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Chat log from R20 of 2018: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R20 of 2018

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SilverLion: The way my round is going, Hurn and Mundy to get 150+ each. Oppo has em both as uniques.
lukat: Ton up please walters. Go big gaff!
The0Grrr: I’ll take that from Hurn @Silver
BigChief: Who is Hutchings tagging today?
SilverLion: Both off to a good start :/
Torz: Neale
BigChief: Thanks Torz. (Bugger)
TigersMan1: Who wins? Neale, Gaff, Walters, Gawn, Brayshaw vs Gawn(C), Mundy, Hurn + 150??
SilverLion: Hopefully the former @TMan, my oppo has Gawn (C), Mundy, Hurn as well haha
Apachecats: I reckon the guy with the 150 points in the bag will win ,is that you?
SilverLion: For mine, if Gawn gets approx. 110, It’ll be about 175 vs. Mundy+Hurn, so I think I’ll lose.
TigersMan1: Nah that’s the other guy :'( he had Kelly and Cogs today which fucked me
SilverLion: Darling has been shower since coming back from his ankle.
Haydo: R u both versing one of the experts @silver and @tigersman
SilverLion: Nah some random @Haydo. Just been one of those weeks. My oppo had Jelwood, JKelly, both season highs.
Wends: Walters, for the love of god, please make another 30. Lord knows I don’t ask for much!
Haydo: Unlucky silver
Carnster: Walters +43 v neale who wins
The0Grrr: Need 300+ combined from Gaff, Hurn & Luke Ryan
Haydo: 240 from yeo and walters to get to 2600
Wends: Waiting this out is going to be like a really bad Japanese torture show.
feralmong: I need 252 by Gaff and Mundy to win
Haydo: All u guys nervously waiting out this game to c if u win all i need is walters +200 vs gaff… next minute..
SilverLion: TV for Gaff?
Gelly: idiot gaff
Haydo: Actually make that +300
BigChief: Gaff gone.
The0Grrr: Hopefully 2 weeks for Gaff and he’ll miss the Dee game.
Carnster: gaff going barry hall
Gelly: have to use my last trade now on gaff
BigChief: He should get 4 weeks for that.
frenzy: my season done, ta gaff
lukat: Goodbye to my luxury trade! Thanks gaff – flog
Gotigres: Gaff at least 4 weeks out.
Gelly: hope he gets 5 and wc go out of finals in straight sets
Apachecats: Go ,Walters ,you owe me big time after your past few efforts.
Wends: Thank you son son, got me into RDT semi final – as long as you stop with the FAs!!
Haydo: 80 more from yeo and walters to get to 2600
Apachecats: Nice effort Haydo,I dream of 2600.
TheOnyas: onya nealey
Haydo: Ahaha apache it would be a first for me
Wends: If I had have got my capt. loophole right, could have made 2700! On 2503 w Gawn C and Yeo score to come 😮
Wends: Gaff on the bench w left hand problems apparently btw.
The0Grrr: Death by a thousand left hooks!
Apachecats: Karma Wends
spudaroos: Gaff is a fucking thug. Hope he broke his hand. Miss finals you thug.
Wends: Major brainfade at best Apache eh. Gaff wld be one of the last you’d think to do something so violent?
hinsch: Scores this week was either less than one goal or a flogging
Umpirespet: Geez Gaff couldn’t you just say look at the scoreboard now I’ll have to play Ahern for rest of finals
hinsch: happy if Gaff takes a rest for the last quarter
Yelse: Gaff was discussing his loss of brownlow
Umpirespet: did Gaff think he was hodge or Lewis or something
luke394: Need 110 from Neale to win cash league final gonna be a close finish
Sixty656: furck you gaff, you aint the last white hype mate
Wends: Want to make a joke but it’s no laughing matter…
The0Grrr: Maybe Gaff just wanted to join Gus Brayshaw at Dees earlier than next year.
Carnster: wasn’t that reversal against lycett not gaff
The0Grrr: Wonder if they’ll share the same ambulance?
Wends: McGov fingers getting strapped.
DrSeuss: That will be the end of Gaff you would think
Ash777: despite the score this is a very entertaining game lol
Umpirespet: Yeah 6 at least for Gaff
Wends: on son, please
Wends: #Son son – stop going backwards – garrgh!
Gelly: send him back on, i wana see fireworks
SilverLion: Gaff should have the target icon
Umpirespet: West Coast just making up the numbers now with no Gaff or Kennedy
Wends: Brayshaw heading off in ambo with suspected broken jaw.
Gotigres: Stop giving away free kicks walters
Ash777: micheal johnson was like I’m retiring anyways might as well go an eye for an eye
DrSeuss: Up by 53 why bring Gaff back on?
runt: Gaff was simply thinking if it bleeds it can be killed. We now know beyond question Freo can be beaten.
The0Grrr: Harden him up @Dr. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out
Apachecats: Walters is a free kick machine.
Ash777: thanks cd for getting gaff to 100 loll
DrSeuss: I love the spite of it all. But dumb coaching in my mind.
Ash777: oh he’s actually back out there lol
Sixty656: Gaff finished for the year, just like the eagles.
luke394: Cmon Neale 110 and I win
lukat: If you are gaff and someone from freo has a go at ya
lukat: surely ugive em another cheeky knock cause why not?
Umpirespet: Is that Gaffs last game as an Eagle?
The0Grrr: This game knows no justice. LoL
runt: Walters, what a beauty!!
Ash777: most likely. probably didn’t want to go to another team on the back of a premiership
Chelskiman: This game is killing me. I have Neale + 6 points vs Gaff. That Gaff goal ruined me.
Ash777: atleast walters can win mark of the year
AFL Blues: Shannon Hurn got 10 points this quarter with zero additional possessions. 😉
BigChief: Not with that mark he won’t Ash.
Haydo: Another 20
Chelskiman: Take Gaff off! The game is won. 🙁
AFL Blues: Wow, Chelski!
Ash777: I forgot about the Howe mark earlier in the year
feralmong: 30 more points gaff and mundy
Wends: Ouch Chelski… the last qu has been agonising.
Chelskiman: 3 points up with 5 minutes to go. Neale needs to get some touches!
hinsch: that Gaff goal just finished my SC year thanks for coming see you next year 2400+ and lost
The0Grrr: 20 more Gaff, Hurn & Ryan
Chelskiman: I’m cooked, boys. 5 points down and Neale nowhere to be seen.
Chelskiman: Hold that thought!
Ash777: 1962 vs 2143 with gaff, mcgovern n ryan. against darling and walters
Wends: Having a shot now Chelski 🙂
BigChief: There ya go Chel. Neale for the win 🙂
AFL Blues: Neale!!!! Well done, Chelski!
Chelskiman: 8 points up, with 28 seconds. Just need Gaff not to score a goal from here.
Chelskiman: That quarter was too tense for my liking!
Apachecats: Pulled a rabbit out of the hat there Chelks
Wends: Alright alright alright; Son Son!
feralmong: damn 14 pts short. Gaff ya cock.
AFL Blues: Hurn: Zero possessions in the last quarter; somehow, accumulated 12 points.

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