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Chat log from R15 of 2018: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Port Adelaide, R15 of 2018

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BigChief: Hi all Power to win by 5 goals. The wet will be the only saving grace for Carlton.
frenzy: danger game
frenzy: Cripps VC
Raspel31: Me too Frenzy- fingers crossed.
Jukes82: afternoon lads, another game like last night would be great, unlikely tho
Breezey: Carlton have an ice cubes hope in hell with of winning this
pcaman2003: Afternoon all!
Jukes82: im just want to see a competitive game and im happy
pcaman2003: @jukes. Like last nights cracker of a finish.
Raspel31: And back to you pcaman
original: cripps hanball counting as ineffective there smh so a blues player on the bounce
Jukes82: was a ripper no doubt
pcaman2003: Have Hoff,Gray, Cripps and Simmo. Hopefully all goes well today.
TheLegend6: Cripps flying under the radar for the Brownlow. Will poll really well imo
Raspel31: Hoff, Rocky, Cripps and Simmo.
Jukes82: Cripper, Simmo, R.Gray
Breezey: What’s that game where you look for the fella in the photo. Oh I got it. It’s Wheres Wingard
pcaman2003: We seem to have almost the same players!
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Just come on
Fatbar5tad: Rocky, Hoff, Ollie, Gray and Beardo Simpson.
circle52: Just Hoff and Wines for me.
Breezey: After 12 mins of play
DrSeuss: Wingard started on the bench, only been on a couple of minutes
pcaman2003: Happy with my lads so far. Had a good night last night too.
BigChief: Murphy fumbling a lot. Should be doing better.
pcaman2003: Jack Trengove making early impact. Good to see him back.
Fatbar5tad: Missed a fair bit of footy chief
original: waiting for cripps mark and effective kick +9 plz lol
duckky: Cripps must be shagged out after last week.
BigChief: True Fatbar but if selected should be up to scratch.
FREODUCK: cripps mark and handball is missing
original: he defs got a mark didnt he.?.? i’ll replay in a bit lol i need every point i can get
original: freo its not on the afl site either. real confused lol
FREODUCK: yeah it was after a simmo kickout to himself handball to teamate then chip down the line to cripps
Smurfman: Casbout can’t even mark the ball now. He now has zero reasons to be out there
StuL: Why is hoff such a gun now?
BigChief: I don’t think they paid it as a mark even though it was.
original: jibbed
DrSeuss: Wingard and Hoff – good, Rocky a little more please
poolboybob: F off Westhoff
original: surely counts as a mark even if playing on straight away
FREODUCK: well they didnt give the handball and i heard the umpy blow the whistle for a mark
BigChief: Onya Charlie.
casey22: Hoff off to a flyer again, history says go to sleep in second quarter
Jukes82: they up and and about today
pcaman2003: Great qtr for my 4 guys. Keep it up boys.
Breezey: First world problems
BigChief: 2 dumb free kicks in the last min Carlton.
StuL: Lets go VC Cripper.
pcaman2003: @Breezey. At least Wingard bounced back for you.
SilverLion: Power off Robbie
original: honestly where is cripps mark and kick? ill give them its hard to judge effectiveness but a clear mark hmm
PowerBug: Can’t complain about that first qtr SC wise!
The39Steps: Only the AFL could schedule 1v2 at Etihad and crap teams like these two at the G the same week.
original: yayayayay lol thanks stats people hehe
Raspel31: Think it just appeared original
FREODUCK: looks like our campaigning has worked original. Good stuff, need all the crippsy points thanks!!!
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
original: the39steps what was thursday crowd like?
PowerBug: Richmond chose to play Sydney at Docklands @T39
JButcher: @PowerBug absolutely perfect from a fantasy perspective
Breezey: Yes he did @Pcaman
original: haha yesss freo. did he get points tho? or will load later. 38 pre mark stat, 37 after hmm
The39Steps: Really @powerbug? I thought the AFL said it had to be Etihad otherwise they wouldnt meet their quota?
The39Steps: 45k on Thursday night if my memory serves me correctly. Would have got 20k more at the G.
original: doubtful
original: cripps long kick inside 50 goes out for a throw in but some long kicks inside 50 that oppo marks count effect?i giv up
StuL: Rocky is now a crab.
The39Steps: 59k at the G last year for Tiges v Swans.
original: gee cant wait to see this replay
original: pickett you dog lol own team ruining your goal haha
BigChief: Touched by Pickett.
Smurfman: Is Garlett really just Bootsma in disguise?
JButcher: Love Toddy but I feel he was rushed back, Watts at the moment is a better option
original: Smurf lol. just as soft. same hair. bit quicker
original: did murphy just turn away from gray who had the ball?! what are you doing?
frenzy: Casboult has played about 6 years too many
original: sloppy free? bloke threw head back rance like when his shoulder got touched. cmon ump
Breezey: Beautiful Hoff and Chad
pcaman2003: Oh man! I’m so happy with my 4 guys so far
JButcher: I hope you keep proving me wrong Toddy!!!
TigersMan1: Got westoff, gray, cripps and simpson, loving life!!
casey22: Not many players as versatile than the Hoff!!!
Jukes82: lol this game is over. pathetic
pcaman2003: @Tigers. Exactly the same as you.
TigersMan1: On 398 from 4, heeney killed me lol, and those 4 playing so looking good! Plus got Kennedys VC score!
Raspel31: Even Rocky coming good-surprises never end.
m0nty: onya Rocky
original: nice tigersman
ReggieOz: Can you call Rocky a crab again please Thanks!
Fizzy343: StuL: Rocky is now a crab
Rockafella: haha
SilverLion: I finally decided to trade Garlett this week. Hah.
StuL: Rocky moves more like tortoise but at least hes getting the ball.
Jukes82: lol why? he’s made like 50k only
PowerBug: Gray, Cripps, Simpson, Rocky and VC Hoff. Yeah I liked that half of footy 😀
original: silverlion is v wise. i have vc on him
tommy10: Same 4 for me too Tigersman
original: vc hoff wowee very bold i like it PowerBug
StuL: Garlett will still get not very much.
ajconodie: All good SilverLion – I still have Barry.
Crowls: PB you got inside information from somewhere mate.
SilverLion: @Jukes Allows me to get Boak/Shuey/Hogan next week. Didn’t think he’d get his 53 BE.
pcaman2003: @Powerbug. And Rocky too? Ballsy !
PowerBug: Nah I figured that with Danger failing many last night that I could gamble on VC
original: how good is bolton trotting on about Mckay needing consistency to get a game. yet plays casboult LOL
PowerBug: And my Power and Hoff bias means I genuinely think Hoff can go 160 every single week 😛
Breezey: So what did Barry Hall say last night to get sacked immediately by Triple M
PowerBug: But it’s only HT he’ll no doubt end on 120, he always stops playing
StuL: He daid something that will get you banned here too.
ajconodie: Breezey – Something along the lines of obstetricians enjoy KFC.
StuL: Montagna should have got a whack too. They were talking about his wifes obstetrics.
Breezey: I only heard about it. Don’t know what was said
pcaman2003: How soes Casboult keep getting a game? Spud king!
Crowls: got same players vc on cripps
StuL: Its on Youtube.
original: quintessential footy coverage tho – boys club of blokes who played arent necessarily good commentators
BigChief: no donut for Casboult @m0nty?
Breezey: Righto
StuL: And barry made “sex act” comment.
Pokerface: reddit knows all breezy
m0nty: two hitouts for Levi, no donuts
Breezey: I just listened on U TUbe. Can’t be saying that these days
original: wow
Fatbar5tad: Sam Tried The Don’t Argue Powell Pepper
Fatbar5tad: Longest name in Football
StuL: You’re a crab Rockliff!
The39Steps: Tricky conversation coming up for SOS – “son, you’re not going to make it.”
Fatbar5tad: Bullshit not 15 calls
original: whats with this non 15m rubbish fellas/? becomming embarrassing
BigChief: 3 not 15 calls that were all more than 15. Interesting.
circle52: Maybe this is the rule of the week watch the 15m for kicks.
original: soon we will have the technology that will track the ball and a siren will sound when its not 15m. robot control
The39Steps: Feels like Hoff always makes 80% of his score in the first half.
circle52: Charlie Curnow putting his hand up as a final F6/
circle52: Hoff having his usual 3rd quarter fade out
original: guy made the post move. so what happens??
BigChief: That ball only hit the post because the Port player made the post move. That is crap.
JButcher: Didn’t do it intentionally Original if he did then it would be a reportable offence
Fatbar5tad: Blues having a crack but need a snag
StuL: Stiff Garlett, twice.
BigChief: @JButcher but if he didn’t move the post it would not have hit the post.
JButcher: No rule against it if he’s trying to spoil @BigChief
original: 2014 lindsay thomas wouda ut the guy in hospital
PowerBug: yep, that first half was too good to be true haha. Port players have just stopped 🙁
Breezey: Not watching this but who looks like winning
SilverLion: VC Cripps going to be interesting
Fatbar5tad: Port but they are making hard work of it. Blues have lifted for Beardo.
original: SL i have the same, really needed him to get to 100 ay. a 4th qtr goal or two would be good
original: no push in the back there? cmon ump
BigChief: No push in the back to Curnow?
pcaman2003: Big qtr please Mr Gray
StuL: Time for points Crabkliff!
original: kennedy in everyones way. first cripps now casb
BigChief: Thomas is a crab.
StuL: Booooo
circle52: Feel forthose with Cripps VC and if he gets to 118 do you take it.
Breezey: Hoff getting involved again
circle52: Still musing over whether to take Dangers 118 myself as security.
StuL: Should of vc simo. Forgot about the 300
poolboybob: Gee Polson is bad
pcaman2003: Take Danger for 118 0r Titch as C?
StuL: Fyfe,c, v lions in Perth is surely the lock of all locks!?
BigChief: Premiership threat Healy? Please only just beating the last placed team.
JButcher: If we played against a top 8 side we would have been badly punished for our early poor conversion cannot happen again
Raspel31: Well, my Cripps VC failed- titch or Fyfe. Leaning Fyfey.
BigChief: @StuL Gawn v nobody is my lock of all locks.
leorosman_: captain on jeremy howe
Breezey: Did anyone grab Phillips when Kreuzer went out. Scoring well today
pcaman2003: can’t see the game. Has R Gray stopped?Not scoring for a while.
kano: BigChief for the burger
DrSeuss: Come on Rocky – big finish please
original: cripps aint touched it this qtr
Raspel31: Hmm- food for thought BigChief
BigChief: kano for the muppet.
Fatbar5tad: Gawn into Fyfe with Ahern my donut boy. Have to pay attention though.
kano: Just stop moaning you whiny cunt
BigChief: Who is moaning you moron?
Breezey: Well that escalated quickly.
StuL: Would have done gawn into fyfe but had no loop
MONEY TALK: glad i got simmo last week, get up for him blues
StuL: Come on blues. You owe simo.
pcaman2003: Damn you Gray,go get the ball.
kano: Can’t fault the effort from the blues kids for Simmo’s big game
Breezey: Hello Chad. Check back in thanks
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Nice score for a late starter. You’d be stoked.
original: well kano you can tbh
Breezey: Certainly
NoneyaB: well done simmo!
MONEY TALK: haha showing off simmo
kano: I reckon some of the blues kid arent sry
Raspel31: Wow possessions Simmo- you old gun!
kano: I reckon some of the blues kids aren’t any good but they’ve tried all day
original: umpiring at the death is woeful. guy tackled in a mark. play on
pcaman2003: Happy with my guys exept Gray who slacked it 2nd half.
pcaman2003: Simmo making up for Docherty.
JButcher: Surely Carlton have a better young forward than Levi
original: murphy sc is a joke. no one owns him but he has been rubbish
mattmac24: Simmo and Hoff as uniques in my main league is working wonders!
poolboybob: Crab for Casboult
MONEY TALK: same @matt plus cripps
anthsill03: U got no idea @orginal
original: cripps robbed
mattmac24: @Money yeah got Crippa as well but VC on him didn’t pull through. He’s the common VC though so not much of a problem
MONEY TALK: same ssame vc on cripps

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