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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R16 of 2019

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pcaman2003: Dunkley my only POD in this. Oppo has Bont.
Grifffffff: Need dunks low so I can go worps or billings to him since I can’t deal with either of them anymore
StuL: Go cats. Make it a bath.
DrSeuss: Obviously should have captained Telly rather than Macrae in AF
Haydo: Whod rohan come in for?
PlungeMe: parfitt
blonde0na: why is macrae on the bench?
boges11: AFLF site had DNP next to Danger and Kelly in the head to head screen. Almost shat myself
pcaman2003: C’mon Dunks! Need a big score from you.
BigChief: @Haydo Parfitt was rested
DrSeuss: Bont got a toe on that – that should be reviewed!!
Struda: lift danger
TheOnyas: Onya Clarky
original: Humour me lads, what do we reckon CDaniel would be on? 41sc?
pcaman2003: How does Bont get 9 pts for a free and ineffective kick?
PlungeMe: not sure pca but i love it
pcaman2003: @Plungeme. Sometimes I think he just looks at the ball and gets pts. lol!
Apachecats: Danger just put on 28 in 2.5 minutes.
DrSeuss: Ok Macrae time to get involved as my C
jfitty: Lipinski isn’t playing forward pocket?
circle52: Kolodajahnij done for the night,
pcaman2003: Anytime you’re ready Dunks
DrSeuss: Missing a few Macrae tackles
PlungeMe: thank god grundy went big, had the C on macrae
pcaman2003: Are there 22 Bonts playing? He seems to be everywhere.
Ash777: quack quack
original: Is anyone tagging macrae or is he just going missing..
VodkaHawk: Lol, Bruce just said duckwood doesn’t duck
PlungeMe: you dont understand the pain of watching him tear port apart last week pca
Apachecats: Not being greedy here Macrae ,120 will do.
Jackwatt$: I had Grundy vice too. But I thank him, rather than god
DrSeuss: Kelly is running with Macrae at stoppages and Dogs just missing him
pcaman2003: @Plungeme. I’m feeling the pain now
DrSeuss: Macrae not getting his usual marks in space
NugzNiggle: Macrae has had a huge finish to this quarter.
original: Free kick dogs
Raspel31: Golly gosh- people doubted whether the Danger would play and wow-prob is, we all got him.
pcaman2003: Stop the clangers Dunks,please
DrSeuss: Yep great finish by Macrae Nugz
Rilian: Kolodjashnij needs a red cross – been ruled out for the game according to Lingy
MONEY TALK: any one that thinks danger isnt the best player in the comp
MONEY TALK: its between dange, fyfe and cripps as top 3
StuL: God has the C on Danger.
Valens: Kolo red cross
hinsch: God always has his C on the highest scoring player every round
Ash777: unless danger is rubbed out he’ll get the brownlow
amigaman: So many clangers Kelly
circle52: Still no red coss on JK.
hinsch: what about nic nat from WCE for brownlow
The_Spud: dogs jumper next week is awesome 30 yr anniversary good old red stripe
boges11: @Ash777 problem is Danger’s mate will take votes from him. Only Walsh to take votes from Cripps
nick2397: I’m playing against GOD this round, all his players scoring 100+
original: lol free kick
Grimes Jr: bont is a gun
PlungeMe: as crazy as it sounds danger is a pod for me
PlungeMe: as is bont and dunks
Ash777: original they’ve been caught holding every time
Raspel31: Well lucky you Plunge- Zerrett was mine and that worked a treat.
DrSeuss: Has Macrae touched it this quarter?
PlungeMe: also had worpel so you win some you lose some
Catatafish: 9 point kick for Macrae, hmm..
Catatafish: Ah 13 points. That makes sense.
DrSeuss: Come on Macrae – need another big burst
original: O’Connor looking to be dropped.
PlungeMe: danger gone very quiet
nick2397: Roarke Smith on fire!
Raspel31: As have Dunkley. Macrae and Kelly Plunge- up the ante lads.
DrSeuss: Seems like everyone has stopped other than Tuohy
original: No love for jelwood
Apachecats: Have to find a captain from somewhere tomorrow ,thanks Macrae.
Raspel31: No Grunty Apache?
Ash777: I was going to go neale but he’ll probably get the de boer tag
Kram: Ash777 deboer our for 6-8 with a shoulder from cunners in Roos game
MONEY TALK: de boer is dead
Pokerface: thats a miraculous recovery if he does!
VodkaHawk: De boer out injured for 6 weeks isn’t he?
PlungeMe: from the stands yeah ash?
Zambo: @Ash777 de Boer won’t be tagging from the stands. Still out
Raspel31: De Boer long gone- pest.
Ash777: yeah crap forgot he got injured
Apachecats: Rasp thats a tragic story.
PlungeMe: what happened to telly? hes common so its not too bad but still
Apachecats: Traded Mummy to Grundy and then somehow reversed trades a couple of times ,still got grundy in but missed putting the VC
Apachecats: on him ,had to VC Macrae ,now tossing up between a few tomorrow for captain.
DrSeuss: Lets go Macrae need you to get to 120
pcaman2003: Get your disposal right Dunks. That last kick awful
Raspel31: Put the C on Cripps tomorrow Apache- bit of a gamble but what the heck.
Grimes Jr: geelong overrated
Apachecats: Macrae racking up now ,you never know ,plenty of time to get to 120 ,which I would take .
BRAZZERS: kelly done fuck all since 1/4 time
VodkaHawk: Agreed Grimes
Grimes Jr: I love you bont
pcaman2003: Should’ve put Clarke on ground instead of Hore at D6
PlungeMe: Bont with a huge 6 FF
pcaman2003: Flower off Bont.
Raspel31: How is a team overrated when their win loss spaeks for itself? Any team is beatable- but they sit top of the ladder.
StuL: 2 games and % on top. How would we be badly rated?
Grimes Jr: media acting like geelong are invincible. they will choke come september like they always do
DrSeuss: Come on Macrae – finish strong
blonde0na: richmond supporters out in force after pumping gold coast it seems 🙂
StuL: I don’t have to take this from a tigers supporters. One good year in 38 and you’re cocky?
pcaman2003: Where r u Dunks?
NugzNiggle: Haha Grimes has some sort of Vendetta.
BRAZZERS: come on kelly lift
NugzNiggle: And you’re spot on Stul.
pcaman2003: Kelly been woeful since 1st qtr.
Raspel31: No wonder he’s called Grimesjnr- had some raspberry cordial and way beyond his bed time.
Grimes Jr: i used to love geelong …
StuL: Frank or Dylan Grimes?
Grimes Jr: dylan
pcaman2003: So much for Dunks beating Bont. What was I thinking?
blonde0na: how does Toby “Duck” Mclean keep getting away with this shit?
Grimes Jr: muppet on trengove
Raspel31: Well done Doggies- as an impartial observer- anything can happen.
Ash777: dogs of 2016 are coming back
VodkaHawk: Only one player owns the “Duck” name
VodkaHawk: Well…. Ducker anyway, lol
pcaman2003: Bont drops a sitter,but loses 1 pt for clanger.
BRAZZERS: Kelly weak ass piss, pea heart effort

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