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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for Melbourne vs Richmond, R20 of 2019

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thiccgucci: VC Gawn, clarry and houli in this!
Ash777: Think I only have gawn vc in this game. Savage, Laird and B. Crouch in the other
Drak: how do you drop that Frost
StuL: Not that interested in watching Richmond training. Let’s go VC Gawn though.
Ash777: lol dees dont even have the cheer squad section full
Baldfrog: Not even htb against Martin long night for Dees
J_Herer: Dees on fire early
Ash777: looks like tigers have thought turning up will win them the game atm
TheLegend6: I thought it was HTB if yo attempt a fend off and get tackled?
Danstar: Who ever told me they use Brave browser. Ty, fixed the issue 🙂
StuL: Big Max. Like the hamburger
thiccgucci: dislocated finger might be good for clarry. put it on the boot more son!
GobChuck: clarry being hurt……maybe Brayshaw can be put in the guts for once.
The0Grrr: Why doesn’t Goodwin rate Brayshaw? Already Schizen tog
burger01: No worries @danstar glad it helped
Ash777: preuss needs the burger icon
burger01: Jake Lever off to the dressing rooms hobbling
Ash777: or the penguin
DrSeuss: Sick of watching Houli run into open space and get ignored
thiccgucci: agree seuss, nothing more frustrating
BigChief: Preuss is a dud. How does he get games?
burger01: Shouldn’t have second guessed myself and left my VC on Oliver, oh well, lessons learned 🙂
thiccgucci: think he only gets games when gawn isnt 100%
OhSoRozee: hes gettin games now coz no mcdonald,weidemen,smith for the year
BigChief: Would be better off playing with 21.
Ash777: too tall and slow
yablettt: No other team can’t talk trash unless you have Zac bloody Clarke…
BigChief: @yablettt Clarke shits all over Preuss LOL
BestCoast: You can throw Charlie Dixon into the mix he is 100% shower
DrSeuss: Anyone from Richmond want to match up on Gawn?
BestCoast: Dixon is a poor mans wardrobe big and empty
Ash777: zac smith is not much better
thiccgucci: prestia putting together an amazing season
yablettt: Zac Clarke would lose a ruck contest against a ruck bag
BestCoast: Since the Zac name is going around you had absolute royalty Zac Dawson
BigChief: Zac Efron would get a game before Dawson.
BestCoast: Zac Dawson couldn’t get laid in a Whore house with a fist full of fifty’s
Ash777: thank goodness butters and williams balances the zacs out
BestCoast: Sounds like Zac but it’s Jack, Jack Anthony Sir Spud
thiccgucci: wet weather footy now. tiges to start destroying
BigChief: agreed gucci. Dees worst wet weather team.
pcaman2003: How on earth does Butler keep getting games. He’s a useless tool.
The0Grrr: Not just wet weather @bc
circle52: Dees getting shafted by umps.
circle52: Should have had 2 HTB in the last 2 phases.
TheLegend6: Butler a straight swap for Stack next week
thiccgucci: keep going clarry and gawn. make daddy proud
BestCoast: Dees never recovered after Preliminary touch up last year
Raspel31: Is Stack only out for a week though?
TheLegend6: Just subbing Bines onto the field
TheLegend6: @Raspel Stack only has soreness, or managed, either way should be back next week.
thiccgucci: houliiii how hard is it to take a step outside the square lol
pcaman2003: Hope so Raspel. Can’t afford more missing players.
Ash777: just noticed kyle dunkley doesn’t have a number
ReggieOz: he is 48
Raspel31: Cheers TheLegend- lost Rampe, De Goey and Stack this week so need him back.
BestCoast: Houli Gawn and Oliver nice lads
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I’m missing so many now I’m considering my own missing persons Bureau.
TheLegend6: Few of these decisions going our way have been very soft
thiccgucci: that high contact call was disgusting
thiccgucci: i wonder how many seagulls have flown across the camera tonight
Baldfrog: Back from your ski trip already reggieoz?
BestCoast: Baldfrog too funny lol
The0Grrr: Just needed to restock on wax
thiccgucci: houli everywhere this qtr
Stikman35: Said full time for bit there. Haha
thiccgucci: dont stop now clarry and gawn, 120+ each thanks
Ash777: If I was a dees supporter I would go skiing too
pcaman2003: C’mon Maxy,keep going
Ash777: or to rehab
The0Grrr: Yeap @Ash. Nearly time to give up on AFL addiction. Enough self flagellation.
LetItBe: DId Gawn go up at all for the contested mark and kick?
Baldfrog: Lucky I Took Grundy C Maxxy not cutting it tonight
Bloods22: Dusty hasn’t moved from the goal from outside 50
Ash777: got cripps as c
pcaman2003: SFA from Max this qtr. Epitomises my round so far.
V@lks: @m0nty what’s going on with the SC scores…not updating!
BigChief: Scores will update eventually.
th3rio: looks like gona need a captain. Grundy or McRae lads?
exatekk: boo
Raspel31: About to say Oliver’s scored a dozen and hasn’t moved.
Stikman35: A big scaling up to comes I think
Raspel31: Macrae for me Therio- but will vc Cripps till half time.
th3rio: cant decide. Was grundy really hobbling yesterday?
Seiya: took fyfe vc earlier today ezpz
StuL: Every week the scores break. Good old worse than Kazakhstan Aussie internet.
Baldfrog: Don’t scare me th3rio
exatekk: yay. scores. pfft
Seiya: love to see you do a better job running the site StuL you flog. Most of the time its the HS website
th3rio: haha sorry m8
StuL: That’s what I meant Seiya. I’m not blaming this guy. FFS.
th3rio: well that escalated
exatekk: HS website obviously favouring the crows game then Seiya you flog
The0Grrr: NBN working treat as always
Raspel31: Indeed Stuhl- we got ya.
BigChief: Really Seiya? You should be banned for that abuse. Not needed at all.

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