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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R1 of 2019

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J.Worrall: Go those Same Olds!
th3rio: lets go conigs and greene please dont kick anyone
dipstick: hopefully greene has been watching Eric Cantona movies
BigChief: I hope Coniglio has a shocker
facebook23: oh seeeeee the bombers fly up, up!
th3rio: why BigChief?
th3rio: good start conigs 🙂
BigChief: Opponent in private league has him as C.
th3rio: ah thatll do it lol
pcaman2003: Have Conigs Ridley and Williams. Fingers crossed.
Umpirespet: Hey Facebook welcome back m8
BigChief: Taranto, Williams, Ridley and McGrath for me.
italz: Whitfield and Conigs for me
Umpirespet: Williams and Cogs here
th3rio: greene looking alright so far
TheMessiah: Is Ridley on the ground?
Beast_Mode: greene 101% tog lol
DanBlack: Brought in Conigs when Kelly was out and feeling good
DrSeuss: Williams, Cogs (C) and Shaw – 2 out of 3 so far..
pcaman2003: Hope Williams doesn’t have a mare like Collins in other game
th3rio: zac williams the must have…not so far :
pcaman2003: C’mon Ridley,get moving
gdshifty: is Mcgrath injured? Less than 50% on ground now
duckky: He just did pcman… jumped from 9 SC to 21..
duckky: Monty – how can you be in 2 places at once?
pcaman2003: @duccky. He’s listening 🙂
pcaman2003: @duckky. He’s listening 🙂
jbjimmyjb: williams what a play
BigChief: 2 tv’s for m0nty.
raffa: stop drop and roll
bones351: Bombers so slow when they dont have the ball. No defensive intensity. Same early last year.
pcaman2003: Conigs gone backwards last 15 mins.
DrSeuss: Ummm Cogs – don’t stop please
Apachecats: back on gdshifty ,long time on pine though.
bones351: No gut running. First quarter and theyre cooked
Umpirespet: Monty is Hawkman he can do anything
StuL: Damn. Saints game was good. This looks dull
gdshifty: cheers Apache. Wonder what thats all about. Not looking good for my unique 🙁
italz: terrible start for whitfield :/
Jackwatt$: M0nty tells GOD who to put captain
BigChief: at 16% ownership I wouldn’t call McGrath a unique.
duckky: I want doughnuts!!!
BigChief: If you have doughnuts can you get me a bearclaw please?
Umpirespet: Onya Cogs
Yelse: Not watching it who is taking the kick ins
pcaman2003: Cogs,Williams and Ridley,happy so far.
duckky: Taranto, Williams and Ridley.
italz: @yelse shaw is for gws, not sure about essendon
gdshifty: very close to unique BigChief. One in 6 teams.
BigChief: That’s not a free against Smith. Poor decision umpire.
th3rio: ffs bombers. horrid.
BigChief: 5% and less would be unique IMO
duckky: Good grief – a player on crutches just took an intercept and goal
th3rio: why do we always start the season shit?
italz: glad i got rid of devon smith, he’s struggling
RGriffen: lol imagine thinking bombers were relevant
snake_p: sp much preseason hype RGriffen
jbjimmyjb: imagne if coniglio learnt how to dispose of the ball
duckky: Essendon = witches hats
pcaman2003: Cogs flying now even with low DE.
BigChief: That’s the only reason I didn’t take Coniglio. His disp is poor
pcaman2003: @Chief. Bottom line is SC pts gained.
the worm: dont think anybody was were they griff?
Ash777: anyone manage to get to 2000 yet?
jbjimmyjb: I’m on 1784 with Cogs, Greene and Williams left
Apachecats: 3 umps missed an obvious throw there.
pcaman2003: 1680 with Cogs,Williams,Ridley,Goldy and Mundy left
duckky: 1745 with Taranto, Williams, Ridley and Goldy left
Umpirespet: 1800 with cogs. Williams and norfs Scott to go
Ash777: I’m on 1802 with williams, ridley n goldstein
Migz: projected to hit 2009 with cog ridley williams
DrSeuss: 2024 with Cogs (c), Shaw and Williams to go
pcaman2003: Williams a very popular pick here.
Umpirespet: Had C on Grundy so happy to get 2k
TheLegend6: 1963 with cogs and williams
Umpirespet: Nice DrSeuss
Ash777: everyone went williams because we were too scared to pick shaw 😛
BigChief: 1763 with Taranto, Williams, Ridley, McGrath, Darcy and Scott
Chelskiman: Keep pushing, Williams. I’d take an 80.
duckky: Great score DrSeuss
DrSeuss: That’s AF just to be clear. Never sure what people are scoring on here.
Apachecats: Lucky to get to 1900 with 21
th3rio: bombers butter fingers
Ash777: I had drew on the bench and balta on field 🙁
RGriffen: 2 goals in a half hahaha
Ash777: Witches hats is correct for dons. Giants just take it end to end too easily.
Manowar: How bad are Essendon!!!!!!
StuL: What’s happened to the bombers? Zerrett was elite 2 years ago. Shiel, Hepell just meh
circle52: If GWS keep playing Keeffe forward Collins to Keeffe could be a trade.
TheOnyas: Onya Shiely
frenzy: Lol circle
StuL: They need Hirdy back.
Ash777: I think Worsfold has got stuck in old ways.
StuL: He’s a chemist too. You would think he can do something
frenzy: Fanta fizzed again
jbjimmyjb: what do you reckon the pass score is for SC in round 1? 2050?
StuL: 2000 is par in r1 surely?
Crowls: 2100 is my expected starting goal will score cf 2050-2100.
J_Herer: Thought Essendon were better than this, no good for tipping lol
BigChief: C’mon Timmy. Lift ya game.
poolboybob: Potato for McKernan
J_Herer: Cogs as captain is helping
TheMessiah: come on ridley, williams and greene
pcaman2003: Taylor interesting POD for Collins
Umpirespet: Taylor looks good pcaman
TheMessiah: @jbjimmy I think 2100
Roksta: Bombers look scruffy
pcaman2003: @Umpire. Could be a regular too
TheMessiah: gunna need 200 from Fyfe and Mckay to hit 2100 for Rd1 🙁
BigChief: Yes Timmy nice goal 🙂
Crowls: bombers ook like country league 2nds team. ball must be slippery but lots of mishandling, poor decisions, lack of run
Umpirespet: Bombers could be bottom tonight
Silz90: Isn’t McKay a late out messiah
StuL: Entire bombers list looking pretty SC irrelevant currently. Maybe Ridley is OK.
J.Worrall: Taylor has played a lock doen role in the past
Apachecats: Taylor $268k SC pca and umpirespet.
StuL: What’s par with 500k in the bank? Obviously it’s going to cost me this week. But be right by H2H games.
Umpirespet: Cheers apache
Yelse: geez williams is MIA greene MIA
J_Herer: Merrett wowsers
StuL: Yea I only picked 3 mid pricers and they all stink.
duckky: Has it gone up William’s end Yelse?
Chelskiman: Need 23 more points from Williams to crack 2000 in fantasy. Not looking likely.
gdshifty: Mcgrath really needed this 40 point quarter. Was looking like my first trade out.
TigersMan1: Cog looking like a good C lol
Umpirespet: Williams may just need a run
frenzy: rookie mistake Stul
Yelse: are ppl trading after round 1 or waiting for after round two
J.Worrall: Maybe both, Yelse
Donzoes: some people may trade collins from what ive been hearing
pcaman2003: @Apache. Just noticed. On here,hovering over his name showed only 117K Not updated
Umpirespet: After round 2 yelse
jbjimmyjb: im waiting until round 2 yelse
Apachecats: will do a couple to generate cash @yelse
circle52: Think Giving all another chance Yelse. Can not afford rash decisions,
StuL: Yea, I’m a rookie. This is the year of the mid price feast. Just picked maybe one wrong. Still think Williams will be OK
jbjimmyjb: pca all the prices on fanfooty are wrong
J.Worrall: Its all happening or the Bombers – 3 goals after 3 quarters
Umpirespet: We see plenty of rooks stink it up early then score well
J.Worrall: @m0nty, pca all the prices on fanfooty are wrong
frenzy: Lol Stul, not poss to get this right, just luck
StuL: Got Collins on the park with not much cover so he probably has to go.
Ash777: I want to trade out balta but that’s about it.
Yelse: yeah i was thinking after round 2 but when needing to make 3-4 changes might have to bite the bullet.
Apachecats: Saad might ton up ,the rest wont.
jbjimmyjb: Bit harsh giving the Burger to just Merrett, the whole team deserves it
StuL: Keep Balta. There’s a spot for him with Rance going down.
Ash777: oh ye I forgot about Rance being out.
Umpirespet: Will be interesting if Fawn and Grundy stink it up next week
Umpirespet: Gawn *
jbjimmyjb: Love your work monty <3
TheMessiah: Noone started with Merrett did they?
Ash777: LOL perfect.
TheMessiah: I have to trade Rance and Collins this week. Thinking Newman and Taylor
Umpirespet: Burgers are better at Essendon Hungry Jacks?
SilverLion: coniglio needs a rabbit symbol
Donzoes: burgers suit them
frenzy: Collins got good JS
pcaman2003: Bombers being turned into mince meat.
BigChief: Burgers don’t suit. They are good, Essendon are not 😛
Apachecats: Glad you’re here Donzoes ,thought I was on my own.
jbjimmyjb: coniglio can have my babies, he looks amazing
Apachecats: All the other bombers have headed to the bar I think.
Moona: This is still JLT right???
TheMessiah: Need some junk time from greene
Umpirespet: I can’t pay u out Apache my team not much better lol
Ash777: omg it’s getting worse
Crowls: its ok apache, just first game cobwebs, bloody awful to watch
m0nty: Tippa giving away a free for getting a headbutt in the groin is ewverything
Dogs5416: Burgersssss hahahaha
Crowls: mt sc team on par with bombers as well
Apachecats: yeah umpires I’m pretty safe from a few of the regulars in here.
frenzy: ton up Timmy
pcaman2003: Getting mighty ugly now.
TheMessiah: Hoping for 80 each from williams, ridley and greene
Ash777: now dons can feel what it’s like to play giants the first week of the season
Apachecats: did he give it or take it Monty.
jbjimmyjb: the fat lady has lost her voice she’s been singing for so long
SilverLion: rabbit going rabid
pcaman2003: Cogs you super gun
TheMessiah: Is Mckay a late out?
heppelitis: Can i have a burger please mOnty on my name…have at least 3 a week.
Manowar: how bad would D. Shiel feel now? made a very dumb decision!
Chelskiman: If you started with the likes of Conigs, M. Crouch, Rocky and Sheed then I tip my hat to you.
jbjimmyjb: cogs potential for top score of the round
StuL: COGs going to get 200 if this keeps up.
gdshifty: bombers deserve the witches hats now
GOD: GOD has the C on S. Coniglio today!
heppelitis: oops hit O instead of the 0…deserve the burger
J_Herer: go Captain Cogs!
Apachecats: get some new material GOD
jbjimmyjb: Did you erase Westhoff GOD?
Sloan4Pres: bombers for the spoon
Bulky: Dear Channel 7. Please remove Basil Zempilas as an AFL commentator. Thank you from the football public.
Kermit: can we ban GOD please
Chelskiman: Haha, jimmy.
Silz90: Your jokes are getting old God? Time for a spell
Kermit: I put the C on Grundy, wish it was Cogs
duckky: The only BAsil that should be on TV is Basil Brush
Manowar: you are da man GOD! Legand
BigChief: Jimmy GOD is a spud as he does that every single game. Been doing it for years.
Ash777: another 20pts for a 100pt thrashing
BigChief: I 2nd that Kermit.
Umpirespet: Bulky don’t forget roaming Brian to
pcaman2003: M0nty! Could you please get an ignore button we could use to block out the idiots?
Chelskiman: @Kermit I put the C on Grundy and wish I had Cogs in my side. 🙁
TheMessiah: be nice if greene kicked a few more
jbjimmyjb: can someone give me a hand with adding the richmond icon?
Apachecats: Raise the bat TT
gdshifty: ok Mcgrath back on the chopping block. Just doesnt give involved enough
duckky: Need Williams and Ridley to kick a couple
BigChief: @Jimmy click your name at the top the select options
jbjimmyjb: @BigChief cheers!
Umpirespet: Welcome to the club Jimmy
Apachecats: well done jbjimmy
TheMessiah: Fyfey to top score the round in the next game i reckon
jbjimmyjb: been lurking since 2016, its just never let me make an account
heppelitis: can someone give me a hand how to remove the essendon icon from my name?
Chelskiman: Welcome to the icon club, jimmy.
Kermit: I do believe Carlton will be above Essendon on the ladder!
Yelse: imagine coniglio not going at 55 percent
TheMessiah: Star Cogs
jbjimmyjb: ahaha hepp
Apachecats: lol heppel
Umpirespet: Minty is fussy who he let’s in
DrSeuss: Trade 1 – Shaw to Newman! What was I thinking lol
Ash777: think dons have been working on their comedic play
pcaman2003: C’mon Riddles and Zac, some more points please.
TheMessiah: Bang on m0nty 🙂
Apachecats: I feel trade rage coming.
mattmac24: Is Williams all hype?
Umpirespet: Did mckernan eat all the burgers?
TheMessiah: COme on Ridley, couple more touches mate
Umpirespet: Don’t waste. Trades. apache
The0Grrr: Worsfold under more pressure than Richardson
frenzy: bring back Parish
TheMessiah: Williams will score better when the ball is in the Giants defensive 50 more @mattmac
Apachecats: McKernan 5 kicks of which one hit a target.
BigChief: 81 still ok for mid price def
maygs: Lions only on top of ladder for 3 more minutes. GWS 400%
heppelitis: Relton Roberts would look ok in the red and black
pcaman2003: At least Saad can hold his head up.
jbjimmyjb: I think Shiel was decent for his club debut, 17 CPs can’t be ignored
FordyHawks: This result is probably the 2nd biggest surprise of the round
Apachecats: Pauline Hanson as well Heppel
frenzy: 2200 is a poss
the worm: i think relton has turned off his phone
BigChief: No way Fordy. Hawks, Lions, Dogs Port all more of a surprise
gIMX7: of course all my premuim players bust in the first round
ajconodie: Does anybody outside Essendon supporters actually rate McGrath. He’s nothing special.
J_Herer: only let down for the weekend were the rucks for me
heppelitis: old Relton always gets a mention round one haha
Apachecats: SC frenzy? well done.
Manowar: agree McGrath very average!
frenzy: yep
duckky: McGrath should have been played in the midfield more over the past 2 years. Has the talent but can’t read midfield play
Ash777: mcgrath is good but not a player for fantasy/sc.
pcaman2003: Cogs worth every cent
FordyHawks: Not the loss Chief, I mean the margin… no one woulda picked this
gIMX7: had grundy, gawn and oliver all flop
gdshifty: Mcgrath was at least better than Merrett.
gIMX7: plus I had Balta and Burgess and the feild insted of Matt Parker and Drew fml
BigChief: @ Fordy I had the Giants by 50. Ess over-rated.
mattmac24: Cogs C got me to 2230, best R1 score I’ve had in a long time

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