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Chat log from R20 of 2018: St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs, R20 of 2018

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original: Personally not a fan of montagna commentating at all
Ben_Gogos: @original neither.
Ash777: knee injury for roake smith in the 2nd term? lol
BigChief: Better than BT, Bruce and Lingy.
Ash777: I wonder if Lonie will re-sign with saints or go elsewhere
snake_p: he’s certainly no Dennis Cometti
BigChief: That will be tough Ash if out with concussion in 1st 1/4
BigChief: WTF is Sandy smoking? Gresham HB to Billings, not a kick.
BigChief: @Ben Smith and Battle out with concussion according to Fox Footy.
Ben_Gogos: Thanks @BigChief
original: I would be supportive of Webster scoring 65sc today
Ash777: that’s better dogs
Gotigres: Why couldn’t you play like this Billings when i had you.
BigChief: Because Richo wouldn’t give him midfield time @Gotigres
pcaman2003: C’mon McLean! Stop being a slacker.
Ash777: billings only plays good against poor opposition
Gotigres: Oh ok BigChief
Ben_Gogos: Incredible miss from 15 out by Steven earns the first muppet of the match.
pcaman2003: Start playing McLean you spud.
BigChief: Will Carlisle need to ruck now?
Ash777: yeah Carlisle is rucking
Ash777: saints should use a tall mid to ruck and provide some help
Ash777: geary goal not billings
BigChief: Hickey back on ground.

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