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Chat log from R3 of 2018: Port Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Brisbane, R3 of 2018

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DrSeuss: FFS – Beams out sick. Three weeks in and time to delete my team.
DrSeuss: Huge thanks to Beams…FFS. Yet another week with late outs
DrSeuss: And now all of my comments come up together lol
JockMcPie: Looking forward to Charlie Cameron kicking a bag, but I think Port might win…
circle52: Time for Cutler now to grasp it.
circle52: Bewick and Mayes under the pump.
th3rio: Please have a big one stef, making me regret picking you over nic nat
Chelskiman: Zorko got a 78 and 157 against Port last year. Really hoping for that 157 again. Also have Stef and Christensen.
TheMessiah: Hi everyone
BigChief: With Beams out I have no interest in this 1 now.
TheMessiah: L Taylor is my only player in this one!
TheMessiah: In draft, I have Watts!
th3rio: Hi mess, hopefully no vc woes this week?
circle52: Have Stef and Bundy
circle52: and Westhoff
Chelskiman: Not the best of starts, Zorko…
JockMcPie: Yes Charlie
Snarfy: Can Rockliff come out to play today?
morgs640: <3 Chucky
TheMessiah: @Th3rio nah mate, went with Cripps but going to back either Goldy or Titch in with the C. Thoughts?
th3rio: Yay go stefanos
th3rio: Also power off gray
th3rio: Titch mate! Im in same boat with titch and dusty no idea who will get tagged
the worm: i got rid of beams yesterday 🙂
th3rio: Also goldy againat gawn will be rough mess
Snarfy: Hardwick has stated that graham was going to run with Mitchell
TheMessiah: @th3rio, yeah thinking Titch. Just got a feeling Goldy is going to go huge today
th3rio: Thanks snarf! Think they were joking about it on footy show, he was also tagged that game he got 47 touches haha
th3rio: Oppt has danger and scared dusty will either go 70 or 150
the worm: i’m sure mitchell must be terrified
TheMessiah: Goldy’s last 2 against Gawn are 145 and 172 I think?
Snarfy: Hardwick was insinuating that Graham can’t get a kick so we may as well as least let him annoy someone
th3rio: Wowee that makes it hard then ahah. Id still go titch personally
frenzy: Lol worm
th3rio: Good stef
Chelskiman: Well Zorko was a complete waste of money.
Pokerface: you have alot of making up to do Zorko.
runt: Lions glass is half full this season
th3rio: 17 with 7 mins left is reasonable chels imo
Chelskiman: I’d take 17, but I don’t have him in SC, I have him in DT.
circle52: Nice to see less frees
th3rio: I like seeing teams like lion excel against strong sides
TheBoy89: Bro I feel sorry for Rockliff from elite premium to elite spud
Raspel31: Cam Rayner racking them up I see- and the Titch/Dusty choice killing me.
th3rio: Its killing me too rasp
TheBoy89: My oppt is going dusty which if I went dusty that’ll be safe but then if I c titch I could pay off big time
Pokerface: don’t feel sorry for him Boy. Feel sorry for those of us that picked him and had to waste a trade
Ben_Gogos: Boak ICE cold!
th3rio: Stef on track for 40 possies lol
mjdub: I think rocky will come good, needs a few more rounds to get into shape. PAFC seem patient with him too
TheMessiah: Lift Taylor!!
TheBoy89: Personally titch is a 100+ guaranteed But then dusty scores more goals and more effective with his posies
the worm: dusty and titch are playing above their average, they will slump soon, unless you expect them to avg 160 for the year
mjdub: what’s cooler than being cool?
SilverLion: Why is port booing Hodge lol
th3rio: Does wingard ever smile?
Chelskiman: Stef and Bundy get a tick. Zorko gets a big fat cross.
the worm: why wouldnt you boo hodge?
BeastMode: didnt hodge shove wingard into a goal pst a few seasons ago?
th3rio: Hope u didnt gp goldy mess, think majak is gonna fuck with him
TheBoy89: Rayner all ready more points than last week lol!
circle52: Only umpiring decision I really disagreed with was the Bundy one. Cost us a goal.
TheMessiah: Yeah I didnt… thank god haha
TheMessiah: Come on Taylor…. Get into it!!!!
Pokerface: oh cool it works today as well
Pokerface: lift Cox
Pokerface: donut icon for boak
the worm: tried the new suitacase burger from Maccas? its called the McCluggage 😀
TheLegend6: ffs Rayner the one week i decide to bench you haha
TheLegend6: Have Port 40+ after a saw Beams out but this looks tight. Hope they turn it on 2nd half like last week
RGriffen: superman for Stef. 53 pt quarter atm
Chelskiman: Can Stef play a Ryder-less Port every week, please?
m0nty: Go Stefan, it’s your birthday
boofjb57: Thankyou rayner. Held myself back from a rage trade
TheMessiah: @th3rio… Stefs going nicely for ya man!
Raspel31: All that stress re Titch/Dusty-should have capped big Stef.
cusch1: Rayner blue moon on the cards?
th3rio: Hes saving me right now, no regrets taking him over nic nat now haha
boofjb57: I think so cusch
th3rio: Who are you gonna go rasp? Im hoping fyfe goes 150 so i can jist take him
runt: Lions playing good football
Raspel31: Got Fyfe too but no loop-thinking Titch th3
BigChief: Blue moon for a guy in his 3rd game?
cusch1: Wines limping off
boofjb57: Why not! His first 2 games were sh##
cusch1: Was tongue in cheek Chief, relax
runt: Wines got a corky?
cusch1: Rolled ankle Runt, looked in real strife on tv, but replay didnt show much severity. Wait and see for mine
BigChief: Ankle @runt.
th3rio: Nice
colin wood: come on bonner chalk up an 80
SilverLion: Onya Stef you star
PureSwag: Stef is tearing about Port
TheMessiah: Brisbane have improved so much! Good to see them having some success!
runt: Martin racked up his DT ton as easy as blowing out a candle with a fart
PureSwag: @TheMessiah there 0-2? I don’t know what you call success.
TheMessiah: @PureSwag… success doesnt only show on the ladder. They are winning the little battles during the game
MONEY TALK: ahhhh brought in martin for ryder
cusch1: Swag, Brisbanes average losing margin at AO is upwards of 90 points. They are currently leading. Massive improvers
cusch1: According to the commentary team that stat is anyway
PureSwag: It’s improvement not success, yes their improving but still think there at least 2-3 years before coming a top 8 team.
Raspel31: A ruck leading possessions-amazing-I want to have your children Stef.
Beast_Mode: fuck off rayner, why didnt you do this last week muppet
cusch1: How many people are going to trade Rayner back in this week do we reckon?
Pokerface: that’s what carlton supporters tell themselves so they can sleep at night. at least we are improving.
colin wood: good boy bonner
Beast_Mode: rayner only had 6 possies, he just decided to kick a sausage, be effiecent and lay tackles this week, likely a fluke
cusch1: The difference is Poker, that Brisbane are actually improving, whereas Carlton are going backwards
Pokerface: 2 weeks ago carlton thought they were improving. one ok game is not improvement
colin wood: Carlton are improving? Bahahaha they’re trash
AFL Blues: Talk, talk, talk. You may say we’re “hanging onto the past”, but the fact still remains: 16 premierships; we’re number 1
DarkLegend: If Rayner get 4 more possies and another goal thats enough for a key forward in his third game
JockMcPie: Christensen…ono
cusch1: Dark Legend he isnt a key forward though
mattmac24: The blues have a very young inexperienced team to be fair. Give them a few years and they’ll improve
cusch1: Carlton are the Liverpool of the AFL, been irrelevant for over 25 years.
Chelskiman: Looks like I have to rage trade Hibbo AND Zorko next week. ffs
pcaman2003: Christensen will be a heartbreaker.
cusch1: THat being said, we aren’t far behind
Pokerface: mattmac – again, theyve been saying that for 20 years
FordyHawks: That would make the Hawks the Man U of Afl, I guess
gers: Hey Liverpool are halfway to a CL semi
Pokerface: dunno how AFL blues can cheer about something he wasn’t even alive for.
DarkLegend: Dixon 42 at quarter time
Raspel31: Liverpool is a bit of a call?
mattmac24: Pokerface – indeed they do and they kep giving away their good players! ._.
AFL Blues: No one was alive during *every* premiership. What’s the difference if I miss one or *all* of them?
cusch1: AFL Blues probably wasnt even around during the tanking debacle
Pokerface: Yes i know Silvagni who played for Carlton. Jack was his name?
cusch1: Wait Eddie Betts isn’t a one club player????
Rush: Aside from being historically successful Liverpool is nothing like Carlton.
Grumpman: Who are the pies playing in the VFL please guys?
BigChief: And yet again the chat is not about the current game.
JockMcPie: Carlton (Northern Blues)
FordyHawks: Yes, that’s insulting to Carlton
Grumpman: Oh ok lets not mention the score then i
MONEY TALK: y did i talk about martin hasnt done anything (SC)
m0nty: wow at Bundy’s SC score
Chelskiman: Zorko can still ton up if he has a blinder of a last quarter. I’m still not happy with him though.
JRedden: zorko needs to lift
Hadouken: yeah i got rid of zorko this week. it was either him or treloar
JRedden: come on barry do something
mattmac24: Hadouken – why did either of them need to go?
cusch1: Trigger trading premiums who score poorly once is a rookie error. Zorko on track for 100 and you still arent happy?
Pokerface: i paid 600k for him. im not happy with 100
JRedden: got zork in AF not SC, so hes only on track for 80
Raspel31: Martin on 25 ossies half time-tired?
poolboybob: Dollar sign for Bonner
cusch1: Grundy, Gawn, Martin, who is ruck of the week?
Snarfy: Not Goldstein
Chelskiman: And Zorko is nowhere near 100 in DT. People don’t just play SC.
JockMcPie: Christensen for the sealer please!! Or Bonner, whichever way
Pokerface: people still play AF? Seriously?
mattmac24: Jacobs tonight might go off as well, Saints without a proper ruck
Number 8: Power’s work rate is poor, Lions a big show here
Ash777: go lions
Chelskiman: Yeah?
cusch1: this deliberate rile is f*cking pathetic
Raspel31: Wow-game on.
BigChief: How was that a free against Robinson? It was a soccer from CHF.
the worm: where was he trying to kick it?
cusch1: This is heart in mouth stuff go Lions!
JockMcPie: Boy oh boy wowee
Chelskiman: Brilliant effort, Lions. Really wanted them to win that.
SilverLion: Bloody Polec…
Ash777: umps saved port
Burnsy03: straight to old mate dougal
MONEY TALK: trading out martin, how dare he score less on supercoach smh

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