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Chat log from R11 of 2018: Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne, R11 of 2018

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luke394: loopholing Dahlhaus today going on previous form
th3rio: brave luke, go VC gawn
BigChief: Welcome back to a great warrior in Dale Morris.
BigChief: Huge risk @luke GL to you.
th3rio: unsure why lots are overlooking gawn as VC / C given bulldogs have no ruck
Burnsy03: do i take ronke over either dpargo or smith?
HappyDEZ: After Crippa last night I cannot not afford a 47 from you this week Bont.
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
BigChief: He is my C @th3rio. I expect him to get a big score today.
th3rio: Nice chief
BigChief: @Burnsy I think Smith will score more, but I will most likely be wrong lol
th3rio: Demons aren’t wearing indigenous?
duckky: th3rio – the Dogs have a history of nullefying opposition rucks. Historically low scoring for Gawn Vs Dogs
ReggieOz: We wore it last week in Alice Springs
th3rio: Yeah I did see that, not buying too much into past stats given gawns current form
Burnsy03: wore it last week and wearing it later in the year at alice springs
th3rio: Hook nice
th3rio: Gawn getting the taps but none to advantage 🙁
SilverLion: Please don’t go nuts Macrae
Costanza: great goal
BigChief: #freekickbulldogs
luke394: got Gawn as C
SilverLion: VC Gawn looking the goods
TheLegend6: Not great having Gawn with the C hahah
luke394: every Gawn tap has been to a dogs player so far haha
Pokerface: honeychurch hardly a young player Ed – this is his fifth year
Burnsy03: the bont?
TheLegend6: Bont almost beaten last weeks score already
Pokerface: nice start Clarry…
duckky: Every sharked tap looks like its going at -1
th3rio: Woo gawn back in the positives
original: have emergency on dahl but need to decide by 2:10 if i play him or A.brayshaw..thoughts?
th3rio: Probably dahl
jocka: Dahl is a Stae Championship winner in soccer. He will come good
luke394: Oliver has been a shit trade in for me 2 weeks ago would have been nice to know he has a broken finger
duckky: I have Gawn, Oliver, Smith and McLean … I think Im gonna take a walk.
original: thanks boys. lol. how rough has his year been..
SwaggyP: if the dees lose this i’d be so happy
luke394: the one week I C Gawn of course
pcaman2003: Stuff CD . Lat night they missed a free kick,now they’ve not paid Spargo for his HB.WTF!
TheOnyas: Onya Schackey
TheBoy89: McLean Macrae doing ok and Gawn and petracca need to lift I licked petracca over Smith and fritsch let’s hope it pays ou
frenzy: computers on the Fritsch
TheBoy89: Picked
pcaman2003: Having Gawn as VC paying off well….not!
th3rio: Many of us will need a backup plan for C. Danger or fyfe lads?
BigChief: Melb look lost atm.
Gelly: melb dropping like flies
TheBoy89: Nice lift oli
luke394: Gawn to go 120 from here
Jukes82: The Dees have fooled us once again!
jocka: I’m rapt that Gawn is going no good. I VC him, but my opponent has C on him.
th3rio: Dees will come good.
PowerBug: Gawn will be fine don’t worry. Those hitouts will all go to advantage soon enough
ReggieOz: it’s only the first quater!
BigChief: That’s it Max. Keep going big fella.
Jackwatt$: Dee’s are a better 2nd half team, relax.
luke394: i looped Dahlhaus and have fielded Holman hopefully pays off
BigChief: Dees have come to life.
pcaman2003: C’mon Smith,don’t slide backwards.
DrSeuss: Come on Hoges and Smith
BigChief: Fox Footy reporting Melksham done.
Fatbar5tad: Hibberd normal services resumed fuck it
SilverLion: So many soft dogs frees
th3rio: Goodness Gawn scores fast
luke394: Max Gawn 40 points in second half of that quarter thats more like it!
TheLegend6: Fielded Smith over Spargo, hoping anything 60+
original: gawn is king boys
original: @fatbar..yep smh hibberd this year whats wrong with him!
pcaman2003: A 180 from Gawn would be just right.
SilverLion: Gotta love CD’s progressive scaling. I can’t work it out.
luke394: you don’t have to Silverlion. I can’t wait to side swap Dahl for McLean after their bye
Pokerface: don’t wait for the bye luke, costing yourself points
luke394: their bye is next week Pokerface done and dusted now I’m going ok overall about 2500 but yes its cost me all year
Gelly: melb dont have a special jumper this week?
SilverLion: Cheap shot JackMac
Gebs: @gelly they did it last week
th3rio: Smith fucked?
Pokerface: fair enough. i guess i’d better look at who has which bye!
Gelly: yeh eddy read my thoughts
luke394: haha probably Poker!
th3rio: Nice tackle gorn
SilverLion: How was that not ball for the Viney tackle? Umpiring is garbage
th3rio: He got a handball just silverlion
pcaman2003: Is Smith still playing? Not watching the game.
duckky: 774 reported that Smith is back on the bench. Lever still in the rooms.
th3rio: Went off and dr looking.him over pca
StuL: Havent seen Smith all qtr.
SilverLion: Not currently @pca. JackMac bumped him from behind, possible broken rib
Jukes82: smith is off the ground currently
Wends: Smith ready to go back on according to ABC
Burnsy03: my gowers to smith trade is good right now isnt it!
original: perfect example of hibberds year
Wends: In the ruck.
duckky: Smith in Ruck now
SilverLion: High on Lewis there… Dogs gettingthe in
luke394: why are the umps wearing a similar colour strip to the bulldogs? Just stupid
SilverLion: **getting the run with the umps.
pcaman2003: @Duckky. Hopefully he’ll start scoring some serious points
Evan_Bryce: Yep, Tim Smith back on the ground.
th3rio: Gawn has slowed down again
duckky: Gotta be close to a cape for Gawn
LMartos: all my players are allergic to scoring more SC than DT
Seb78: @th3rio – He’ll prob score 35 points in the last 5 mins of this qtr
BigChief: Gawn sleeps for 1st 15 mins of each 1/4
th3rio: Lol yeah Seb as soon as I said that haha
Fatbar5tad: Good quarter Jesse
th3rio: Crazy given he was on -5 10 mins into first
SilverLion: Cmon Lyon, which other Melbourne player is killing it? Bias is ridiculous
Seb78: Cmon Hibbo get a move on
pcaman2003: So much for hoping Smith will start scoring.Big dud so far
BigChief: I see the soft free kicks still going to the Dogs.
SilverLion: Smith limping around…
original: dahl smh 11 pt qtr
pcaman2003: Spargo is my other big winner,fortunately on the bench though
th3rio: Lol glad i benched spargo last minute
MONEY TALK: i have spargo and smith both on field oh boi, also have billings
MONEY TALK: wait nm i benched him, who shall i play hunter clarke or phillps
pcaman2003: @Moneytalk. Shouldn’t laugh,but,lol!
Apachecats: At least Smith has an excuse ,Spargo has no excuse you spud.
jwill55aus: Wouldn’t expect much from Smith. Has calf strapped, had a neck complaint now an ankle issue.
jwill55aus: Spargo was due for a rest but they didn’t want to change a winning team. Jeffy should have been in/will be in next week.
BigChief: @Money. I wouldn’t play either Clark or Ed Phillips against WC
MONEY TALK: @chief so play spargo
SilverLion: Smith done?
BigChief: If those are your only choices then Phillips would be my pick.
Ash777: damn I bring in tim smith and he gets injured
pcaman2003: @Silver. He may as well go for a tea and scone break. Not doing anything
Chelskiman: I have minimal rookies on field but of course two of them are Spargo and Smith.
pcaman2003: Max only 1 pt for the qtr so far.
BigChief: Where is the queue? I need to go get in it.
StuL: Thats the way Fritschy
SilverLion: Probably shouldn’t have traded Fritsch. Oh well.
Ash777: Oliver is killing the dogs
Fatbar5tad: McClean ya flog
MONEY TALK: got the vc on gawn, looks good, now neeed mac to also finish strong
pcaman2003: Smith appears to be moving pretty freely.
LMartos: McLean averaging 111 before today, can’t really get angry from a bad performance
luke394: need McLean to drop a bit so I can get him
SilverLion: I finally decided to bench Billings, playing Smith ahead of him. This is the week Billings turns it around.
SilverLion: Smith clearly injured. Get him off.
luke394: always gonna happen @Silverlion bloke averaging 100 its just supercoach
luke394: cmon Maxy need 120
Ash777: should of put the vc on titch
Torz: Fritter is a star.
MONEY TALK: wish i got fritsh
luke394: Fritsch has been amazing last month nice having a reliable rookie on field
pcaman2003: Poor qtr from Maxy. Only 19 pts
lukefield9: brayshaw so many bloody UCP, if only he could use it at more than 50%
MONEY TALK: shall i take what ever gawn finishes on or danger
luke394: Gawn @Moneytalk i reckon he’s getting atlas 130
Arch: under 130 take danger
Lawls: I did Kelly and Fritsch to Walters and T Smith to do an ungrade and generate cash
MONEY TALK: fair call
SilverLion: Any chance JackMac gets a week for the bump on Smith?
Arch: definitely 1 week. GONE
Lawls: upgrade*
luke394: great tonne here by Frisch gonna make even more $$ through the byes
Hadouken: anyone else trade out fritsch too early ? he’s good.
OllieC: why trade fritsch with a BE of 20?
Hadouken: come on smith, 5 goals in 5 mins to make it respectable!
duckky: I traded Fritsch … the week he started his run of decent scores
DragonLass: too early to trade out Fritsch his BE is only 47
Strskes: Guilty. Traded him when he git dropped. Little Jaded.
pcaman2003: @Hadouken. My bad! I traded him out a while back. Regret it now.
Lawls: He’s the one who is going to make the least money out of my rookies
Lawls: Hence why I got rid of him this week
pcaman2003: Got Smith this week. Could be another regret.
SilverLion: Smith got an intercept contested mark and effective kick for 3 SC…
Chelskiman: Brayshaw killing me two weeks in a row now.
Jukes82: any chance t.smith gets dropped next week?
Wends: Just under 1000 teams traded Fritsch out this week.
thornz23: Do you take Gawns VC now or bank on danger or Fyfe??
ReggieOz: Max is gonna get 130+ Not bad from where he started
The39Steps: Gawn.
thornz23: Mm ok if he cracks 130 I think you have to take it hey?
JockMcPie: Max Gawn needs 140 for my loop
lilboat: I reckon take it now
Chelskiman: I’d take Gawn’s score.
StuL: Nice knock Fritsch
Hadouken: if smith could jjunk time a bit and get to 60 id be content.
lilboat: 35 points in 2 minutes @Hadouken???
AFL Blues: Yup. I’ll take that, Gawn.
Hadouken: @lilboat in AF.
pcaman2003: Fritsch is a gun in his current role
faisca7: who is everyone using to loophole? all my players are playing fml
Wends: Take it. Easy to forget how many were burnt with holding out for >120s earlier in the year.
BigChief: 138 will do Capt Maxy. Good recovery big fella.
TheBoy89: Ton up trac
SilverLion: 39 possies and a goal for 89. SC is whack.
StuL: Capt Finlayson
JockMcPie: Captain Olango as usual
Wends: What will Bayley.Frickin.Fritsch’s SC BE be after this round??
Wends: @Thornz – you have to go with what yr gut tells you though of course! It’s down to you.
circle52: I havbe a permanent loophole at R3 in Olongo. Actually he always sits at R2 for these purposes
lukefield9: @Silver try 7 clangers 7 contested
Pokerface: and the lowest disposal efficiency in the team
luke394: its not about possesions @Silverlion

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