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Chat log from R12 of 2019: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R12 of 2019

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OhSoRozee: lynch out for greenwood
Pusti: Tom Lynch a very late out.
Pusti: Snap! Rozee.
Beast_Mode: bad luck to those wanting hately a late in lol
Apachecats: Hope Mummy doesn’t do the wrecking ball thing again tonight.
GOOD: will jelly get tagged
OhSoRozee: could only see douglas as a tagger but he would go to coniglio i bet
thiccgucci: Went neale VC and only fielding 16 this round, so going cogs C for a miracle
Pusti: I’d just brought Lynch in too. In DT, RDT, and SC!
OhSoRozee: took the vc 132 on cunners was gonna c j.kelly so will c
Beast_Mode: had to use the C on Josh Kelly hopefully goes alright. 21 active this week
Sixty656: Here we go again, FOxtel GO is on the fritz again, same as last night
circle52: I brought in Lynch in AF Putsi but at least have 20 playing so do not have to take Corbetts 15
circle52: I have C on Kelly in AF
OhSoRozee: coz its ch7 to foxtel convert
2xxRinga: Need sloane brouch or smith to take a fall early!!
thiccgucci: Goodluck to all
thiccgucci: Great start for cogs so far
Pusti: Cricle, yeah I’ve 19-20 in all of them anyway.
Gotigres: Cogs to have a very quiet game this week
heppelitis: @circle..i avoid Corbetts 15 but have to take burgess 28 lol
V@lks: m0nty any chance of a tarantula (player icon) for Taranto?
OhSoRozee: would suck a ko to -2 on captain
2xxRinga: Cogz had a 130+ round 1 then between 80-105 since. . . Popped 200 then everyone jumped on board. Not so sure?
Juzzo: de Boer can fuck off!
OhSoRozee: any data on conigs brought in this week?
2xxRinga: 11k brought him in
shang0: de Boer has Slaone LOOOOOLLL @ Sloane owners
OhSoRozee: laird was held there
thiccgucci: Had cogs from the start. Been struggled with a finger injury but played thru it for a while
jbjimmyjb: sloane will be 480kish after his bye
2xxRinga: Laughing if held him Gucci but wouldnt be keen on bringing him in otherwise
Stu7: Mumford is gone next week !
thiccgucci: Yeah definitely, i dont understand why people brought him in.
thiccgucci: have to wait till he strings a few 120s together
Bennyherb: There goes my multi with Sloane over 125
OhSoRozee: i woulda been afraid of sloane breaking down with the hammy again if owned
thiccgucci: There are multis for supercoach?
OhSoRozee: mumford has a high be this round so i dumped him
Bennyherb: What happened to Sloane is he injured
Breezey: *Game has started Hopper
2xxRinga: MCrouch way better option after this round will be $480k maybe less. Pops his 100-110 most weeks with rare low games if
StuL: Sloane will be super cheap in a few weeks. 35 last week plus a trip to Amsterdam now.
GOOD: cmon jelly
OhSoRozee: benny nah hes got the deboar tag
Patty19: Need ROB to do enough to hold out sauce for another week, go well son
DrSeuss: Jelly (c), Brouch and Williams – Not the best start
Apachecats: Mummy off the mark with the free kicks ,how many tonight you flog.
duckky: For Flowerss sake stop giving away clangers Mummy
Bennyherb: Oh rozee forgot about him ouch
thiccgucci: Seriously considered taking ROB over goldstein but decided not to
OhSoRozee: yeh i fielded rob coz he got another game and dumped mummy ill upgrade when week off
wadaramus: Don’t like to criticize my own team but Atkins is a hack.
wadaramus: He can’t hit a barn door.
OhSoRozee: rocket up smith
Breezey: Some barn doors are t that wide WADA
pcaman2003: Slaone soft as butter. Shirking any hard balls and holding back
StuL: What the hell? Come on Kelly, Cogs.
StuL: smith!
wadaramus: How wide does it need to be for Atkins to hit it?
zoomba23: Ngl, Jelly’s kinda a flat tracker. Disappears for large parts of games against the good teams
Breezey: Are not
Apachecats: You can blame me for Coniglio.
PlungeMe: taranto taking on bcrouch,sloane,jelly and winning, what a legend
greshprinc: What does the icon on Rory Sloane mean?
OhSoRozee: 16 in a qtr always knew taranto would b the pick of gws mids
gdshifty: Taranto cape!
duckky: Had a choice between ROB and Mummy …. guess which one I fielded?
jbjimmyjb: tagged by de boer
PlungeMe: tagged by de boer – dutch
OhSoRozee: its the deustch flag from deboar
cmperrfect: Cape m0nty
SilverLion: Why would anyone bring cogs in? He’s been ordinary apart from 2 games
Schillaci: Laird Kelly cogs Cameron Smith all quiet.
Yelse: ok this is not looking good jelly cogs brouch smith vs tarrant crouch shaw
Drak: Probably because he is a top 10 midfielder.
zoomba23: De Boer you beauty. Sloane gonna be nice and cheap after his bye now
Drak: Remember this arvo, when Cripps was on 20 halfway through the second quarter?
wadaramus: What good is a cheap Sloane when he scores shit?
Bennyherb: You would think this would be high scoring game .but Na Why ?
Beast_Mode: lol idk ppl were traded cogs out a few weeks ago
OhSoRozee: deledio doesnt deserve a game over hately
zoomba23: He scored shit last week cos he came off injured. He’s scoring shit this week cos of the tag. Won’t happen every week
cmperrfect: Deledio should retire
zoomba23: How does Cameron not see that Hately is the future of the club and is already better than an old tiring Deledio
OhSoRozee: opp has conigs and sloane in this
OhSoRozee: so anything under 200 combined is fine by me
cmperrfect: Still no Cape, m0nty must be watching the cricket
masterhc2: Good week to bring in Smith…
zoomba23: Why would you bring him in now lmao. Surely if you had him you’d start with him cheap
OhSoRozee: i wouldnt have even looked at smith ive been trying to upgrade him for weeks but had other priorities
masterhc2: In AF zoomba so unlimited trades, was best option to get 18 playing this week and hopefully D6
heppelitis: m0nty might be busy studying Pornhubs account
zoomba23: Oh fair enough. Yeah I was gonna say that’s a real dumb move in SC haha
original: Cannot wait to trade BSmith
duckky: Mummy got his first touch!
Stu7: Cmon Sloaney
Crowls: b smith and crouch – seriously
wadaramus: Adelaide’s inside 50 kicking is deplorable!
original: Lift cogs. Stay down sloane
Bennyherb: Footy 5 years ago was so much better maybe even 3
pcaman2003: Sloane the butcher won’t get to 50
OhSoRozee: greenwood would b a good grappler perfect body/reach
Apachecats: Another fa Mummy.
Breezey: I would love to have Taranto in my team. Alas.
jbjimmyjb: cameron and smith… wtf are you two doing
Apachecats: ROB is actually roving Mumfords hitouts.
OhSoRozee: only dampner on taranto is his de is coniglio esc
SilverLion: Umpires picking and choosing what’s 15m.
Breezey: Well ya cannot get everything perfect in Fantasy footy.
OhSoRozee: haynes lower leg assessed
DrSeuss: Jelly and Brouch do something FFS
clay007: Good evening all
OhSoRozee: muppets richo and darcy he cant b there
V@lks: Jesus..Jelly (c) after Neale’s ying yang. Brouch, Smith, Mummy, Williams, Laird :/
OhSoRozee: kelly and williams are doin well cant complain
Apachecats: evening clay
Stu7: Cmon Mumford ya pelican sh1t
OhSoRozee: two j.kelly 2day
Breezey: J Kelly and J Kelly both doing well
original: So happy I traded Williams to Whitfield 3 weeks ago
pcaman2003: Sloanedog!LOL!How useless!
DrSeuss: Jelly doubled his score in the last 15 minutes
zoomba23: Milera getting reamed by CD
2xxRinga: Oppo has Brouch Smith Sloane against my Kelly Williams ROB. Yeoww
noobcoach: brouch bsmithh 🙁
Daics35: I batted off my father in the 1st quarter
Dogs5416: 2xxRinga you’re in for a rough second half then
Raspel31: Hmm- just home. Nobody wears the tag worse than Sloane- why you don’t touch him.
J.Worrall: I did the same to your mother haha
Daics35: She said you had the smoothest hands
thiccgucci: Cogs SC score a bit stiff tbh. thought he was great that quarter
thiccgucci: but i guess it doesnt matter what i think
OhSoRozee: dang just realised blues beating lions just knocked me out of gauntlet
J.Worrall: Of course what you think matters – just doesn’t get reflected in fantasy scores!
Raspel31: Try Setterfield today thicc- 250- Dream Team- 11 Super Coach.
thiccgucci: haha true true
2xxRinga: Haha Dogz . . . I have the same feeling mate!
thiccgucci: keep forgetting i own brodie smith. whenever i think of trading him he scores close to 100 so i keep him another week
2xxRinga: Setterfield finds plenty but hes the worst decison maker/skill execution player going around
OhSoRozee: i shoulda upgraded smith instead of walsh
Raspel31: No- I own Brodie Smith.
2xxRinga: Anyone slipping MCrouch in after his little price drop coming?
OhSoRozee: better options he barely scrapes a ton these days with 40
2xxRinga: Yeah but around $475-80k could be good oick up now then use as M8 then loop option come finals
hinsch: Mcrouch I think will be a good pick after byes good price avg 100
2xxRinga: Yeah rarely drops under 90 and hovers around his 110 mark
hinsch: J kelly projected 140 hopefully he does not make it
OhSoRozee: id rather a dpp looper
hinsch: DPP are hard to find when does SC review players position
OhSoRozee: had him from start of season was pain in the ass to watch scrape past 90
hinsch: Taranto is looking good but more $$ than Mcrouch
OhSoRozee: sc doesnt
2xxRinga: Interesting to see how many higgins out for. Ziebz looking juicy
Dogs5416: Hinsch before next year i believe, where as afl fantasy is 3 weekly??
Pokerface: J kelly projected 140 hopefully he does make it
OhSoRozee: zieb is fwd
2xxRinga: Yeah he hovers 100 were as OliverCogzRocky etc can burger or flop
2xxRinga: Yeah zieb as frwd . . If continues to play these mins in mid hes a lock
OhSoRozee: yeh mcrouch can b injury prone aswell
Ash777: I had to do a couple of sideways trades so I picked up Zieb n Laird
hinsch: dogs5416 something to look forward to
OhSoRozee: does have history of hammys and shoulder
2xxRinga: Yeah its just his price thats drawing me . . Id take merret if same price. Capable of poping his 130+
OhSoRozee: fantasy does it rounds 6 12 18
Stu7: sloane plan A get to 50
jbjimmyjb: who would people rather for 480k in SC: M Crouch or Sloane?
Dogs5416: Hinsch only thing i have to look forward to is watching your team in September. In January i picked them for top 5
Breezey: A bit of a bust out game from this Perryman
OhSoRozee: id rather hopper with his next 3 and last 5
Raspel31: Neither jbjimmy
Ash777: the dogs are really missing morris like they did last year.
2xxRinga: Good point Jimmy
hinsch: Beaten by Carlton not going to work Monday that for sure
Apachecats: Another one Mumford ,dope.
Stu7: Mumford sh1t player
2xxRinga: Haha hinsch. When pies lose i lock myself away for the weekend
Stu7: Sloane = good night Irene!!!!
OhSoRozee: mundy wil b around 480 soon 2
OhSoRozee: with his dpp
2xxRinga: Rozee, hopper delivers!
2xxRinga: I miss tarantos dpp . . Kids a jet
Gotigres: what’s the flag next to Sloane?
Stu7: Go Kelly keep pushing mate !!!
OhSoRozee: its dutchy deboer
hinsch: Is this score below average
original: Cogs smfh
Stu7: @Gotigres he is being tagged by Deboer = Matthew “Dutchy” de Boer (flag of the Netherlands).
Yelse: lots of low scores
Gotigres: thanks OhSoRozee and Stu. Thought he was French but that shows how much i know
Stu7: GWS would be better of playing a fridge than Mumford!!!
OhSoRozee: any game vs crows seems to b lower scored
PlungeMe: i love taranto
Raspel31: Wow- what a midfield- Kelly, Cogs, Hppper and Taranto who has come of age. Why Hately can’t get a game.
Stu7: Sloaney is picking up 🙂
Stu7: Great game
OhSoRozee: 1 crows score above 100 and no opp scored 100 against 99 best cats
Yelse: is cogs playing fwd
2xxRinga: Add whitty to that as well raspel
Sloan4Pres: what’s with gws players and the flog celebrations
NugzNiggle: No marks for Laird is a little unusual.
Haydo: Is brodie smith even playing!!!???
noobcoach: tf Bsmithh doing
original: That’s cool cogs bsmith etc just do nothing
NugzNiggle: Haha right on cue Laird.
Stu7: @Yelse mid
Ash777: looks like smith has a new role in the team
Sloan4Pres: Crows gameplan, kick it to haynes?
Stu7: Cogs dead in the water
Stu7: Mumford got a touch!!!
Drak: Masterstroke by Cameron playing Cumming over Hately
pcaman2003: Sloanes game plan to run in circles and get dizzy.
DrSeuss: Zac Williams – you want to get involved again mate?
wadaramus: So sick of watching the Crows kick it to the opposition defenders, so one dimensional.
Stu7: Sloane may get to 50 yet!!
OhSoRozee: yeh and cumming has moved fwd thought he was a half back hately can play multiple pos
PlungeMe: only thing stopping taranto from two hundred is taking him off for 5 mins at a time
Stu7: Jelly set up for a good score now!!!
Sloan4Pres: lol of course greenwood has bad taste in music. goo goo dolls lol
Struda: kelly,laird, Smith, cameron. isnt my week
2xxRinga: There goes my VC danger advantage against oppo Kelly C
Drak: Press 1 if you VC Cripps
Donzoes: this week was promising for me until this match
Ash777: Who will blues take from gws this year
Raspel31: QWell zinga- misery guts- still 45 laast quarter.
PlungeMe: Caldwell
OhSoRozee: yeh i took the c off jelly for cunners 132
2xxRinga: Yeah cunners went missing for 9 mins in mid of last qtr as well. Still solid
OhSoRozee: well theres the ton by coniglio and sloane
Stu7: Cmon Cogs even Sloane has passed you
2xxRinga: Crouch gonna hit his huge be . . Spewin haha
Ash777: cogs probably having a night off after last week.
Stu7: Cmon Jelly dont do this to me please
2xxRinga: Last two goals have cost me my match thos week . . Geezux
PlungeMe: taranto going down for nothing, jelly going up for turning it over
Yelse: how is brouch so high
PlungeMe: my oppo has him
OhSoRozee: @yelse some1 from CD picked him up 2 weeks ago scored well since
OhSoRozee: ciniglio now fwd
Pusti: Yelse, he’s smoking the good stuff.
Dogs5416: 2xxRinga did you “crow” too early? Your oppo most be laughin’
Yeehaw: Unlike Adelaide to be getting a fair share of the sauce bottle in a home game
TheLegend6: Smith gone this week I feel
OhSoRozee: id hold 1 more legend unless u need to bye in rd14
2xxRinga: Haha zip it dogzzz
Yelse: cogs def been playing mainly fwd tonight
PlungeMe: did cameron just get 30 for that?
Stu7: WTF is goin on with Kelly can anyone tell me?????
Schillaci: 23 plunge me, got 6 for a handball before that
Apachecats: Can’t complain about Mumford too much ,doing better than Conig.
original: Cameron +30 sheesh
Stu7: There goes the VC option on Kelly… DHead
Apachecats: Tatanto -stopped ,Kelly -stopped.
PlungeMe: still 23 for mark and goal is weird
Stu7: Mumford 4 free kicks Dhead
Apachecats: Another fa Mumford ,cretin
Stuart88: How can u play 3 1/3 Q and have only received 7 frees
TigerKid_A: the scores have stopped i think
original: Shaw wow. Could have cost the game there had a man free too
DrSeuss: Need a big finish here Jelly
colin wood: Josh Kelly’s score is just dumb.. should be 120 odd
PlungeMe: home ground advantage
Schillaci: Yeah it is, but I’ve got him so will take it. 30 for 3and half quarters and doubles in in 2 minutes
Breezey: You still the man Heater. Keep on goin* son.
OhSoRozee: loo break for m0nty
OhSoRozee: @colin low de and 4 kermies
Pokerface: whats he done in this last quarter clutch time colin?
Gotigres: Mummy has given away 35 FA in 9 games lol
Donzoes: cheers cogs, great score mate
Stu7: Jelly start of quarter 102 now 98
The39Steps: heart for sloane?
original: Sloane 85 you’re havin a laugh surely
Stu7: Sloane true fighter
Beast_Mode: josh kelly sc score is fine effiency and lack of conts ball hurts
Apachecats: GWS got a mummy in the ruck and its not Mumford.
Pokerface: @beast colin just looks at dt scores and if his player isnt more than that cd have robbed him
original: Sloane 4th qtr 3 disposals (incl goal) 42points
PlungeMe: for whatever reason it looks taranto has been moved to the wing
The39Steps: Cogs on track for the biggest ever variance week on week.
Breezey: Come on Laird. Strong finish
Struda: wtf has josh kelly been doing
OhSoRozee: williams snuck the ton after 5 pt 3rd qtr after 4
jamesh1290: sloane about to jump to 120
original: Well there goes my sloane points analysis out the window
TheLegend6: Huge by Sloane!
PlungeMe: of course brouch and sloane still get the ton
OhSoRozee: was worried coniglio was gonna make up for sloane but just the opposite
2xxRinga: Wow, i muzzed sloane and crouch big time. Killed me
J_Herer: Great come back from Sloane
Stu7: Slaone 102
Stu7: Jelly -3 for the quarter
DrSeuss: There goes my tipping for the round – GWS =rubbish this qtr
TheLegend6: Eddie is unreal
Gotigres: goal of the year by Betts
OhSoRozee: whoever plays betts on boundary never go the ball but his body big mistake
Breezey: I will take that ton from Heater
Beast_Mode: lol cogs, glad i dont have that spud
wadaramus: Eddy insane!
Pokerface: the rare touches jelly did get this last q he coughed it up
Ash777: lol good star choice
PlungeMe: why move your best contested player on the night to the wing for the last 5 minutes – weird
StuL: Cogs 26 touches. Just horror kermies
AlbySmedtz: Richo: Eddie Betts goal – that’s normal
OhSoRozee: yeh rob star 9 cl beats every1
original: Shaw should be -20 for that kick he made that killed momentum
OhSoRozee: donut qtr for j.kelly
Struda: kelly,laird, Smith, cameron. isnt my week
Pokerface: wasnt donuts rozee. he just didn’t do anything worthwhile
Raspel31: Glad I didn’t hop on the Conigs wagon
Beast_Mode: you have conigs but argue that houli is rubbish. muppet lmao
2xxRinga: Houli jet. Only.people that argue that are the ones that missed him under 500k
J_Herer: smith is cooked, he goes now

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