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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, R17 of 2019

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Drak: go gws
FLOG: Stack up those points and Houli
duckky: Where’s Whitfield?
drfrazzll: isnt whitfield playing?
duckky: There he is
duckky: Cogs injured?
CamT: There are only 21 GWS players listed here. Maybe Whitfield is playing.
NoneyaB: cogs = goneski
Chelskiman: Coniglio looks done.
CamT: Whitfield miraculously appears
Chelskiman: Stacky!
noobcoach: what a goal
pcaman2003: Well! That’s my round cooked now with Cogs finished. Last 2 weeks have been my SC nightmare.Sigh!
Drak: If Conigs is done, do I get emergency score?
Lynch_MOB: cogs tombstone
Chelskiman: Nope, Drak, because he started the match.
LetItBe: Just got Conigs this week. Wow
FLOG: cogs started game so no emergency
NoneyaB: no drak he was p;laying
original: Great sc week. Thanks gws for playing conigs when I have plenty of cover ffs
BigChief: Sorry drak you don’t
CamT: That’s why they all start with one point, Drak. It goes back to the famous Tadge Keneally game.
NoneyaB: as annoyingas it think about what poor cogs is feeling right now
BigChief: So we can blame you then @LetItBe? LOL
Raspel31: If it’s any compensation drak my opp has Conigs.
LetItBe: Yeh pretty much. Traded him for Kelly
Chelskiman: My RDT is screwed. Have Cogs and Kelly and only 5 trades left. 🙁
VodkaHawk: Hopefully Cogs injury is not serious. Round 1 next year with Jaeger, TMitchell and Cogs will be exciting
drfrazzll: taranto gonna go HUGE now
wadaramus: And the Sunday carnage begins..
rooboypete: I’m sure that I’m not the only one with Cogs as captain
thesilentl: How is Chol negative with zero stats?
pitchster: Haha these ppl who think Cogs going anywhere but back home to WA
Pokerface: camT they do not all start with 1. That is just here.
Chelskiman: rooboy, I was thinking about it last night but chose to stick with Macrae.
Tig-Train: Pitchster where? West cost want Tkelly and why would he want to go to Freo?
hinsch: I am smacking them at the moment Conigilo, Chol & Houli
pcaman2003: GWS will struggle badly without Kelly and Cogs both out.
pitchster: wet toast want kelly but news out of his camp is he doesnt care if he goes to Freo, if he leaves at all
Belegur: God question thesilentl, I’m not completely across the supercoach scoring, does anyone know the answer?
original: Why is chol negative?
Stikman35: Chol surely can only be bench cover so no stress
BigChief: Chol isn’t in neg. He was given a FA but the free actually was against GWS.
Belegur: Cool makes sense
Stikman35: Pendles out for a while now too
pcaman2003: Premiums been falling like flies this year.
Harmzy99: no one is more hurt than I from the cogs injury. Had 4v4 pods today and im up 26, so now im screwed barring a miracle
BigChief: Pretty sure GWS and Cogs himself is more hurt by his injury Harmzy
tron: Whitfield couldn’t find a root in a brothel. Common ya useless spanner
Belegur: Haha
Kaalia: Where is Derek E-Smith?
BigChief: #43 Derek Smith in list
pcaman2003: Should’ve got Williams ahead of Siciliy this week.
original: Harmzy similar situation
Harmzy99: good on you bigchief, very astute mate
Kaalia: Yeah thanks BC, scanned and scanned. Needs the E!
BigChief: Witches hats for GWS m0nty?
Catatafish: Looks like best case Cogs aggravated his sore knee, or worst a meniscal injury. Good luck to him and owners.
NoneyaB: i reckon hes dislocated his knee cap Cogs I mean
BigChief: queue the Benny Hill music for GWS
pcaman2003: C’mon Stacky,you’ve dropped back 4 pts. Get going!
Chelskiman: Come on, Tiges. Don’t let them back in it.
original: Odds of cogs scaling to 15..? Anyone?
DrSeuss: Maybe get near the ball Houli you flog
m0nty: was not expecting Daniels to be heading for an atlas icon
BigChief: 100 million to 1 original. Hehehe
Vogesy69: big result for me, opposition projected about 100 ahead of me, he has cogs and I don’t
pcaman2003: Put Stack back on coach. Hasn’t been on this qtr yet.
Carlo: Where’s eggs?
StuL: Bloody GWS. Traded in Cogs, Kelly and Whitfield over the season and wasted trades trading them all out.
m0nty: scaling is a multiplier, can’t do much when you’re multiplying zero
pcaman2003: Finally Stack back on and into the action straight away
DrSeuss: Thank you Houli, now your turn Williams – get near it son.
Pokerface: kelly.. conigs.. starting to think what if i held walsh during the byes
Zeratul: Eeek! who else had Cogs captain? 🙁
frenzy: damn, Hopper letting me down this week.
Carlo: Anyone know why eggs isn’t on the scoreboard
Chelskiman: I need to somehow get Whitfield in next week. Can’t be having this against me every week.
Pokerface: unless you have conigs as well you aren’t getting sympathy frenzy.
FLOG: nice to see you back Bachar
Tig-Train: He is… d.Smith
Schillaci: He is Carlo.
frenzy: Lol Poker, yeah no Conigs
m0nty: I have him in the system as Derek Smith, Carlo
Vogesy69: shai bolton surely gets the rising star nom this week
jwv92: Right now I am really glad I took Tarranto over Kelly and dumped Cogs after his early season form…
BigChief: Nice work Bobby.
pcaman2003: Whenever you’re ready Stack you can start to score again.
Schillaci: Never getting another KP Forward again in SC other than for finals.
VodkaHawk: Mitch Lewis rising star nom this week 🙂
Schillaci: Hahaha Cameron you gun.
BigChief: He did play very well Vodka.
BigChief: Cameron from Eagles also did well.
Schillaci: Cameron you beauty…. certain starter in my 2020 team.
jamesh1290: @schillaci was thinking the exact same thing then he goes and does that
Schillaci: amazing how a negative comment here can work wonders @jamesh
pcaman2003: Whitfield my next target. Will slot in just nicely i think
Vogesy69: how do i get a kangas logo next to my name
Yelse: Omg just logged on… my week turning out to be a disaster. Moore coniglio brought Sicily in. Jelly on my bench
jbjimmyjb: Houli has been terrible, deserves about 10 SC
frenzy: send us a cheque Voges, lol
MercAm: Wtf happened to cogs
Chelskiman: Whitfield is destroying me at the moment. Williams isn’t making it any easier either. Need them both to slow down.
Catatafish: Whitfield averaging about 127 discounting his 2 injury games. Everyone should have him.
frenzy: computer or tablet ? Vogesy
Vogesy69: frenzy i’ll send you a cheque for as many SC points as cogs gets today
BigChief: If on computer Vogesy click your name at top and select options, then pick North.
Foursuits: Looking at Hurn before Whitfield
frenzy: Lol, click on your team name, then select Options and then choose Kangas as fav
wadaramus: Whitfields only played nine games separated by two injury spells, hard to have in your team.
HawkTalker: Come on, Hopper, you mofo
Catatafish: A back corkie and a collarbone, as opposed to soft tissue. I’m comfortable with his durability.
NoneyaB: apparently Pendles is out for a few weeks too
Apachecats: Whats the source for the pendles news Noney?
BigChief: AFl website Apache
NoneyaB: Bigchief it was on the Herald sun site
NoneyaB: I mean apachecats*
TheOnyas: Onya Greeney
frenzy: c’mon Hoppy, fire up
Apachecats: Thanks ,now got 2 premos to replace -conigs and pendles.
Vogesy69: i have north as my favourite team >:(
circle52: Collingwood: Scott Pendlebury (Finger) has undergone surgery, likely out for the short term confirmation
Chelskiman: Come on, Tigers, ffs.
Vogesy69: whitfield and taranto can absolutely thrive with no cogs or jelly
BigChief: @Vogesy under colour scheme preference select North
Chelskiman: Finally, a goal!
Pokerface: all that’s confirmed with conigs is he is out for the rest of the day AC
duckky: Have to log out and log in for change to take effect @vogesy
Vogesy69: test
pcaman2003: Dusty will be under 500k this week or next. What a fall from lofty highs
BigChief: There ya go Vogesy
Apachecats: Yeah PF but wouldn’t be betting on his upcoming few weeks.
Vogesy69: best day of my life boys
Apachecats: Well done vogesy.
Pokerface: for sure, absolutely want cover, but don’t rule him out yet
dipstick: baaaa ahahahahaha coniglio… i give up… $$ and no E points. fucken clown
Apachecats: Got 6 trades left Poker so ready for it if it happens.
Chelskiman: They’re all over us at the moment. We need a couple of goals in a row.
dipstick: is that egg-ma-lease fella playing?
Vogesy69: @dipstick he’s d. smith on here
BigChief: Yes dipstick #43 Derek Smith
frenzy: yep, m0nty renamed him dipstik
Chelskiman: We should be 30 points up. We are keeping them in it with our poor kicking at goal.
pcaman2003: Need Stack to kick 2 quick goals. Tell me I’m dreamin’
Apachecats: Reckon he should drop the Smith and just go with the Eggmolase ,plenty of Smiths around.
Drak: whitfield down
Drak: ribs
wadaramus: Ribs for Whitfield.
pcaman2003: Stack still going backwards even after effective HB. WTF!
Yeehaw: Whitfield’s fine, get back on son
dipstick: thats why cant find him. he goes from extravagant name to just a plain ol’ smith. ironic
Chelskiman: Keep going, Houli. Need you to stick with Shitfield.
Pokerface: on the plus side i guess hately is a chance again now :/
Chelskiman: *Whitfield
FLOG: nice -1pt qtr camermoron
GobChuck: down goes cameron?
Monfries96: Stack got robbed of a mark + kick
feralmong: There u go chelski, 3 goals straight
Chelskiman: Yep, much needed, feral! Can never count GWS out but I’m feeling much better than I did ten minutes ago!
cmperrfect: Agreed Poker. I need Hately back to cover Pendles now
feralmong: Weather doesn’t look like improving. It’s more like a 8 goal lead.
Stikman35: Stat counters more interested in getting a hot pie before rush and I don’t blame em
SilverLion: New drinking game – take a shot every time Dwayne says “blasts it”.
Monfries96: Stat counters robbing me of points when I’ve already got a fat Cogs 0 on my field
dipstick: @m0nty if you could give a donut that would be great. a strawberry one. you can thank cogs for it
pcaman2003: Big qtr needed Stacky. Catch up to Whitfield would be good
pcaman2003: Amazed Shaw still has 5000+ owners
BigChief: LMAO SL we would be smashed by 1/2 time.
GobChuck: Cmon Giants, dons want you to eep it close
Kaalia: Dons want a 12 goal Giants last qtr!
pcaman2003: Get involved FFS Stack and stop hanging back for easy balls
Chelskiman: Lambo, you star! And we get another shot!
pcaman2003: Greene you schmuck!
FLOG: greene sms
Yeehaw: No way that’s a free
Stikman35: Umpire Kermit
Stikman35: Sorry can’t abuse umpires, play on.
hinsch: had a projected score of 2450, now 1980 three red crosses in my team for a total of 20
BigChief: We feel your pain @hinsch
pcaman2003: @hinsch. Hurts like hell I know.Bad week for plenty. I’m screwed pretty much too
penguins00: I’m projected 2520 atm and I’m going to lose
pcaman2003: Nice proj. penguin.
Donzoes: same for me hinsch
Drak: Lynch Reiwoldt combo looks good tigers fans
Drak: Watching out for eachother, not getting in eachothers way. good chemistry
BigChief: Proj 2413 but won’t get close
m0nty: nominations for star please
Burnsy03: if you have gawn you might, 39 with 10 mins left in the quarter.
Kaalia: Do people think Chol has a home in their structure?
feralmong: Bolton Monty
Tig-Train: Bolton
Vogesy69: toby greene you’d think
Drak: Tom Lynch maybe, some great contested grabs today
feralmong: I do kaalia. Gives us options.
feralmong: Smith goes out when caddy returns
BigChief: Taranto been good, but Lynch for star
Tig-Train: Houli 100 wooo
Stikman35: Not long until Boak is a late out
BigChief: @feral Caddy played 2nds this weekend.
Pokerface: anyone fielding mccluggage he’s a late out
Drak: Green gun
BigChief: I am poker, but have Rowbottom as E
feralmong: Caddy will be back after a run in 2’s.
DrSeuss: Nice game Zac Williams
feralmong: Well done tigers. Tough luck gws down two premos.

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