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Chat log from R8 of 2018: Carlton vs Essendon

Chat log for Carlton vs Essendon, R8 of 2018

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Haydo: Haha wtf Cripps on 37 already ahahaha
Haydo: yes please capt
Umpirespet: -17 in 35 seconds impressive Zaha
cusch1: Go vc Cripps. 37 from a single kick!
Umpirespet: ok refreshed and it has changed lol
DrSeuss: Did Merrett start on the bench?
SilverLion: Bringing in zerrett two weeks ago is fast becoming my worst trade of the year
PowerBug: Myers tagging Cripps, Curnow tagging Zerrett
korza: Zerrett you have literally bent me over with no oil. Enuffff
PowerBug: And Jed Lamb is on Goddard
Apachecats: Good on you McKernan.Never gets given a chance at Essendon.
A_Frame_: @korza, hopefully not literally
Umpirespet: I am surprised about that to Apache
Roksta: Stringer has got to be recruit of the year
tommy10: Wtf Merrett
cusch1: McKernan is prone to doing one good thing and following up with 5 dud moments. Inconsistency his downfall
pcaman2003: Zerrett having a horror year. Glad I don’t have him.
cusch1: Roksta he left the bulldogs get over it ya sook
Apachecats: Only 18 games since leaving Crows 3 1/2 years ago Umpires.Averaged 80 SC in 3 games last year.
korza: @pcaman Yeah i have Zerrett right behind me
Apachecats: Should have given Cripps the V ,went Gawn instead.
pcaman2003: Cripps and Smith great. Lift Hurley and Simmo
Haydo: Nice first qtr for my 2, Cap cripps and smith
Umpirespet: Muppet icon for Goddard?
Torz: Zerrett is going to need 25 tackles today.
Apachecats: Same Haydo
Apachecats: Have we got something worse than a muppet for him umpires.
pcaman2003: Bombers lose this and there will be lots of angry members.
Roksta: Cusch not upset he left.
StuL: Bench Zerrett for a rookie i think.
Umpirespet: Essendon making Jones look like Rance
TheOnyas: onya crippsy
cusch1: Pcaman we already are
pcaman2003: @Cusch. Yeah! My Essendon buddies unimpressed too.
Umpirespet: And Woosha got an extension
cusch1: We are just a weak club without any grunt. No one willing to fly the flag and support their teammates
Strskes: Fifty up for Smith!
pcaman2003: Smith 7 tackles already showing some heart.
cusch1: Umps wins 1 game from ehind against half of an adelaide team and gets renewed. Great management there
Apachecats: Thats when the rot set in umpirespet.
pcaman2003: Need Hurley to lift. Too quiet.
StuL: Merrett and Titch. Slapping it out for softy of the year.
DrSeuss: Someone take out Curnow
cusch1: Mckerna gets kneed in the back, and he just takes it, doesnt push carlton player off him.
cusch1: Just no physicality or grunt.
cusch1: Remember when we asked why McKernan doesnt get more games?
Umpirespet: Yeah but for a guy playing 1st time in 12 months you cant be too hard on him
Umpirespet: It’s the main 22 that should lift
cusch1: he just had 4 carlton players niggling him, and not one Ess teammate helped him. It’s pathetic
cusch1: Umps pet, thats the attitude that has put us in this position. Theyve had 12 months off so give them time to adjust.
JockMcPie: Ah Merrett cmon son push through
lukat: dont slow down now Crippsy!
DrSeuss: Essendon players just play for themselves, never help their own players facing the tag
cusch1: Our cheersquad doesnt even show up anymore
korza: Zerrett do what Cripps does. He too is getting tagged. Yah flog
cusch1: Every fkn time DrSeuss.
cusch1: Cripps is not getting tagged lol
Roksta: Essendon need big bodied mids…
Roksta: Cant tag cripps. Nobody at essendon is big enough
SilverLion: Flowering lift Zerrett and Hurley
cusch1: Mcneice is about as useful as a 2 cent coin
korza: Essendon players lack heart. Selfish
Generalsor: Not mutch points for Mutch. See what I did there?
Yelse: wheres hurley playing i brought him in FML
the worm: no, i dont see what you did there. what did you do?
Raspel31: That worked Yelse
Roksta: Dons need a pep talk
Apachecats: You did a pun generalsor.
J.Worrall: Right on, Roksta
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Merrett – earn your rest
Apachecats: Did you mean pep tide Rocksta
Roksta: Nope just need to show some ticker…
Roksta: That talk isnt allowed apackofcheats
cusch1: What’s worse? Essendon’s skill level, or Roksta’s attempts at trolling?
Roksta: Skill level. Im not trolling
teachrtony: Saad that there is not Mutch Merrett for that, people need to come to Cripps with the English language to get it.
Roksta: Well played tony
Roksta: Saad hooker with a mullet that plowman
Apachecats: Might have the room to yourself Roksta
pcaman2003: Move it Hurley. Letting my side down.
the worm: you guys can blow all this wordplay out your zaharakis
Umpirespet: Time to play the Benny Hill music
cusch1: Curnow runs from 40 meters to bump and niggle laverde, and no one gives a shit. How pathetic is that
teachrtony: Cmon Worm , just Stringer long, Wright!
lukat: Cripps going backwards now. Thought i hit the jackpot with VC on him
Apachecats: Cripps gone missing big time.
Haydo: Come on Cripps!!
Haydo: Fucking kick the goal cripps arrrrrrhhh
Raspel31: Attaboy Hurley-creeping back-drag those tired old legs
pcaman2003: Cripps, Simmo and Smith very happy with
cusch1: how is that not a free to mckernan
Apachecats: Cripps 7 SC for the 1/4 so far.
korza: Where are the bomber leaders. Hiding…
Roksta: Stringer needs to play midfield. Dons need size
BigChief: Lamb is cooked. So dumb from him on too many occasions.
The39Steps: Lamb shanked.
cusch1: Korza they cant hide if they dont exist
Ash777: stringer had aggression to play mid
Ash777: doesn’t have the*
korza: If Goddard doesn’t get his way, goes around the corner and has a weep. Tissues anyone…
Snarfy: Mc Niece, Mc No good, and Kobe, not Mutch better!
luke394: Geez Essendon are bad
Umpirespet: McKernan Bombers best player
DrSeuss: Come on Zerrett – big finish
Snarfy: I want to see Carlton win, so I can hear Bolton say, “We’re a happy team here at Carlton.”
the worm: how bolton gets anything out of this disgusting list is a miracle
BigChief: I think it is Liz not Michael playing today.
Ash777: dons have just as a disgusting list imo
Raspel31: Well, Cripps hasn’t exactly blown anyone away today- so Macrae or Fyfe? aargh-that question.
Snarfy: Yeah worm, apparently his act at the players revue night is a magician act. For his encore he pulls Lynch out of a hat.
lukat: im going fyfe
circle52: Looks like we have to beat the Dogs to not remain on bottom.
Ash777: I’d go fyfe. more consistent at 140+ scores
CBeezDeez: Does Ross go to Fyfe and/or Robinson to McRae?
cusch1: that is not a mark ffs
Ash777: dogs without a 2nd ruck is going to give lions a real good go at it
Gazza95: Where has Smith gone..
pcaman2003: C’mon Smith. Start scoring again.Poor second half so far
circle52: Think Robbo will run with Macrae tbh.
korza: Umps doing a good job today.
BigChief: Might not have been a mark cusch, but it was a free kick for holding.
pcaman2003: Hurley killing me. Go Hurley and prosper
Gazza95: Gawn or Mcrae hmm
Ash777: bont hunter and jj also have to be considered for tagging
zoomba23: Smith….. go fuck a donkey
SilverLion: Soft as Merrett
Raspel31: That’s a point Gazza-Gawn, Macrae or Fyfe. Think Fyfe
duckky: Lol at Essendon
korza: Zerrett how is he still getting a game. Drop him to the VFL
Umpirespet: Woosha could’ve been the Crows coach glad he turned it down
Umpirespet: Think Brisbane have better taggers
Ash777: woosha looks like he’s using old game plans from his eagles days
pcaman2003: Ton up Smith and Simmo
Raspel31: Yep-Brisbane have tough taggers.
korza: Daisy winding back the time
teachrtony: Picked him up in my Draft team this week Korza, pretty happy with his score.
a1trader: I would love to see Carlton not win a game for the year but not to be 🙁
MONEY TALK: dons getting done stiff by the umps
Torz: Picked Daisy up off the scrap heap a couple of weeks ago in draft. Killing it.
Gazza95: I tipped essendon lol
korza: Team name Airporter: RDT $$$ this week
The39Steps: Woosha will be gone 3pm Monday.
BigChief: Carlton will blow it.
Apachecats: McKernan not Essendons worst player.
The39Steps: Emergency board meeting 9am. Line up pr and press conference after that. Announce at 3pm.
Ash777: shame the bomber fans will cry foul at the free count and not their team’s performance
Costanza: Cats Giants Tigers to come – we’ll be roight
Raspel31: Um-you think bigchief?
BigChief: Long time between wins for them.
anthsill03: Where is the bigcheif… i am calling him out
Fatbar5tad: Stringer is so shit
anthsill03: Didnt u say carlton wouldnt win a game????
CBeezDeez: Who goes first? Richardson or Worsfold?
anthsill03: #armchairexperts
BigChief: No anth. Wasn’t me.
lukat: Commentators acting like Carlton won a flag- not a game
BigChief: But I can’t see either side winning too many more this year.
luke394: get gurney near his bye now cheap
carlton_99: Great win Blues!! Proud supporter tonight!!!
Umpirespet: Yeah think it’s about where Essendon are at than Carlton winning
anthsill03: Nah mate u said carlton wouldnt win a game. Like most on here. Just let the boys enjoy the win
anthsill03: We wont win many so calm down
MONEY TALK: wow callling ppl out because u won a game lol
anthsill03: We made a bet money and he said 100% blues wouldnt win a game
anthsill03: Worry about ur own mob u will finish 2nd last lol
snake_p: well done Blues da da daaa
BigChief: Stop telling lies anth. I don’t gamble and would never bet on football. Might want to see which GWS player you want.

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