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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Carlton vs Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Sydney, R3 of 2019

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frenzy: stink it up Heeney
italz: yeah come on heeney, a bunch of people got rid of you, you can start doing good now
dipstick: Cripps vs Bloods
GOOD: Stick it up Carlton Heaney. 120sc+ incoming
gdshifty: did i just hear phillips is a late out for Carlton?
tso1967: yes
wadaramus: Yep, corked thigh.
original: dow cannot kick
pcaman2003: Afternoon all!
amigaman: Walsh kicks straight into an opposition player. How is that not a clanger?
pcaman2003: I have Setterfield opponent Mills. Who wins?
Apachecats: Good afternoon Pacman
wadaramus: Hopefully Setterfield, I have him F5 🙂
blonde0na: pretty soon defenders won’t be able to look at a forward without giving away a free
italz: these free kicks are getting ridiculous
Gotigres: Need 99 from you Walsh to match my non-starting Constable
original: amigaman i think it inefficient but not a clanger ? probs
Apachecats: Well I resisted the temptation to loop Dangers 132 and keep the C on Macrae.Any one take the 128?
italz: i took the 128
Apachecats: *I meant Dangers 128.
wadaramus: WOW, Heeney banana awesome!
Gotigres: Nice goal Heeney
original: hmm where did my fanfooty premium comment go? would 10/10 buy
amigaman: Would have been a clanger for any player without the hype!
StuL: Yes. Took danger
Migz: if they kick to a contest and the opponent marks it, its not a clanger
TigerKid_A: heeney in midfield?
Burnsy03: heeney in uncharted territory 20 b4 half time
pcaman2003: I like that Setters is on 6pts with 1 tackle. Keep that up!
Gotigres: Nice start vc Cripps
SwaggyP: Traded out mills for Saad. A masterstroke trade once again.
wadaramus: I saw Heeney start a centre bounce, got caught HTB by Cripps. Playing mostly fwd/hf.
original: amigaman definition of clanger is probably direct turnover/free against type stuff
amigaman: @Migz. Is that comment directed at me?
pcaman2003: Nearly all in my league have Cripps and Heeney
amigaman: He’s a protected species!
Pokerface: carn buddy
MercAm: I raged traded Heeney, hope that does not back fire
original: walsh a protected species 3 games in? cmon lol
dipstick: i took dangers VC so no stress this weekend 😎
tso1967: i thought i took danger but turns out i never..cripps it is 🙂
amigaman: He kicked it 5 metres straight to an opponent. Stop trying to defend an obvious clanger.
original: amigaman it did not count as an effective disposl, it did not lead to a turnover. im really confused here
Gotigres: Nice goal Walsh
GOOD: Took dangers 128 too. Didn’t trade Heeney. Cracks open another stubby
duckky: Settle down Walsh.
pcaman2003: Go Walshy. C’mon Setters,get the ball.
TheOnyas: Onya Jon
TheOnyas: Onya Walshy
pcaman2003: Traded Blakey out today for Worpel.Mmm!
the worm: if only heeney played carlton every week
BigChief: Neither of these teams can defend.
amigaman: Setterfield been a little disappointing so far. Hope he steps it up
pcaman2003: @Amigaman. So do I. Setters needs to score well today.
Fatbar5tad: Hello Newman?
Gotigres: Nice move up Newman
duckky: Newman jumps from 3 to 32 SC in 3 minutes
wadaramus: Walsh on fire, helping offset the lack of input from Setterfield.
Migz: 15000 people still have mills 😡
pcaman2003: Walsh on 45 pts even with 50%DE.. Wowee!
TheLegend6: Hardly seen Heeney
Fatbar5tad: Hello Jerry….
duckky: I ditched Mills this week… Thank heavens
TheMessiah: First goal?
original: ducky also ditched mills in draft
wadaramus: I think it was Buddy.
amigaman: Gibbons my only poor rookie selection so far
TheMessiah: Thank wada 🙂
original: feel for the people who picked balta (watch him score 100 this week tho) setters to lift
Apachecats: Sydney 479 SC vs Carlton 394 SC ,bit lopsided.
Crowls: anybody else tip carlton
Carnster: i did crowls
JR33: Cripps or Neale for Brownlow
Apachecats: yeah Crowls tipped them to lose.
GOOD: Tipping Carlton is like
Ash777: I ditched mills for Rich
mattmac24: I will tip carlton till they win a game!
duckky: @Ash, It was tempting to gamble on Rich but I chickened out
penguins00: I tipped the Blues
Pokerface: I will tip melbourne till they win a game!
amigaman: @TheMessiah. Bite me!
frenzy: setters to mumford looks a goer
Apachecats: Rich will eventually revert to his usual 75 SC
TheMessiah: @amigaman…. what?
Ash777: Rich has been steadily becoming fantasy/SC relevant
duckky: Checked out his previous years – he always managed to string together a couple of 100+ games together b4 a dog
BigChief: Nice push Franklin.
original: jeez
duckky: 774 just reported that Setterfield in rooms
amigaman: Agree BigChief
the worm: ash, you mean steadily like a couple of years, or the last 2 weeks?
Apachecats: Buddy push out would’ve been a free last night .
Ash777: I mean steadily over the years
amigaman: That has to be one of the most vague rules now
Ash777: even tho he has the RS curse
Apachecats: Setterfield OK to go.
duckky: What I can’t understand is how a hospital handpass isn’t listed as a clanger
Donzoes: Traded heeney to Kelly, Kelly gets injured and heeney looks good today
pcaman2003: Where r u Setterfield,FFS?
the worm: im confused
BigChief: @pcaman he was in rooms doing fitness test
Chelskiman: In one of my games my opponent and I have just 7 uniques. Sinclair and Heeney are naturally two of his.
wadaramus: Setterfield back on!
MercAm: Ai Setterfield is back YAY. Now get some points!
pcaman2003: Thanks Chief. Missed that,away from tele
BigChief: C’mon Papsmear do something.
Yelse: wonder how many got rid of heeney
Victorious: Who traded out Heeney
Pokerface: seagull for lloyd
Fatbar5tad: Settlefield you cunt
duckky: Is Gibbons the worst yet popular fantasy Player
PlungeMe: i did 🙁
JockMcPie: in supercoach it was at least 20% of all his owners
StuL: Lift Setterspud
BigChief: I traded Heeney for Worpel.
DragonLass: I have never had Gibbons on the field but with starting price of 102k he will still make cash
MercAm: Me Victorious ;(
duckky: On the positive side he has made money.
mattmac24: I dropped heeney for Dahlhaus
Gotigres: Touch the ball Gibbons and make me some money
dipstick: huh? who traded out Heeney??? LOL amateurs… 22 rounds in season. he wont even drop 30K
Apachecats: Gibbons will get dropped on this effort.
TheMessiah: Nice Heeney!
PlungeMe: i went heeney to moore so i could go b scott to fyfe
Apachecats: Cripps looks set for a regulation 130+
BigChief: Gibbons out, Kennedy in next week for sure.
StuL: The Relton Roberts award for the biggest rookie fail each year?
frenzy: Cow Paddy playing like a dung beattle
DrSeuss: People were talking of trading out Cripps this week; crazy talk.
VodkaHawk: Damn v8 qualifying distracted me. Forgot to bench setters for Moore :/
original: yes StuL perfect name to commemorate
Pokerface: *stuL that would go to people trading out heeney
Apachecats: C.Mills sneaking up a bit.
pcaman2003: I wanted Setterfield to beat Mills. Damn!
mattmac24: I had my reasons for trading Heeney, still happy with the trade
StuL: Lol. The golden potato for them maybe?
the worm: why keep heeney if e will perform worse than last year?
dipstick: fyfe? the guy whos guaranteed to miss at least 4 games every year?
Fatbar5tad: Fuck Heeney. You never know what Horse will do.
VodkaHawk: @Geelong people, what’s the news on TKelly?
pcaman2003: I think Heeney will still be top 6 fwd.
th3rio: setterfield is killing my life
BigChief: Trading Heeney to Worpel to gain 130k and better point scores. Yep dud move for sure.
Drak: keep telling yourself it was a good idea mattmac24
amigaman: I traded Heeney to Boak and gained some cash. Heeney won’t be consistent.
original: apache mills has snucknup heaps
JR33: Never trade out a solid premo. It’s a marathon not a sprint
BigChief: Me 2 mattmac.
Pokerface: the worm because you know he will be a top 6 forward for the year. use another trade to bring him in again later
PlungeMe: fyfe will comfortably outscore heeney even with 4 missed games
Pokerface: beter point scores Chief? A keeper who ends up top 6 to a speculative midpricer
original: umpires too ashamed to call back bad bounces. 3 times now
the worm: if you think so
Pokerface: amigaman heeney is consistent as they come. he had ankle niggles after jlt which is why horse kept him out of the mids
BigChief: Heeney is far from a solid anything, let alone a premo.
VodkaHawk: True Plunge
Pokerface: for a forward, yes he is
Fatbar5tad: Shit quarter Newman. Utter trash
Migz: wouldnt you consider anybody averaging 100+ in the fwds or def premo?
mattmac24: VodkaHawk just an Ankle Tweak. Will play next week
amigaman: We’ll see. I think Boak will outscore him easily
the worm: no he isnt
BigChief: No he isn’t. He struggles against the better sides. Remember Carlton are a bottom team who can’t defend.
JR33: Each to their own
Pokerface: @migz no, because then they would have to admit to themselves they made a rookie error
pcaman2003: Anyone trading Heeney after 2 rnds with ankle niggle is brave. I wouldn’t!
VodkaHawk: Cheers Matt, lol went Heeney to TKelly
9inch: Out on the full 3 points in DT?
Chelskiman: Sinclair needs to slow the fuck down. I was confident when Gawn posted his score last night but Sinclair will have that
Chelskiman: covered by 3/4 at this rate.
DrSeuss: Newman, Walsh and Lloyd very nice. Setterfield needs a big 2nd half!
teddyt: heeney averaged 80 in his last 9 games last year but yeah sO ConSiSteNt xD
dipstick: using a trade for REFUNDING (not even making) 130K is a waste. and worpel wont outscore heeney
teddyt: doing ok SO FAR against carlton what a superstar
mattmac24: Poker, he is a good player, of he improves his consistency, I’ll bring him back in but I have better use for the spare $
Gotigres: That’s why sc is more accurate 9inch
JockMcPie: Boak averaged 88 over the past 3 years, wouldn’t back him in over Heeney imo
dipstick: @amigaman god uck… wines is back today so Boak can go and sit in the fwd and become a Dusty martin
the worm: setterfield to heeney straight swap in rd 7 looks good
PlungeMe: personally i think going heeney to fyfe is as good an upgrade as going from a rookie to a premo
original: how much ust ruckmen look forward to playing the blues
Pokerface: @teddy yeah feel free to take out the injury affected 18 for a real representation champ
JockMcPie: Heeney will average 100 for the rest of the season quote this in round 23
original: ssetters to heeney lol as if
Lewysport: Just got home, made 1 trade so far this season Sinclair to Phillips, DOH!
duckky: Donuts for Gibbons
VodkaHawk: So many ‘what ifs’
scrappers: how did newman go from 44 to 35 with 2 possesions
bones351: @migz Heeney has never averaged 100+
Pokerface: it wasnt heeney to fyfe it was two trades
amigaman: @dipstick. You know so much. You must be winning SC easily
Silz90: Ebert is playing fwd now so I don’t think boak will be impacted . I wanted to pick boak in preseason.. picked dunkley
duckky: Two counted as clangers scrappers
mattmac24: Jock, he might score score 100+ for the rest of the season, he might not. Bad luck for me if he does
PlungeMe: heeney/b scott to fyfe/moore is an upgrade in both trades
Pokerface: if he is horribly inconsistent in your minds why pick him in the first place?
original: commentators saying dow doesnt normally kick like. this. YES he does sadly
Migz: true bones. Just had a look and he averaged 98 for last 2 years.
VodkaHawk: Silz, I went Dunkley too :/ looks like libba is affecting his scoring
teddyt: that makes it an 88 average chump @Pokerface. He also got 113 and a 120 in those 8 weeks. Google consistent?
scrappers: so -9 for 2 clangers that diddnt affect the scoreboard? frees against dont even compare to that
mattmac24: Poker, the hype gets to people
Silz90: Look can’t we all agree on one thing. You have to start danger in your team or else
Pokerface: you maths are still wrong teddy.
amigaman: Danger rarely gets best score of the week, but he is so CONSISTENT
dipstick: @amiga? huh you traded out an upcomer for an old boy. and heeney was avged more than boak last 3yrs. make sense not
teddyt: ok you obviously drool on yourself
Pokerface: oh ok counting the elim final.
Pokerface: amiga its not a choice of danger or heeney. you aren’t limited to 1 premium forward
Victorious: Im hammered
amigaman: What’s age got to do with it. We’re not talking a keeper league
scrappers: newman just got raped by sc
BigChief: @dipstick do you even watch football? Boak has played forward pocket for 3 years and is playing midfield this year. You
teddyt: why not? He played a game of football did he not? Who gives a fuck if he didnt count in supercoach its him playing AFL
BigChief: You can’t compare the 2
Silz90: Comparing apples and oranges
Pokerface: avg 98 for the past 2 years. what you focussing on that small period of it?
Pokerface: other than you have some fixation on validating your trade to yourself. and i ask again, if you hated him why start him?
shang0: I traded out Heeney LOOOLLL
Pokerface: lol shang0
teddyt: this whole discussion is about consistent. you can keep proving me right with him being inconsistent?
teddyt: otherwise I have no idea why you decided to ever reply to me.
Pokerface: consistent for a forward, absolutely
teddyt: also who said I started him or have him?
Pokerface: not sure what you are expecting from forwards this year teddy
dipstick: @chief wines is back today. if you think boak will avge 100 good luck. i say trading out heeney for boaks ridiculous and
Silz90: Waiting for ‘get back onto the game’
Fatbar5tad: Newman didn’t get raped, he hasn’t worked out he no longer plays for Sydney. Got an OOF as well.
Pokerface: teddy most people piping up were validating their trade. not sure why you piped up if you didnt trade
amigaman: @ dipstick. It’s my team anbd my choice. Naf off!
Pokerface: you knew preseason boak was going to be mids. this isnt new intel to inform a trade in
jbjimmyjb: Wines back does not equal Boak returning to the pocket…
brano: Had Pierce R2, traded to Phillips , Then Phillips to Campbell because thats the only player I could afford. lol
teddyt: I replied to people who commented on him being consistent. Not much fault you decided to reply to me.
teddyt: people acting like hes a god because he has had an OK half against carlton
Pokerface: ok well i obviously shouldn’t have replied to you
Pokerface: especially when you make comments like ‘you obviously drool on yourself
shang0: I traded out Heeney for Tim Kelly who is now injured LOLOLOL
Pokerface: – No abuse of other posters. Friendly banter is okay, but please do not be nasty.
scrappers: if danger kicked ootf he wouldnt lose any points?
BigChief: I picked Heeney originally because he was meant to be playing 80% midfield. Well he has not.
the worm: not ok teddy, 14 touches!… thats pretty special
jbjimmyjb: why do debates in this chat always get personal?
circle52: Can’t win took the C of Cripps to take Dangers VC score.
Pokerface: not first 2 rounds BC, thats because of the jlt ankle niggle
VodkaHawk: Exactly Chief
Chelskiman: I’m cooked already. Sinclair is destroying me.
dipstick: @amiga you got angry man syndrome? 🤣 youre just steamin”
jbjimmyjb: On another note, Gibbons with a BE of -32 in SC is not making much money with his 4
BigChief: He still isn’t playing midfiled though Poker
amigaman: Shame there isn’t an ignore option
Pokerface: yes but its not a long term absence
StuL: Oppo got no Setterspud incredibly. Come on “setterfides.”
Ash777: Mills was also meant to be playing some midfield time.
Pokerface: its not structural or horse being horse
miffysp: i knew Heeney would lift for this game but i had 100k so turned him into neale ia dpp
the worm: i fyou read enough preseason articles, everyone is supposed to be playing midfield
mattmac24: Heeney’s heat map is still very much in the forward line, doesn’t look like he’ll be getting much mid time
amigaman: When was the last time a player got zero touches from a whole game
pcaman2003: Mills killing Setterfield. I’ll be cooked soon.
shang0: LOL @ Setterfield owners, suffer.
BigChief: last night amiga
duckky: Gibbons!!!!
Ash777: gibbons got a possie!
Gotigres: Gibbons got a kick
amigaman: Haha he got a touch
Drak: Game over Carlton will win, Gibbons got a kick
Chelskiman: Setterfield is going straight to my bench next week and that’s where he’ll be staying.
StuL: This weeks nomination for the Golden Relton, Gibbo or Setters? Press button and say “this ones 4 u Relton”!
Drak: But kicked to no one
duckky: But it wasn’t a clanger
amigaman: Suprised how poor Lochie O’Brien is going. Thought he would be a player
Apachecats: Reckon CMills ill ton up from here .That will pi55 a few off.
jbjimmyjb: heeney :))
BigChief: Hayward broken jaw
heppelitis: game starting to go by Simpson?
original: amigaman reckon hes too skinny still. not showing much ay
Ash777: what has happened to ronke this year
Ash777: setters got a kick!
pcaman2003: 10 mins 1st qtr. Settterfield 14 pts Mills _3 pts. Now look! You’re fired Setterfield!
TheMessiah: Many people have setters on the ground?
BigChief: Looks like it Hepp. He doesn’t have the same old zip.
Apachecats: got him on bench messiah
original: themessiah no way not after r1-2
amigaman: Moved him to the bench thankfully. Not even emerg.
valkorum: What is Setterfields BE in AFL Fantasy?
circle52: Simpson to Lloyd next week – Held off this week.
pcaman2003: Had Setters as f6 on field
TheMessiah: I never started with him myself. Hoping some played him so I can catch up the rankings a bit
LuvIt74: Glad i didn’t trade out Heeney
Crowls: sad i traded out heeney
Ash777: can walsh ton up this game?
Silz90: Same I’m glad I didn’t trade out Heaney. Imagine when he plays more midfield
amigaman: Is posting break evens not allowed?
hinsch: there is a plus Gibbons will BE
Silz90: Stating the obvious but Walsh will prob win rising star this week
Apachecats: BackWalsh for the ton Ash
BigChief: Still a 1/4 to go Ash, so yes.
Fatbar5tad: Setters guards grass.
shang0: LOL @ Setterfield owners.
pcaman2003: Gibbons should’ve stayed in VFL.
Ash777: the way cripps and swans are scoring you’d think is last qtr
Apachecats: You must be new here shang.
BigChief: He will be there next weel pcaman
BigChief: week*
Fatbar5tad: Heard you the first time carnt
dipstick: its Cripps VS Bloods
Silz90: Setters was out for a year with a knee honestly
mattmac24: Is Miers from cats still eligible for rising star? I don’t remember what qualifies
original: mckay is a beast
penguins00: he is mattmac24
mattmac24: And setterfield is owned by 71% of sc coaches. Not really a problem, it’s what you do with him when he bottoms out
BigChief: Needs to be under 21 at 1/1/19 I believe
original: probs mattmac
Apachecats: Miers is going to be a gun.
Ash777: setters may improve as the season goes on
Kahunas: just tuned in, wtf is with Setters?
PieCannon: give daisy the mare, bloke couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat today
jbjimmyjb: setterfield was sore for a bit, just hasn’t been near it all day
jbjimmyjb: simmo is gonna be so nice to pick up at 450k in a few weeks
Kahunas: cheers jb, Gibbo shite also
Ash777: damn setters if only that was a goal
Victorious: Glad i kept Heeney
jbjimmyjb: victorious feels good doesnt it
Chelskiman: Everything that could have gone wrong today has.
mattmac24: What happened to Walsh? Dropped 6 in sc since 3/4 time
shang0: he farted
original: front on contact cmon
BigChief: No front on contact free to McKay?
Ash777: setters has woken up
duckky: Come on Newman – get to 80
scrappers: sc is corrupt ! the key is to pick the players that cd family and friends have!
Victorious: I’m absolutely punishing the porcelain
original: scrappers at the end of the day they rely on some blokes classifying stats as effective or not so is there a bias?
BigChief: Sinclair blood rule.
original: please wash your hands victorious
Pokerface: original there are numerous stat takers at each game and any discrepancies are looked at during the breaks
pcaman2003: Setterfield shows no intensity. Will trade him out next week.
Kahunas: Gibbons has dropped a big turd on my bench
Victorious: Any danger Setters?
scrappers: original lets face it the stat takers are just as pathetic as the umpires! its not there fault there stupid!
shang0: Setterfield owners are losers
pcaman2003: @Kahunas. LOL! Along side Setterfields
BigChief: I won’t trade Setters yet. As long as he can get a few extra $$$ he will keep my bench warm.
Pokerface: I wonder if they are too stupid to use the right Their
shang0: Gibbons has been a good pick
Victorious: @Pokerface hahaha!
Apachecats: Reckon they should present Gibbons with the ball from this game.
pcaman2003: @shango. Why are you sniping?
duckky: Is shang0 GOD in disguise?
Victorious: Pretty sure it’s they’re….
beerent11: Setters breakeven is -35 so still a few weeks to
beerent11: Setters breakeven is -35 so still a few weeks toGo
scrappers: oh im sorry pokerface thanx for the correction mate!
BigChief: Still played more AFL games than you ever will shang0
Silz90: Shang0 are you the same bloke that doesn’t have danger
God_: Setterfield doesn’t look to be AFL level
Apachecats: Keep going shang ,reckon you’ve managed to insult the whole forum by now.
beerent11: Setters breakeven is -35 so worth keeping for s while yet
Pokerface: i didn’t correct.
duckky: Gibbons doubled his SC
beerent11: Kept refreshing as I was typing sorry
Victorious: Anyone else punishing?
Pokerface: he’s just here to troll AC
original: God_ please, there are so many more blues youd say that about before him lol
JockMcPie: watch Setterfield kick the winner and still reach 60+
frenzy: setters is on fire
pcaman2003: One can only hope Jock
feralmong: Gibbons is the one! 1 kick 1 hb 1 mark lol
GOOD: Cough cough
feralmong: doh he went and ruined it
beerent11: Be great for the blues if they could pinch this one
original: mills 96. meh my draft team is ok without
Ash777: yeah mills is not a premo so not worth it.
Ash777: also it’s blues
BigChief: WTF have the trainers done to Sinclair LOL
DrSeuss: Finish strong Newman
Apachecats: Sinclair going to Zombie night after the game.
pcaman2003: I’m screwed Mills killed Setters today.Disappointed plus!
casey22: Cripps gets the gun
HowI Rioli: Someone give the fire icon to Gibbons
Fatbar5tad: Now they pay front on contact 🙄
italz: thank you heeney
heppelitis: as soon as i put setterfield on bench he will have a good game, there is nothing surer.
JR33: Heeney will reach his breakeven 🙂
original: even a one eyed ruckman torches carlton
beerent11: Anyone captain Cripps?
TheLegend6: I got setters but so do all my opponents. All g I guess!
feralmong: so how many traded out heeney.
heppelitis: the only win i have ever had with rookies is walsh on field today over constable.
lukefield9: @feralmong 20,000 people!
th3rio: mine don’t Legend, from 4 leagues. Kill me
BigChief: I did beer, but took Dangers VC score 🙁
italz: well at least gibbons got more than -32 $$$ lmao
pcaman2003: Will have to get Lloyd in my team next week
feralmong: wow luke, 20k people educated in 2 hours.
Ash777: lmao cripps
Pokerface: should i take heeney as vc?
beerent11: That’s how strong he is
Lawls: his*
9inch: Surley high on Cripps lol
Lewysport: More like 2700 Luke, sc 2nd most traded this week behind Dusty.
frenzy: Lol poker
LuvIt74: Poker is that a joke?
Apachecats: yes pokerface
beerent11: It’s Carlton feralmong
heppelitis: atlas for cripps carrying sydney team on his shoulders
feralmong: i won’t let the facts get in the way of a good story lewy.
mattmac24: Poker just rubbing it in >.> lol
italz: carlton don’t look horrible this year. Remind me a bit of brisbane last year, in every game but just falling short
GOOD: Heaney haters gsad
Pokerface: i don’t get it luvit?
boofjb57: Ty cripps. Took a punt and paid off

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