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Chat log from R12 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R12 of 2018

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G.Soreness: It affects the credibility of this site when you put up the icons before play have even started..
jocka: It is pretty predictable, and when play starts, there will only be a few to move.
J.Worrall: How General?
BigChief: Is that the silliest comment on here ever?
m0nty: must admit there are a few Suns I am not sure about
Torz: Please start in the centre Taranto. Congis out, surely.
cusch1: Is that because you just don’t know who some of them are M0nty, must admit, I have no idea who Scheer and Heron are
G.Soreness: @J.Worrall – well clearly where someone is playing is relevant to fantasy
G.Soreness: The site would be a really good resource for significant positional changes if we could trust the comments more
m0nty: I don’t do all the games so sometimes I have to watch to see what their role is
MONEY TALK: go kelly plz
cusch1: The icons are accurate 97% of the time.
BigChief: Keep the tackles coming Timmy.
frenzy: in m0nty we trust
DrSeuss: Who else made the decision to get Heron in? Guessing it might not have been such a good trade 😢
G.Soreness: @m0nty – fair enough although journalistically my view would be that no comment would be better in those cases
PowerBug: Holman in SC, Heron and ZGL in AF. I’m thinking I just turn this game off and just check it at the end haha
cusch1: you take life way too seriously mate!! Enjoy the site for what it is
original: lol powerbug youll be right holman wil get you 75 surely
Raspel31: With Fyfe, Martin and Laird out so thrilled you made up my 18 Mr Holman.
PowerBug: Hopefully he can get to 50, not expecting much today I just want the cash generation to conitue until Rd 14 🙂
G.Soreness: @cusch – oh I do love the site overall and even thought the podcasts were hilarious which says something!
korza: Onya Lachie
cusch1: but if i did have a suggestion for improvement, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more team stats.
Raspel31: Holman lives PowerBug
PowerBug: Tackle machine, was just on the bench early on. Keep tackling Nick!
DrSeuss: Langdon – 90 on my bench last week, 20 or 30 when I need you this week??
BigChief: That was after the siren.
MONEY TALK: glad i held kelly all that time
th3rio: those who VC’d danger, whos going to be your C?
iZander: gawn is going to be everyones captain unless their VC fires
Jukes82: risky but i’m going with Gawn
th3rio: ill be interesting v grundo
MONEY TALK: i chucked the VC on westhoff right when i brought him in, almost worked thinking going with oliver as C
cusch1: I went JKelly into Grundy
Raspel31: Agree iZander and I put V on Danger.
th3rio: might not need grundy cusch ! 🙂
BigChief: He is not mine @izander. Not against Grundy.
PowerBug: I’m tempted by taking the 103 but will probably just go Gawn
Raspel31: Going Gawn but sneaky feeling Heeney might have a ripper.
cusch1: Here’s hoping I dont. Im in a 1 v 2 clash, and am notlooking good at the moment!
Raspel31: Even though Grundy is scoring hugely-so are other rucks against him BigChief.
korza: Gold Coast will fold within 5 yrs.
cusch1: The Fold Coast Suns
th3rio: so true Rasp
Haydo: Same raspel feel like heeneys gonna do well still chucking the c on gawn so consistent
frenzy: Carn Gold Toast
SilverLion: Young the only sun interested in scoring?
BomberSam: Taking a risk, going the big Budster tonight.
cusch1: Heeney has a ceiling of around 130 I reckon. But a risky captain choice is whats needed during the byes
BigChief: This really is a shit game to watch.
DrSeuss: Come on Heron, do something
BigChief: C’mon Timmy. 5 tackles in 1st 1/4 zero since.
korza: Incoming plus 100pt loss
cusch1: Thats because GCS havent actually touched the ball since quarter time Chief
Raspel31: Have to feel for T Lynch- agun but never sees the ball. Move on lad.
luke394: Holman getting slaughtered by CD
BigChief: Good point cusch. And Raspel Lynch will be at Pies next year and Moore at Sydnety.
BigChief: Sydney*
DrSeuss: Taranto – very little since the 1st. Pick it up Tim
luke394: fuck you Heath Shaw you fucking rat
luke394: all good Holman they finally caught up 🙂
Raspel31: How many tackles is that Holman? GWS injury crisis goes on.
TheOnyas: Onya Wardy
m0nty: discussion of ankle strapping is the most interesting thing happening this quarter
luke394: lol m0nty
BigChief: Time for Fox to show a replay of last nights game. At least it was interesting.
MONEY TALK: jezza for a double ton?
MONEY TALK: poor lynch wont be worth anything at this rate
cusch1: If GCS were to fold, would it be like a fire sale for all their players? Other clubs could choose them as DFA?
MONEY TALK: which players would u take from GC
korza: Lynch is overrated, what has he ever done apart from destry Carlton. Billing’s would be worth more
cusch1: Miller, Holman, Brodie, Swallow and Martin if take at Essendon
Lewysport: A few bandaids out there, bob geldoff would be proud!
korza: The only player at GWS with equity, would be Wiitts, as 2nd ruck at any other club. That’s it. Rookies exempt
MONEY TALK: i do love billings but rn i wouldnt say so, maybe if he gets form
Haydo: sh
Pokerface: lol lewysport
frenzy: who does Witts play for
Pokerface: any club would take May
Haydo: should i risk guelfi or take henry’s score
Haydo: Cameron in perfect 9
Pokerface: how on earth are you in a position to loophole this round??!
MONEY TALK: cats for witts
Pokerface: take 70 from henry every day of the week
korza: *@GC , TY frenzy, i stand corrected
Coutzy: @Haydo Guelfi’s best score is only 76. Take the sure thing.
Pokerface: does perfect 9 run during the byes?
MONEY TALK: i wish i could loophole
PowerBug: it runs but there’s no jackpot prize. Not sure if the $1000 weekly still goes
Haydo: it runs but the jackpot isn’t available still prizes for weekly winners tho
Haydo: yeah well i wouldve had 8 in the forward line but smith got omitted
Lewysport: It would be perfect 7 or 6 then poker, but l put my selections in this week.
Pokerface: oh ok cool. good luck!
frenzy: harder than tatts lotto to pick
th3rio: any1 bring in austin? worth it?
Haydo: i reckon
Haydo: yeah th3rio
MONEY TALK: austin should do good
th3rio: job security might be shaky when carlisle returns but might need him thru byes
Pokerface: austin was hopeless at port
Pokerface: he played against riewoldt and darling who lasted 5 minutes between them.
Pokerface: mihocek a better option th3rio
MONEY TALK: if brown wasnt playing on budddy i wouldnt of brought him ij
frenzy: Lloyd outta the match, knee
th3rio: I think mihocek goes as soon as reid returns Poker, which is next week possibly
BigChief: Crap. They took a tackle off Timmy
carlton_99: AFL website says no late changes.
Pokerface: possible. i think he keeps his spot ahead of reid, or he can go back as well.
korza: Can’t wait for this pathetic club to fold. Bring back Fitzroy
Pokerface: but his position isn’t safe for sure
MONEY TALK: @carlton he meant daniel lloyd if thats what u mean
Pokerface: lol gws lloyd carlton99
PowerBug: Fold GC, merge Carlton and St. Kilda move them to Tassie. Back to 16 teams all is good again
Pokerface: witts will have a field day with no lobb
BigChief: Hell yes @korza. Bring back my Roys.
PowerBug: @korza what you think 😛
Stu7: Go award!!!
BigChief: How can Barlow not get a game in this rabble of a side?
MONEY TALK: i dont wanna go for a tassie team, looks like id have to go for collingwood, team iwas born into before i changed
cusch1: #BringBackUniversity
MONEY TALK: welp time to get ready for the game, havn’t gone to a game all year maybe im the good luck charm
DrSeuss: Taranto and Langdon please…I have felt enough pain already this bye
korza: A promise to the FF community, i will send an email to AFL and request they fold GC, and bring back Fitzroy. I promise
Vich: might just be injured chief 🙂
BigChief: @vich. Nope he has been playing NEAFL. 40+ disp last week again.
Tonche: Pick 2 for Weller.. these f�n guys
Vich: i get earlier in the season. Broken jaw kept him out this week
Pokerface: now has a broken jaw, but he has been in neafl
BigChief: Ahhh I didn’t know about the jaw this week.
BigChief: @m0nty which Suns player stared well?
korza: It’s raining goals, hallelujah, it’s raing goals. Are you watching this Gill
BigChief: started*
cusch1: Gold Coast will probably still beat Essendon *sigh*
m0nty: Suns were 2-0 after round 2, don’t forget
Torz: Taranto and Whitfield need to junk it up.
korza: Here we go, the Ranga, is on the take.
DrSeuss: Taranto and Langdon – doing nothing at all.
JRedden: give kelly the cape, hes been unreal
th3rio: whoever VC’d kelly – youre set.
Breezey: Aren’t the Suns ahead of Carlton and Brisbane on the ladder
BigChief: Brisbane are better than this mob.
cusch1: Hi Th3rio. that’s me youre talking about!!
korza: G/C today is the worse team i have ever watched period.Be honest, and don’t be a Gill lover on this one.
DrSeuss: Time to grab Kelly after his bye
Yelse: lynch is gone end of year not chance he stays
korza: Special mention to C/Data, Ainsworth 4th best on ground. C’mon noobs get fair dinkum
PowerBug: GC second worst, behind Carlton
casey22: Sick of pop up ads & the red print: time for update!!!!!
BigChief: Lynch should come out and say, “I am going back to Vic. Who wants me”
korza: *PowerBug trying to fire me up. Go away trash breath
shaker: Lynch to the Tiges
th3rio: what is the max hit outs record these days?
Breezey: Your not wrong CASEY22
oh_lol: @th3rio I think Gody had like 80 hit outs against Lobb 2 seasons ago.
casey22: monty; face it; the blue on blue is far better than the red on pink. Change it!!!!
th3rio: 80 wow lol
casey22: Does m0nty ever talk to his customers?
casey22: Told me I was banned once a few years ago
korza: Shaw doing a good job, keeping his S/Coaches happy
pcaman2003: Dew has his work cut out. Welcome to coaching Stewart
BigChief: Kick a goal Timmy.
BigChief: Or don’t
Raspel31: casey, you haven’t cut your teeth till your banned.
Yelse: should i captain gawn franklin or heeney.. VC danger fail
frenzy: c’mon Holman, you done jack shower this half
Stu7: Heeney
Raspel31: Many in your boat Yelse-me included. Heeney tempting but going Gawn.
BigChief: Bellchambers, Howe, T. McDonald @Yelse.
Stu7: I’m VC Heeney and Captain Gawn if needed
Yelse: yeah thinking safer option of gawn.
DrSeuss: Damnit Kelly was hoping you would lose a little more cash
th3rio: big Stef should have a day out against Bellchamb
DrSeuss: Junk it up Taranto and Langdon
Pokerface: what would you rather – the no.2 draft pick, or lachie weller
korza: Gill just vomited all over his misses. Bye bye G/C
BigChief: @Poker not Weller that’s for sure.
circle52: @th3rio Thinking of Stef for C over Gawn as most opponents do have C on Gawn
cusch1: Mel Doyle is donating $10 for every point that GWS wins by. Hope channel 7 pays her well….
luke394: how does Shaw get 4 points for two intercept marks and 2 effective kicks so frustrating
J_Herer: Hope the gaints get half their list over 100
cusch1: and there is the CD points BS talk. Knew it was too good to be true
luke394: again intercept mark and effective kick 3 points they are dominating so you’d think they’d get scaled up
GOD: GOD has the C on J. Cameron tonight!
Breezey: You know your struggling when De Boer is getting a big ton
Fletch91: Put the C on J Kelly after VC on Danger was a bust. Happy with that!
BigChief: Really luke? Who cares about the sc points until after the game is finished.
Pokerface: @BC i think i would actually take the no.2 draft pick myself..
Pokerface: nice work GOD!
korza: The AFL are haveing an emergency meeting, Tuesday morning. Either sacking Gill, or folding G/C
Haydo: great second half kelly
CBeezDeez: Can’t we have both @Korza?
BigChief: @Poker I laughed when I read about the Weller trade, and so did Freo.
luke394: that doesn’t make sense @Bigchief why have live updates then?

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