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Chat log from R9 of 2018: Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Brisbane vs Hawthorn, R9 of 2018

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pcaman2003: Took the C off Gawn and put it Titch. Could backfire,but hopefully not.
Torz: Titch, I could use a 200 right about now.
Torz: Early signs is head to head with Zorko.
cusch1: Titch 4 touches in 2 minutes. Ominous signs
Wends: Same PCA. That arrangement not working in RDT either.
TheMessiah: Come on Captain Titch!
cusch1: Robinson tagging Sicily?
TheMessiah: Gunner go crazy today!
Torz: Ooooh Titchy. This is looking huge.
DrSeuss: Sicily?? You playing today?
TheMessiah: Robbo or Sicily will get suspended today… who will it be?
MONEY TALK: no stop titch plz
Raspel31: So far so good Messiah.
Apachecats: Maybe striking eachother @messiah.
DrSeuss: Glad I kept the C on Titch
TheMessiah: COuld do with over 170 please Titch!
Wends: Arggh, when will I learn to never take the C off anyone 3 seconds before a game??
pcaman2003: Titch going great,Sicily killing me. Can’t win!Sigh!
th3rio: i have sicily but oopt has mcevoy…cancelled out? lol
teachrtony: Apologies to all, traded in Sicily this week.
TheMessiah: Sicily will be ok
th3rio: also what the fuck is christensen doing
DrSeuss: I am with you Pcaman – Beams killing me too so far
Raspel31: Apology not accepted teachrtony
Wends: So inconsiderate teachr!!
Carnster: COme on robbo stop giving away frees
DrSeuss: Capt Titch – good. Sicily, Stef and Beams – not so much!!
NoneyaB: had mccrae as c in sc and have titch as c in rdt and fantasy
TheMessiah: Its the Titch show
TheMessiah: Bad kick 🙁
pcaman2003: Why did I bring Zorko in this week? Oh dear!
th3rio: BT calls bruest broost
TheBoy89: I brought mirra in this week 🙂
TheBoy89: Zorko or Ricky should be good m9
cusch1: I brought in Sicily this week 🙁
teachrtony: Cape for Titch
th3rio: dayne messi zorki
TheMessiah: 3 more of those please Titch 🙂
anthsill03: You must be a rookie. Zorko is a flat truck bully. Cant handle a tag
luke394: Mirra on the bench along with Holman yay
runt: Good to see the piccolo maialino is back
Haydo: anthsill what are u ranked
Rush: weren’t you whinging about people criticising carlton players like 20 mins ago anthsill?
spudaroos: I don’t think we can even have a flat track.
th3rio: mcevoy went from 8 to 28 with a smother, mark and kick wowee.
pcaman2003: @Haydo. His intent to get back at me for giving him a bollocking.
TheOnyas: onya shielsy
cusch1: He did save a certain goal th3rio
RGriffen: Shiels 52 at quarter time and still not top scorer
th3rio: yeah i saw, very generous though haha
th3rio: hope christo and sicily save some goals q2
anthsill03: You must be a rookie. Zorko is a flat tranduck bully. Cant handle a tag
pcaman2003: @RGriffen. 52 pts at qtr time? How do u figure that?
JockMcPie: Sicily? Cmon mate
pcaman2003: Are you a parrot anthshill?
TheBoy89: Whoever brought in Sicily is a flog
TheMessiah: Sicily will still go 80+. once the game opens up a bit he will rack it up
TheMessiah: That was in no way a mark
TheMessiah: Juggled it over the line
cusch1: I brought him this week, but he normally starts slowly if im not mistaken
th3rio: 34% of sc did boy, didn’t you bring in mirra after he went up in price lad
Torz: Robinson tag has moved from Titch to Sicily according to comms.
Apachecats: Still backing Sicily to ton up from here.
luke394: @TheBoy89 us flogs enjoy a bloke averaging 115 dunno what you like
cusch1: Admirrable opening quarter by Mirra
TheMessiah: Here comes the SicDog
cusch1: and here we go Sicily
TheMessiah: It was a Mirracle @cusch
pcaman2003: Keep scoring Titch. Need you massively today
cusch1: Wouldnt mind a mirra effort in the secont quarter
TheMessiah: That would be Mirraculous
DrSeuss: Come on Beams – Robbo gone to Titch
FordyHawks: And wc v tigers was meant to be match of the round 🙂
th3rio: god i need dusty to go wild today or im fucked
pcaman2003: Zorko has a flat battery. Someone jumps start him
TheOnyas: onya smithy
cusch1: How beautiful was that! Coast to coast
TheMessiah: Brissy play a good brand of footy. THey are going to be a great team in a few years
cusch1: Who was it that was doubting Sicily earlier?
th3rio: oscar taking points off stef
Snarfy: Fagan will be good for the self belief he will instill in the lions.
pcaman2003: Happy with Sicily,Zorko and Titch so far. Hope they keep it up. Brissie really challenging us today.
MONEY TALK: go away oscar plz
rtz23: mirra’s outscored hibberd in a half…
th3rio: lions play excellent then end up short changed by under 2 goals, sucks
cusch1: Best side to be 0-8 th3rio?
SilverLion: Good half. Need to keep going. Would like Stef to lift a bit too.
SilverLion: Also, if Macrae had Titch’s stats he’d be on 130.
pcaman2003: @Silver. The 5 clangers don’t help.
jocka: If one tean is 2 goals up, yet behind in SC by a hundred (200 DT) then it just shows that it doesn’t work.
SilverLion: Ah can’t see those, on my phone. Might be about right.
runt: Eagles and Parsons would be Captain and Vice of the worst AFL players All Australian squad
cusch1: what the actual fk was that
pcaman2003: She must’ve blinked.
LuvIt74: Are they still sponsored by OPSM – They should be…
pcaman2003: Go Titch you good thing
cusch1: Is #FreeKickHawthorn still a thing?
runt: Hipwood has grown an extra leg
pcaman2003: Hawks getting smashed. Can’t find their man.
BigChief: Blue moon already for Hipwood.
TheMessiah: Wow we are getting a spanking :-/
Burnsy03: fuck mccluggagae of course my opp has him
runt: Lions are doing well so far
cusch1: Mirra looks to have moved forward
original: stef robbbed
LuvIt74: Hawks are stuffed
pcaman2003: @Runt. Understatement!
cusch1: Don’t mind me, he was just pushing up the ground
jocka: Beams must be in Chrlie Cameron’s SC team
pcaman2003: Get scoring Sicily.More intercept marks please.
thornz23: Thought I made the right call to loophole Olango when Gawn was on 100 at 3qt time :S
DrSeuss: Come on Stef and Sicily
pcaman2003: Duryea useless as TOAB again.
korza: Charlie impressive
BigChief: Clarkson to complain to Gil about what this week?
Hadouken: would i be crazy trading out dusty to zorko ?
Ash777: yes
Raspel31: Certifiably so Hadouken.
TheOnyas: onya beamsy
cusch1: If youre going to chase points, do it right, trade in Melksham and McLuggage this week
LuvIt74: Hadouken yes…
Hadouken: lo Raspel, wish i had a rookie in mid to make decision easier. dusty and zerrett are m7 m8
runt: If the celestial bodies continue their alignment the Lions will win
pcaman2003: @Hadouken. If you have 7 mids doing 107pts ave min,you’re doing extremely well.
cusch1: it would be heartbreaking if Brisbane lose this
pcaman2003: Can’t see Hawks snatching this one. Playing too poorly.
Haydo: get a move on sicily and stef
Hadouken: titchell to kick 3 goals to bring them on home
TheBoy89: Tim Kelly trade out this week?
hinsch: The Gabba will go crazy if the Lions pull this one off
BigChief: If you trade Kelly this week you’re a flog.
Raspel31: Thinking the same TheBoy- then midfield all guns.
TheMessiah: Well done lions! Well deserved, looked bloody impressive today!
Burnsy03: i was thinking about it bc i might bring rocky in at 390-400 k
cusch1: Surely there is a fat lady warming up her vocal chords
cusch1: and if she wasn’t before, she’s using them now!
BigChief: Think who the Cats play this week comig before trading Kelly.
korza: Beams BOG dont giva a fk about C/D and its S/C score
LuvIt74: Wtf would you trade Kelly out now, wait till the byes, just coz he’s had 1 crap game
CBeezDeez: Is that Carmen I can hear @Cusch?
pcaman2003: Game over. Well played Lions. Far too good for us.
TheBoy89: My midfielder I’m looking to bring in is danger
TheBoy89: His be is gonna be in the 100s
BeastMode: BOG to a guy in the team whose been demomished….. errrrm no
DrSeuss: Grrr Sicily been moved forward
korza: The Ranga, a tad biased, with the star on Titch
BigChief: Star for Mitchell? Ummm no way.
pcaman2003: @DrSeuss. Sicily big letdown today. Looked a bit half hearted at times.
Hadouken: come on titch, i didnt take macraes C score…doh!
BigChief: Sorry Darius but you are way off the mark with the star in this game. Beams, Zorko, McCluggage and Andrews all better.
pcaman2003: Hawks like rabbits in the headlights. Shell shocked!
Haydo: is sicily going to play forward next week?
SilverLion: I’m speechless
SilverLion: Star for Beams, atlas for Titch
runt: For Lions supporters, not just a win. A happy day.
spudaroos: Start for Titch? Stats aren’t everything. McCluggage has been better.
BigChief: Well played Brisbane. Deserved this win.
hinsch: Carlton back where they belong on the bottom of the ladder GO LIONS
jocka: “hold hold” sounds a lot like “play on” Idiot umpire
TheMessiah: Enjoy guys! Great footy from the lions! A lot to look forward to!
SilverLion: Rock for Andrews
TheMessiah: Star for McCluggage – Magnet for Titch?
TheOnyas: Onya for Beamsy
Steino: Get that star off him now.
BigChief: Worst choice for star all year.
rtz23: cmon sic, give me a junk time goal or three
cusch1: Cherry for Hodge too
Burnsy03: does mccluggage have no other icon
LuvIt74: Sicily is in defense isn’t he
Apachecats: Witherdon ripped off on SC
Burnsy03: yeah went forward then moved back just then
BigChief: WOW 10 goal win to Brisbane. What a blow out.
runt: The Lions deserve to finally win.
original: witherden should win rising star

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