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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R16 of 2019

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dipstick: 🤔 why is archie a late in to cover for big maxy?
dipstick: *isnt
Raspel31: Go Neale- it’s you against J Kelly for me.
PowerBug: because Chris Fagan doesn’t like you 😛
Gotigres: Did i imagine Whitfield was named?
The_Spud: Massive game this coz gws v tigs,port v lions next week
The_Spud: Gonna shape the 8
PowerBug: Was named on the Thursday night but withdrawn on the Friday
The_Spud: Sitting 4-7th
DrSeuss: Time to move the tag to Neale
Gotigres: Thanks Powerbug. Good news is i’m not crazy but bad news is i’m getting 2 donuts
The_Spud: Was named in extended squad but precaution
The_Spud: Slow Neale cogs rival has u
DrSeuss: Yep Cogs and Neale killing me already
Phasir: Why is Neale taking kick ins?
The0Grrr: Giant Stadium have crowd recordings? Sounds like more than 2001 people there
BigChief: WTF Timmy? 4 disposals
The_Spud: Is site down on PC for any1 else can only load mobile and seems we don’t have a lot of people on
Raspel31: Not down The Spud- just slow and have to keep refreshing.
m0nty: we are having some routing issues, not much can be done
Sloaneyyyy: Fuck you gws. If you lose this game in never tipping you again this season and you deserve to be bottom of the ladder
Pokerface: i cant get in on chrome or mobile spud. some reason i can on Opera
Pokerface: So you have Brayshaw and your opps have premiums. Starting to see your issue Seuss
PowerBug: Someone put $$ on GWS and isn’t pleased ;D
DrSeuss: Sorry Poker, forgot that Cogs and Neale have been averaging 90 pt first half’s lately
Pokerface: Seuss 🙂
The_Spud: Game, set, match opp has neale ,cogs already by proj
Z. Dawsome: Cogs Injured. Won’t return
PowerBug: Troll?
Hadouken: hopefully kelly can do a cogs in the second half
BigChief: Clear banable comment from Z. Dawsome
Pokerface: Dawesome false info. Won’t return
SilverLion: carn lions
rabp1es: just need Taranto, rich and Jelly to play average and im good
m0nty: talk of a hammy for Cogs, will wait on that one
PowerBug: Apparently Cogs does have a leg issue, interesting. TV haven’t mentioned anything yet
Pokerface: what did you do to him Seuss???
LMartos: Coniglio out there
m0nty: now hearing knee but he’s restrapped
DrSeuss: Haha – I wish Cogs good health Poker – just zero possessions 😉
Hadouken: is cogs gets t0 110 in the second half thats a win
DrSeuss: Seems like the injury might have helped Cogs
LMartos: Going off what he’s done this year – Cogs will try it out, and if he isn’t feeling good he’ll go forward
SilverLion: There’s some spice out there
DrSeuss: Williams has stopped dead
Phasir: Good old Neale getting 6 points from no stats
SilverLion: Holding the ball is the most inconsistent rule in the afl
LMartos: Zac Williams just spent 40 seconds on the bench, why even go off
thesilentl: @silverlion more likely to get a free against when making a tackle this year
Gelly: maybe he needed a pee
Gotigres: Need Hately to finish on at least 34sc. Not confident
Gotigres: Kelly hobbled from ground
Gotigres: Kelly being iced up
circle52: kelly gone Calf iced
LMartos: Moral of the story never pick Giants, I’ve had Coniglio, Whitfield, Williams and Kelly all get injured for me this year
m0nty: I don’t think I’m ready for this, Jelly
beerent11: Ffs this round I’ve had Cripps, Gawn, boak, hore and Kelly.
DrSeuss: Kelly injury – this round has been horrendous
Yelse: Kelly Gawn Cripps boak hore Whitfield great bench next week
Gelly: atleast he got a ton
NugzNiggle: You wouldn’t be the only one Beerent.
beerent11: Made of tissue paper
thesilentl: Kelly copped a corky to the calf in the 1st…hopefully it’s that
LuvIt74: How long is Gawn, Cripps & Boak out for?
Monfries96: All 3 back next week LuvIt
Danstar: Hately. I hate you. Needed only 55 from you
GobChuck: who to rage trade between Mitch Robinson and Angus Brayshaw?
beerent11: That’s a four weeker at gws thesilent
BestCoast: Any news on Kelly injury wise don’t have TV or sound at the moment
SilverLion: Party time. Get on board boyss
thesilentl: But they’ll tell us he’s good for next week @beerent11
circle52: Saying it is a cork Best Coast
BestCoast: circle52 a million cheers
BestCoast: Start of the round was predicted for 2658 not even close flower
dipstick: fyfe, jelwood, GAJ, Jelly, Cripps. wasted fantasy trades every year. never play 22 games
TheOnyas: Onya Nealey
dipstick: dont even mention rocky the glass canon
LMartos: That Williams goal may lose me a H2H, great…

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