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Chat log from R9 of 2018: St Kilda vs Collingwood

Chat log for St Kilda vs Collingwood, R9 of 2018

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BigChief: I can’t believe Tom Phillips is playing this week.
BigChief: Can Billings get 40 tonight?
pharace: Can often take a couple of weeks to get over a strong concussion too.
pharace: Billings was finally my rage trade this week – he’ll ton up just watch
StuL: I guarantee Billings gets a ton.
circle52: Phillips Brothers on each other first up.
Breezey: Crisp off to another flyer
Breezey: If Collingwood are to win I would like to think the bottom 4 would get moving
Yelse: why do i still have billings
TheMessiah: Wake up Treloar!
BigChief: @Yelsy too many injuries to trade him?
Jukes82: another upset could be brewing
Yelse: yeah been trying bigchief but seems to keep serving with all these injuries
BigChief: Star for Billings already. He has hit to team mates already.
BigChief: two*
DrSeuss: Murray done nothing since the first 3 minutes
BigChief: Ok Steele x 2 time to dominate.
Breezey: You are proving me right Jack
Chelskiman: Coffield killing me.
TheMessiah: FFS Treloar, get involved mate
Haydo: come on howe
Haydo: phillips isnt doing much better for me chelski
Breezey: JDG repaying the faith
pcaman2003: Muuray and Coffield added 3 pts this qtr
Yelse: don’t understand what has happened to billings this year
DrSeuss: Come on Murray – you started so well
luke394: How good is Jack Billings lol
luke394: Happy I flicked Murray a couple of weeks ago
Burnsy03: at what price do you think he . is value to bring in bc if he goes to 250k suely u would consider it
mardyb: CD loaded up on webster this week?
Apachecats: He wont get to $250 k.His average is still over 70SC.he would need to lose a get down to that.
J.Worrall: wtf billings?
Haydo: Heyyyyyy guess who just kicked a goal
exatekk: 6 Jacks
m0nty: Billings has a lot more debt to repay
LMartos: Billings solid last few minutes, will take some confidence into the second half I’d say
Breezey: Treloar please step on it just a little bit
BigChief: Billings owes all of us 1000’s of sc points.
TheOnyas: onya wellsy
Ash777: why do ppl still have billings :/
BigChief: Injuries stopping him being traded out maybe.
Haydo: wow, haha hunter clark, this was a long way from the 30s u gave me the first two weeks
colin wood: Savage 1 tackle for -6 this quarter. Makes sense…
Haydo: nice pod trade in Howe this week
thommoae: All the StK Jacks are in the top half; what cahnce they all align consecutively?
Umpirespet: Umps killing the saints tonight
Breezey: There is 8 StK J’s in a row
DrSeuss: Keep scoring Mr Murray
Apachecats: Yeah Breezy ,at St kilda you just kick it to Jack.
thommoae: Of course that means Billings would have to earn his keep …
circle52: Yep Umpirespet Saints are not getting the 50/50 tonight
batt: De Goey stolen Toby Greene’s powers
circle52: What was the difference between that one called against Saints for HTB and the one resulting in Pies goal.
Breezey: Can someone tell me what Injury for Fasolo
luke394: Stay down Savage you Pelican
Burnsy03: please dont i need you sav
Umpirespet: Umps even trying to screw the saints of goals
Fatbar5tad: Neck minnet savage goal
Burnsy03: ankle twisted under him
mardyb: does savage have a discman under his jumper?
BigChief: @Breezey ankle caught under Jack Steele in a tackle.
TheMessiah: Treloar you spud
GOD: Sack Billings!
Breezey: Cheers lads
BigChief: GOD has the C on Billings tonight.
wadaramus: Can GOD make Billings C worthy?
masterhc2: mmm have pies 1-39 in my multi. Hang on saints!
Fatbar5tad: When your son’s Stephenson trumps your sexy Robbie!
BigChief: Will be close master. Good luck to you.
Yelse: why is armitage playing permanent forward he been wasted
batt: how big are your icons @m0nty? 16×16? i have an idea for one.
pcaman2003: Coffield and Murray killing me this week.
BigChief: Newnes should be in trouble for that deliberate trip.
wadaramus: Goldy came good, but Billings you are a complete lost cause.
Breezey: Made the right call reversing trade on Stephensen and flicking Doedee.
DrSeuss: Might finally be time for Murray to go unless he can junk it up
BigChief: I figured out what Billings is up to. He wants to be traded to a finals contender.
batt: we’re at the stage where we’re not even bothering to talk about Grundy. Just a given that he tonnes.
Breezey: I am not watching but is Sidey BOG with his 35 possies.
Burnsy03: i love him rn
Burnsy03: jdg goes close with 6 snags
Apachecats: Grundy making hard work of getting the ton.
BigChief: I would not have thought so Breezey. De Goey 6 goals or Grundy.
korza: Pendles with the star. Yr fkg joking
Apachecats: Agree Big chief De Goey the game winner .
BigChief: Your bet is safe now master.

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