainly coing along well tho…
Danstar: Rozee you think Cameron would change a 40 point deficit ?
thiccgucci: whitfield williams and kelly stopped!
OhSoRozee: yeh they woulda had momentum with him kicking 5 in the 1st half
Wends: Capt Macrae, pls…. lift!
Danstar: Nah. Bevo coaching
Danstar: Too smart to let that Happen
OhSoRozee: coniglio and cameron probz be back if we face them elimination final
GobChuck: cmon macrae kick a couple garbage goals or smth
Yelse: jelly disappointing today dunno why i held on but who to get was the prob
Danstar: Libba back for us. Loves playing gws
Yelse: bulldogs to finish 7 and play giants again pies to play bombers
thiccgucci: any chance kelly does something and gets to 90
Danstar: Lippy will be good
Danstar: Sc pod next year
OhSoRozee: id like to see lions v tigers at the gabba, cats vs wce at mcg, piesv dons at g and gws vs dogs at gia
Ash777: already got lippy. he’s consistant
Ash777: rarely below a score of 80
DrSeuss: Big Finish Toby
Danstar: Gc could beat gws next week lol
OhSoRozee: if suns could do that and dogs smash crows they might slide
OhSoRozee: @ash could b handy dpp with others likely losing fwd
OhSoRozee: @dan that would b the dream would end up at etihad if we beat crows by enough and suns win. we can only hope
original: Toby on the bench to finish? Was no where. How did I lose fuuuming
Grimes Jr: how many scaling points to come
Danstar: I’m confident we can beat anyone outside the top 4 right now even close to top 4 sides

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