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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Fremantle vs Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R18 of 2019

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OhSoRozee: mcclean should b a good pick up from swans
Burnsy03: walters 1 SC?
Burnsy03: nevermind went early
OhSoRozee: mclean*
sammyo7: anyone else having trouble watching the game on the afl app
Ash777: if you got a account try the website
boges11: I wouldn’t bother wasting your data on this game TBH.
original: heeney..ay danger of doing something
Tonche: Where’s Bewley playing?
Stikman35: Keep low logue so I don’t regret
Grimes Jr: got walters in at f6 this week over billings. hoping for a big score
hinsch: bewley playing beside heeney left right out
original: seriously heeney
gazza39: Lol@boges11…”data” what is your mum paying it for u? Flower wit
beerent11: Yes go seagull!
StuL: Come on Heeney! FFs. so gone next year.
pcaman2003: Ryan going great,but lift Heeney and JPK
TheOnyas: Onya Lloydy
original: stuL hoping i might just flot heney as a loophole option he is shockin lately
bones351: Lloyd is better in his old role with Jordan Dawson not on the team.
StuL: Probably won’t have the luxury but if I make it to GF might have to swap Heeney for a stockpot
arbel: Another thrilling shut down game by the Dockers
m0nty: Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the engine of Bradley Hill. Just a Rolls Royce of a man.
Stikman35: What a game
Breezey: First to 50 will win this game
original: lol breezey be lucky if they get to 50 combined
m0nty: Blakey v Blakely on that chase, Blakely takes the L
OhSoRozee: wat a fall from grace for mccarthy promised so much
shrtlg: 25 supercoach points in one hit there for logue
Lawls: Everyone near the top of my tipping comp has picked Freo. I’m 2 off the lead in 5th, so Swans better do me a solid.
hinsch: my tipping comp mainly Swans, Swans play better away than at the SCG
greshprinc: tipped swans, looking good so far fingers crossed
Burnsy03: whats the richmond blokes record for pts on debut.
Ash777: why the hell cant swans play at home? is it pressure or the ground doesn’t suit their game style?
original: heeney ya deadset useless. surprised youre even 38 sc. come to blues hee
seanfc99: @ash they’re playing in the west
NoneyaB: jed anderson looks like a woman from the backj
NoneyaB: soz wrong chat
pcaman2003: Disowning Heeney. But go JPK,Ryan and Llloyd
Burnsy03: crisp and ryan differential in sc/af is ridiculous every week. I hate SC
Pokerface: you hate sc because its a different score to af? but.. that’s the whole point?
original: mundy on bench in draft. y do i do dis
LetItBe: Is Heeney’s injury bad?
Grimes Jr: mundy generally life with fyfe out
Grimes Jr: come on walters need more
original: true grimes. forgot no fyfe dammit
Lawls: mundy finally doing something since i brought him in
Lawls: sydney hone to sleep
pcaman2003: Big last qtr JPK and Ryan.
Burnsy03: walters good boost for that 🙂
Grimes Jr: carn walters big last quarter
original: LRyan you need 100sc today
original: err heeney you going the wrong way bro
Breezey: Come on Parker. Time for a few more yet
Burnsy03: henney two handballs +40 please?
original: heeney to kick the match winner, while doing a backflip (bonus pts)
m0nty: McLean could earn L-plate, fireball, Superman and empty icons in the same game.
Grimes Jr: attaboy walters
Ash777: how is sandilands still moving about as his height and age. lol
original: monty, ying yang too?
pcaman2003: The qtr has started JPK. You’re allowed to get the ball
Burnsy03: that heeney mark deserves +60
original: i like the way this burnsy guy thinks. that should be +15 for heeney for hving support
Grimes Jr: ffs lloyd
BigChief: Great kick seagull
StacksOn: watching this, i feel like neither team wants to win
original: ryan wow where did those 20pts suddenly appear from!
Grimes Jr: heeney or walters to kick the winner pls
Baldfrog: Next goal wins….maybe
Burnsy03: i like that original likes that heeney to go up another 200 thanks monty
pcaman2003: Good stuff Ryan and Lloyd. C’mon Heeney and JPK,catch up a bit
original: heeney i love ya i take it all back, keep going to 100 lol
Ash777: 90+ from heeney would be a good result from the game he played
Grimes Jr: come on heeney get the miracle ton
Breezey: Freo were the first to 50. They deserve the win
Burnsy03: monty just messing with us he will go down 40 before full time grimes
Apachecats: How did Logue get 103 and 93 in his first 2 games ,hasn’t gone within a bull’s roar since ,you flog.
Grimes Jr: 120 plus walters
greshprinc: zac jones has been enourmous this quarter
pcaman2003: Swans butchering the ball to jpk. What hope has he got with crap disposals?
runt: I didn’t tip this
Grimes Jr: u can sense that walters will kick the winner. so dangerous once it gets up there
original: pcaman happens everyweek!!!!
Grimes Jr: fuck off parker. leave it for heeney u flog
Breezey: Lloyd 41 possies. Any contested??
Kaalia: I thought Logue was a monty as a strong scoring rookie. Guess not…
Ash777: damn you parker that was going to be heeney’s ball
pcaman2003: @Breezey. 7
Ash777: I want a draw
original: haywood muppet lol
Breezey: OK I suppose
Grimes Jr: same
original: hows that not HTB! gutless umpire
runt: Freo booing like Eagles
Grimes Jr: why can’t umps not play the crowd
Grimes Jr: away teams in melbourne do so much better than melbourne teams interstate
original: lol swans
Ash777: freo were eagle supporters who dont like winning flags
original: heeney gets to 89. drops all the way back to 83
poolboybob: Lloyd should start every game with the seagull icon
Breezey: Genius coaching by Ross Lyon. Beat them in Behinds.
JockMcPie: Mundy’s clearances goddam
burger01: No Fyfe, no problems, onya Dockers
Lawls: fucking hell now i’m further behind in my tips
original: mccartin ooft ugly stat line

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