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Chat log from SF of 2018: Collingwood vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Sydney, SF of 2018

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ReggieOz: Pies look good early
Ash777: pies losing this game would make an interesting night in the city afterwards
pcaman2003: GWS doing everything wrong and looking ordinary.
jocka: Couple of really poor umpiring decisions at the end.
pcaman2003: Expect GWS to come back this qtr.
ReggieOz: Cogs and Davis hurt
ReggieOz: If Cox could only take a mark..
Ash777: congrats nth of finally landing a player. lol
pcaman2003: Mmm! Getting interesting now folks.
Ash777: pies supporters are so annoying
original: Gee umpiring has been bad
dipstick: gws going to the scoring over. put ya house on it
Fizzy343: put ya house on it lol
jocka: More goals for collingwood from poor umpiring
Fizzy343: lost your house champ
dipstick: oh fuck! dont listen to me boys. im bout to lose my tent and george foreman grill
Fizzy343: hahahaha
dipstick: cmon gws. if i win im upgrading to a 2 man tent and will by a jaffle maker
poolboybob: Hulk for Sidebutt
dipstick: toothless tigers vs toothless magpies fans. ohhh the tigers have teeth now
Ash777: tigers supporters can afford dental

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