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Chat log from R21 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Sydney, R21 of 2019

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thiccgucci: big game please heeney, boak, lloyd 🙂
pcaman2003: The same here as well as JPK.
pcaman2003: How good were the Hawks last night? Put GWS back in their place.
dipstick: @thicc LOL
thiccgucci: hawks were never in doubt against gws xD
obione05: You can see the interest in this game judging by all the comments
pcaman2003: Kennedy so little TOG. Frustrating to see.
Yelse: no POD in this game
PlungeMe: I wouldnt say no interest. just so much more interest in melbourne collingwood
Pokerface: great work Boak.
Raspel31: Was either Boak or Greene this week- think I made the right choice for once.
dipstick: @yelse thats why i laughed at THICCS comment. not one POD amongst them
Pokerface: how do you know who his opp has dipstick?
dipstick: lloyd boak and heeney rent PODs
VodkaHawk: Come on Swans
thiccgucci: so i cant barrack for my players to play well cause others have em too?
Pokerface: boak and heeney are pods in my matchup. everyone’s matchups are different.
pcaman2003: My POD is Kennedy. Might need to go to pasture.Past it I think.
Grimes Jr: come on heeney. opp doesn’t have you.
Raspel31: Wow, Parker’s brief flutter has rather run out of steam.
Apachecats: Fartless letting me down (again).
OhSoRozee: Who would’ve thought watts looks like ports best recruit that yr over rocky,motlop been better player not playing with l
pcaman2003: Stop hovering the packs JPK and get the ball.
OhSoRozee: That broken leg
Raspel31: Where you be hidin Mr Roberto Grey?
thiccgucci: dont stop heeney, ,get involved big fella
Lynch_MOB: rocky lifted, 39sc pts this quarter
Yelse: Boak and parker lolseriosly
Nigma97: I’ll take a 60 from Boak at this rate
megawatts: menzel is such a gun
megawatts: lets go captain menzel
pcaman2003: Watching JPK is painful. So far below his best this year.
thiccgucci: dont stop now heeney! 130 please
megawatts: menzel 2 points for mark+goal?
_Wang_: Boak going well
Raspel31: They were a crucial 4 points Wang.
zoomba23: Wonder if Heeney will actually turn up for the last qtr
pcaman2003: My oppo bombed in the other game,so still in the hunt. Yippee!
Raspel31: Yep pcaman- death or glory.
thiccgucci: i wonder that too @zoomba has 130 potential
Raspel31: Injuries forced me to hang on to Rozee- no complaints here.
Grimes Jr: lift heeney
obione05: seems all my players are having great DT days and crap SC games
Raspel31: What about Oliver oblone- that was shameful.
obione05: yep hes one of them Lloyd another
Raspel31: Got em both.
Haydo: Yes boak you’re a jet sigh
BigChief: Add Taranto to that list.
Raspel31: Or Hopper- but he didn’t even get to that stage.
zoomba23: Someone take out Hewett plz

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