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Chat log from R17 of 2018: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, R17 of 2018

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rtz23: it’s quite in here
rtz23: *quiet
fonzie: yes it is
Wends: Like a quiet carriage…
Chelskiman: Think most are watching the North/Swans game.
hinsch: I got Westhoff opp has R Gray going to be close at this point in the game
DrSeuss: Westhoff – you there today??
bongidongi: looking like its going to come down to walters vs wingard…. not looking good for me
poolboybob: F off Westhoff
SilverLion: Lift Walters
Ash777: what is going on with ryan
Apachecats: Got Ryan ,Walters and RGrey FFS
poolboybob: Get stuffed Westhoff
Breezey: Do me proud Chad.
Chelskiman: Got Westhoff, Rocky and Neale in this one. Finally a good start for once.
luke394: Lift Gray and Walters
TigersMan1: Need 150 from both Neale and Westhoff today pleaaaaaaaaase
rtz23: needed lloyd + jpk to outscore westhoff by 54 🙁
Ash777: dont worry about gray’s score in the first qtr
SilverLion: Walters wtf
cusch1: Need Walters to beat Neale. #FMSC
TigersMan1: I need 278 from Neale, JPK and Walters……… its gonna be tight
LuvIt74: Walters & Gray wake up ffs
SilverLion: Walters going backwards despite being on nothing to begin with :/
DrSeuss: Come on Lachie & Hoff – keep going lads
rtz23: walters playing forward
hinsch: stay low R Gray
Ash777: lol that’s going down in the books
rtz23: this is terrible viewing
Ash777: ryan finally getting into the game
TigersMan1: Surely its not half time, is this the womens teams playing?
Ash777: it’s a wet game
Hadouken: lol, that score.
Haydo: Damn gray and walters doing their best to ruin my sc week😣
Ash777: wtf is with the goal kicking…
cusch1: This game is ruining a great day of football
Chelskiman: She’s on, boys!
Ash777: Robby out cold!
valkorum: So Port get the free kick but yet he incorrectly disposed of the ball first (I hope Robby is ok)
Ash777: it got overturned for the dangerous tackle
PowerBug: well the free kick got reversed then didn’t it valk
Gelly: hopefully that spices things up, will make the game worth watching
cusch1: Didnt even look that bad of a tackle to be honest
Jukes82: lol, this is turning out a shit week!!
Chelskiman: It was definitely a bad tackle. He’ll get weeks for sure.
valkorum: it was never paid PB, just the free for the tackle
Ash777: 10 behinds in a row…
PowerBug: yeah tbf it didn’t seem that bad on first look, but hard deck, that would’ve hurt
Jukes82: hopefully gray is alright for next week
Gelly: no chance for next week
SilverLion: Dont have gray, but have walters :/
hinsch: is this score for real or is it just a crappy game
hinsch: R Gray score will probably creap up to 100
Apachecats: Got both SL
Apachecats: Yeah Hinsch ,he’s scoring better now.
Ash777: game is finally picking up
SilverLion: Gray will still outscore walters at this rate
DrSeuss: Hoff, Rocky, Neale and Wingard – pick it up – finish strong
Roksta: Mundy been solid without fyfe
poolboybob: Magnifying glass for Walters
Apachecats: Who is on Walters ,he hasn’t even had a sniff for a quarter.
th3rio: no 2700 for me this week, hope gray is alright
SilverLion: Shoulda been htb in the middle there
lukefield9: @SilverLion literally the only thing i see from you is complaints
cusch1: Harley Bennell has been taking the opportunity to sniff away from himApache
luke394: What happened to Gray haven’t been watching??
lukefield9: @luke394 got knocked out cold in a tackle
SilverLion: Thats an ironic comment lukefield
Apachecats: You’re allowed to complain here.
lukefield9: @SilverLion just show a bit of positivity mate 🙂
th3rio: wheres big chief been lately?
cusch1: Complaints about complaining? Welcome to How to Internet 101
NoneyaB: Not a lot to be positive about if you are a port fan
SilverLion: @Lukefield Will try, but bit hard with this game, has been pretty bad
luke394: Thanks @lukefield9 might be doubtful for next week
hinsch: not many SC points on offer this game
Jukes82: be a gutsy win if port get up, but I don’t see it happening
Apachecats: Thank God I ‘ve got Ryan and Ollie to offset Gray and Walters a bit.
Apachecats: Not many Hinsch , going by the way they are rifling poor old Robbies score.
valkorum: over 2200 this round and have walters and grey spudding it up (before robby got hurt)
th3rio: hopefully walters kicks a couple of snags
th3rio: and as I say that he kicks it out on the full, thanks champ
circle52: and now another of my pods having concussion test in Wines.
Apachecats: Any one know if Ollie is good to go?
valkorum: damn matera, two snaps and didnt make the distance on either
th3rio: I’ll never understand why players try to kick the hell out of the ball when snapping
Gotigres: Rockliff up forward is not good for scoring
DrSeuss: Why put Rocky forward? Need him in the middle to get the ball foward.
SilverLion: $$$ for Giro
Haydo: What happened to gray
Apachecats: Biggest slam tackle ever Haydo ,in la la land.
cusch1: Dardy McCrafty finally shows up
mattpanag: 15 years til Cam McCarthy is selling speed to bikie gangs
Haydo: Will he miss next week apache?
cusch1: Dont you mean 15 minutes? Game only has 10 left
Haydo: I was gonna get 2500 for the first time ever before this game now i will hardly make 2400
Sixty656: More like buying it from bikies
th3rio: finally walters
Apachecats: Big chance Haydo.
valkorum: ok, chat about the game please.
PowerBug: if he’s got concussion it’s a week off minimum
th3rio: the next few weeks will prove whether port are actually built tough. Easy run since China
hinsch: westhoff move your butt need 100
TigersMan1: 2000 with Gray, Walters, Neale and Westhoff, was looking at 2650 before today, now not even 2300
Rush: Not sure if it’s just because i’m more of an NRL guy but i didn’t see much wrong with the Gray tackle
Apachecats: Heart for Ollie.
hinsch: got R Gray and Nic Nat looking sad for next week
Rush: Like it’s worth a week suspension, nothing more
TheLegend6: 2277 with Gray and Westhoff, likely to finish just below 2400
valkorum: rush, its worse because he didnt have the ball
SilverLion: If Freo win does that mean Brisbane has the longest current winning streak?
Sixty656: Ryder has hip flexor not achillies
th3rio: chances of gray playing next week?
th3rio: this round has been curse of the ruckman wowee
Sixty656: great excuse to finally trade him
cusch1: Yes correct Silver. Amazing that
Nuffman: Take out Grays injury score.. Only have 2 other scores under 95 for the week
TigersMan1: Come on Neale get to 130, Westhoff 100 and Walters at LEAST 60
SilverLion: @cusch1 Incredible. Go Freo
Ash777: luke ryan is pushing me over 2400. have 2257 with him n the hoff
lukat: very sad. Was looking at 2700 before this game
The39Steps: Who is the best replacement for NicNat. Grundy only so-so. Goldy getting plenty. Stef going ok.
Ash777: could of been 2500 if jpk didn’t get injured
th3rio: grundy without a doubt, have you not seen his past 6-8 games?
th3rio: today he was average and still went 99
cusch1: Grundy, Martin if you have the cash, if you dont, Bellchambers, Nank, Jacobs
valkorum: Mundy with a goal after the siren would be icing on top
valkorum: damn, oh well
SilverLion: @39 Grundy
th3rio: did sandy say port might not make finals? theyre 2 games clear of the 8 lol

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