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Chat log from R16 of 2018: North Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R16 of 2018

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luke394: Hey fellas does anyone know how to get to he full stats view on iPad?
luke394: Traded Higgins in for Fyfe and hes off sore :/
duckky: Holman and Ahern here. Oh dear.
pcaman2003: Doesn’t look like too many interested in this one Luke. Can’t help with the ipad. Don’t use one.
Breezey: Press Stats written in Blue
luke394: It’s not the same Breezey when you’re on a comp its much more comprehensive
pcaman2003: Glad I put Ahern on field and Holman on bench.
luke394: Yeah quiet one here @pcaman not many SC relevant
duckky: Hey – Holmans score went from -3 to -2. Nice
duckky: Dang – it went back to -3
Breezey: Tell you the truth I haven’t seen it a computer.
luke394: Holman shocking start
Breezey: Brown might kick 10 and score 200 Fantasy points at this rate
luke394: He looks on @Breezey
Chelskiman: Nice start, Ahern! Traded Holman out in RDT this week as well.
duckky: Doughnuts for Holman
The0gre: Dognuts for the Hole Man again!
gingjok: 10 possessions for 15 points .. what was I thinking Lyons
Jukes82: whats with aherns TOG??
duckky: But 5 Kermits Ogre
faisca7: Goatstein going for 7 straight tons
penguins00: Suns playing really well right now but not finishing off their work
Smurfman: Go Ahern! Needed this after Spargo playing like a potato
Breezey: Orazio Fantasia out for the Bombers today
pcaman2003: Ahern willl be a keeper for me until the end now. Showing his worth.
Carnster: Whats with ahern tog
Haydo: Ahern doing it nic nat style 100 from 50 percent tog
pcaman2003: Nic Nat better do well today or he’s Gawn.
circle52: Gee Crossley looks a lot older than 19.
Breezey: Crossley still not quite 19 actually.
Haydo: Gawn and traded t
Haydo: Gawn for gawn? @pca
MONEY TALK: i was excited how brown started
MONEY TALK: also looks like goldy is back
pcaman2003: @Haydo. Either Gawn or Grundy.

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