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Chat log from R20 of 2018: Carlton vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2018

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frenzy: could get ugly, this
BigChief: GWS should win this by 10+ goals if they want to be a contender this year.
Brad_J: carlton for the flag 2019?
Umpirespet: Cmon Kelly 2 mins in and no touches get going u Spud 🙂
Hadouken: i feel like this couldve been the wrong week to bring in cripps…
original: if blues finish within 80 its a win
frenzy: the white flag @ Brad
original: see this is what i dont get about the subjective “effective” stats. dow bombs long out of centre 0% eff
original: but have seen a long kick marked by opposition count as effective before (my man heath shaw hehe)
GOOD: have you paid the power bill minty
Haydo: anyone else’s scores not updating
BigChief: This is already embarrassing for Carlton.
frenzy: earth to m0nty, come in m0nty
BigChief: test
pcaman2003: FF page not refreshing?
The0Grrr: I’ll let U have a few @Had but I need Conig’s and Whitfield to go bigger.
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
m0nty: that was weird, all good now though
SilverLion: Stay low JKelly
shaker: Couple more mice in the wheel did the trick m0nty?
BigChief: I can see this being 100+ points.
Umpirespet: Nice to see we are back
TheLegend6: Great week to bring Shaw in lol
original: great work heath. ffs. jpk westhoff shaw doing wonders this week lol
Raspel31: If Kelly gets 200 I might just win.
SilverLion: So much for staying low Kelly lol I’m cooked
pcaman2003: Does Bolton have a game plan of any sort?
pcaman2003: Pponent has Coniglio. I’m cooked too if he keeps that up
hinsch: You would think Carlton defenders would be the best in the comp lots of practise
hinsch: Graham late replacement for Silvani he does not have to do much hahaha
original: if the umpires microphone can’t pick up the whistle whats the odds players hear it?
JockMcPie: @original I agree, the 50 is stiff in that situation
original: wtf is that free against murphy
original: phew
Haydo: yes kelly
Raspel31: You have to like McKays stats- 4 touches for 3.1
Carnster: Not gonna lie im nervous
SilverLion: Flower off kelly faa
Raspel31: Well, I did say I needed 200 from Kelly.
BigChief: Nervous about what Carnster? GWS are only in 1st gear atm.
V@lks: Callan please…a whole quarter without touching it?
DrSeuss: Why the funk did I bring in Simpson this week
Sloaneyyyy: i upgraded Tim Kelly to Josh Kelly this week and I was devo because of how high T.Kelly scored… loving it now =)
Carnster: Losing this game would just be a GWS thing to do
Carnster: But i’m feeling a bit better now
BigChief: Carlton have missed 3 obsolute sitters today.
Haydo: Kelly cogs and cripps so good
Umpirespet: Kelly 200 easily
BigChief: Nice work Greene you muppet. 2 touches only. smh
Hadouken: whifield quiet at the moment 🙁
SilverLion: Cogs keep up with him please
Raspel31: So, at half time Kelly well past his prediction. Yum, yum.
LMartos: My players are taking the piss
BigChief: Can someone tell me how Pickett continues to get a game? He is the laziest player in the AFL.
pcaman2003: Carlton should disband as a club. Just rabble!
AFL Blues: My opponent has Hurn and Greene; I have McDonald and Walters with equal points between us. I traded Walters to Hogan.
AFL Blues: With Greene flopping – as I thought he would – my likelihood of winning just went from a 50/50 to a 90/40. COME ON!!! 😀
duckky: Love these practice matches between GWS seniors and the GWS reserves
CamT: McDonald could kick 8 today.Backed him @ $101 for the Coleman on Friday.
frenzy: to think Harry McKay couldnt get a game 5 weeks ago
Raspel31: Who said Pickett was lazy- he just touched the ball.
SilverLion: Dids is done Id say
TheLegend6: poor SC week this one
BigChief: That’s me Raspel and I still say he is lazy.
Raspel31: Well of corse he is BigChief.
NoneyaB: might be time for dids to retire me thinks hes gone again
BigChief: Deledio icing calf. He is done.
Raspel31: We are loving you very long time Mr Kelly.
BigChief: Keep going Mr Kelly. Need you to cover Muppet Greene.
Sloaneyyyy: Kelly is a legend
Sloaneyyyy: thats an unfortunate name… Bonar
duckky: Geez, this game is coming at an injury cost for GWS
m0nty: hoping GWS plays Port in a final so we get Bonar v Bonner
Brad_J: ahahah yes @monty
AFL Blues: Greene done for the day?
BigChief: GWS might have 0 players on the bench now.
original: get on green for sc 2019 should be nice and cheap
Raspel31: I try to avoid a social life but sometimes it impinges. Toodle pip and good luck with teams one and all.
SilverLion: Flowering Kelly going to cost me a league match single-handedly.
Haydo: Surprised GOD hasn’t been on yet raving about kelly as capt
OllieC: who else is looking at a monster score this week?
The39Steps: You obviously only need 18 players to beat the filth by a lazy 60 or so. They could take 4 more off and still win.
SilverLion: @39Steps yeah agreed, if they took Kelly, Cogs, Ward, Whitfield off they’d still win by 60 *sarcasm*
BigChief: I didn’t know Richmond was playing in this game 39.
GOOD: GOOD had selwood as c but i do have kelly
sfenda1: cripps atlas
Searly34: Star for Kelly please m0nty
DrSeuss: Brought in Simpson this week; great choice…at least get some junk
SilverLion: I hate you kelly
BigChief: Star, Atlas, Cherries and Gun for Kelly. He has been that good.
SilverLion: Keep pushing Cogs, only 50 behind him
pcaman2003: Blues are an embarrassment to the AFL and its members
Haydo: get the double ton kelly
Silz90: Shut up pcman… u only started following hawks 10 years ago
MattyZ: The most in form comp against the bottom of the ladder this isnt an embarrassment it’s expected
Silz90: Kelly unbelievable today. Watching gws live is amazing.. best ball movement i have watched in a long time
MattyZ: Embarrassments are stuff like Melbourne giving up 234 points to the cats when they were the bottom side
pcaman2003: @Silz90. Followed for over 55 years. Enjoyed many premierships
V@lks: Witches hats plz M0nty..GWS have 17 on field past few mins
Silz90: No worries make keep ur opinions to urself
a1trader: lol, maybe Carlton should play against 14 players from the opposition to make it interesting
pcaman2003: @Stilz90. I’ll give an opinion when I please.
BigChief: Would still lose @a1
Haydo: kelly 199
MattyZ: Conveniently only started following the hawks just as they won their first premiership pcaman I SEE HOW IT IS
carlton_99: Please don’t speak for the members @pca none of us are embarrassed
Haydo: there we are
Brad_J: double ton
NoneyaB: Carlton u r embarrassing the under 6 team could beat you
pcaman2003: You should be then with these insipid efforts.
OllieC: raise the bat
duckky: Bit rough on Cripps there Monty
Silz90: Bit rough on mckay too. Played a great game
carlton_99: I believe in what we are doing get our best 22 together and we will be a lot better
BigChief: Not rough at all. GWS playing with 16 or 17 and kicking Carlton’s arse.
frenzy: Carltank
Pinkman: Opponent has Kelly. = I lose
Silz90: I stopped listening to noobs on this chat ages ago.. most people are just trolling
carlton_99: McKay Cripps curnow weltering march bank Seton Dow docherty O’Brien fisher are all quality youth
shaker: That’s awful 100+ points against a team with no bench
kano: Carlton99 u should be embarrassed your team is fucking garbage

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