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Chat log from R1 of 2019: St Kilda vs Gold Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs Gold Coast, R1 of 2019

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snake_p: monty why donuts for Wilkie already?
snake_p: that’s better
frenzy: too many Jacks
Sloan4Pres: Saints easily
frenzy: tipped 1 correct thus far
Donzoes: Same frenzy, typical rd 1 tipping
pcaman2003: Only have Collins in this one.
Sloan4Pres: @ frenzy stop tipping favourites
StuL: Not good signs for the saints if they cant bury this rannle
pcaman2003: I have 4 winners so far.
Donzoes: Well this is an interesting start
StuL: Glad I dont do tipping any more
The39Steps: Richo in the box updating his CV.
StuL: StKildas problems are bigger than the coach.
duckky: Thank heavens Burgess got on the scorecard
StuL: Even Miles comes good. Mid prices going mad
DrSeuss: Miles looking like another potential mid-price marvel…
StuL: “Your name is Jack? Stkilda FC wants to talk to you”
pcaman2003: Picked Libba over Miles. Hope I won’t suffer for it.
duckky: Ditto pcaman – can’t really tell untill Suns play a decent side though
duckky: Parker looking lively though
pcaman2003: So many good rookies again this year.
StuL: Parker was only meant to get 36 for the game. What a gun
frenzy: I’ve picked the wrong Jack
Sloan4Pres: jesus gresham, my pod
duckky: What – didn’t pick Jack PArker?
frenzy: Steele, more like rubber
pcaman2003: You can touch the ball Collins. Anytime.
pcaman2003: 10 Jacks playing this game. Unbelievable!
Sloan4Pres: are you serious, Weller
Chelskiman: Parker on my bench. 🙁
pcaman2003: Collins possibly my first trade out. Showing nothing good so far.
duckky: Well this game has degenerated quickly
jbjimmyjb: Glad I didn’t start with Collins, although I also picked Balta over Parker :/
pcaman2003: Fighting for the wooden spoon already
The39Steps: Nice touch that Winmar presented Parker with his jumper.
pcaman2003: Damn you Collins. Highest TOG for lowest SC pts. Weak!
jbjimmyjb: Anyone here start Jack Steele?
TheMessiah: Collins…. wtf
TheMessiah: Most people will have collins though right?
Manowar: Billings bad pick
duckky: Burgess looking at doughnuts for the quarter
pcaman2003: @Messiah. I’m an old fart and could score better.
duckky: No messiah – got Burgess instead.
jbjimmyjb: same as duckky
Manowar: C. Burgess and S. Collins stupid picks
Umpirespet: Only picked Burgess so I can swap Darcy Moore around
StuL: Didnt expect much from Collins and Burgess but sheesh. Picked for JS
Gotigres: Collins out, move Moore to defence and Parker in with 50k also
Umpirespet: Saving my trades in case Gawn and Grundy stink it up again
StuL: Geelong no goals in 9 quarters of AFLW. Wtf,?
Umpirespet: Yeah they are struggling Stul
TheMessiah: wish collins would wake up though. Need atleast 40 outta him
frenzy: I’d go Joyce if I had Collins
StuL: If you’re from WA, 23 have a wife and kids and neck tats, you can be drafted.
Umpirespet: Joyce was -3 at 1/4 time going well
Silz90: Collins wont be a good Sc option since thompson went down.
TheOnyas: Onya Longy
Yelse: Just logge on. What a disaster round 1. Now Collins and burgess. Parker on bench lol
facebook23: hey umpirespet, happy 2019 buddy old pal
circle52: Why is it every year in Rd 1 what we thought were reiable rookies based on JLT and ntraclup spud stuffing our teams.
Yelse: All I ask for is 50 from Collins burgess. Surely not too much to ssk
facebook23: ok ok, this game is toast. switch over to the DON game to see the match-up of the round
BigChief: great 1/4 Jack Steele. 1 more buddy.
Migz: what happened to parker. when i checked last he was on top SC wise.
frenzy: Parker outta puff, you should trade him
dipstick: yes ma-lady
Yelse: So this year all mid prices done well and premiums spud it up
StuL: Burgess will probably have to sit on the bench as a slow, sl out w burn but Collins can f right off
jbjimmyjb: Has parker touched it since HT?
jbjimmyjb: dwayne how is this game “pivotal for the season”
Migz: ill take parkers points but he looks like a fuckwit aye
BigChief: I don’t mind Parker, Long on the other hand is a fuckwit.
StuL: Doomsday scenario, saints loss
Gotigres: Collins making Scrimshaw look good
Chelskiman: That was a harsh htb.
Chelskiman: Umpiring been terrible the last 5 minutes.
Migz: is it 3200 or 3300 SC points per game
frenzy: Steele come good
BigChief: Happy with Steele’s game.
pcaman2003: Bye Collins

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