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Chat log from R2 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs, R2 of 2019

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duckky: How can a late out be for “rested”?
JockMcPie: maybe he slept in? who knows
pcaman2003: Stats not coming up? Scores?
megawatts: afl stats feed frozen
TheMessiah: Who kicked the first goal?
feralmong: afl site cactus too. evan’s game blog only info i see.
m0nty: yeah stats frozen, just have to wait
megawatts: hawks up by 13
feralmong: according to blog Gunston.
pcaman2003: Messiag.Gunston 1st goal
TheMessiah: Thank @feralmong
feralmong: nah thanks Evan.
pcaman2003: Scull had his first touch.
pcaman2003: Dogs handling conditions better now.
jbjimmyjb: has libba started better than last week?
Beast_Mode: its frozen for an long time, ffs this is a disgrace
Evan_Bryce: Gunston kicked the first goal. Hopefully stats will be up and running shortly.
blonde0na: libba has been in it a bit from watching, few +6s
Beast_Mode: howws maccrae going? he’s my C
BigChief: Well go fix it Beast_Mode
Raspel31: If this happened in China there would be 16 executions- just to save face. Where are our stats?
dipstick: welcome to the future without internet
tso1967: Dogs just gone in front
Raspel31: The threat of executions worked.
pcaman2003: Hawks dominated first 10 mins,then rubbish since.
zoomba23: Good to see Bont not copping the usual CD love
BigChief: Give it time zoomba.
Carnster: Where has worpel gone
Jackwatt$: Where’s the SC scores m0nty? Can’t you hurry up and calculate them?
m0nty: let me just get my abacus and slide rule out…
Raspel31: It’s basically fahrenheit to centigrade Jack- get a calculator.
dipstick: can the hawks recruit some more James please
Pokerface: lol zoomba
DrSeuss: Worpel, Cousins and Scully not enough TOG
BigChief: Impey you idiot.
pcaman2003: FFS Hawks,stop blazing away
VodkaHawk: Wow, push and shove.. dogs free
Beast_Mode: frozen again
TheMessiah: These bloody umpires
DrSeuss: These umps are horrendous and not even a hawks fan
VodkaHawk: Marks allowed for 5m kicks now?
Raspel31: More executions to follow if not back on line soon.
DrSeuss: Macrae mark on a 5 metre kick – BS
StuL: 16 more are already in the pit. Next 16 on alert
Gelly: sc site has locked in the 3qrt time scores…
jbjimmyjb: the herald sun is delusional
runt: Dogs 22 inside 50 to 3 this qtr
VodkaHawk: Finalllyyy
Victorious: I’m cooked
feralmong: not locked gelly. final scores are much later tonite.
VodkaHawk: Dogs have dominated 95% of this quarter, luckily not on the scoreboard
pcaman2003: Need huge 2nd half now.
Dogs5416: We should be so much further up. Only ourselves to blame if we can’t hold on
DarkHorseR: Is that Adrian Macadam doing on-ground interviews on 7?
Raspel31: Not m0nty’s fault- stats are down. Anywhere to see SC stats?
DarkHorseR: My bad, Gilbert?
Dogs5416: Raspel31, not even supercoach has correct stats, my north and lions scores ended up in my team from 3qt haha
VodkaHawk: hopefully Hawks and umpires lift their game in 2nd half
pdiddy: you’d think the AFL would be a bit better then what’s going on with the stats today
Dogs5416: VodkaHawk, i thought umpires were good….. 😉
Raspel31: It’s the Chinese pdiddy trying to buy North Melbourne- because why wouldn’t you?
Migz: i blame monty for not providing enough data centres to run the multibillion $$ AFLs shittty data centres.
pdiddy: @raspel LOL
VodkaHawk: Have 5 players in this game for a total of 5 sc points 🙁
megawatts: migz what other data centress are there
Migz: nah i got no idea.
Hooks: This is very poor
duckky: I’ve got 4 Vodka, but thankfully scrimshaw is on the bench
casey22: suns/dockers the same problem
Pokerface: captain macrae a total bust 🙁
StuL: Come on Rupert. Its Q2 in the Herald Sun too.
CamT: The AFL’s only focus is womens footy. On 6PR they were broadcasting womens instead of AFL
Ash777: are the norf vs lions sc scores correct?
Pokerface: it was the grand final Cam
lukefield9: @CamT and? There’s tons of other stations to listen to men’s
Natopotato: nah scores are only to 3/4 time
VodkaHawk: LoL, Daniel needed a step ladder
Raspel31: Haven’t had so much fun since my last leg surgery- not much point hanging around. Good luck all.
VodkaHawk: Henderson has been great in the 3rd qtr
Donzoes: How’s Worpel going
Pokerface: unibet gave 9.00 for gunston most goals 😀
pdiddy: this sucks
pdiddy: can’t enjoy myself unless my laptop is updating the scores while i watch the game
casey22: Footy without stats is very boring
catas13: Anyone know macrae disposals?
Pokerface: 25 at 3/4 time according to bulldogs tweet catas
DrSeuss: Worpel, Libba and Cousins in this one. Fingers crossed at this stage.
Pokerface: scroll through the tweet list on this page, few with disposal counts on them
VodkaHawk: Worpel has been pretty good
catas13: Thanks mate
sammyo7: Champion data down?
Carnster: Anyone know if Scrimshaw is getting any footy
jbjimmyjb: scrimshaw has got a bit i think, better than last week at least
sammyo7: Hows libba been today?
Carnster: thanks jim
jbjimmyjb: didn’t see libba in the 3rd quarter, he’s been patchy
GOOD: its back!
exatekk: henderson 127 with 12 dsp at 50%. i dont think theyre back
Donzoes: look again mate
StuL: Come on dogs!
exatekk: ah my bad. didnt read that right
exatekk: yeah donzoes ah my bad. didnt read that right
Carnster: come on dunkley
GOOD: macrame!!!!
exatekk: theres the Sicily we know and love
DrSeuss: Umps trying to control this one?
VodkaHawk: Wow, umpires serving it up for the dogs, disgraceful
Apachecats: Umps wrecking a good contest.
Apachecats: Macrae more Brownlow votes
TheMessiah: Umpires are total trash. Ruined a great game
StuL: Libba! I wish I had
Beast_Mode: epic chokejob lmaoo
DrSeuss: Umps and injuries screw Hawthorn and gift the dogs
VodkaHawk: Well, umpires are fucked, single handedly won the game for dogs
Manowar: Good umpiring! Hawks supporters sooking it up!
tankin: same umps as WBDvSyd GF
StuL: Keep bringing that price down Sicily
megawatts: dunkley ton up in 1 min you muppet
Manowar: It’s ooooooovvveerrrrrrrrrrrrr
Gotigres: Sicily losing points
GOOD: lol siciliy you thug
Apachecats: they need to get Sicily off pronto
Beast_Mode: sizzler is losing it
cobrakai00: Sook it up Siciliy LOL!
VodkaHawk: Lol, ‘you had your arm around him’ ‘well how is that a push?’ ‘Uhhhhh’
Ash777: -50 for Sicily for losing them the game
9inch: red head firing up
Sixty656: lol @ sicdog… cooked
GOOD: sicily next weeks coin tosser
J.Worrall: Worpel, mey
Ash777: can I have the ground guy over richards from now on
StuL: Free kicks for pushing eachother is ridiculous

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