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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, R16 of 2019

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Breezey: What’s everyone’s thoughts on whether Maxy will play this weekend
Yelse: whats pols thoughts of bringing in Lycett as my last fwd. was btw him marshal and walters. but the DPP is an adv
frenzy: resting
frenzy: rested him already, playing Lycett R2, avoids a donut
BestCoast: Gentlemen greetings
BestCoast: Yelse ballsy with Lycett last few weeks he has been smashing it
BestCoast: Breezey hoping Big Max plays
Gotigres: Sicily E on the bench. Hope he plays all game forward.
Gotigres: Grundy VC
thiccgucci: Sicily warming up with defenders. good sign for owners
Gotigres: thanks thicgucci. Just put him on field
Ash777: I doubt max plays. I’m just lucky that my ruck rookie is playing.
thiccgucci: yep, he is starting down back! carn the hawks
wadaramus: Grundfos VC, leaving big Maxy in the ruck and hoping for the best.
thiccgucci: Grundy should go 150 plus
wadaramus: Got Lycett in the forwards, if Gawn is a late out before the showdown I can move.
OhSoRozee: backed around a ton for grundy didnt go over 110 last 2 vs hawks
OhSoRozee: opp doesnt even have grundy
dipstick: siciliy at the bottom of the points table. good sign for non-owners
StuL: Grundy has never gone huge against the hawks. I’m trusting recent form though. Usually a good bet.
OhSoRozee: on recent form i had to atleast vc macca
blonde0na: considering grundy’s last game against them was rd1 2018 id trust recent form
PlungeMe: i guess all moore needed to get his scores up was for me to drop him
thiccgucci: Grundy doesnt need to play magnificently to get 120
DrSeuss: Treloar – gets a handball, runs to the bench lol
Hadouken: nice week to bring in Crisp….
OhSoRozee: plus big Mcevoy 200th i thought he’d wanna put up a big fight
DrSeuss: Then back on again 5 minutes later for a goal
StuL: Crisp will be fine. My opponent bought him in.
NoneyaB: anyone else having issues rdts scoring atm?
OhSoRozee: was teased by whitfield puttin hand up this week
Gotigres: Damn, should have left Sicily on the bench
thiccgucci: sicily will be fine. working into it now
OhSoRozee: 1 play and im excited on quaynor
OhSoRozee: will b fun to watch in future yrs
cobrakai00: Skills awful
thiccgucci: We really missed Lewis. brings a needed presence inside 50
pcaman2003: Spud O’Brien trying to assist Pies with goals.
DrSeuss: Worpel with a very slow start
OhSoRozee: lewis looks tiny tho in hawks colours
thiccgucci: All started with gunston fucking the soccer
OhSoRozee: barely looks 70kg 180cm player
Yelse: whats wrong with grundy
OhSoRozee: wow worpel bottom
Ash777: nothing is wrong with grundy
heppelitis: worpel should cop a minus 3 at qtr time too
StuL: Grundys hawks form coming true. Can’t win whatever you do.
OhSoRozee: treloar starting to score well not playing 3 qtrs fwd then having a 60 pt last qtr
pcaman2003: Damn! I think I follow a team of spuds.
NugzNiggle: Nice work Worpel you flowering flower head.
beerent11: Something wrong with Sicily not moving freely
beerent11: Might explain the last month
DrSeuss: In 1 league my opponent has Quaynor – I have Worpel lol
thiccgucci: Grundys TOG is a bit concerning.
StuL: Nearly benched Worpel, damn it.
thiccgucci: NVM not really looked at wrong player, thought he was 66
beerent11: At least my opp has worpel too
jbjimmyjb: Sicily is fine health wise, just out of form
pcaman2003: Glad I ditched Worpel during byes.
nick2397: Shocking quarter all round
BestCoast: So glad I haven’t gone near Sicily this year
thiccgucci: Sicily at a tempting price. if he puts together two nice games should be an easy upgrade from hore
Ash777: only ppl with phillips and treloar should be happy
BestCoast: Bringing Whitfield in next week then I am locked and loaded barring injuries predicted for 2648 in SC happy as
pcaman2003: O’Brien 100%DE? Don’t know how when his kick missed a target and helped Pies get a goal.
J_Herer: Worpel must have heard he is getting traded soon
thiccgucci: and quaynor*
jbjimmyjb: Maynard is very sore
Hadouken: wow crisp came good….
OhSoRozee: sidey very pale on top
pcaman2003: Teriible decision making and disposal Hawks.
original: Free kick Collingwood. How’s omeara and sidebottom htb decisions differ
DrSeuss: Get a touch Worpel FFS
wadaramus: Come on Worpel, it’s not that hard!
OhSoRozee: 1 was knocked out in tackle
StuL: Killing me I didn’t bench Worpel.
pcaman2003: @original. The only difference is one gets paid,the other not.
Grimes Jr: just get the feeling sicily will silence some doubters tonight
Tig-Train: Yeh umpires are cooked…
zadolinnyj: seem 3 worpel tackles but none paid points
OhSoRozee: yeh if ball gets free isnt a tackle
Apachecats: Making trades/reversing trades ,guess what ,forgot to reset Grundy as VC ffs.
pcaman2003: I feel for the Worps owners. He’s letting you guys down badly.
wadaramus: Worps gets a kick forward..
DrSeuss: Opponents have Sicily and Quaynor as uniques…I have Worpel
wadaramus: Not his fault his teammate gets outmarked..
wadaramus: Gets a kermit!!!
OhSoRozee: so who u got vc c @apache?
Apachecats: Still trying to work that out Rozee ,its called damage contol I think.
Pokerface: consider yourself lucky you dont have vc on grundy…
Grimes Jr: carn the hawks
OhSoRozee: i backed barely a ton from grundy and on recent form had to atleast vc macrae so went dif to probz 80% try make ranks
Apachecats: There is a chance it could work that way poker ,that would be ironic.
Apachecats: Quanor going to be a nice trade down in a couple of weeks.
Seb78: Worpel seems to have woken up
wadaramus: Worpedo rising!
Pokerface: i tried reading that rozee and got half way through and gave up.
wadaramus: Who’s got the trades for down trades?!
Patty19: How good is Sicily behind the ball
Apachecats: Loving this from Sicily ,have been patiently waiting for this.
Pokerface: stop complaining about sic. he’s fine. only need a couple of intercept marks to shoot up
OhSoRozee: ehh id try get lower priced rookies make most of ya last trades shouldnt need to make much money anymore
beerent11: Still think Grundy goes 120
pcaman2003: Quaynor looks really impressive.
OhSoRozee: well 80% likely vced grundy and on recent form i had to atleast put the vc on macrae since his bye
BRAZZERS: quaynor only averages 65 fantasy points in the vfl, this is just a blue moon game
DrSeuss: Nice come back from Worps, 40 by HT would be nice
Grimes Jr: ill say it again. collingwood to miss the 4
Apachecats: Your typing a bit slurred tonight Rozee.
Breezey: A Blue Moon game in ya first game. Seriously
DrSeuss: Does Quaynor play a similar role though in the VFL? Seems to be rebounding from HB
OhSoRozee: seems clear to me
BRAZZERS: lol no i dont mean that, games like this are very rare. doesnt even do it in the vfl
OhSoRozee: think in afl he gets free on small fwds has to play taller in vfl
BRAZZERS: he averages 18 possies in the vfl, plays in the backline
DrSeuss: Cheers Brazz – he might get better service in the backline at AFL level though…time will tell I guess
Pokerface: if a rookie priced backman is your market you won’t find much that beats it Brazzers.
Jackwatt$: Ignore icons when Hawks play. m0nty is prob having a few drinks in fanfooty corporate box
PlungeMe: its like moore was waiting for me to trade him before he started playing well
Pokerface: Darcy please stop
beerent11: Meant to switch by from Grundy from last week to McRae, went for a run after work . Forgot to do it.
thesilentl: Could have been a lot more free ways that half
beerent11: *vc
Ash777: darcy n sicily are having a kick to kick while the game is going on
jbjimmyjb: I’m putting the C on Macrae, VC on cripps.
jbjimmyjb: I’m putting the C on Macrae, VC on cripps/gawn
BestCoast: Flicked Darcy Moore 6 rounds ago haven’t looked back
jbjimmyjb: The auto refresh, ignore me lol
OhSoRozee: cripps aint in
OhSoRozee: did contemplate holding moore coz effectively only 14 games in def with injuries, thought he would grow on his role by
Pokerface: dont put gawn anywhere near your vc/c
OhSoRozee: end of year with confidence to attack ball and without injury
Ash777: mine is boak vc and neale c
hinsch: Moore in since RD1 he is doing OK
BRAZZERS: grundy still capable of a 130 plus from here
Apachecats: Looking like Macrae VC and C out of Conig ,Neale ,Marshall.
Apachecats: Hope Macrae gets the job done actually.
BRAZZERS: i’ll probs put the C on J.Kelly if Grundy fails
DrSeuss: Damnit worpel starting on the bench again
hinsch: Got Marshall as C this week no pain no gain
Apachecats: Might follow you hinsch.
beerent11: Shit clarko it’s amazing what happens when you play your best players in their best positions
pcaman2003: Grundy climbed the tree quick then.Wowee!
beerent11: Here we go Brodie
Grimes Jr: cmon hawks
StuL: Was getting Sicily and Hartlett at one point. FFS.
DrSeuss: Worpel has forgotten what the footy looks like again
OhSoRozee: sicily will let the chasers catch up in my league
Yelse: why aren’t moores intercepts worth as much as sicily
OhSoRozee: pb of 145 from sicily hopefully gets less
OhSoRozee: at this rate he will cover that by 3qtr time
pcaman2003: @Yelse. Not wearing right colours..hehehe!
Grimes Jr: cox getting destroyed. soft prick
OhSoRozee: some1 at cd grabbed sicily on the low
OhSoRozee: at this stage one would think no stephenson no collingwood
Pokerface: soft cox Grimey.
pcaman2003: Keep it up Grundy and ton up before 3/4 time.
Ladbrokes_: @OhSoRozee Sicily has 10 intercepts and 5 contested marks going at 91%, you tell me
BRAZZERS: they said change the rules, they said we’ll see more goals
OhSoRozee: yeh his stats dont lie was just a remark in response to some1 elses comment
Grimes Jr: hahaha cox is a flog
Tig-Train: Cox such an overrated flog…
OhSoRozee: 4 kermies(2fa) aswell should b 150
beerent11: Terrible footy
Grimes Jr: if sicily played on cox every week…. cox should be on negative sc
OhSoRozee: fluke off the boot
Ash777: imagine Glass tonning up in dt and a very low sc
BRAZZERS: yes grundy tonned already, could get 140 now
Pokerface: tight low scoring match. the clutch points are waiting for him
OhSoRozee: opp has no1 in this
PlungeMe: i think its the first week ive gone up against someone with sicily
jbjimmyjb: Collingwood fans are so feral, winning the frees by 7 but they’re still hard done by
Bevo11: Who thinks keep the vc on Grundy?
wadaramus: Big last quarter Grundy, and Worps!
OhSoRozee: any1 know if players get a discount the next season after doping bans?
Pokerface: what have essedon done this time rozee
J.Worrall: Who thinks you can change VC during the game?
OhSoRozee: just thinking of sam murray
BestCoast: Carn VC Grundy big last quarter more please Treloar
Fatbar5tad: One seriously shit game.
Pokerface: @worrall hehe
Pokerface: given up this year already?
J.Worrall: Go Grunders!
BallsyBot: u guys r all fucking shit
OhSoRozee: planning next yr seems more interesting than this game
Ash777: Murray has to be re-drafted doesn’t he?
Pokerface: agree bruce, cox in a nice spot
OhSoRozee: and didnt know if missing from suspension is classed as the injury discount factor
pcaman2003: I wish we could get rid of O’Brien the useless twat
BestCoast: BallsyBot yep
Ash777: atleast O’brien is not Glass
Raspel31: Evening all. How many of us kept Cripps and Gawn? I did-damned if I’m going to cross trade now.
Pokerface: trade cripps? what madness is this?
Pokerface: evening raspel
Grimes Jr: is cripps one more week
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Kept both so far.
BestCoast: Greetings Raspel I have kept both
wadaramus: Roger that Raspel kept them both.
BRAZZERS: Sic is stiff with the zombie, he had 5 tons this season ffs
OhSoRozee: not madness poker inconsistent and better options if u got trades
Raspel31: Thousands traded Cripps and Gawn- madness indeed Poker.
circle52: I kept both too
Apachecats: Sold Cripps for Redden last week Rasp ,don’t like foot injurys ,they tend to drag on.Kept Maxy though.
Tig-Train: Maynard has such a shit head
BestCoast: OhSoRozee inconsistent he is averaging shit loads
Pokerface: he averages 120 rozee, 5th best of all mids. you are on drugs
Manowar: That is hypocritical
Pokerface: can half understand the gawn move as people are donut averse.. but cripps makes zero sense
Grimes Jr: a collingwood loss would make my weekend
BestCoast: OhSoRozee I thinking’s you might be molly the monk tonight
Ash777: Cripps will come out firing when gets back imo
OhSoRozee: whos molly the monk
BestCoast: Grimes Jr that would be superb if the pies went down
Bevo11: Foot injuries always drag on. It’s not like Carlton were open about it last week
Catatafish: Brought in Sicily today, there must be a glitch in the matrix.
Pokerface: if i were one of those fantasy players i can see why. but not in a real game with limited trades
Raspel31: Lucky Poker- I had Z Clarke on the bench- but, even so…
BestCoast: OhSoRozee you means drunk
OhSoRozee: yeh inconsistent is the term for those who cant reach top 10 for prizes
heppelitis: I am molly
Ash777: go the hawkers!
OhSoRozee: instead of chasing ranks chasing league and round top scores
beerent11: Do we know about
Grimes Jr: Carn the Hawks!
Tig-Train: Oooh the colliwobbles have arrived
beerent11: Do we know about Gawn yet?
OhSoRozee: i think cripps will b put on ice soon
OhSoRozee: carlton needs to build a non cripps identity and have him fresh for 2020
Jackwatt$: Clarko out coaching Nathan fellas. Second week in a row Nathan has been out coached following on from Shaw
SilverLion: No htb against pendles?
OhSoRozee: last fitness test saturday arvo for gawn
Pokerface: grundy too inconsistent. he got a 174 2 weeks ago, dropped heaps
Jackwatt$: Cripps won’t be put on ice if he’s near okay. Carlton has no draft picks to play for so will wanna win
beerent11: McEvoy is an elite 10 min 3 km runner leaving Grundy behind
Pokerface: that was silky
Raspel31: Lol Poker.
OhSoRozee: am prediciting foot flare up
Ash777: wow that was poor defending
OhSoRozee: sicily still on bench? hasnt score
pcaman2003: I won’t be content until we’re 4 goals up from here
Yelse: why isn’t seir getting game time in the mids
Pokerface: okay dr rozee
Manowar: Sack Buckley!
DrSeuss: Ok Worpel up to 80 or 90 champ
OhSoRozee: pies will b best match hardened for finals if they get top 4 with the hard games to come
OhSoRozee: vs teams like eagles/cats who have easier runs
SilverLion: Out of nothing
Grimes Jr: fucking hell. COME on Hawks
StuL: When Worpel was on 3 deep in the 2nd qtr I was worried. Big 2nd half.
Ash777: cats are going to be nervous if pies end up 3rd on the ladder at the end
Apachecats: Flower me missing the VC on Grundy.Gotta hope for luck now.
Manowar: I’m prediciting another stupid comment from @OhSoRozee any minute now!
beerent11: That’ll do Grundy vc
thesilentl: Pies barely a top 8 team with these injuries, need players back asap
Pokerface: just the one manowar??
Pokerface: did stephenson back the hawks?
Raspel31: Might be pod Apache- 50% will go Grunty.
beerent11: Bout now pies supporters start umpire bashing
Grimes Jr: injuries…
Manowar: Pokerface stupid comment from me!
Pokerface: haha true beerent
Jackwatt$: This is tense! Poor m0nty he has to commentate every goal, add up.DT scored, translate them to SC right when his team i
Tig-Train: Yeh love the injury call…
pcaman2003: The Hawks will find a way to lose another close one.
Seiya: i have a feeling its king robbos new account tbh
BRAZZERS: glad i wasnt some of the muppets that didnt VC grundy!
StuL: Helloween are way better than Manowar.
Pokerface: ha, whatever happened to king knobbo.
Manowar: StuL you deaf mate?
Pokerface: cant back you this time Stu. Helloween no.2
cmperrfect: Thanks Brodie
beerent11: So overrated are the maggies
pcaman2003: Good hard win and thank you C Grundy
Ash777: can we give o’brien the x factor lol
original: Omeara robbed
jfitty: Crisp is allergic to SC tons
Pokerface: go hawkers!!
original: Lollingwood. Geelong will win granny easy
Pokerface: you missed your tip manowar!
BRAZZERS: bad luck flogs!!
Pokerface: lollingwood. love it
StuL: Grundy you magnificent SC C mana from heaven
frenzy: Crisps got the Worpels
StuL: I was listening to Farnsy today. He just turned 70! 70!
Yelse: disapointing again and again again
thesilentl: 9 best 22 out beerent11
Yelse: since stevenson gone our fwd line non functioning
thesilentl: Can’t win games with that much top talent out, just ask richmond
NugzNiggle: How many excuses can one thread provide.
teddyt: ah we beat hawthorn with more talent out but yeah enjoy missing the finals
Pokerface: if cox was one of those 9 it may help
teddyt: but cox 4 golz vs richmond prelim #2 team in 2018 never forget

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