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Chat log from R13 of 2018: Geelong vs Richmond

Chat log for Geelong vs Richmond, R13 of 2018

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Haydo: Danger +10 vs dusty bet ya dusty has a good game
SilverLion: God Richmond play some scrappy ugly footy
cusch1: They play incredibly attractive footy 95% of the time though SL
the spud: the link at the top of the page where all the games are listed is broken for me
feralmong: these early misses gonna hurt.
the spud: for this game: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it.”
SilverLion: Nah cusch, only when they’re on top, generally against the weaker sides. They scrap against good ones
Gotigres: Problems with this page. Just got on now.
SilverLion: But it generally works
feralmong: SL is spot on our form actually isn’t very good yet. Lots to fix and improve
frenzy: went the long way, but here now
feralmong: Not watching but are the conditions poor for scoring goals today?
StuL: There has to be a better VFL player out there than Parsons.
cusch1: How good was Rance in that contest though? Fell flat on his face!!
StuL: Where’s Dusty!?
SilverLion: Constable @StuL?
hinsch: This might be Dustys last week in my team unless he goes 110+
StuL: I was thinking anyone SL.
SilverLion: Ablett is so soft nowadays, only looks good as a seagull
feralmong: finally
DrSeuss: Is Dusty forward today? Or just lazy after his family trip?
original: ablett untouchable?
feralmong: krock on the feed said dusty with dr’s. leg.
original: dusty has been woeful for weeks
DrSeuss: Of course he is feral. Will get me a -2 in the byes after holding him for his NZ trip.
cusch1: How far away is Nakia Cockatoo?
lukat: Dusty’s form will return when his ownership halves
feralmong: yeah i flipped him a few weeks ago and brought in Gaff.
SilverLion: Rance should be playing soccer, very good at putting mayo on frees
feralmong: gaff didn’t get much this week but still looking better than dusty it appears.
luke394: Dusty might be a luxury trade out near finals he’s terrible
Umpirespet: Alex France
duckky: About time Gaz
SilverLion: Also, Rance too good to match up on Hawkins? Asking a lot of a first gamer
cusch1: I don’t have the balls to bring in GAJ, but gee i am starting to think that he is back
JockMcPie: hahaha I like that @Umpirespet
StuL: Gazz!!! What a goal.
duckky: Gaz was too cheap to overlook.
SilverLion: Duncan could be the most underrated player in the AFL
duckky: What is going on with MArtin
StuL: Martin still hungover from 2017 I think.
Preston007: Martin is having a filthy year in DT..
cusch1: How tf is Rance on 30 sc????
StuL: Parsons -5 is not at all surprising. Clearly just making up Scotts bizarre youth quota numbers.
StuL: Rance, diving 5 pts, whining like a teenage girl, 5pts
obione05: Gaz is playing bruise free footy this yr
BigChief: I believe it is called BS SC love @cusch.
cusch1: Averaging 10 points per touch
SilverLion: Week as piss Ablett
SilverLion: Autocorrect haha, you guys know what I mean
CBeezDeez: Yeah He’s week ever weak I reckon.
cusch1: He was running to man the mark??? Maybe the ump can kick it for him too next time
frenzy: stewart going backwards WTF
original: cusch was defs 50m penalty my friend
DrSeuss: Menegola running with Dusty – but Dusty playing lazy af. Can’t wait to finally trade him
original: drseuss agree cannot wait to trade him
CBeezDeez: Had to hold Dusty & Higgins due to my shower team. Glad to finally get rid of both of em next week!
frenzy: dustbin showerhaus
CBeezDeez: His avg shows he’s not that bad, but below premo…
DrSeuss: All he does is run near packs and point to where his teammates should kick. Freaking infuriating.
StuL: Grigg miss times jump, “tunneling”!? Ridiculous
StuL: Free kick Richmond.
SilverLion: Menegola gained points for that FA
cusch1: think menegola mistimed his body contact bump to be fair. Grigg just stood there
original: lol was tunneling
original: parsons lol standard
SilverLion: Permanent spud for Parsons
Chelskiman: You gotta pay that mark to Rance, Jesus.
Chelskiman: If not a mark then a clear free kick.
cusch1: Is Parsons the worst player to play for Geelong in the last 18 years?
cusch1: I am closer to an opponent than Rance is and I am sitting on my couch at home #GuardsGrass
original: surely that was a trip to start with, finally got in the back free
cusch1: Rance another dive when bumped by Dangerfield???
original: rance reputation as a diver hurt him there
Chelskiman: That wasn’t a dive, lol. Should of been a free to Rance for a block. Danger didn’t even look at the ball.
SilverLion: Stop flopping Richmond
feralmong: onya lambo
Chelskiman: I swear Danger, Ablett and Selwood get frees if anyone slightly touches them.
SilverLion: First time Ablett goes in all game, gets a protected species free
original: thought it was holding ball on ablett tbh
SilverLion: Get the measuring tape out
MONEY TALK: is dusty on a hangover from last years celebrations still
Jukes82: ablett is just weak as piss, it’s to be expected
intergaze: typically piss poor umpiring :/
luke394: Lots of Gazza hate today
cusch1: Surprisingly no comments on why this isnt at Skilled Stadium just yet
NewFreoFan: Why isn’t this being played at Skilled?
StuL: No donut for you Princess Rance
StuL: Because the AFL cheat NFF
SilverLion: How is that not holding against France?
kano: Free against rance every day of the week
frenzy: c’mon Higgins lift already flower
NewFreoFan: Will be good to watch Stan Lee ruck at Marvel Stadium
Chelskiman: Great start to the quarter!
TheOnyas: onya griggy
SilverLion: Haha Ablett just jumped on the pack of players at the end and CD have him a tackle.
cusch1: Geelong received Parfitt and Q. Narckle, for Caddy and Jack Graham in that trade. Tiges massive winners
feralmong: crows are spewing they missed graham too.
feralmong: not a bad first game for garthwaite
SilverLion: Why no 50? He just grabbed his leg for no reason
cusch1: Definitely worth the (garth)waite Feral
feralmong: depth that we never used to have.
duckky: Umps losing control of the game
Breezey: Bit of a different with Blicavs DT/SC scores.
Breezey: Difference
original: twas always going to be time to trade you for the bye anyway. farewell fogarty sweet prince
Chelskiman: What a tap from Caddy.
cusch1: Rance again left on his own guarding grass….
original: love that some kicks that are intercepted are negative points but some arent. doesnt make sense to me but meh
feralmong: Cats so good at those time on goals
cusch1: beautiful kick by Jelwood
cusch1: Kicking in danger rule still exists???
Chelskiman: I didn’t even know the kicking in danger rule even existed anymore.
original: great quarter caddy smh
Breezey: They should have a Kicking Danger rule.
Breezey: Sounds better than kicking Patrick
cusch1: Not sure if Dangerfield, Rance or Lucas Hernandez
circle52: Anyone else thinking the free kick counts have increased with 4 umpires.
Chelskiman: Fucking bullshit. If it goes anywhere near Danger it’s a free kick.
duckky: 33% more umpires = 33% more frees
Chelskiman: 21 frees to 14 says it all yet again. Umpires seriously hate us.
feralmong: bugger, again late cats goals.
cobrakai00: go do your umpire bitching on big footy
StuL: I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not just the umpires. It’s some of the stupid rules. Too much tinkering for the sake of
StuL: “Dangerfield, Rance or Lucas Hernandez”, Rance clearly biggest girl of the 3
frenzy: more eyes @ Circle
Chelskiman: I’ll do my umpire bitching where I want. The stats are right there, we always get the rough end when it comes to frees.
cusch1: Team losing = umpires have been shit. Team winning = Umpires have been great. Its the same every game
rtz23: what’s up with cotch today?
rtz23: nvm seems like he’s had a few down weeks
feralmong: if we don’t get a few early goals i think cats will cook us late.
Pokerface: how do the stats say whether the frees were warranted?
cusch1: Higgins has struggled today
circle52: agree with tinkering of rules Stul – The play on calls this week have really been quick.
Pokerface: to base it on the free kick count is just stupid
Chelskiman: We’ve had the most frees against over the past couple of years. You can’t tell me 100% of those were correct calls.
cusch1: Wait someone talking sense about free kicks?
feralmong: nank gives away heaps. he’s the main offender in the stats.
Pokerface: no, i can tell you that 100% of frees against every side over the last 2 years weren’t correct though
cusch1: Chelskiman that is by far the worst argument ive ever heard, and that includes Essendons during the supps saga….
DrSeuss: Dusty gone quiet again….
Pokerface: again to say they werent correct becuase you got less is stupid
hinsch: Richmond in 2018 FFF218 FFA 285 maybe they should try a bit harder not to give them away
feralmong: roo, god we needed that. 3 more pls.
Pokerface: maybe not play nank?
Pokerface: or dusty?
NewFreoFan: No hinsch it’s all part of a bigger elaborate conspiracy
feralmong: dusty well done lad. 2 more boys.
feralmong: nank gives frees and loses ruck but makes up in other ways.
hinsch: WCE supporters tell everybody they are the worst off in AFL for FFA
Pokerface: yes but thats just it. he gives away frees. because his free kick count isnt equal doesnt mean its wrong
Chelskiman: Good start, but you can never ever count Geelong out. Still a long way to go.
Pokerface: lol hinsch
feralmong: i’m not complaining about it. its just the cost of having a hard at it player.
hinsch: Lions have it sorted FFF280 FFA 250 thats because we never go near the player with the ball
runt: Time for the 3 stooges to stand up and do something for the Cats
Pokerface: sorry Henry, this is where we part ways
Haydo: Need danger +12 to beat dusty when he kicked that goal i was cheering and cringing
CBeezDeez: Might just mean they’re dirty buggers?
Pokerface: haha haydo. always conflicting watching your own team!
SilverLion: What was Guthrie supposed to do there?
a1trader: Soft free kick to Graham
cusch1: How good was Selwood there
Haydo: Yeah, who do you go for poker?
Chelskiman: Yeah, that was a harsh holding the ball.
cusch1: If someone calls that a duck then theyre an idiot.
anthsill03: Good boy duckwood.come on cats
Chelskiman: fucking Selwood
SilverLion: He didn’t even duck there haha
circle52: Gee I love how rance always get points in SC
feralmong: damn. carn tiges get it straight back.
Raspel31: Reckon Danger can get you there Haydo-hope so.
circle52: has done for the last 3 years though.
Chelskiman: Geelong never lay down and die. We need another goal because Geelong have at least a couple of goals.
DrSeuss: Dusty stopped
feralmong: who gets the next wins the game
NewFreoFan: I’m so sick of these instant play on calls. Flower off umpires
cusch1: I hate players who go for a double fisted spoil.If you can get both hands to the ball, you can take the mark
Chelskiman: Yes!
SilverLion: That is so richmond, more arse than class
feralmong: yes by george
runt: Good goal by the Tigers but the riduculous footrace inside 50 between 2 players is not football
SilverLion: Autocorrect strikes again 😛
anthsill03: Come on danger and dusty ton up
circle52: agree cusch see it quite a lot where a player has ample opportunity to mark but fists it away.
runt: Absolutely riduculous!!
cusch1: Daniel could be the best of the Riolis
SilverLion: Garbage football Richmond, sometimes they’re not even interested in picking it up
NewFreoFan: That was massive play by Richmond
lukat: Danger please get involved
Chelskiman: Handy lead now. Still time for Geelong though…
a1trader: Riduculous??
cusch1: Didnt Tom Hafey say a goal a minute?
runt: lol
anthsill03: Sorry its horrendous conditions today. Smart football not garbage
feralmong: nup chelski they are cooked
Chelskiman: @feral, if they had scored that goal I would have still been nervous. We should run it out from here.
Stu7: Come on Kelly you dud
cusch1: How was that not 50 for protected area against Danger?
runt: The Cats triple thrips are not enough for the Cats this year
NewFreoFan: good win by the tigers, and look at that free kick count, where are the conspiracy nuts now?
runt: Dusty basically relaxing these days
luke394: I’m pretty proud of their performance today we’ve pushed them been a good game
hinsch: Martin to Kelly GWS this week
cusch1: If Hawkins kick this, Chelskiman will still think cats have a chance!
frenzy: your name aint Alex France, Tommy Stewart
feralmong: had me worried all day luke. cats are good.
StuL: Boooo
JockMcPie: 2nd string cats didn’t stand up today
Jukes82: get stuffed geelong
Breezey: You mean the other 19 Jock
Jukes82: @cusch1 thats because he is a deadset flog
luke394: If were second string dunno what that makes Collingwood
AFL Blues: I need the SuperCoach to scale Kelly or Higgins’s points by 3 points to win.
feralmong: could carve that star up among a dozen tigers. very even.
JockMcPie: It’s not that Geelong are second string team, they just relied too much on their A-graders today
teddyt: I defs rate collingwood better than geelong. If only they had Fyfe, Franklin, Rance, Grundy and Gray! xD

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