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Chat log from R1 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Sydney, R1 of 2019

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TheBoy89: L plate for Bazlenka
original: Good grab
jbjimmyjb: Heeney wants to be #1 forward
J_Herer: Late switch from Heeney to Dunkly, gulp…
Tree Fiddy: Parker my captain tonight… pray 4 me
StuL: How about staying with the south Melbourne look.instead of the stupid “redbacks”? Always looked better
jbjimmyjb: Parker C… that takes courage
italz: nice start though
TigersMan1: why tf is dangerfield an “expert commentator” bruhhh
Tree Fiddy: maybe dumb courage haha but it will be a rollercoaster of emotions!
PowerBug: McLean looks good early
TasDevil: What’s the story with that horrible guernsey?
jbjimmyjb: something to do with marvel stadium
the worm: @Tas cos the swans are based in sydney they have that stupid opera house on their jersey, thats why it looks silly
TasDevil: Hoping it’s a 1 off for their sake!
DrSeuss: Is Liberatore anywhere near the ball?
jbjimmyjb: libba has been on the ball the entire game, just been unlucky to not get a touch
DrSeuss: Cheers JB – good to know he is around it
Chelskiman: Who was the guy who picked Papley as a POD?
MercAm: Who else has Macrae as caption?
Jackwatt$: Jake Lloyd 101% tog, that sounds about right
Monfries96: Many others go with English?
gdshifty: Libba just looks slow. Cant close quickly enough to lay tackles.
Apachecats: I’ve got him Merc
Gelly: dogs jumper looks like captain marvel
Apachecats: If this keeps up I’ll be 1 out of 4 in the tipping.
Chelskiman: Think most people will be, Apa.
DrSeuss: Libba and Lloyd – looking great so far….
BigChief: I already am 1 out of 4 Apache
PowerBug: I got Geelong so 2 for me
BigChief: @Gelly well it is inspired by Thor and the game is at Marvel Stadium
Apachecats: Your right Big Chief ,make that 1 from 5.
BigChief: That’s me Chel as well as Jack Steele
circle52: Just signed in from the Gabba. Wtf is going on with the Swansu
Apachecats: Libba just the 2 touches and no tackles.Hard when you’ve had both knees done.
boofjb57: So most of you picked Adelaide by the looks of it
jbjimmyjb: i havent done my tips and its 4/4 away wins woo
Apachecats: *4 touches
circle52: My tips down the drain as well
Apachecats: Genius Jimmyjb
poolboybob: Heath Grundy gonna outscore Brodie
frenzy: strawberry donut for Bailey Smith
Sloan4Pres: @ boofjb57 of course, hawthorn will be terrible this year
italz: hope you all tipped the lions
BigChief: @Cirlce is it muggy and slippery up there?
Sloan4Pres: @ BigChief well done with papley
boofjb57: I did italz
BigChief: So far so good Sloan
boofjb57: Adelaide have gone crap against hawks for a couple of years now @sloan
poolboybob: Donut for Bailey Smith
jbjimmyjb: there you go, HTB free to libba, he’s working into the game
The0Grrr: With sprinkles?
Chelskiman: Libba starting to warm up.
Chelskiman: Need Macrae to lift a bit.
BigChief: Naughton looks like a natural forward. Very promising kid.
DrSeuss: Libba definitely heating up
batt: Hewett tagging Macrae?
lukat: Need a massive one from Macrae
BigChief: Macrae needs a big 1 every week at his price.
circle52: No muggy but fine atm. Dew may play a part later
Gelly: hewett was on bont in the center
poolboybob: Schache is a dud
Yelse: this is a disaster not one player so far has cracked the 100 for me
jbjimmyjb: liberatore M.I.A again
jbjimmyjb: yelse what’s your midfield look like?? no cripps, crouch, dusty, sloane
Raspel31: Domyn’t think you’re alone Yelse- my rookies will score more than my guns.
Ash777: got macrae, hunter, libba n dunkley with mills for the swans
Peasants: they missed at least 3-4 hb from Libba
Fizzy343: libba owners a bit delusional
Yelse: oh forgot cripps, otherwise its oliver beams liba b crouch walsh fyfe butters
poolboybob: Swans are garbage up fwd if Buddy doesn’t fire
Raspel31: Have Macrae and Wallis in this- after the Oliver/Gawn disaster happy to feed off crumbs.
Ash777: libba will be fine
Roksta: Schafer did ok there poolboy
BigChief: $2000 fine for Melican coming. 20m off the ball and hit Schache. Same as Liam Jones.
Roksta: Schache big hit on alir. Steam rolled him
Yelse: how many ppl have grundy/gawn double like me
Sloan4Pres: @ Yelse i went witts / goldstein for something different
shang0: Only fools have the Gawn, Grundy double lolol
Ash777: got goldtin
Peasants: max n tank for me
Raspel31: I thought the new rules would change things Yelse so sat back and just Gawn. But captain- groan.
Yelse: is there less ruck contest with these new rules? hence less points? i haven’t been able to watch many games
PowerBug: Grundy and Darcy
Yelse: i vc grundy into gawn huge mistake
frenzy: a nice 70 from heeney will help the cause
TheOnyas: onya llody
Raspel31: Well, ecuse me if I’m wrong but I think Westhoff and McEvoy lead the ruck chart. And they’re not really rucks. A new gam
Ash777: nah pies boosted mid stocks meant grundy can focus on rucking more. Gawn might of been just a poor game from him.
Raspel31: Pardon missing letters.
Ash777: but yeah part time rucks might end up being the new top scorers with the new rules.
Crowls: ordinary call gifted goal to dogs
JButcher: Gawn had a poor game because he was targeted, you’d expect melbourne to use Preuss which could hurt Gawn scoring more
StuL: Might as well give up now. Rubbish overall gw1 and no coming back.
BigChief: This 1 is over.
StuL: Dogs on fire. Needed dogs and crows
Apachecats: It’s all over Buddy
Pokerface: pies boosted mid stocks? they were missing adams, the mids last night on par with last year
shang0: Stanley was all over Grundy loolololol
Gelly: fat lady has not sung yet
jbjimmyjb: Wood is having a mare
Sixty656: C’mon McCrae
shang0: Fire up Macrae, Captains points on the line son.
J_Herer: Macrae set to lose plenty of coin
PowerBug: Maybe a fantasy mare, but kept Buddy to 2 disposals!
shang0: Sure about that son?
StuL: Macrae is on fire. Many others set go lose.
BigChief: Wood has flogged Franklin. Done his job for Dogs.
Apachecats: You kidding J Herer?
Raspel31: Third quarter and almost tonned up? Macrae looking good and the dulcet tones of the fat lady creeping into my ears.
shang0: Speak up J_Herer
mattmac24: Macrae so worth the price tag, doubt he’ll drop in price much before the byes
pcaman2003: GOD has the C on Franklin,but too ashamed to admit it.
DrSeuss: Come on Libby – don’t stop now
Apachecats: Yeah Matt Mac reckon he’ll go 130 plus tonight and pick up the votes.Been really creative.
TheOnyas: onya millsy
BigChief: OMFG that’s a clear mark to Bont.
TigersMan1: Fuck you heeney you dog cunt
mattmac24: Sad that I skipped out on J.Lloyd though
shang0: Front up Libba
J_Herer: A few Macrae owners in the croud tonight, fantasy BE of 123
shang0: Speak up J_Herer, where is the hate for Macrae now son?
mattmac24: Fantasy maybe but supercoach he wont lose a cent if he keeps this up
Raspel31: Didn’t think Lloyd would back it up boyo- but there you go. But happy with Macrae and Wallis from thiss game.
Lowrider: Anything less than 140 in SC will cause Macrae to drop in price
J_Herer: I have spoken up, I believe Macrae will lose value in 2019, jump on cheap
blonde0na: unless macca has a super quarter he’s probably losing cash, how is that macrae hate?
mattmac24: I believe if Macrae reaches his BE of 125 in this game it drops his BE for round 2 and same for round 3 based on R2
J_Herer: Love Macrae, dont like paying top dollar
BigChief: Macrae BE is 125 and he should get that easily.
mattmac24: Breakevens for the first three rounds are odd but fairly certain if Macrae hits this week’s, he’ll easily get the next t
shang0: lol @ J_herer
Pokerface: theres no such thing as a BE for round 1
J_Herer: Nice Libba, make some cash son!
BigChief: Yes there is Poker. Go have a look at AF and SC. Both have BE
Raspel31: Exactly Poker.
Pokerface: his 3 round averge will need to be over 140, not 125
Pokerface: yes they say that based on their simple algorithm. Prices do not change until round 3. Hence no BE for round 1
Pokerface: AF, sure, whatever
Pokerface: but talking SC here BC
Sixty656: depends what round your league starts…
BigChief: If this site was SC only why is there points for the other games? It’s not all about SC here at all.
mattmac24: I understand that there isn’t a price change after the first game but the R1 BE isn’t just there for show
Pokerface: no, BE refers to price changes. They start in round 3 no matter when your league starts 66656
Pokerface: it actually is. BE literally means break even before losing cash. You don’t lose any cash.
Pokerface: its there because its cheapest for them to code rather than deal with rounds 1 and 2 separately
blonde0na: “cheapest for them to code” lol
Pokerface: its the only reason i can think of. But its not an actual BE. Because you don’t lose cash
Chelskiman: Come on, Macrae!
BigChief: Anyhow Macrae has not scored since this discussion started.
mattmac24: I’ve always thought it had a reason, getting higher than that first game BE still makes their next BE go down
Pokerface: BE is always based on a 3 round rolling average
Pokerface: its not factored into any price calculations.. its just a guide to see what your player needs
Apachecats: Lets stop the discussion so Macrae can get on with it.
BigChief: And that’s why there is a BE in rd 1 as it effect rd 3
Gelly: ohh boy we have a game now
9inch: Heeney and Llooooyd!!
pcaman2003: Doggies out of legs?
BigChief: C’mon Papley lift mate.
jfitty: Lloyd the biggest seagull there is
DrSeuss: Where is Libba?
Fatbar5tad: Captain Mac going backwards!
jayshi: seriously buddy just got like 25 points for that goal
PowerBug: Gimme Bont scaling come on! 😀
mattmac24: Yes it is based on a rolling average, the BE will change to determine what’s needed for that average
jayshi: buddy is gonna ton up 100
PowerBug: Close game so scores are going to start going nuts now
original: Macrae +6 for a kick marked by Sydney orrite
jayshi: oh wait maybe not
mattmac24: Swans for $15 to win it from 3 quarter time, got a quick $10 on it…
Gelly: dbl superman lol
original: Haha mattmac I love a dogs fan hedging their bets
Apachecats: I think that +6 was for the handball clearance original
9inch: Biggest seagull gets the chips..Who cares
J_Herer: Jack lloyd clap clap clap
mattmac24: I follow geelong but have always had a second best in the Dogs, just haven’t changed the icon here
Roksta: Thank f for that
Sloan4Pres: @ mattmac24 good insurance bet
Apachecats: Reckon I could push Schache off the ball.
TigersMan1: havent seen libba all qtr lol
BigChief: 3 goals in 3 mins? Will be tough.
PowerBug: Where’s my Bont scaling for the goal cmon CD, gimme points
mattmac24: In saying that, love seeing the dogs win and seeing Sydney lose! Happy to lose the $10
PowerBug: there we go, 151 he is
Apachecats: Reckon your safe Roksta
blonde0na: libba stuck on the bench i think
pcaman2003: There goes the fat lady.Lalalalala!
Roksta: Bloody heart can’t take it lol
Yelse: not one team hit 100 points so far does that mean 666 didn’t work
Apachecats: Good on you captain Macrae.
frenzy: Jack delivers
BigChief: So much for Mills playing in the middle.
Roksta: Just close games yelse
TigersMan1: you can’t base a new rule off 5 completed games
Chelskiman: Not a bad night. Had Libba, Macrae and J. Lloyd!
Roksta: Bloody beauty
J_Herer: Put the trash can on Macrae lol
Apachecats: When Brisbane wins I’ll be 1 from 6.
Ash777: phew won the game. Also why did I not get bont.
Apachecats: You’re funny J Herer
Jukes82: cool story chelks no one cares mate
frenzy: mills cant crack 80 Lol

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