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Chat log from R9 of 2019: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R9 of 2019

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GobChuck: Hopefully scrimshaw makes me some more cash this next couple weeks before he becomes whitfield
Chelskiman: 18 marks to 7. We’re getting dominated. Could be a long day.
original: Not a good start for my baker vs Bolton battle
nbartos: cmon Hawks dont waste
Migz: oh balta.
Dredd: feels like im watching brisbane lmao
th3rio: I feel that Gob, cmom scrimmy
Gotigres: Balta powerful left foot
original: Cmon baker…
Chelskiman: Martin’s best quarter for the year.
BigChief: Dusty will go huge today.
mattmac24: Projected for 2480 in sc but Baker is looking to be a big let down
zoomba23: Nice Dusty
Pokerface: would anyone active still have dusty?
Chelskiman: Nope, but as a Tiger’s supporter I hope he goes huge.
Raspel31: Thought about Baker to bring in Fyfe original- but sat on my fat arse for a week.
BRAZZERS: i doubt it, but ppl might have picked him up because he’s a cheap option
Gelly: foxtel stream wont load for me so cant watch the game
Raspel31: Unless certifiably insane- no Poker.
TigerKid_A: Same @Gelly
Donzoes: Good stuff Baker, doing me proud
PlungeMe: cant tell the difference between scully and worpel now with the haircut
zoomba23: Feel a bit better about missing out on Baker now. Team still fucked tho
th3rio: nice balta and schrimshaw 🙂
Raspel31: All i can say is may the less unlikeable team win.
Migz: wait is balta left or right footed. WTf ive seen him bomb it both feet
Chelskiman: How about that 60m pass from Balta though.
BigChief: Spud for Baker. Letting O’Brien run you down.
original: Baker at least beat collins’ 31 please for the love of GOD
Raspel31: And finally Balta is covering the Degooey messy stuff
th3rio: balta nearly already at this proj haha
megawatts: shouldve fielded bines over baker
aussie59: lol,, bloody baker, 72 last week, i only hoped for 30 to 50 this week and look at him ….GEEEEZZZZZZ
original: Megawatts lol
original: Megawatts can confirm he’s better than bines right now
BestCoast: Has Baker pulled a heart muscle
Apachecats: You’ll get 30 to 50 aussie.
Gelly: number 10 umpires goes for hawthorn haha
original: Someone put the brakes on worpel plz
lukefield9: call me insane, but is vlastuin becoming a good option since he’s now an inside mid?
th3rio: I get so excited when Balta goes over 30 after his first 3-4 games 😀
BestCoast: Carn Baker rise and make some doe
th3rio: nar Luke, he probably goes backline when cotch returns
Gelly: dont bet on him staying in mids when cotch is back
original: Cape for baker hehe
aussie59: hope ur right Apachecats: 20 points down with baker to level players played.Cameron and Whitfield vs Cousins and willi
Pokerface: you’re insane luke
th3rio: come on schrimmy ffs make those bills
aussie59: Cameron and Whitfield vs Cousins and williams to finish the day out..
Chelskiman: Bolton, come on dude, don’t play on. ><
Gotigres: should have started Balta ahead of Setterfield
Raspel31: Baker on a roll- suddenly making dough- but no regrets- no yeast goodbye.
ThaPear: geepers baker is playing dumb
Gelly: cant believe no one has ssaid free kick hawthorn yet
aussie59: lol, and after Camerons effort last week,,,,im not too sure about anything
Chelskiman: We don’t have to, umps are saying it every 3 minutes anyway.
thiccgucci: its only 10 to 2 @Gelly hahaha
original: Baker trying to beat mummy for FA the other week ffs
BigChief: If you are still relying on rookies to score well for you then you need to give up
Chelskiman: So you have a team full of premiums?
BestCoast: BigChief = Superhero
Pokerface: lol chelski
BigChief: No but I am not relying on rookies to win me games.
BestCoast: Not everyone has full premise side in round 2
th3rio: all coniglio, mrouch and dmoore owners give up
aussie59: @BigChief:well i think we all have rookies
Raspel31: So wrong BigChief-are you serious ? No one yas yet upgraded to perfect primos. The whole point of rookies.
aussie59: and it has come down to our uniques that is all.
BestCoast: BigChief premium team since round 2
Pokerface: i give up then.
original: Sorry bigchief didn’t want to use 2 trades every week. And have conigs mcrouch dmoore drew Atkins etc
aussie59: well im not either, im hoping Cameron and whitfield will win it for me
BigChief: When did I say I had a team full of Premo’s BestCoast ya flog.
aussie59: wats ur supercoach team name bigchit, i want to see where im going
aussie59: sorry, bigchief
Pokerface: i have dylan moore and opp has stack.. im going to propose to him we both give up and call it a draw
BestCoast: My last two games have virtually been won by a handball worth of points
Tig-Train: 2 free kicks for a half, hawthorn are so well behaved… pfft
th3rio: I captained Balta to win it for me. I like living on the edge
Raspel31: My vote- Bigchief is an 11 year old scout who had a raspberry popsicle today and mummy is tucking hin in as we speak.
Pokerface: lol rio
BestCoast: Sorry BigGrief flog of flogs
pcaman2003: Scrimma got another Migraine? Only +1pt for the qtr
GobChuck: captaincy on stocker, put the pressure on the young fella
thommoae: Captaining Balta th3? Looking as effective as (c) on Brayshaw or Fyfe, at this stage.
beerent11: Gilbert! Bloody legend!
Sixty656: Better get to 66 Stack
Donzoes: Funny how Balta the rookie is going to make me lose
th3rio: haha thank god for GRundy thommo, Fyfe was my back up.
th3rio: im with you Pca, since duursma did crap need schrimshaw to close the gap to get Whitfield
Monfries96: Watch Worpel go under 90 from here
pcaman2003: Due for a ton Worpedo.
Raspel31: thommoae – I think captaining Balta is what is generally known as irony. Sigh.
beerent11: Classic fan footy pile on for poor old bigchief
OhSoRozee: got screwed with cuningham out i get answerths 26 yippee
Donzoes: worp always looks like tonning at half time then settles for 70-90
dipstick: that Balta wood fellow is scoring great. not so flimsy anymore
pcaman2003: @Donzoes. True,but hopefully different today
BestCoast: Raspel I think you are right he also has is glowing teddy light on to
Raspel31: Lol Bestcoast.
Donzoes: Hoping so too pcaman
pharace: Balta surely a logical DP Ruck in two weeks
thommoae: Brayshaw and Fyfe sigh-ronic if you have them, Raspel.
Juzzo: Keep going Balta, suit me if Baker and Stack stay down.
hinsch: Balta to finish with about 45 SC points that is the norm for the rookies stop at half time
feralmong: I think we don’t know what to do with this ruck advantage
Juzzo: not today hinsch, Balta to get to 80!
Juzzo: Has Edwards had a role change or has he been playing defence all year?
OhSoRozee: defence all year
wadaramus: Carn Balta, you are needed this week!
Raspel31: Ah thommoae- my birthday weekend so listen to nothing I say. Sadly no Fyfe- Walsh tradeo him next week- burp. t
original: Stop worpel please!!
Juzzo: thanks Rozee
th3rio: sup with stack anyway? not getting involved?
pharace: @th3rio, Stack playing unusually wide alot when on
Raspel31: I never in my life thought I’d say go Hawks- but my two least favourite teams. Go Hawks.
pcaman2003: Good choice Raspel
BestCoast: Raspel many happy returns mine is tomorrow go Taurus
th3rio: cheers pharace
GobChuck: same raspel, dilemma and a half for us don fans. Also stuff the hawks for playing dusty into form
pharace: Hawks supporters already had a win for the weekend win last night surely
Raspel31: Have a great one BestCoast- Taurus rules!
Pokerface: pick it up sicily.
DrSeuss: Stack not doing much at all this week. Is he still playing half back and onto a wing?
th3rio: yaya double stacker
BestCoast: Raspel Ken oath mate that we do
VodkaHawk: The whole of Australia had a win
th3rio: stack gone to bruest apparently.
pharace: Playing back Suess, on Bruest atm
J_Herer: Go big Houli!!!!
BestCoast: Raspel cheers King I will have a beverage for you 2
Pokerface: you two are full of bull
Stu7: Come Sicily finger remove please!!!
th3rio: balta gonna jump a bit in the ruck hell yeeee
Yeehaw: Henderson looking like burying me this week thanks to Baker and Stack atm
Raspel31: Make it 3 BestCcoast.
beerent11: The usual worpel slow down?
pharace: Balta has a 10m two step stride just about – he’s a beast
th3rio: balta!
Gelly: balta is just a handy player to have, backup ruck and gaining more confidence
Donzoes: seems like it beerent
pharace: and just 19 Gelly
Raspel31: Indeed th3rio – my only cover for de gooying thingy.
th3rio: balta up 15+
original: Get a few goals baker
Gotigres: this is pathetic Sicily
Stu7: Any intel on why Sicily is low?
Donzoes: Baker vs Balta might actually make me lose, I cant believe it
th3rio: lets go schrimlad
pcaman2003: Keep going Worpedo and Balta.Pick it up Scrimma
Raspel31: His mum cooked some dodgy pies . Really Stuhl?
Stu7: Come on Baker
ajconodie: Is McEvoy ever not injured?
original: Yes baker!! Need you to beat bolton
Donzoes: hawks losing men every ten minutes
teddyt: Balta! What a player
pcaman2003: Hawks are flowered now. Got no hope.
Gotigres: will seriously consider starting Balta from now on
th3rio: balta!!! lad!
pcaman2003: Balta just getting better.
VodkaHawk: Inaccuracy and injuries will do that pca
Gelly: balta might get an x factor at this rate
beerent11: Start balta while nank is out
pharace: Balta could possibly the most exciting player since Buddy – early days though
Gotigres: started Setterfield ahead of Balta. Silly, silly me 🙁
BRAZZERS: lol settle down
FlyinRyan2: Stack and baker have really stuffed my week
pcaman2003: Ton up Worps and Balta.
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. That would really hurt.
thiccgucci: Get to 60 please baker!
Gotigres: it does pcaman
wadaramus: Balta gonna earna starting spot in my forward line next week!
feralmong: Had a funny feeling and put balata on ground this week.
Schillaci: c’mon Stack big finish
feralmong: Balta even.
Carlo: Flashback to 5 rounds ago balta had an average around 30 and people were saying he was the shittest SuperCoach player
feralmong: Looked it up. A balata is a latex tree.
original: Cmon baker
pcaman2003: Hawks making lots of mistakes and paying the price
BestCoast: Carlo a week is a long time in footy lol
Chelskiman: That’s it, Houli, junk it up!
Carlo: Massive turn around from a 14 pointer in round 4 tho
J_Herer: loven Houli toilet time
th3rio: i officially love balta
beerent11: Cmon worpedo two more possies will do it
Chelskiman: Stack junk is amazing right now!
pharace: Nice, quick cheap 18 for Stacky
J_Herer: lovely stacky!
pcaman2003: Worps off ground for a while. No touches for ages
original: Go baker
Fatbar5tad: Moore 1 point for a goal?
beerent11: Worpel allergic to 100’s
Valens: Fatbar it was-1 for a while there. Fixed now!

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