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Chat log from R22 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R22 of 2019

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frenzy: looking for a better effort this week go rooboys
DrSeuss: Let’s go Rocky and Boak – especially you RockPig
benzammit: Go Kangas!
Dead_Ned: GO NORTH! big game cunners
DrSeuss: Guess who traded out Higgins this week – ugh
thiccgucci: might start houston next year. exciting and young
DrSeuss: Choice between Higgins and Rocky and I chose to keep Rocky – FFS
OhSoRozee: lycett shoulda played this 1 vs goldy to good of a ruck
BestCoast: Carn Kangaroos fire up with that shinbones spirit
original: Be great if RGray scores <60 pls
original: Zurhaar hair wow muppet emblem worthy
OhSoRozee: dbj is usually on fire at this stage
DrSeuss: Port are freaking terrible.
Tangent: Worst round yet for me in 5 years…
OhSoRozee: port will win this still
OhSoRozee: just coz my teams trying to get into the 8
Tangent: Chuck a fiver on the power
original: Dixon gives up front position there so easily
Dead_Ned: chuck a ton on north
Raspel31: Much the same for me Tangent- at least bowing out with style
amigaman: CD being a little harsh on Larkey
pcaman2003: Good to see Cunners have a good qtr. Pity he didn’t have one in my finals.
thiccgucci: idk how goldstein isnt on 80 tbh
Stikman35: Goldy was my initial ruck this year. He’s been awesome.
VodkaHawk: Please keep going North. Get Port out of the Hawks spot 🙂
OhSoRozee: @thicc yeh 100 even with being clean as
Valorlonga: thanks DBJ
Tangent: The dogs should rack up an easy one at Ballarat
pcaman2003: If only Hinkley didn’t drop Lycett who was doing okay. What a muppet. New coach needed
Breezey: Ben Brown will kick 8 goals + tonight
OhSoRozee: yeh tangent just gotta get past gws tomoz
Tangent: Who will De Boer go to?
wadaramus: Fyfe for the c?
Raspel31: What a season. Kast week Norff one one and pitiful- this week?
Apachecats: Macrae ? @tangent
OhSoRozee: i think dunkley will cop tag coz dogs form has been on the up since he been perm mid
pcaman2003: @Tangent. Macrae,Dunks or Bont. Flip a coin.
DrSeuss: Hinkley and Goodwin gotta be on thin ice this offseason
Raspel31: Fyfe a good bet wada but i’m going Macrae or Dunks- prob Macrae.
original: Thompson u spud!! Just hand my oppo points ffs
Ash777: Bont most likely. He’s the one that lifts the team.
Yelse: deboer will shift tag depending who is running riot i reckon
wadaramus: Thinking I should match my opponent, risky if he goes big?!
Apachecats: Yeah rasp if form played out like this on the racetrack they would burn the grandstand down.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Looks like you and I doing the same as last week. Hard to go past Macrae.
jbjimmyjb: my cameron to r.gray trade this week is working out well
Tangent: If you look at the bulldogs midfield, you’d think they would be top 4
VodkaHawk: Hopefully Dunks gets the tag
OhSoRozee: dropped games against suns,carlton and saints sadly
Ash777: Hard to win with a young ruck and kpf
OhSoRozee: beaten almost every side in the 8 tho
Tangent: Anyone going for Jake Kelly?
Yelse: went fyfe to match opponent
DrSeuss: JBJimmy – I traded out Higgins this week – was him or Rockliff…
Raspel31: Risky after so long out Tangent- but yep, Doggies got a fine midfield.
Ash777: Mundy looks 5yrs younger
pcaman2003: Why couldn’t Cunners play like this the past 2 weeks? Looks a different player
Tangent: Whats with Fremantle’s Guernsey
amigaman: Retro Tangent
Dead_Ned: 120+ for here cunners
J_Herer: Bryne-Jones POD going well for those who own
Tangent: Any news on Gawn?
Kaalia: Updated AFL website match report this morning said hamstring soreness for Gawn. Surely just a scratch.
NoneyaB: goodwin said gawn has a tight hammy and just didnt want to risk him soi he can play next week
Ash777: bye bye port
OhSoRozee: dogs coulda gone from 10th to 8th if crows lost by enough and this result kept gettin wider
Breezey: I think my prediction for 8 plus goals for Big Ben is gunna be way off
Breezey: This is like one of the Memes. Crows- We got flogged. Port- Hold my Beer
OhSoRozee: without even playing =)
Raspel31: Norff using up the allocation of goals they didn’t use last week.
frenzy: watch the free kick count even up now
original: Many points for grays Centre clearance throws?
DrSeuss: Rockliff deciding to sink my team – looking lazy
wadaramus: Ladhams over Lycett loking like a good call.
NoneyaB: gotta feel for poort fans their team has split personalities
Raspel31: Feel Port are getting on top.
StuL: Got to feel for Port fans… hahahaha!!!!
NoneyaB: nah too far back now raspel….
GobChuck: it would be such a north thing to let port back within 5 goals here
Breezey: It does not look like North are stopping. Going right on with it
OhSoRozee: u never thought crows fans would start feeling happy after a loss like that but they gonna b in the 8 soon lol
NoneyaB: bye bye hinkley i reckon
OhSoRozee: 15 more pts and port go under crows
TheLegend6: Witches Hat for Clurey?
pcaman2003: Nice when one player outscores the whole opposition team. Lol!
The0Grrr: Think I might do a rain dance for Hobart next weekend.
OhSoRozee: @pcaman almost 2 players have higher
OhSoRozee: larkey 30 vs port 35 also
BestCoast: Port players need to squat when relieving themselves Go Norfs
Raspel31: R Gray only 7 goals behind pcaman- still a qtr to go.
DrSeuss: Hold up Rockliff got a touch
benzammit: Brown wow!
StuL: So much for having to go full premo. Could have held Larkey
Rebuild: Gee Goldy has really come good this season
OhSoRozee: brown really wants another gonna hurt himself the way hes throwing himself at contests now
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Poor R Gray,a shadow of his former self. Shame!
NoneyaB: yeh he has been great for a cheap ruck in sc very consistant i was tempted to C him this week i didnt though
pcaman2003: @OhSoRozee. Larkey will probably outscore them yet.
Haydo: Flog byrne jones
dipstick: @no eya you would have big agates to have C Goldy
NoneyaB: yeh i reckon but he has been fantastic of late I picked him up pretty bloody cheap
BRAZZERS: big brown’s sc seems a bit low to me
NoneyaB: his lowest score over the past 7 weeks in sc is 118 dipstick
Raspel31: Well, everyone has Maxie and Grunty- but yes, proving handy Noney.
original: Rgray throw and free against but still score going up. Okay CD
NoneyaB: goldys lowest score in sc was 66 which isnt too bad
zoomba23: Umps pulling calls outta their asses to give Port the ball
Sunharp: How does Byrne-Jones only have 2 touches, the ball has been his end the entire game
NoneyaB: i cant remember who i had before him but its paid off for sure i have grundy aswell though
Raspel31: Are you still in the comp Noney?
phivee: cunnington finally paying off after the last few weeks]
NoneyaB: comp? not sure what comp u mean but yes I finshed 1st in my league and am still playing and will be in gf next week
NoneyaB: Ive had a strong finsh this year probs avg just under 2400 the past 4 weeks
pcaman2003: Well done Browny!
NoneyaB: 2300* sry which isnt too bad
OhSoRozee: 2 more goals pls minimum
benzammit: Great effort 10 straight. Plugger would be jealous
Raspel31: Wow Brown-12 touches and 10 goals. Doubt many of us have him but wow. And thanks for all that Noney- yawn.
faisca7: How many does
faisca7: How many does brown need to kick to get the bullseye?
NoneyaB: lol meh means nothing really lol i know tbh I am happier about my actual team doing so well lol
pcaman2003: Both SA sides put back in their boxes this week,big time.
OhSoRozee: there we go same % as crows
_Wang_: Goldy got his own ball
TommyC: Brown got his own stadium
Raspel31: Rooting for you guys tomorrow OhSoRozee
pcaman2003: @Wang. Thanks to the masterstroke of Hinkley ridiculously dumping Lycett. Coming back to bite him.
NoneyaB: yeh same i dont mind the dogs tbh
StuL: Port out of the 8 just on % now. Crows snuck back in.
Stikman35: Missed. Go
StuL: Come on doggies. Win the last 2 and play finals.
Stikman35: Missed. Therefore goldy is bog.
The39Steps: Think Lockett once kicked 16 straight but 10.0 is still a decent effort.
OhSoRozee: be weird if theres 3 on 102.2 by end of 2night
BigChief: Tough to split Goldy and Brown, but I think Goldy just.
OhSoRozee: 99 pts and port/dogs/hawks b on 102.2
original: Keep going boak. Please smash RGray score. Only 4 uniques and you’re one of em
original: As soon as I say it fffssss flower off gray
Breezey: Wow. North on fire. That’s 23 goals in the last two weeks.
pcaman2003: Come on Hawks and sneak into the 8 by next week.
Raspel31: Lol Breezey.
DrSeuss: Rockspud – why did I trade out Higgins instead of you. Useless flog
Crave: LOL wtf Byrne-Jones 2 possies and ball been down that end the whole game
LMartos: how has Byrne-Jones only had 2 touches omg, my oppo has him
pcaman2003: @ LMartos. That’s a gift!
OhSoRozee: think he wore the invisibilty cloak i havent even seen him
Dead_Ned: finish strong cunners 120+
Haydo: I have byrne jones
OhSoRozee: port 5th youngest list is the only saving grace for hinkley i think
original: @breezey hahahaha
Breezey: That won’t help him any Rozee
OhSoRozee: if hes still there that will b the only reason
phivee: 114 for 20 CP, 9 clearances at 83% is a bit stiff surely?
OhSoRozee: wouldnt even have a clue who would replace him
StuL: Port Adelaide are relegated.
OhSoRozee: weird game when port beat cats, cats smash norf and now this
Raspel31: If only Ben Brown could kick straight- that point cost him a good score.
OhSoRozee: 2 many hballs 28 x 1.5

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