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Chat log from R5 of 2018: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R5 of 2018

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BigChief: Pies by 6 and Sidebottom ANZAC Medal.
Apachecats: Bombers by 5 and Grundy medal.
original: Are points awarded awarded/deducted for a free before the first bounce??
BigChief: yes
original: Not sure..wouldn’t stringer have been on negative and Murray have points?
BigChief: I think the free was give to wrong guy as Grundy took the kick and Green was close to Murray.
Migz: good pick up though original
original: Ahk cool, was just wondering as I guess game technically hadn’t started. Makes sense eh
BigChief: All fixed now 🙂
a1trader: Cox for Anzac Day medal
BigChief: Keep going Hurls.
original: haha yeh i spotted that just then good one BC
Migz: Still, on the stats it showed murray getting a FF and was only on 1 point. I thought FF were +4points
BigChief: Early muppet for Howe.
DrSeuss: Devon if you could tag SideButt to around 70 and then get 110 yourself – that would be ideal
Apachecats: Typical Goddard stuff up.Won’t stop him lecturing his team mates though.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Howe and then Goddard, it’s muppet time tonight!
iZander: Devon isnt tagging sidebottom
BigChief: Bombers 1 down already?
original: <3 Kermit
Apachecats: Bombers down 1 player already.
thommoae: Big game, big crowd, big occasion … and then there’s BT calling it.
heppelitis: Goddard..Statler or Waldorf?
BigChief: Yeah he is Zander after centre bounces.
Apachecats: penny for your thoughts original.
original: devon is tagging, and he fooled 33% of SC players (me incl dw), he aint any good lol
BigChief: Well that fits thom Big Tosser.
korza: Oh BT you are pathetic
thommoae: If one needed anything to appreciate the brilliance of Dennis Cometti … that’s it.
man0005: If one needed anything to appreciate the brilliance of Dennis Cometti … that’s it.
duckky: Well the one who fooled me and the Rising Star Committee was McGrath
Apachecats: McGrath pfft!! So glad i traded him out.
BigChief: Add Richo and Bruce to BT what a bunch of duds
Umpirespet: Not great skills on show today
BigChief: egley done m0nty. Ice on knee
DrSeuss: Slow starts from Stephenson and Murray this week – keeping going young fellas
duckky: Sometimes Hooker’s ddecision making is underwhelming
original: had a mate trade weitering to mcgrath after round one..
thommoae: A little harsh on Bruce perhaps?
Apachecats: Red cross for Begley monty 774
duckky: Gllad I hung tight with Merritt … but some dark days
Umpirespet: Zerrett is a good player duckky he was gunna come good at some stage
duckky: Original – the ton McGrath got in the first week was deceptve – typical secony year blues.
DrSeuss: Ok time to pick it up Devon – especially if you are gonna let SideButt get away
pcaman2003: Pull ya finger out Smithy.
BigChief: Umpire’s Call. Can’t change it on that.
original: thought that counts as out? guy hits the post, ball hits him while hitting post, counts as hitting post?
cusch1: Thats 4 cheap goals from the goal square. Poor defense by Bombers
duckky: Baugley being pantsied by Sidey
BigChief: Nope @ original. The ball has to hit post.
original: when will worsfold realise smith isnt a tagger, just like stringer aint a mid, and hooker aint a fwd
DrSeuss: Is Smith still tagging?
TheHawk: Essendon too easy to score against once it’s in their backline.
original: all good BigChief, you’re all over it today.
circle52: Appeared to hit post on one view would have liked to have seen a couple more.
SilverLion: Baguley cost Essendon 3 goals
circle52: Baguley on Sidebottom when he is forawrd was on him last 2 goals.
vamos77: Fuck off Brown. Opponent needs 98 from him
SilverLion: May as well give Goddard the seagull icon already
colin wood: Goody boy Jordy keep going matey
Ash777: sidey on track for the medal
DrSeuss: Cheers Circle – so Devon get on with it and find the ball yourself
thommoae: Neither of Sidey’s goals was ‘easy’. Baguley = the behind post made him work hard for both. Skill.
poolboybob: Daniher is a massive talent, shame he’s such a complete and utter knob
Ash777: de goey looks like he’s the illegitimate child of bucks
original: was thinking howe was due for a decent game. was so close to starting with him
BeastMode: sh777 completely agree with that call
runt: Merrett needs a Delvene Delaney icon.
BigChief: Kick it to yourself Hurls
DrSeuss: Keep going Captain Zac
BigChief: HTB against Saad?
original: hows green get a game honestly
Ash777: why is saad still playing in the seniors
jfitty: Smith’s not tagging Sidey anymore
BigChief: Is Maynard injured now?
pcaman2003: Start scoring Smith,Murray and Guelfi
runt: Samuel Murray has started like a bowl of molasses
Ash777: there’s a hobo on the field!
SilverLion: I finally decided to field Murray this week. Sorry guys.
pcaman2003: @Silverloin..shaking fist
DrSeuss: Anyone gone to Zerrett or has he just stopped getting it?
runt: Bombers are the Demons of last night. Will be just chasing arse all day
pcaman2003: Guelfi doing okay,but Smith going backwards
Umpirespet: At least everyone has him silver so we are all hurting
runt: Thomas seems to be checking Merrett
original: murray ffs (also dunno how his last doesnt count as contested and more points lol)
runt: They change around so maybe no direct tag
original: wow it just counted lol
pcaman2003: Danihers efforts are weak.
RGriffen: Green done for day I think. Hammy
DrSeuss: Cheers Runt – Need him to bust through – was looking so good as my Captain in the 1st. Not so much this quarter
BigChief: Skills are terrible
kano: Daniher and stewart no ticker
BigChief: Nice goal Butcher.
kano: Stewart garbage
pcaman2003: Smith good tackle on Brown before not counted.BS!
runt: If Howe had taken that, easily mark of the year
a1trader: Tippa looks fat
original: daniher hahahaha
runt: both knees on Danihers head
BigChief: I am not sure who I hate more out of these 2 teams.
poolboybob: Gee that was dumb from Cox
AngryRyno: only way Essendon looked like scoring
original: smith tagging is hilarious, that centre bounce a perf example
Haydo: Are u a hawthorn supporter big cheif
SilverLion: Grundy starting to annoy me
original: neutral fan?
BigChief: Neutral. Old Roys Fan.
pcaman2003: Green playing a blinder. Haha!
man0005: Hawks played a blinder. Haha!
cusch1: Green is done for the day with a hammy
runt: Neroli Meadows mole is everywhere these days. Every time I turn on the tV, there it is. I try not to look but…..
anthsill03: who should i captain next week? neroli or daisy?
runt: not PC but Im only human
TheOnyas: onya aishy
BigChief: GOD has the C on Pendles today.
TheOnyas: onya greeny
SilverLion: Green done for the day.
circle52: That will be costly
BigChief: Did he actually start SL?
Ash777: lol stringer
MrGmax: lol @ Stringer
MrGmax: Ash777, you confused me for a second there.
runt: Did Stringer have an oil bath?
cusch1: that was pathetic. No free kick for HTB and then that.
circle52: And a goal up the other end.
SilverLion: Go away Grundy, you’re not a midfielder
Breezey: I am 100 percent Collingwood but that was HTB
circle52: And a goal up the other end.
pcaman2003: Another tackle not paid to Smith. WTF?
Apachecats: Fat sheila is warming up.
BigChief: That is the 2nd HTB in that spot the umps have missed.
runt: Bombers no hope but its Anzac Day so anything could happen
cusch1: and again. jesus blow the whistle umpire
anthsill03: nothing wrong with the umps
Umpirespet: Another OOTF is this Auskick
TheLegend6: Didn’t pick a good game to go 178+ lmao
anthsill03: collingwood wantt it more than the bombers..
Breezey: Coxy is getting hot
Umpirespet: Get the witches hats ready M0nty
poolboybob: Smith do something you lazy crab
pcaman2003: Will Smith touch the ball again before full time?
SilverLion: Do something Smith
DrSeuss: Devon Smith – any chance of a touch??
a1trader: Has Jackson Merrett gone home?
pcaman2003: Murray and Guelfi. C’mon boys,more work to do yet.
original: smith no where
stoo: Traded Parish this week and swung Sicily forward 🙁
pcaman2003: @Original. He’s there ,but dodging the hard work of getting the ball. Being lazy
cusch1: Shanked OOF. Put money on it
Umpirespet: Goddard still yelling and screaming at team mates
BigChief: No one would have Jackson Merrett
runt: nice to be able to have your say in this modern world of big brother……
original: lol goddard
TheLegend6: Piss off Umpired let the game be played
AngryRyno: Goddard is the biggest whinger in the comp
a1trader: LOL Joe, another 30 of those and the bombers will be in front
lukat: Stephenson goes for 120 and i win. Hoping for a miracle.
runt: Im going to the park to watch the grass grow. Can’t be any worse than this
pcaman2003: Glad I have Hurley to make up for crap players in the game
BigChief: You might find something worth watching @runt
Umpirespet: Can’t see the Paper Planes making the finals
jfitty: So much cheap ball for Hurley today
BigChief: Can’t see either of these making it @pet
PieCannon: think its time to put the spud on daniher @monty
colin wood: Murray’s spoil goes unrewarded? Should have got 10 for that
Apachecats: Goddard going off at his team mates.Must have forgotten his own muppet effort earlier on.
circle52: What is it with umps and not setting marks where it is marked, Happens quite a lot in games and defenders squib 5/10 met
Umpirespet: Chief think pies speed may win them a few games so may make it.
pcaman2003: Bombers just lucky Pies are innacurate today. Could be a lot worse.
SilverLion: Id take 75-80 from Murray and Smith
Umpirespet: Can’t be good for the team when he does that Apache
kano: Goddard is a flog
colin wood: Lol @ Chief. Pies missing 6 of our best 22 still. Rightio mate. Jog on.
original: daniher hahah
pcaman2003: @Silverlion. Smith done little so should be fresh and get 40pts this qtr
Apachecats: Yeah hes well known for it umpirespet .Ignores his own bad play and berates team mates openly on the field.Saints can h’
Apachecats: Saints can have him back as far as I’m concerned.
pcaman2003: Imagine what the poor Gummy Bears had to put up with
pcaman2003: Imagine what the poor Gummy Bears had to put up with
SilverLion: Cameras go to Smith like he threw it. Was McGrath
runt: Someone can wave a flag
cusch1: Send the cops to the West Gate. I reckon that there will be 50000 people standing on the edge
cusch1: The essendon players are going to push us off one by one
AngryRyno: the players will want to push Goddard off too
DrSeuss: Smith, Zerrett, Murray and Stephenson – nice big finish please
BigChief: @colin and who are those 6?
runt: It’s getting ridiculous
Umpirespet: Shouldn’t u be pushing the players off?
a1trader: Scary how good Cox could become
pcaman2003: Cox must be inwardly laughing at Bombers defence.
Lawls: Big Cox marking them for fun
Lawls: Moore, Elliott, Adams, wells, fasolo. That’s 5 out right there
Umpirespet: U can’t count on wells tho is in for 2 and out for 6
colin wood: Chuck Goldy in too Lawls who won’t play this season but.
Breezey: Goldsack
pcaman2003: Pies from 13th to 5th today,huge leap up the ladder
colin wood: Umpire, check our record last season when Wells played :).
anthsill03: cox has to be the most over rated player in the comp
sammyo7: c’mon grundy win me that anzac day medal bet
masterhc2: Not watching the macth but got money on it, is grundy any chance for the medal?
gingjok: “We’re down by 50 points.. but at least Sidebottom isn’t getting the ball . Great tactics Essendon!
anthsill03: missed handball and the commenators are loving it lol wow
Breezey: Over rated! Who says he is a great player. Improving all the time.
a1trader: hate to say it but Collingwood are a good side. Might get a touch up against Tigers though
anthsill03: have a listen to bruce… bit annoying.
DrSeuss: WTF Zerrett – gone home already?
anthsill03: murray was a steal – gun
BigChief: Adams, Moore and Wells only 1’s who would get a game in this side.
pcaman2003: Is Daniher a Giraffe? Moves like one
cusch1: Essendon logo traditionally a fighter jet, change it to a tank and be done with it #WooshaOut
Umpirespet: Goddard should be made to retire
Breezey: Forgot J.Elliot
Lawls: Elliot for sure as well Chief
luke394: Goddard such a sook
a1trader: I have Cox on my bench but score counted because Caddy didn’t play
oh_lol: @bigchief you don’t rate Fasolo or Elliot?
BigChief: Stephenson in front of Elliot now. And no I don’t rate either.
Breezey: Pretty embarrassing some of these efforts from Daniher
DrSeuss: Zerrett slowed down so much that Smith might catch hmm FFS
luke394: Grundy getting points for all those possies in that chain
Apachecats: Is 10 muppets a record?Have to go close and still time for more by Joe.
pcaman2003: Wow! The Bombers look inept
luke394: no points*
runt: I’d give the medal to Grundy
Umpirespet: Eddie dyed his hair that’s why he looks 10 years younger Bruce
colin wood: C?learly you have no idea Chief but good on ya
Apachecats: goddard getting booed by both sides ,that takes some doing.
BigChief: only 3 seagulls?
BigChief: Treloar or Pendles for medal.
Hadouken: mcgrath, biggest hack ever
duckky: New sympol for Goddard needed – megaphone or finger pointer
runt: The Bombers lack of aptitude for delivering impactful, precise delivery to the forwards has been their downfall
Apachecats: Grundy medal for me
Apachecats: Very good precise summary runt
sammyo7: perminent muppet for goddard
runt: Merrett, well done
Breezey: I think Treloar might get the 🥇
duckky: Forward line too tall, too slow and lazy
BigChief: no star m0nty?
colin wood: AT7 for the medal with ease.
Pusti: The Pies were far too good, but I reckon a couple of umpires should get dropped for next week.
duckky: And double the number of essendon players shoul also get dropped Pusti

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