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Chat log from R7 of 2019: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Chat log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2019

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th3rio: other game froze 🙁
BigChief: Hickey out, Vardy in.
original: Hurn smh
Migz: that was clean by hurn.
jfulla7: its the first quarter…
Umpirespet: Glad I took Parker’s score over Petrols now
Gelly: got nobody except petrol in this one and hes on my bench
StuL: Forgot to loop spudcelle.
DrSeuss: Miller needs to tag Gaff – please!!
clay007: Hello!! Anyone out there?
Burnsy03: we are all at the other game clay
frenzy: needed that sheed
BigChief: Nope. We are at m0nty’s place drinking all his alcohol.
clay007: Quiet on this forum. Cmon sheed! Lift son
Burnsy03: missed the invite chief…
frenzy: darling you flat tracker
BigChief: No invite, we just gate-crashed. Still plenty of wine, beer and spirits here.
cobrakai00: Darling would be a great WAFL player
V@lks: Cmon Sheed
DrSeuss: GC a great opposition to help get your entire team back into form
Burnsy03: address chief?
Gandhi: Sheppard had a quiet quarter after that dominant first
BigChief: 498 Glenferrie road 🙂
Breezey: Big chief just got the Spud
frenzy: Horeforn @ bigchief 🙂
BigChief: Why did I get the spud?
BigChief: Thanks m0nty. Can I have some gravy with the spud?
original: Cmon hurn get a move on
original: Lol bigchief
Burnsy03: chief be up after the 4 hour drive, same some beers
BigChief: I will be hammered by then LOL
Burnsy03: you saying i should drink my 10 roadies to keep up?
Umpirespet: The spuds are better at Hungry Jacks
Jackwatt$: Is m0nty ther Chief
Umpirespet: Bit jealous of Chiefs spud
Snarfy: Anyone else here drop Darling this week after having him all year?
Umpirespet: Never had him snarfy
original: Hurn suffering as GC aren’t getting the ball down there?
Pokerface: 55 in a half for a defender isn’t really suffering original
frenzy: dont understand what CD’s issue is with Sheed
BigChief: No one wanted to stay at m0nty’s, so I left.
Umpirespet: Nurture that spud m8 you’ll have a bag of chips in no time
Manowar: Sheed just needs to change his name to S. Stack
Pokerface: clangers hurt frenzy
frenzy: I was thinking Bont
original: Or LNeale hehe
frenzy: Didnt hurt Mummy Poker
Pokerface: yeah it did
Pokerface: mummy should have scored elite, but he stuffed it
Pokerface: as well as he has only scored after the game was over
Pokerface: was all gaff and darling early
Pokerface: and points are relative to other players, with gaff and darling going so big early, theres less available for others
frenzy: wasn’t an elite game
V@lks: 9 x FA brought mummy from 140 to 89
Stu7: Collins is scrapped next week useless
Pokerface: no, not an elite game, but his hit out work scored heaps
frenzy: 10 possi 11 muppets hardly elite
original: Cmon hurny both draft and classic need u!!
Pokerface: yeah not elite game. but should have scored elite sc. 49 hitouts with a large % to advantage
J.Worrall: a week late, Stu7
OhSoRozee: 3 qtrs for donut sc sexton hurt his 4.3k owners
Stu7: Ha ha J.Worrall more like 6 weeks to late
Stu7: Go Shuey you good thang
Burnsy03: cap crippa danger or fyfe?
Ash777: cap cripps against norf he should go big.
NoneyaB: my opp has sexton lol
Dondeal: Stuey Dew deadset will have a heart attack this season. That man is a fridge.
Ash777: hurn on track still for 90
th3rio: Come on pet!!!
Stu7: Cripps
Pokerface: P plates for corbett?
Pokerface: $ for petrol
Fatbar5tad: 65 petrol hopefully. Have to field him with Whitfield out.
heppelitis: sheed that was sheet
Ash777: fight fight fight!
Fatbar5tad: Bit of niggle here
Ash777: umps making sure wet toast dont lose
Breezey: Witts goes alright. Not the worst fantasy ruckman
OhSoRozee: something wrong at WCE when u cant flat track bully the suns
Pokerface: i agree breezey. he needs a new club because the mids dont turn all those HO to advantage
Stu7: Collins = t1ts on a Bull!
Ash777: Suns would be much better if they had a couple of speedy players in the forward line and a couple more decent mids.
Stu7: And 3 good defenders
VodkaHawk: And a better ruck
feralmong: witts might get into top 20 hit outs. 59 is 20.
feralmong: actually he’s already in there twice lol
feralmong: 64 is his best
Stu7: Collins and Sexton rehearsing for the new dumb and dumber sequel
Ash777: Suns defenders look fine to keep eagles goalless for so long
beerent11: Yoyo looks to be coming good. Nice libba or rocky upgrade at his price
OhSoRozee: lol ch7 plugs in brandan achees wafl speccy as a former gc suns player
beerent11: Ha ash haven’t heard tits on a bull for yonks
OhSoRozee: was old port player now at wce thats really bad
beerent11: Sorry.. stu
Stu7: Yeah beerent11 Collins is a giant teet
The39Steps: Has anyone with a negative BE ever not achieved it? i.e BE -2 got -3
Migz: dunno about gaffs 150. pretty gross
beerent11: Seems that would be hard to do 39 steps
beerent11: Yet another ton for Bunga hurn
Stu7: Great game Shuey
Breezey: I migh5 check on Jack Martins availability next week for my team
beerent11: Gee these mature singles ads are average monty
The39Steps: Yep @beer11 unlikely but possible.

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