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Chat log from R3 of 2019: Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Adelaide vs Geelong, R3 of 2019

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J.Worrall: Evening al – Crows at home?
Apachecats: Evening Worrall ,gone for crows.
feralmong: changed tip last minute to cats
J.Worrall: ?feral, why?
Grimes Jr: Hold Heeney and Dusty?
All Reds: have tipped cats despite the 5 day turn around
Umpirespet: Hey guys Carn the Crows but think Geelong 20-30
feralmong: JW just felt cats could give the crows some trouble tonite.
feralmong: hold grimes. don’t over react.
yablettt: Let�s go yablettt 35 disposals 2 goals
FlyinRyan2: No jacobs for crows so geelong should win
frenzy: cats 4 me
Natopotato: money is on the cats
J.Worrall: is money ever wrong?
ReggieOz: Crows for me..Cats off a 5 day break may struggle late
casey22: bloody pop ups
Natopotato: hear atkins kicks the first but then realise it is the Adelaide Atkins 🙁
Apachecats: yeah casey the pop up obscures the bottom of the screen all night.If you x it out it is replaced by a google message tha
Natopotato: wait now the Geelong atkins kicks the goal hahaha
gdshifty: lol potato you got what you wanted not long after!
Apachecats: *that blocks out the bottom of the screen.
Apachecats: Any one else got the VC on Danger?
GOOD: ad’s for the nrl on my screen. nrl! nasty
dipstick: a lazy 130 VC Danger and all will be good
casey22: try the X at far right of screen
Wolfpack1: there is another “x” to the far right of your screen.
Natopotato: was going to go a unique VC but couldn’t have the confidence to not go Danger
Apachecats: thaks casey and wolfpack
frenzy: Laird on the nose
Apachecats: Laird resting on pine without a touch so far.
Migz: i thought 50m penalty was -8 points in SC. Sloan only lost 5
Natopotato: 3 50’s in 6 minutes wow
clay007: Got M Crouch as vice, need him to lift
Apachecats: Shooting down the ads just like space invaders now that i know about the other x.
Pokerface: every sc score change is not necessarily for a single act migz. he probably had a handball too
Pokerface: or something
Apachecats: turning off 3AW ,they just call Crouch all the time and you don’t know which one it is.
clay007: Do you get a supercoach score for a smother?
VodkaHawk: Unlucky so far crows, cats being favoured by green boys heaps
CamT: I have anger as VC. Most players give a bit extra against their old teams
CamT: * Danger
mule: monty your love for ruckman is no good
megawatts: whats wrong with rory laird?
Apachecats: It should be worth something Clay ,a good smother or two can swing a game around.
clay007: I agree Apache, but supercoach scoring is so complex
Apachecats: Is that the same Harry Taylor?
JButcher: I’ve got Tomahawk and Parfitt in my draft team 🙁
Gotigres: I believe so clay
clay007: Riley knight and joey tribianni twins
DrSeuss: Hold a mark Danger
Apachecats: Parfitt? Pfft!
gdshifty: anyone on here got Laird?
Pokerface: lol clay
clay007: I feel for you butcher. They will get better
JButcher: he’s avg 88.5 for me hasn’t been a bad pick up until now @Apache
mattmac24: What’s with all the booing from Adeliade fans?
Gotigres: Nice goal from Clark
Sixty656: Booing is what crwos ans do best.
clay007: There is a word that rhymes with Parfitt that perfectly describes his impact on the game
greshprinc: what is laird doing??
NewFreoFan: Adelaide fans still dirty on Danger leaving
Apachecats: Yeah Butch ,I just brought him in in SCdraft ,he’s been going good ,but tonight pftt.
duckky: ANd scratching out of town cars Sixty
PowerBug: So ummm, Tom Stewart
runt: Stewart is a rare brred in that he likes to kick rather than handball
Sixty656: Adelaide fans dirty on being Adelaide fans 😉
pcaman2003: Laird wearing his invisibility cloak
J.Worrall: The fans seem to be chanting “Allen”, “Allen!”, “Allen?”!
Breezey: Let�s go Copper Constable
JButcher: @Apache he’s been on the ball first 2 weeks but nowhere to be seen tonight
Chelskiman: greshprinc, he’s not doing much unfortunately.
DrSeuss: So which one of you traded in Kelly this week and broke him?
mattmac24: Tommy Stewart looking at being my first upgrade..
dipstick: freshprince
pcaman2003: Onya Charlie!
J.Worrall: Mr Plod finishes so well!
J.Worrall: Stewart has much to admire, but watch out for your bias, matt
italz: Seuss it might have been me mate
mattmac24: I’ll give it a couple of weeks Worrall, love him as a player but won’t bring him in just for that
duckky: Stewart, Rich, Saad all backline midpricers hitting about 100. Can’t believe it
J.Worrall: Danger at 40, not even 1/4 time. Who’s got Bines set for (C)?
casey22: Go Danger
Apachecats: Won’t be keeping Laird at $568k if he keeps this up.Only just in first two rounds as well.
DrSeuss: Italz – at least your a Lions fan – let�s hope he�s just starting slow this week
frenzy: run out of trades Apache
dipstick: youre out jelwood… ya fired.. ya useless piece o’ rice paper
Hooks: 21 ain’t that bad lol
Beast_Mode: Good work Danger, loophole looking delicious
runt: Ablett must be getting frustrated playing 4th fiddle
colin wood: Anyone trade out Heeney?
All Reds: yeah i brought inboak
clay007: Heeney out, boak in
italz: I left him in, hopefully he has a big one this week and makes me feel better
megawatts: 4th fiddle???? I can think of 7 before him: danger, jelwood, kelly, dalhhaus, constable, menegola, duncan
Hawks_13: i think menegola is going to star tonight
jbjimmyjb: i kept heeney; dusty and greene were bigger issues
TigersMan1: Heeney to Kelly
JR33: I find every time I don�t trade premos, my team does well.. kept Heeney and Dunkley
heppelitis: i did too…got lycett and traded ridley to stewart
Apachecats: Delicious? Thats not you is it Bruce?
original: who said ablett was frustrated?! could give a handball to a bloke running to goal but na swing round and kick OOTF
mattmac24: Picked up Dahl this week too, looks back to his best at the cats
Pokerface: dusty not an issue jb
original: kept heeney but looks like selwood will be making way very quickly
Raspel31: Evening all- taken me this long to type with a broken arm- the Danger looking okay.
Apachecats: Laird -go you good thing.
clay007: I don’t know why I never consider Tom Lynch
Chelskiman: Get Menegola on the field!
Apachecats: Use your good arm Rasp.
duckky: Cats looking formidable early in the year
Silz90: Don’t trade premos unless injured. Y did you pick Elwood in the first place
casey22: Agree, cats looking very good
runt: Crows partied too much after the AFLW win
casey22: Heeney trade an easy decision
J.Worrall: Stop sooking, Rasp.
original: Tkelly stats surely a joke. 6 touches all cont, 4 clear,
DrSeuss: Kelly and Sloane running with each other unfortunately. Cancelling each other out it seems
original: why did i pick selwood in the first place. av 100 for bout 12 years and looked good in jlt. role has changed greatly now
clay007: Dahlhaus, hardly notices him, yet on 49 points. WTF?
LuvIt74: Dahlhaus a bloody bargain, glad i stuck to my guns and chose him over Smith
pcaman2003: Try touching the ball Sloane
Raspel31: Fair call Worrall- anyone made a trade yet?
clay007: M Crouch having a snooze. Lift son, or f off.
Breezey: And just like that Laird is back in the game
frenzy: wheres danger, fwd?
original: wish dahl didnt burn me last year so i woulda picked him this year lol
circle52: I readed Mundy to Kelly
DrSeuss: Danger at Full Fwd
feralmong: In AF I have C on danger, Clark and Miers. Good start.
DrSeuss: Danger back at the bounce now though
circle52: I readed Mundy to Kelly
frenzy: thanks Doc
clay007: T Walker -1 Points, wow
mcrobbie: anyone wanna watch the game for free with russian commentary
JockMcPie: M Crouch you’re allowed to attack the ball mate
NewFreoFan: Milera set for a huge year
J.Worrall: Considering Hore to Parker
Chelskiman: Nope.
megawatts: yes pls mcrobbie send us the link
Raspel31: Well circle- don’t think anyone will argue with that. Resisted so far but tough.
original: selwood least gametime for cats wow
Pokerface: i wouldn’t if you don’t want to be banned mcrobbie
mcrobbie: im not sure if your alolowed to send links
NewFreoFan: Haha I’ve watched the Russian stream before, bloody hilarious
J.Worrall: I always thought that AFL needed Russisn commentary, tovarich
clay007: Spot on Jock. Not sure I wanna keep him for next week
GJayBee: woo woo
original: anyone streaming the russian league with aussie commentary tho>?
jocka: If Danger could kick a goal, he would be the best player in the comp
GJayBee: Cats finally clicking?
mcrobbie: ill send but not on this chat anyone got discord or something
GJayBee: Monty you are a legend. I love your site so much. It’s like home to me.
J.Worrall: haha nice one original
Chelskiman: Carn, Menegola, push to 50 by half time.
pcaman2003: FFS Sloane you useless Sloth
GJayBee: You need a succession plan. The site needs to go forever.
duckky: Lift MCrouch
NewFreoFan: The 12 pts up at any quarter payout by sportsbet is good, but takes the fun out of the rest of the game
the worm: oh viktor, you are very unattractive man
dipstick: all AFL games are free live with a betting account
J.Worrall: You also are very unattractif worrrm
monkebuket: m0nty is immortal
Yelse: captain danger hardly got any SC points this quarter
Crowls: what site offers footy with a betting account
Raspel31: m0nty rules.
megawatts: whats the free russian stream of footy?
J.Worrall: byw, lets not promote gambling around here, OK?
Raspel31: Surely v captain Yelse- but rocking along.
original: if jenkins didnt dive like rance that was a free
V@lks: @monkebuket, agreed – surely an Australian of the Year nomination.
frenzy: $$$ its payday m0nty $$$$
runt: Cats look fresh and invigorated unlike the last 2 years
J.Worrall: Crows lacking cattle?
Donzoes: things looking good, bsmith needs to lift a little
J.Worrall: Can’t agree runt
original: laird 38 pt quarter.pffft
DrSeuss: Nice TKelly comeback that qtr
runt: I bet the Cats players are all whistling the Tigers theme song as they man their opponent
J.Worrall: Thy’re playing like the seconds
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty, any free spots in the fanfooty Corp box for tomorrow’s game?
colin wood: Big second half Sloaney please
beerent11: Evening friends, did we all vc danger
Raspel31: Since when did Worrall become the moral judge of this site. Simply curious ?
Apachecats: VC Danger ,C on Macrae. beerent
frenzy: monty must be on auto pilot
Pokerface: since he made a name to rhyme with moral
Apachecats: I like a bet Raspel ,had another crack at Macrae for the Brownlow ,got $34 to 1 this time.
beerent11: Same exactly Apache. What’s enough to take danger? 125?
beerent11: McRae will go very big I reckon
Ash777: do crows have the aflw team out there? 😛
Apachecats: my benchmark is always 130 beerent.Reckon Macrae will rack up againstThe Suns
Raspel31: I’m leaning Fyfe or Macrae Apache but like your thoughts.
J.Worrall: Don’t want to be, purport to be or intend to be, Raspel. Soz if my sook remark upset you.
Ash777: who looks to be leading the brownlow atm?
J.Worrall: Yup, agreed guys,- when Danger refuses to put up 130 from here, I’ll make Macrae (C) also!
clay007: I support Worrall
Apachecats: Danger could easily go 150 from here ,then wont have to decide.
SilverLion: Anyone know why gibbs TOG is so low?
Pokerface: probably rocky ash
Yelse: need adelaide to hit the front and then danger go nuts
TheMessiah: Brownlow will go to Danger this year I reckon
Apachecats: Theres about 4 players on 4 votes in the Herald sun comp Ash.
mattmac24: Neale for the brownlow?
SilverLion: Neale would be close atm ash
V@lks: Damn, went C.Oliver VC over Dange. C on Macrae.
beerent11: McRae went 189 against the suns last year
Ash777: I’d go neale over rocky I think though they dont look closely at disposal efficiency when voting.
NewFreoFan: Neale the traitor. Damn it sucked to lose him
runt: Of course Neale for the Brownlow
JButcher: What’s the minimum score to take for Danger VC
Pokerface: treloar probabably 3-5 as well
Raspel31: Rocky after 2 games- seriously?
SilverLion: And gibbs starts on the bench again… Injured?
beerent11: Thought about Oliver too. Danger was the safe option.
Apachecats: Billings ,Cripps ,Rockliff ,Danger ,Macrae ,and Neale all on 4 votes.
mattmac24: Whatever you feel is beat butcher
Pokerface: oh you wouldnt take rocky at all. you don’t jump on who is leading right now…
original: 125 tbh the way some blokes have stunk at times..
SilverLion: No wait just saw him now, still his TOG seems very low
beerent11: Depends who your c is jbutcher
Pokerface: the question was who is leading raspel, not who will win.
beerent11: Cmon Sloane dog
Raspel31: I’d go 120 if your team is good- you never know injuries.
original: good boy mcrouch
clay007: M Crouch, climbing the ladder. Need Laird to have another sleep
Raspel31: Apologies Poker.
Pokerface: since fyfe will go 160, probably 161
beerent11: Sloane’s warming up
Yelse: geez danger two FA already this q
duckky: Danger forward?
pcaman2003: Sloan dog finally showing some teeth
beerent11: Dahlhaus is becoming relevant again
original: junk FA though
GJayBee: sloan just waiting for the first big tag of the year
Ash777: the hutchings tag
Crowls: ruckmen kicking for goal, always good for a laugh
DrSeuss: Quarter has started Danger
poolboybob: How can you be a professional footy player and kick that badly?
Apachecats: yeah crowls their foots a long way from their brain.
original: menegola sc surprising me a little
mattmac24: Poolboy, you be a ruckman
circle52: He is a ruckman after all.
original: Twalker is so so bad.
duckky: Danger Danger where are you?
Yelse: danger seriously this is pathetic
original: i wish i was 15cm taller. clearly so easy to be a ruckman tho true?
JButcher: Get Danger back in the middle
Ash777: can sheldon stop invading my computer ever few minutes thanks.
Apachecats: Danger 1 stat for the 1/4 ,a FA
beerent11: Haven’t got him but stoked to see bcrouch back dominating
the worm: yeah you’d slaughter grundy
clay007: Wowee. M Crouch leading player on ground. It must be painful for all of you danger lovers. Ha!
Sixty656: Walker is such a spud
DrSeuss: Everyone getting +6 for Adelaide except for Brodie Smith
original: hello M crouch what a comeback
Raspel31: 50% of teams will have VC on Danger- no sweat.
mattmac24: Doesn’t help when cats are getting smashed this quarter, whole team falls off in sc
Ash777: Walker is like Nick Maxwell almost.
clay007: Raspel, not my team, danger way overpriced
Migz: are you implying you dont have danger clay?
beerent11: Everyone menegola does is class. Kicks a lot too.
original: boom
clay007: Might have to eat my words
mattmac24: Beautiful quick goal
Pokerface: won’t be anywhere near that raspel
duckky: So how the hell did Danger do that?
Sixty656: Except Maxwell was a succesful captain Ash.
Pokerface: ive gone gawn vc
gdshifty: @clay007 nice reverse jinx! Dangerfield goal
DrSeuss: That will do Danger
clay007: No danger, went for different strategy, thought many premiums were overpriced. Will pick up danger mid season when cheap
mattmac24: Clay, danger would be overpriced if he was 750k+ as a fwd/Mid you take him for anything less than that
clay007: You got me shifty
duckky: If they are gonna give 50’s that soft, its time to bring back the 25M penalty.
Silz90: If you didn’t select danger in your team, do you even super coach
clay007: Mid season he will be less than 650
Searly34: I’ve gotta say bad call Clay
original: umpires are shockin in 2019
DrSeuss: Clark and Smith deciding to take this quarter off
circle52: Agree Ducky some very soft tonight
Chelskiman: Gonna need a huge last term from Menegola. Was really hoping he would go big tonight.
clay007: Its not about 1 player silz. I do very well at this caper
Pokerface: genuinely interested which non-rookie forwards you picked clay
clay007: B Crouch 400, danger 700+, not a great differential
pcaman2003: All those with B Crouch will be happy little campers.
VodkaHawk: Lol, a potential top 6 midfielder… $660k… available as a forward.. Lock
original: chelsk hes been shocking
Ash777: danger started $575k or something right?
clay007: Kelly, Wallis, Boak, Moore
Silz90: Who is in your forward line clay?
colin wood: Did someone say they didn’t go Danger? Bahaha
Chelskiman: original, DT wise he has. Wish his SC and DT scores were reversed.
Apachecats: Danger wacks on 24SC in 8 minutes.
clay007: I will buy danger boys, but surely you boys realised that premuims this year were overpriced?
Ash777: game on
beerent11: Cracking game now
Sixty656: Any chance Laird FFS…
pcaman2003: C’mon Laird
Ash777: overpriced is 700k+
original: premiums are always overpriced. thats why theyre premiums
Yelse: ppl that didnt start danger grungy and gawn cant be taken seriously
Chelskiman: How was Danger over priced though? He was underpriced and could be picked as a forward. =/
mattmac24: Dahl having a nap?
Pokerface: Impromptu didn’t pick goddard the year he won. He was as much of a standout in def as danger this year
Monfries96: Bruce said Tex is having an impact
Silz90: You are missing out on the big scores. I can’t understand your point of view.
VodkaHawk: Grundy, Gawn, macrae and Cripps maybe were, not danger though
Pokerface: don’t need to start him, its what you do with the cash you save
Raspel31: Not if you pick your rookies well clay.
Sixty656: Ablett is done.
J.Worrall: Well, there goes the $50k, gang. clay ahs it sewn up!
J.Worrall: Impromptu has done SFA since …
clay007: Been averaging 2300 boys, strategy in play. You boys are sheep
beerent11: Dangers price won’t be dropping far
Breezey: Little Sergeant Constable going along nicely
clay007: What is dangers break even this week?
J.Worrall: troll warning
Pokerface: he doesn’t need to do anything again. he won 50k
Silz90: His breakeven is irrelevant. I can’t wait to loophole him tonight
Burnsy03: 132 clay
original: clay in the top 25 overall then
benzammit: Danger was a lock for me.
J.Worrall: Why should anyone answer a troll?
runt: clay007 Why ask the sheep?
VodkaHawk: Lol, Calling people for pickup danger? Sheep also have drew and Parker?
colin wood: What is your team name clay?
VodkaHawk: Don’t jinx it Silz, lol
Chelskiman: Solid end to the quarter there by Menegola! The ton is back on!
Lawls: Someone who is averaging 2,300 should know dangers BE
beerent11: We all play our own way
Monfries96: There’s some people you set and forget, despite their price. Danger is one
J.Worrall: So why is clay hanging round, Poker?
aces-high: Swear they missed that 60m effective kick from b Smith to tex
JButcher: Clay Danger is a set and forget ton in the fwd line, you pay for consistency
benzammit: What’s your team name Clay, I’ll add you to rival
JockMcPie: Premium breakevens don’t matter, they just have to score :/ obvious troll is obvious
Yelse: come danger the game set upper 35+ quarter for u
colin wood: He’s tonned up now Chelsk
Silz90: If your average 2300 you would be ranked approx 25th overall
J.Worrall: Haha, Lawls!
clay007: Not a troll boys, just trying a different strategy in 2019. Always had danger. Only regret is not having Mcrae,
Lawls: yeah what’s your team name
Lawls: would love to check it out
Searly34: Have a spell Clayza
Breezey: I’d say he knows Danger BE. He’s just saying it’s high.
aces-high: Constable on my bench 🙁
colin wood: Good quarter Sloaney and also young constable who I’ve managed to field after trading him in this week for Hore 🔥
JRedden: only 25th? you must be new
J.Worrall: Ha freakin’ ha, trollman
Monfries96: Glad us Power boys are on the same page Johnny Butcher
megawatts: umps absolutely ripping Geelong off
seanfc99: serious not a troll? of all the teams averaging over 2.3k only 1 doesnt have danger and it aint yours… sorry mate
mattmac24: You think danger is overpriced but not Macrae.. hmm
Ash777: I have 3.33mil to spend in fantasy and scored 1713 last round.
pcaman2003: Went Mundy to Kelly this week. Phew!
Struda: hahaha give it a wash clay you joker
Struda: atkins done nothing since kicking the first goal of the game ffs, brodie smith too
clay007: You guys love Danger!
original: why did purple name game disappear and when?
Yelse: monty where the dollar signs
Monfries96: I reckon have a year off and have another crack next year Ash
original: sportsbet going to hate it if crows get up
VodkaHawk: Went heeney to kelly
gdshifty: why is Gibbs on the bench more than any other Crow player?
J.Worrall: Tidy work, sean!
Chelskiman: colin wood, not in DT/Fantasy he hasn’t.
Raspel31: I decided to not buy a player over $300,00 clay and I’m rocking. Joking of course.
JButcher: Gotta stick together Gussy Monfries
Pokerface: lol matt i was happy to keep an open mind but fair point
Struda: When youu set danger vc then decide to revert the trade you made so it takes the vc off danger :'(
the worm: how is an expensive player playing to their average special?
Apachecats: Ash reckon you’ll run out of trades trying to repair that.
J.Worrall: Original – it went even before I changed my name, I think!
Pokerface: chayce hasn’t done enough yet for $ ?
colin wood: Regrets Mccrae who has a breakeven of 142 this week 😂😂 give it a spell mate your drunk.
original: classic hendo
Ash777: I dont play fantasy seriously I just used it to experiment
J.Worrall: Joking, aren’t you Struda?
benzammit: Clays hunting for a team name that’s averaging 2300 without danger…goodluck
dipstick: I believe the PNG ceased coz m0nty was busted laundering FF coins
Yelse: how is menegola score so high
Gotigres: Keep going Clark
clay007: Ok, so you can only win early with danger. Do you all have the same team?
Struda: fuming because i’d had it set vc all week then decided I should keep balta and use hore to get parker
beerent11: Disposal eff and score involvements yelse
Raspel31: No- but we have teams clay.
Migz: No, but why wouldnt you want a top 10 guaranteed player in your team from the get go
original: how good would an sc gold feature be if it told you how many people had the same exact team as you.
bones351: The Elite, ranked 16th< is a weird looking team without Danger. Coached by Dylan someone.
Silz90: Who are your rucks clay?
benzammit: No but it sure helps
DrSeuss: Come on JClark get to 70 please
Yelse: how do you check score involvements
bones351: Averaging 2308
colin wood: No clay, just because we have Danger doesn’t mean jack. Just basic Sc to start with Danger as a forward. set and forget
original: afl app
dipstick: @original that’s why we have captains. It is simply not possible to have identical teams
Raspel31: Milera has proved a cheeky and cheap pick up.
Yelse: danger VC locked as captain now
clay007: Gawn, Martin
Silz90: Brodie Smith is doing my head in. Hasn’t hit many targets all night
jbjimmyjb: Brodie Smith’s disposal use is shocking, turns it over more often than not
italz: come on kelly, get to 100 so seuss doesn’t blame me lmao
original: dipstick, very easy to have identical teams. it would 100% happen. would be a good feature for them to add
Oh8ball: Have a spell clay
mattmac24: It is possible Dipstick, came up against a team in round 17 last year identical to mine, ended with the same captain too
clay007: When you play against others, I have found I have very little pod, this year I am trying something different
DrSeuss: Haha Italz – I am more worried about Clark at the moment
J.Worrall: Is clay mud?
beerent11: Yes Sloanedog finish strong
Raspel31: By the end of the year we should all have identical teams- but not round 3.
runt: Ablett cant buy a goal the last 2 weeks
italz: clark was on 30 at qtr time wasn’t he?
J.Worrall: Sure are full of yerself, clay
pcaman2003: Sloane dog creeping up nicely at last
benzammit: Cons table is a beaut
original: surely no one picked ablett
dipstick: Just multiply the % of the top 22 owned players and see what that figure is.. And Noway there’s identical teams for a fu
clay007: You guys are hilarious. I am not saying danger is bad, just wanna try something new. Is it so wrong?
benzammit: Tog has been well managed first 3 aswell
original: “menegola involved lot” 2 smothered kicks lol
Silz90: Come on laird hit 90+
GJayBee: should we call the 666 rule the SP rule, as in starting positions
GJayBee: Im getting sick of saying the number of the beast
mattmac24: Matt crouch has become one of my favourite players in the league
duckky: Smith Lift
Pokerface: who are your rucks clay?
gdshifty: 666 rule is the Devils rule
Ash777: the devil rule
the worm: some people just like paying for their points clay, let it go
Breezey: Apparently your not allowed to do that Clay. That’s why I got Danger mate, I was scared of FF’s response
Silz90: Your 100% right clay, I am rage trading to Caleb Daniel next week
J.Worrall: Glad yo enjoy the banter, clay. Shame you sem only to talk about yourself
Yelse: where is danger
Pokerface: that’s because you are saying it, not singing it gjb
Chelskiman: Kelly hobbling.
GJayBee: its to hard to say 666 starting positions, we need to shorten it
Natopotato: Kelly hobbling off
Apachecats: Kellly done his ankle.
clay007: Ive gone with Gawn and Martin. Will upgrade to Grundy soon
Struda: kelly off injured fuck
Gotigres: Kelly off hurt. Down to the rooms
feralmong: Kelly down to rooms
pcaman2003: Nooo! Not Kelly!
Beast_Mode: Kelly gone
Crowls: kelly down the race
yablettt: As the great Rex Hunt would say YABLETTT
runt: Confucious say, pick who the flower you want
DrSeuss: Damn Kelly limping off
JR33: Kelly injured..
italz: kelly noooooooo
clay007: Worrall, I like how personal you get. See if I am that personal and rude
runt: How much did Ablett pay for that one!!
Pokerface: chayce get his $ yet m0nty?
J.Worrall: Shall we have a zero date?
Breezey: Love it @ Runt. Spot on
Raspel31: Indeed clay- on that I will agree.
casey22: Trade Heeney for Kelly due to ankle injury now Kelly………..!
jbjimmyjb: come on guys, keep the chat to the game pull your heads in
Ash777: that looked nasty
runt: The Cats just toying with the Crows
Pokerface: great smother
Struda: kelly probs wont come back on buut wont miss a week dont think
J.Worrall: Apologies for my extreme rudeness, clay. The tribe has voted!
casey22: Another 20 Danger, pleae
Donzoes: same here casey, unbelievable
Chelskiman: Cats starting to run away with it now. Just need a sneaky Menegola goal now.
beerent11: Doesn’t look too bad for Kelly
clay007: You must be amazing Worrall.
casey22: Kelly looks ok
original: constable stats better than menegola imo
VodkaHawk: Danger not a loop C score atm
J.Worrall: Thx clay – maybe, nut I’m too modest …
Raspel31: Shh- all friends. Thought the Cats would do this- looking good.
Monfries96: Hartigan went at Buddy last week and Gaz this week. Back to the 2’s ya muppet
frenzy: carn danger, U dun flowerall this qtr
Raspel31: Yep- not yet Vodka.
Donzoes: would be nice if Smith got to at least 80
italz: cats are looking good, can definitely see them going deep this year
Ash777: can constable ton up?
Struda: get some junktime long kicks smith ffs
runt: J.Worrall just got a mention on Fox!! Hail Jack Worrall
beerent11: Here we go danger…
J.Worrall: pourquoi pas, mon ami?
Raspel31: Think Constable will make us all some handy pocket money eh what?
beerent11: Or not
Chelskiman: Danger is worse at set shots than Cotchin.
Breezey: You numbskull Stanley
Silz90: In clays defence, danger loves himself a bit too much
J.Worrall: What a hoot, runt! How can I listen to me?
Gotigres: Pity i started with Walsh rather than Constable
italz: come on danger get 130 so i can make you cap
Chelskiman: Seedsman looks done.
gdshifty: Poor Seeds 🙁
Ash777: who is down?
original: no talk from eddie betts. team mate run down.
original: yuck didnt look good
Breezey: Not pretty Seedsmans landing
clay007: That looked real bad. Overextended knees can sometimes be ok. Fingers crossed!
duckky: Adelaide oval seems bad for knees
Ash777: ouch another ACL. 🙁
poolboybob: That’s a tombstone
benzammit: Clay has made an excellent fwd setup if he is still covering no Danger
Silz90: Flower off. How many knees injuries have we had this year.
DrSeuss: Hyperextension – so hopefully not an ACL
duckky: Dodee, Amon, Watts, Phillps and now Seedsman done knees at Adelaide
Breezey: H did walk to the cart though. Here’s hoping
runt: classic hyperextension
Ash777: first doedee now seeds
benzammit: Makes sense if he’s done it as fwd rooks are stinky
DrSeuss: need another +12 or so to lock in Danger
Oh8ball: Poor guy
Struda: constable 96, good cash generation, and im glad it wasnt an acl for seeds
dipstick: Did I just witness the players just take this piss outta the AFLW?
Raspel31: I’m a Pom and and an EPL fan but the love for Seedsman going off from both teams is lovely.
runt: Seedsman is thinking he may need to limp for a few days after all those high fives
casey22: Few more Danger
JR33: Kelly gone up 8 while on the bench.
beerent11: Tom Kelley goes up 2 points while sitting
Monfries96: Smith might only be a 75 average for the year, I’ll wait for him to top out
LuvIt74: Struda you’ll risk Dangers 125 for the sake of 24 points that absurd
clay007: How many of you have dahlhaus?
Struda: dahlhaus 3 tons in a row too
beerent11: *tim
beerent11: Stepping stone smith
J.Worrall: OK Raspel, my mum has the same problem. Did they ask you at the airport if you had any criminal convictions?
Breezey: Correct there Monfries. Wait for the right time to move on
original: after last year i was not touching dahl (unfortunately)
duckky: I have Dahl
Struda: huh? @luvit74
Donzoes: What’s up with Gibbs?
mattmac24: I have dahl
LuvIt74: I started with Dahlhaus, he was to cheap to ignore
J.Worrall: SC points might be sclaed DowN tonight …
duckky: is 130 enough for Danger?
beerent11: Danger should get too 130 with loading
benzammit: Stayed clear of Dahl
Raspel31: So now 1000’s of us go Danger or Macrae or Fyfe- or Cripps?
runt: Stewart flw, hung, shat himself, dropped the mark
beerent11: That’ll do me
Burnsy03: so dangers score ?
greshprinc: do we take danger vc
jbjimmyjb: i’m taking danger’s 130, not worth the risk
LuvIt74: @strada you said Danger neds another 12 points when he was on 125 and I said its stupid not locking him in as you C
Chelskiman: Taking Danger’s 132, I’d be mad not to. Also happy with how Menegola finished up.
Migz: imo its too dumb to not take 130 VC this early in the season. Even if fyfe gets 150 you are only giving up 20 points.
original: raspel dw we all have unique teams
J_Herer: Danger for captain for me
feralmong: Take the 130 and chill for 3 days.
megawatts: Personally felt Menegola should have been given star
beerent11: Constable’s a cracker
twinpeaks: What’s the verdict on Kelly?
duckky: Boo … the scaling robbed Constable of his maiden ton
dipstick: What is kellys injury?
Pokerface: 20 points is the difference between a win and a loss this time of the season…
Danstar: I’m predicting if we al take dangers score Fyfe / McRae will score 150
Beast_Mode: lmfao, of all players why menagola? i shouldnt be surpised though with your mediocre history of players you pick lol
beerent11: Check your math migz
Raspel31: I said earlier 125 will do me- and it will.

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