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Chat log from P2 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, P2 of 2019

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Dogs5416: Really wish i got a look at Cavarra today. Dunkley / libba watch for me today
HappyDEZ: Parker. What a grab!
Jukes82: Cavarra is obviously not in contention for rd1 anyway
pdiddy: is roberton worth a shot this year – lots of reasonable mid pricers in the backs this year
Umpirespet: Watching Bruce, Parker, Wallis and Roberton here
Grimes Jr: I have robertson at the moment. thinking his is more of a lock than brodie smith. Don’t want to start with both. thought
redwragg: Libba watch today
Umpirespet: Think Smith will get alot of the pill this year
Gotigres: Robbo definately
Gotigres: Also Libba
SilverLion: Everyone gunna jump off macrae now?
Umpirespet: Dogs forward line very poor atm
Umpirespet: Na silver
Jukes82: you dont worry about prems at all
SilverLion: Ik jukes, but people do
pdiddy: is dunkley going to be as good this year?
frenzy: Lol silver, talk him down pls
Jukes82: some ppl are muppets lol, players like macrae dgaf about his game
Dogs5416: Don’t see dunks being as good. With libba back in i think it affects dunks mid rotation.
J_Herer: Witherden or Roberton?
StuL: It’s either dunks Smith or Kelly. Going Kelly.
pdiddy: fair call dogs
Gotigres: Roberton without a doubt JHerer
Jukes82: Withers, Robbbo is really good value though but i dont trust him
Ash777: looks like libba isn’t affecting dunks at all
Nuffman: Libba going for a personal record. zero tackles in a half of game
Jukes82: Dunks will be fine, ppl are just being paranoid
J_Herer: yeah i think they both average 85 odd, Robo 100K cheaper in AF
Jukes82: dont think i’ll be picking parker
HappyDEZ: McCartin needs the groggy symbol
Dogs5416: Ash777, maybe not. But his sc last week was wellll below par.
oc16: i hate to think what mccartin’s brain scans are going to look like when he does retire
Ash777: He was played forward because Schache wasn’t there.
BennyGan: are dunks and billings both attending cb or they playing more wing/half fwd
Ash777: Dunks is not sure about billings
BennyGan: if bevo and eicho werent thier coaches theyd be locks
Nuffman: and Robbo?
Nuffman: Libba gone home??
Gotigres: Hey, my old teamate Luke, put Hayes on for the quarter.
pdiddy: I’m guessing mclean hasn’t been at many centre bounces?
frenzy: english done enough ?

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