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Chat log from R14 of 2018: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, R14 of 2018

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BigChief: Hi all. Wet Toast by 41 for me and Yeo as my VC.
frenzy: peeps
wadaramus: Bombers busting a move, shifting it very quickly.
Raspel31: Even’n lads.
Raspel31: And ladies.
circle52: Hi All – Bit late getting it up
Chelskiman: Lads. I too have Yeo as VC.
Chelskiman: Big Bellchambers has put together a nice season for himself. Won’t be talked about in the top 5, but been solid.
frenzy: c’mon seagulls
Raspel31: Boom boom.
StuL: Silenced the crowd early.
cusch1: I cant wait to lose this from here
cusch1: #FreeKickWestCoast
Roksta: me neither cusch
frenzy: teabag
StuL: Thanks Smith
pcaman2003: Thankfully opponent has Smith too.
Torz: Hutchings following Zerrett now
StuL: See, the bombers arent so bad
Breezey: Never touched the umpire
BigChief: How did this mob lose to Carlton?
DrSeuss: Hutchings grabbing Zerrett at every stoppage. Smith and Yeo pick it up
cusch1: he is being tackled ump that cannot be deliberate
Nuffman: How is that deliberate?
TheOnyas: onya browny
luke394: Hurley, Smith & Ryan started well for me
DrSeuss: Stop giving away frees Devon
Regis124: Free kick count looks like typical umpire love for the eagles
pcaman2003: Smith finally!
wadaramus: Wowee, Bombers flying!
Raspel31: Young Redman lookin da goods.
frenzy: cape teabag
Breezey: It’s 38-1 Regis. Having no influence
Stu7: What’s the go with Mc Keenan
BigChief: WTF was that rubbish Wet Toast?
wadaramus: Ryan and Guelfi, you’re not helping.
Lewysport: Give smith some Merrett he’s had a Saad Day on the Green with a Hooker behind Myers.
Ash777: do the eagles have jet lag?
Nuffman: Cape for Stringer
Pokerface: you only had to do something for 1 more week Cole
Breezey: Pleased I got Redman in thus far
Ash777: worsfold must have the eagles gameplan
duckky: Come on… donught for cole
wadaramus: Log way to go, but a big comeback needed from here!
BigChief: No cape for Stringer @m0nty?
frenzy: m0nty’s on auto pilot
Apachecats: feel lile I’ve backed a horse thats hit the front too far from home.
Ash777: isn’t the cape for a 50+ dt score?
valkorum: Is this Freo v Carl but in different colours?
Apachecats: how about that deliberate against McKenna in first term .Kickedit on the way to being flat on his back ffs.
BigChief: Also 3+ goals @Ash
cusch1: 3 goals in a quarter is a cape too ash
luke394: Great work Dev after a horrible start
hinsch: happy days in Perth tonight
Regis124: For some of us.
BigChief: I think Eagles flew to Melb to play this game. They sure are not in WA
Breezey: 50-1. Good odds for a horse. West Coast going like a nag
Ash777: is it me or does mcgovern kick the ball without looking where he is kicking half the time
Gotigres: Loving this game. Richmond to stay on top.
poolboybob: Potato for all of the Eagles
Apachecats: omber imports have kicked 5 and Saad responsible for another 2
Brian: Oh boy wowee, Essendon is dominating the ladder leaders!
circle52: gee another dekiberate shanked kick BS
Raspel31: If that free kick loses us the game…
BigChief: How the hell was that deliberate against Hurley? These umpires are useless
Breezey: UMPs back on the deliberate bandwagon
Apachecats: *Bomber
Ash777: I forgot that eagles are missing their best kpfs
Stu7: McKernan wet sock
duckky: Ryan making an unreaalistic attempt – naa thats OK. Shanked kick – deliberate.
Haydo: is that you esava?
wadaramus: What criteria do the umpires use to decide eliberate?
Breezey: Is it Tom Cole or Tom Cold
Nuffman: Slap on the face? Nah play on
frenzy: last touch wada
Pusti: Looks like the umps have decided the Eagles need their help.
Breezey: If the crowd yell loud enough @Wada
cusch1: Who the home team is Wada
Apachecats: umps doing their best to even this up’
wadaramus: That’s how it seems frenzy, why not just make that the rule?!
original: surely bombers have someone better than josh green that could play
Breezey: Limping is Devon
bongidongi: stringer hasn’t touched it yet this q
Jukes82: D.smith’s calf looks gone
jaypeee: Gaff Yeo Hurn keep going boys
Jukes82: seems ok now
Gotigres: Smith hobbling
wadaramus: Proppy on the left, just get us to a hunjy Dev
DrSeuss: Pick it up Zerrett
luke394: Smith limping?
SimCity: Get McGovern into the forward line, he might mark it
hinsch: WCE starting to pick it up hahaha
original: SHOCK HORROR: lcras shoots..most selfish player in the league now boys
hinsch: WCE need anothe r50 behinds to win this
Nuffman: How was that not a 50 for McKernan? Told him 3 times to get out and still within exclusion zone?
Apachecats: LRyan has slipped over every time he hasgone near it.
Lewysport: $ for Redman, looks a handy type!
duckky: Lets jump in Bellchamber’s bacck… again no free
poolboybob: Hutchings is useless when not tagging
luke394: Redman looking a good trade in next wejj
OllieC: hurley missing this quater
Regis124: You take the player over the boundary Bombers throw in, Eagles free kick.
BigChief: Why wasn’t that deliberate against WC? Redden (I think) ran straight OOB
frenzy: muppet teabag
wadaramus: Ryan needs to quit trying to mark and try getting the pill.
bongidongi: hurley and hurn need a rocket up the bum
HappyDEZ: Agreed BC. 100% deliberate. Ya gotta pay that.
Apachecats: yeah Big Chief and Ess gets pingeg for an identical situation 20 secs later.
pcaman2003: Naitanui getting crap TOG again. WC need him on the ground don’t they?
luke394: Hurley’s role seems to have changed to the lock down defender I’m hating the trade in 😖
BigChief: Ess getting raped by the umps tonight.
Regis124: Happy Yeo took that kick. need all the points I can
Ash777: can bombers choke this away?
TheOnyas: Onya Gaffy
Regis124: Eagles having double the free kicks is about right. They must be first to the ball…
HappyDEZ: Same here Regis. pity it was -3 to Redman tho.
Roksta: only stupid people that dont know footy think a free count needs to be even
hinsch: History will show you WCE do pretty godd in the free kick stats
Regis124: It never is with the Eagles. Thank Rocksta. Thats my point
HappyDEZ: Ess play Sunday next week. A couple extra days for Zac & Dev sore calves.
duckky: Thought if you were tackled over the line it couldnt be holding the ball (which doesn’t exist).
HappyDEZ: Worry about tonight first I suppose.
duckky: Ryan making no reasonable attempt and holding down Redman’s arm weren’t penalised.
duckky: Ryan making no reasonable attempt and holding down Redman’s arm weren’t penalised.
duckky: Whoops – sorry for double posting
Roksta: thats ok duckky
HappyDEZ: C’mon Aussies in 30 mins.
Willymack1: Dons will lose from here
cusch1: West coast have more free kicks than points on the scoreboard lol
BigChief: Tasmanian best on by a mile.
TheOnyas: onya sm
HappyDEZ: Big call Willymack. No Kennedy. No Darling.
original: does shuey have a point
cusch1: Clear throw at half back?
BigChief: I didn’t think so @cusch.
cusch1: More free kicks than minutes this quarter so far
poolboybob: Burger for Shuey
BigChief: NicNat should be fined for staging. That was crap from him.
luke394: Any danger of touching the pill at and stage Ryan
Breezey: Off to the World Cup for NicNat. Seriously
cusch1: im not even surprised anymore
BigChief: The umpires are getting worse.
Ash777: brown looks like he cleans pools in his off time :p
luke394: Only way Ryan can get a kick lol
Regis124: Dont talk about the free kick count. Apparently you are stupid if you do.
Chelskiman: Apparently.
HappyDEZ: lol Ash
duckky: About time bombers
original: guelfi probs gets 1, maybe 2 points for that but was such good play
original: also boys had my multi with the first leg as essendn -5 points @$5.50…still sitting in my bet slip as never hit submit
pcaman2003: He got 7 pts @Original
cusch1: This is a joke
Ash777: eagles more frees than score
original: really @ pcaman, thats good, deserved it. good play from a first year
HappyDEZ: -3 entire Essendon team this qtr?
BigChief: Wow no 50 against Heppell. That’s a surprise
Apachecats: umps cant beat us ,but they’re trying their best
Nuffman: These umps are absolutely ridiculous
bernieV: if it makes you feel better I had $700 multi on eagles, hawks and pies at 1.50 and unfortunately it was confirmed. FUWC
original: unlucky bernie
Chelskiman: Ouch, bernie.
anthsill03: Bloody umps enough said
tommy10: 26-12 in frees WC favour. Disgraceful
original: love watching josh green play. maybe its not too late for me to forge an afl career
poolboybob: Solid kicking at goal from the Eagles in this one.
anthsill03: Omg the ump paid that a behind is this rigged
Apachecats: wc cant buy a goal
bernieV: only playing with winnings, but yeah not ideal
BigChief: Not 1 person here thinks the umps are doing a good job tonight. And we all follow different teams. Shows that they are
Carnster: Smith really died this quarter
BigChief: so bad tonight it is not funny.
original: had a mate start betting on 2 games a week, start with $25 each and then just put it all on 2 games the next week
cusch1: Hooker touched that jesus christ
Breezey: BT might be right. 4 Umps seeing more frees than 3
luke394: Clearly touched lol
Nuffman: Apache. They just paid for one.
original: the other week he lost $1k on tigers and $900 on i think sydney poor bloke lol
bernieV: afl still have a big issue with home ground umpiring advantage, see the WCE StK stat a few weeks ago? total bs
HappyDEZ: That bet n ot looking good but not over yet?
Apachecats: showere odds there bernie 3 winners and only $1.50 odds?
original: atually was ade
Breezey: Score review missed that.
HappyDEZ: We (Port) copped 30-13 over there earlier this year.
wadaramus: Go Australia!
original: yeh bernie there have been a couple of psych studies on it, hard to counter
bernieV: i generally bet on what i think are certainties and multi em..always a risk of this happening
original: lol who traded ryan in last week hehe
cusch1: Even the commentators are supporting WCE here
Gelly: that should be a fine for diving for shuey
Breezey: Shuey off to the World Cup now. Umps fall for that shower
valkorum: Bernie – then explain why Freo never get the most free kicks (even in year they made GF)
pcaman2003: WC tanking!
BigChief: Saad starting to lose it.
original: oh devon smith there you are..where you been?
luke394: Me @original lol
Regis124: Talkback issue in perth was the 3 WA umpires tonight. Just saying
bernieV: it averages out for crows between home and away i guess
Trindacut: Flower me, horribly biased umpiring
original: we staying on the footy or WC boys.. just sayin
luke394: World Cup 🙂
BigChief: Is that right @Regis? If so that is bad from AFL.
Stu7: 2 of my duds are sitting on the bottom
wadaramus: Get the vodka out, it’s over to Russia!
original: Luke, early signs we goin to be pantsed
poolboybob: Lycett muppet
Apachecats: ha ha ha
ShavedApe: Its that sort of night really
Gelly: haha lycett you potato
BigChief: Muppet for Lycett.
Jukes82: LOL Lycett in the muppet hall of fame
Breezey: There is the first Kermit
Gelly: get him off the ground before he dies from embaressment
original: will west coast score more points than free kicks for?
Nuffman: Why was that not deliberate?
Costanza: 2 scoring shots the diff
Gordo450: Mare for Lycett
Apachecats: I’d have money on the frees original
wadaramus: Ah crap.
Gotigres: oh no.
Gelly: not a fan of the 4 umps, turned into free kick ball
original: Kruse LOL useless
Breezey: Socceroos down 1-0 already
ShavedApe: WCE finding out what life without good FWDs is like
Regis124: Cahill going to get a run tonight?
aussie59: Lol… I just don’t get it… Slaughtered by umpires Essendon
Jukes82: 2 goals in 3 quarters, ordinary.
Ash777: goodbye bellchambers
StuL: Danmark might tear us a new one i think.
ShavedApe: Bellchambers safe
BigChief: Denmark might get more goals than WC
cusch1: That would give Shane Warne’s ball of the century some competition
Raspel31: Lol BigChief-sadly
Trindacut: What a goal
frenzy: top 4 spot up for grab
original: my boss is from denmark, maybe ill ask for a raise tomorrow as he will be in a good mood based on this..
banta: never seen umpiring more biased
Costanza: soccer just shows how great Aussie Rules is
Apachecats: that a mark any day to McKernan
banta: umps payed off. so suss. always favour eagles at home. glad they are losing
anthsill03: Bigchief u finally seen the light.. the real football is on sbs now
Apachecats: watch it Rioli you could get bitten doing that
cusch1: They just paused the clock for him to tie his shoelaces….
BigChief: I won’t watch that rubbish Anthilis. Rather watch grass grow
StuL: The decision to get Ryan is the only bigger potato than Ryan himself.
original: kruse is legit a running joke
Raspel31: Yep original- truly dire.
circle52: 17 scoring shots each but eagles down by 40 .
poolboybob: Ryan was really good the first 3 games, then he hurt his ankle badly and missed 2+ months. Calm your farm
wadaramus: Kruse had potential, but looking like not up to standard 🙁
Gotigres: Australia fooling around with the ball in defence
Costanza: free kicks – as predicted
Jukes82: lol Basil Zemplas is such a retard
wadaramus: Coughing up an early goal totally sucks.
anthsill03: People who normally dont like football usually have short attention span. Not called the world game for no reason
StuL: Australia lucky to have the ball.
Apachecats: Essendon free!!
cusch1: Apache, no one cares anymore mate. No one cares.
BigChief: What is the Aussie team called? Socceroos or Footballroos? It is Soccer in Australia.
Apachecats: Reckon umps have given up .WCE just beyond help.
anthsill03: Only gimps call it soccer or the yanks
wadaramus: The S word is a thing of the past.
Apachecats: yeah I’ll ease up now Cusch
StuL: Did freekickwestcoast get a couple?
duckky: Smith must be in AA form
Raspel31: Apparently the Danes got 4cm a man on the Aussies- and they’re tall too.
duckky: Mind, Smith is the only one in Ess that would be in contention
Manowar: West Coast are SHIT
wadaramus: Nice one Raspel 🙂
pcaman2003: Haven’t seen Yeo on ground for some time.
Gotigres: Kruse has missed a few chances
StuL: Theres a lot of giant Vikings
original: imo smith a good player but not AA at this point
poolboybob: Heppell looks like a dude I gave a dollar to outside the Transperth station yesterday
luke394: Kruse sucks
Costanza: surely there’s a shit soccer chat site elsewhere.
wadaramus: Had a chance to hit it first time but took the touch and blew it.
StuL: We’re very unthreatening in attack
original: kruse has been woefil Gotigres
original: woeful* lol
wadaramus: Correct StuL, lots of possession for not many shots on target 🙁
Planking: one of the sillier stars ive seen given this year
JockMcPie: VAR lets gooo
Gotigres: Penalty for Australia!
wadaramus: Come on Mile.
original: wow
luke394: Cmon Jedinak
StuL: Well we cant score in open play…
dipstick: jedinak best strike rate penalty taker in the world
Regis124: Yes!
Haydo: yes mile
wadaramus: 12 from 12 Mile you fucking legend.
valkorum: please keep the chat about AFL not the World Game
anthsill03: Doesnt matter so many goals scored from set pieces throughout the tournament
tommy10: Goooooooaaalllll
original: sorry valk
HappyDEZ: Redman hasn’t back on since grabbing at his ankle. OK I hope.
luke394: Hurley had a good second half
StuL: Get a point today, beat Peru..
m0nty: nah valk I think world cups are fair game 🙂
dipstick: @valk we can only talk about what we are watching
Pinkman: whats happened. are the aussies in front. sorry @valkorum
Pokerface: what is there left to chat about in this game valk?
StuL: Or win this
original: anyone have bellchambers in perfect9s
BigChief: I have Gaff
original: yessss monty
valkorum: No worries Monty
Haydo: nah yeo for me original, what happened to redman
valkorum: You didnt let me know otherwise monty so I followed normal rules 🙂
Pokerface: not sure if m0ntys account been hacked?
Breezey: You need Gaff not the Chamber
Raspel31: Oh no-Redman.
luke394: He just let you know then
original: gaff steals it for bigchief at the death!!!
cusch1: Keep the chat open M0nty pls
anthsill03: Give the star to monty
bernieV: thanks eagles.
BigChief: Nice Gaff jumped Belly at the end.
wadaramus: Aussies with the run of play, got to jag a second goal.
Stu7: What happened to Redman

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