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Chat log from R4 of 2018: Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Port Adelaide, R4 of 2018

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Hadouken: bombers by 14
duckky: L plates on Guelfi
Chelskiman: Afternoon, lads. Got Smith and Merrett in this one. Hoping Merrett finally hits some form.
th3rio: Lads. Need a huge one from smith and bonner as yeo has potentially fucked me
Costanza: carn the Bombers
Tree Fiddy: Lets go merrett!turn it around this week please!
runt: Giuseppe needs to kick a bag today
fanglord13: Bonner and Smith here. Hope to keep my good early season form in fantasy and SC going 🙂
BigChief: Hope Hurley goes big today
Jukes: Hi Monty, can we please have the disposal efficiency column back instead of TOG? My brain just can’t process this change
th3rio: Feel that fang
pcaman2003: Got Smith and Hurley. GLTA
Raspel31: Well, that’s rather a chipper start eh what lads? Now keep it up.
Ladbrokes_: hey jukes, are you computer? if so zoom out just once and you’ll see every stat including DE
Costanza: encouraging Raspel31
Hadouken: will zerrett come into my side after this week? i dont know, you tell me !
Jukes: On the phone Ladbrokes…only shows one column besides the main 4
RGriffen: Jukesy
Raspel31: Yep Costanza-feeling good.
runt: McGrath v Wingard is a great battle
Chelskiman: One of my opponents has McGrath, so that’s good.
man0005: I have McGrath bu my opponent doesnt :/
oc16: merrett is back!
Chelskiman: Merrett lost a handball. 🙁
BigChief: Wow no kicking in danger from Stewart?
CBeezDeez: Need Zerrett & Boner to stay down as my opp has them.
th3rio: I would get excited that opt has Dixon but after seeing what buddy ended up On yesty i wont
runt: Merrett is working his arse off
oc16: rocky is not even a shadow of his former self
th3rio: Lift smithy
Torz: Of course Merrett does this.
BigChief: Kermit for Watts
korza: Sad to see pig come down to this
runt: Premature EjJackulation and a chance lost for Port
th3rio: Merrett is killing me
Chelskiman: Amazing start, Zerrett! About time!
Costanza: Rocky would be loving it despite
SilverLion: I’d take a 75 Bonner
SwaggyP: L plate for Guelfi
luke394: pick up Merrett in a few weeks under 500k
luke394: Bonner might have to go soon Hibberd will be a prime target
SilverLion: Bloody green always asking for a cheap goal
CamT: Rockliff just doesn’t like body contact since his last shoulder dislocation.
BigChief: Am I seeing things or did Green actually handball inside 50?
Chelskiman: Hurley is starting to really annoy me.
runt: Dont drop a lamb chop near Green
TheBoy89: Zombie for Merrett?? Doesn’t make sense
SilverLion: Why chelski? He’s a good player
th3rio: WTf bonner , knew I should’ve played Murray
TheBoy89: He’s always been fantsay time he just had 2 bad games 1st doesn’t count
oc16: agreed CamT he seems to do everything he can to avoid it
SilverLion: Lol Merrett
BigChief: Hurley can’t score points when the ball is in Ess forward line.
TheBoy89: Dom Barry spud
Chelskiman: Slow down, McGrath!
BigChief: WTF are you on about TheBoy89? He is not even playing.
luke394: port really missing Dom Barry today
Costanza: Polec’s forehead penalised
frenzy: Teabag
TheBoy89: Ik I traded him in this week
Breezey: Barry has been good for 3 weeks. Not playing this week so he’s a spud. Please wake up
CBeezDeez: Y would U trade him in when he was dropped and not even named?
th3rio: WHy would you trade in Barry before / after team sheets were released ?
TheBoy89: Because i had a spud called LDU
TheBoy89: And I did my trades Thursday night since Friday I was busy
th3rio: Fuck off Dixon
luke394: @TheBoy89 really gotta improve your trade strategy bro
SilverLion: We love you green
th3rio: Wow didn’t realise Merrett was that quick
TheBoy89: Idc I’m coming top 5k
kano: EAD green you maggot
BigChief: You’re the spud who traded in a guy who was dropped while the guy you dropped was playing.
Raspel31: The spuds are better at Hungry Jacks.
Breezey: Couldn’t put it better myself BigChief
Costanza: motflop
pcaman2003: Pick it up Smith and start scoring
frenzy: It was for cash @ the boy
poolboybob: Bonner get the ball you dud
duckky: Drat – have both Finlayson and Howard on the bench
DrSeuss: Agreed Pcaman – he has stopped dead
th3rio: Smith playing off a wing ffs get him in the guts
luke394: Stringer Joe the goose god he’s shit
Costanza: Merrett nears year high score
Breezey: Watts is in Fairyland. World of his own
th3rio: lol so glad he didn’t give it to thengeendog
frenzy: Teabag
Lawls: Should’ve got Gray instead of McLean, oh well.
Chelskiman: Smith has the Ebert tag. I swear coaches look at my team each week and tag my players on purpose.
TheBoy89: Chelsk same
the worm: gray is so up and down..for every 120+ he gets he will also get a 38
th3rio: thought zerrett wouldve got a tag over smith, seems to be the consensus usually
runt: good interview by ollie Wines with rockliff. Getting into him about his lack of form
man0005: good interview by ollie Wines with rockliff. Getting into him about his lack of form
duckky: wow… serendipity
SilverLion: Can anyone kick a drop punt from a set shot anymore?
Chelskiman: @th3rio I think Ebert was going with him early. They should be tagging Heppell.
runt: Daniher seems to be playing the decoy role these days
th3rio: Ah thanks. Shit tag from ebert then
runt: Lets be honest its basically foot/handball now. The AFHL
Breezey: One and the same it seems
lukefield9: @runt Billy Brownless-esque
Stu7: westoff’s scoring has gone Southoff!
thommoae: Fancy tagging Smith while proven magnets like Merrett and Heppell run free racking ’em up. Hinkley not thinkley?
th3rio: Field Fritsch or Henry lads ?
Stu7: Fritsch
Raspel31: I’m going Fritsch- but don’t quote me-my rookies except Stephenson gone to pieces this week.
th3rio: Henry has gone huge and small so it’s a tough one thanks guys
Hadouken: i still stick by my original bombers by 14 prediction
th3rio: Good Smith !
Chelskiman: I can’t pick rookies either. I fielded Fritsch, but have Stephenson on my bench.
th3rio: Was only gonna go Henry because opt has him fielded and they’re playing saints
Hadouken: @chelskimam i have english on the bench and gawn on the field! doh!
th3rio: Did bonner goo get fish and chips or something
m0nty: Robbie Gray heading for an atlas icon here
Raspel31: 1st time looping this year and going Dusty-anyone sticking with Titch?
th3rio: Guelfi looking impressive
runt: Merrett will be a handy M8
SwaggyP: Guelfi might be the recruit of the season for the bombers. Kid already looks like he belongs.
spudaroos: I almost traded Wingard to Gray last week but I thought I’d give Wingard one more. Fuck this.
th3rio: I wouldn’t put my nose up at Dusty’s score rasp for the sake of 15 or so points
Chelskiman: Hurley killing me.
SilverLion: Ghost for rocky
Stu7: You’d be mad to turn up Dustin as capt
CBeezDeez: I’ve already loopholed Dusty. Titch getting the Vince tag?
Raspel31: Agree th3rio- but some may do for differential
frenzy: Teabag for his third
Chelskiman: Yeah, I loopholed Dusty. Runs on the board is always hard to pass up.
CBeezDeez: What would Titch’s highest ever SC score be?
CBeezDeez: Even with his 54 touches he only 167 or so
AFL Blues: Hey! Hey! I just spotted Rockliff, everyone!
th3rio: Fuck would’ve been a handy goal to smith
the worm: does anyone here not have smith?
Chelskiman: Gotta kick those, Smith!
kano: Daniher trash playing for free kicks
th3rio: Feel like devs score is a bit low for 8 tackles
Raspel31: Off to see a band-hang in Dons-pleeez.
runt: daniher has become a bit dopey
Chelskiman: Another Port goal by 3/4 time would make it very interesting.
th3rio: Ffs dons come on don’t do this
Costanza: can we stop a run-on…
Chelskiman: Nice burst of scoring, Zerrett!
Moona: Nice Zerrett – thanks for raising the bat before 3/4 tine – welcome back
runt: wow Daniher is like a caricature of his former self
runt: he needs to get rid of the mo
cusch1: Daniher has to be playing injured. No longer contesting in the ruck, and not pushing up the ground.
Hawks_13: Does anyone know what’s wrong with Rockliff?
mjdub: I think he just sucks cusch
mjdub: Like Daniher, Rocky also just sucks
Chelskiman: Rocky is tagging. Coaches don’t know how to use Rocky.
Hawks_13: I think he has something wrong with him
hinsch: Hawks 13 his pockets are full of money he cannot run with that many $$$ is his pockets
masterhc2: Here we go game on
Hawks_13: Lol
th3rio: Wow two bombers misses and a port goal fuck off
Breezey: Port Adelaide make Rocky accountable. Not run around in Brisbane grabbing stats for Fantasy football.
Costanza: junk it up Bombers maintain poss
SilverLion: Raise the bat Hurley
the worm: daniher, 11 touches and a goal, 3 free kicks against. 78 sc.
Breezey: No stopping now DHep
runt: Giuseppe’s lack of form is all in his head. he has no confidence
Chelskiman: Seriously, fuck off, Hurley!
SilverLion: That’s about all you’re good for Stringer
frenzy: teabag 4
Costanza: on a string even
LuvIt74: Happy with Hurley, Gray but wish Smith would do more
th3rio: String doggggf
runt: since when does a player get a free for holding someone’s shorts?
Costanza: anyone go to Rocky to congratulate? nup
Death: Rockliff’s demise is stunning
runt: Good on you Giuseppe!
mjdub: garbage can for joe surely
luke394: Time to go Bonner
poolboybob: down arrow for Bonner
pcaman2003: C’mon Smith at least make it past 85
the worm: does anyone here not have smith?
frenzy: Aldi blumoon
Costanza: 1 goal between Wingard Dixon and Robbie is telling
AFL Blues: Ahhh~! Stupid Bonnar.
pcaman2003: @The worm. 68% of teams don’t have him
JockMcPie: Fair to say…Port recruits aren’t doing great
the worm: yeah, but does anyone here not have him?
JockMcPie: Watts tick, all others cross
AFL Blues: This will be the last comment and the most read comment.
TheMessiah: Nah mate….. this will

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