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Chat log from R2 of 2018: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R2 of 2018

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BigChief: Zak Jones Out and Robbie Fox in.
amigaman: Robbie Gray not listed?
Umpirespet: Cmon swans
BigChief: Howard has a big job
BigChief: This game is already a better game than Dogs v WC
Pusti: Every player must get a point for turning up in Supercoach.
circle52: @Putsi with SC scores they start at +1 due to live scoring issues with CD and this is the way aroud it
circle52: So for true SC scores you need to deduct 1.
duckky: Hey Circ – I thought the 1 point was bought in to prevent players on the ground but dont score dont trigger the emergenc
duckky: This happened a while back when a player was on the ground for 1 1/2 quarters but got subbed out…
Hadouken: wtf heeney, honestly….
Chelskiman: I tune in to see my oppoent’s player on fire and my player in 2…
Pokerface: duckky, its just to avoid copyright/IP issues
circle52: Beams to Parker looking a fair trade nex week.
Pokerface: come on rocky
JockMcPie: Would like Bonner to lift a bit
Apachecats: Heeney going to be cheap in a couple of weeks.
m0nty: should have read my draft kit, I ranked Parker top 5 this year
MontyJnr: Heeney has had 2 handballs, they missed one..
luke394: Heeney looking the goods
SilverLion: Franklin 39 SC from 4 possies at 50%? A goal isn’t worth that much surely.
Pokerface: why is this still a thing? there are far more sc stats than those that show here.
Umpirespet: Agree Poker why do people winge won’t change the score
original: franklin sc gone backwards?
Seiya: Stop complaining about stats jesus
Pokerface: hmm.. the Hoff could be a go until ryder is back.
Raspel31: That’s the way Buddy boy.
TheLegend6: I gotta figure out a way to get Buddy in this week
runt: Dwayne called Buddy a black hole. Interesting choice of analogy.
luke394: Heeney big lift
Apachecats: Heeney got my message ,go boy!!
SilverLion: Whose complaining? I’m just trying to work it out. I’m watching the game and haven’t seen much of him.
m0nty: great DTing Lloyd
luke394: @TheLegend6 me too mate he’s looking very good
the worm: its faster than saying a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape
runt: Id call Buddy quicksand because everyone seems to be standing still around him
Pokerface: no you aren’t you quoted possessions, goal and efficiency. You neglected his marks and the many other sc stats
Pokerface: the worm please don’t forget Hawking radiation. Too soon.
SilverLion: I can’t fit all the minor stats into one post poker. Just said the main ones.
SilverLion: Maybe they gave him a whole bunch of 1%ers I didn’t see.
Pokerface: you don’t even know the minor stats. thats my point. or where the possessions were. etc. same conversation every week
Chelskiman: Rocky a shell of his former self.
BigChief: It is the same week in week out about SC scores. X player not gettig this, Y player being rewarded for nothing.
BigChief: Get over it already.
SilverLion: Fairo Poker. Must be watching the wrong game.
SilverLion: Sorry for being curious Jesus
Pokerface: SL you make the same comment every week but refuse to listen to answer. don’t know why you even ask
Pokerface: curious is fine. but every week?
SilverLion: Appreciate that you monitor me that closely. Different players, different scenarios yada yada
Pokerface: no, i remember the monotony from you about it last year is all
Pokerface: ‘a goal isn’t worth that much’ is not trying to find answers. its your usual cd complain. don’t pretend otherwise
Raspel31: Ladies-handbags away.
hinsch: Would Westoff be a good trade in this week doing OK for the last two weeks and starting as No1 ruck
Seiya: Focus on the game please enough of this moronic crap
Pokerface: my thoughts too hinsch.
rickybrad: Won’t be number 1 ruck for long
BigChief: Westhoff could be a F3 or F4 for sure
runt: Be careful Silver Lion. He may decide to charge you rent!
hinsch: Westoff in SC Mid/Fwd and Rucks ?? a good price and will make money for a few weeks
SilverLion: Im not going to bother harping anymore anyways runt, no-one wants our trivial argument to clog the chat.
SilverLion: Parker is looking the goods this year
LuvIt74: Silver agree Parker’s first 2 games have been bloody impressive
runt: clogging the chat is what i do best
runt: On a more serious note…
LuvIt74: Corrective trade next week is Hibberd out – Shaw In..
runt: what a wonderful game of football Callum Sinclair is playing
vamos77: Welcome to my Never Again Squad Dane Rampe
runt: Heeney on the hand needs to extract the digit
SilverLion: Thoughts on Parker vs. Oliver as a replacements for MCrouch in SC?
vamos77: Hannebery woke up this morning and realised he is no longer SC relevant
BigChief: @vamos it is Hanners 1st week back from injury.
Pokerface: can’t go wrong with either SL. the extra 70k from Parker is handy though
StuL: Parker SL. Regret my lack of Swans.
vamos77: Banners struggled a bit last year, a lot better options around the same price, Parker for one
SilverLion: Cheers fellas, thinking Parker too atm. Oliver very consistent though.
StuL: Poor Rocky. How can he end up like this? Body must be held together with sticky tape.
LuvIt74: Silver go Parker mate and pocket the extra cash, u can only go by what your seeing & Parker is going as good as Oliver
LuvIt74: Will be interesting to see what Bonner final score ends up
Rush: Naughton for Bonner is looking like my trade for next week
frenzy: The hoff has started this season okay
LuvIt74: @Rush yeah if Bonner scores 80+ today I will be doing the same
LuvIt74: Along with Hibbered to Shaw
oc16: i think port broke rocky
Apachecats: Rockliff will get dropped at this rate.
BigChief: I like Finlayson over Bonner
oc16: yep looks that way
LuvIt74: Everyone should have Finlayson
BigChief: I took Murray and Doedee as my rooks.
original: kermit alert
SilverLion: Muppet/Mare for Rampe
LuvIt74: awesome goal great reflexes, got a game on our hands
LuvIt74: @BigChief are they your only rookies in defence?
original: should i trade dahl for heeney or like devon smith..?
BigChief: Rooks yeah but have Pearce who I will trade to Finlayson
LuvIt74: I have Doedee, Murray, Finlayson, Naughton, Murphy in defence as there seemed to be the best cash cows in defence
cusch1: Boak definitely top 6 forward this year
LuvIt74: Original tough one but id go Heeney or as cusch stated Boak a great POD
Number 8: Could CD be any more hopeless with their constant reversing of stats, esp tackles?
Haydo: Same luvit with murphy and naughton on bench
SilverLion: Dang it Bonner
frenzy: Cheap atm cusch
boo!: rise boner
cusch1: I had Boak, Walters Heeney all preseason, then pulled a last minute swap Boak to Billings
colin wood: Come on Bonner get involved bud.
rickybrad: Was planning on bonner next week. Not so sure now
the worm: why are people mad their 250k defender is on 50 with 40 minutes left?
SilverLion: I’m not worm, was just a bad piece of play before
SilverLion: That was comical haha
StuL: Bonner will still get heaps of cheap points at home.
Haydo: What is lloyd doing??? Nothing apparently
DrSeuss: Come on Lloyd
BigChief: I think I might bring Stephen Silvagni in next week. He would still dominate in Carlton’s def.
scrappers: how the hell is heeney on 75 with 10 going at 60%
lock98: The real question is how does Heeney have 12 CP with only 10 touches
runt: everyone just stopped and watched as Bonner ran through the middle and had a shot!
JButcher: I want an unbiased opinion on Dougal Howards game today fellas
BigChief: @ lock possessions are not disposals.
SilverLion: Definite mate for Rampe
SilverLion: Definite mare for Rampe
BigChief: I think he has been ok JB. Franklin has beaten him, but not disgraced him.
maygs: @scraps inside 50s and tackles
cusch1: Remember that one year Rampe was relevant in supercoach? What happened
SilverLion: Icicle for Rocky?
Umpirespet: Remember that one week Essendon was relevant in the AFL what happened?
Gotigres: Spud for Rockliff
hinsch: Rockliff is controlling the game that is why Port are in front
cusch1: we ran over the top of a poor adelaide side, who gave up a 20 point 3 qtr time lead?
amigaman: Remember that one day in September when the Crows were relevant. What happened?
TheOnyas: onya winesy
the worm: who do i bench next week, fritsch vs norf or ryan vs the cats?
Umpirespet: Least we got there recently
Chelskiman: Need Heeney to ton up in DT somehow. Would be happy with a 90 though.
Gotigres: Rockliff laughing all the way to the bank
Umpirespet: Bedtime cusch1
cusch1: Got there, and had about as much of an impact on the game as Essendon did…stop being salty and enjoy this great game
J.Worrall: now not the time, worm – wait on selections
FordyHawks: How’s everyone’s tipping going? 2/7 with swans and Hawks
Haydo: 3/7 with swans and cats fordy
J.Worrall: Buddy!!
BigChief: OMG. What a freak he is.
the worm: I don’t tip
TheOnyas: on ya winesy
J.Worrall: worm is a cheapskate!
original: budddddyy cmon 2 more this qtr to win the game and youll hit 140 hehe
original: keep going jpk
Haydo: Umpires per i dont think u can talk about getting there when essendon have the equal most grand final wins of all time
Umpirespet: Now we know how the won them!!!
cusch1: Hes been shitty with my ever since we beat them last week haydo, dont stoop to his level lol
SilverLion: Everyone fumbles when Duddy is around
LuvIt74: Buddy should have got 40 SC points for that goal due to the degree of difficulty…lol
original: put buddy in the middle hehe
Apachecats: Glad I didn’t rush into Bonner ,plenty did.
FordyHawks: 2 flags each since 1990 Haydo
Haydo: Essendon and adelaide fordy?
Apachecats: Rockliff was 19 SC at half time.
Haydo: 1 flag since 2017fordy
cusch1: How did this game get dumped into Sunday twilight though
FordyHawks: Yeah bud
LuvIt74: Whoever tradded in bonner or anyone for that matter unless they had someone injured on their side, they shouldnt b play
twinpeaks: The Pig is dead, long live the Pig!
LuvIt74: playing
Pokerface: that bacon is fried
cusch1: Rocky is alive!!!
StuL: This is crazy. I really dont rate Port.
JockMcPie: cmon parker and bonner junk it up
oc16: more like charred
cusch1: StuL I am starting to rate them though
BigChief: It was a great HB from Rocky there, but a shower game from him.
clint briz: Is Rocky just sitting in the forward square?
TheOnyas: onya winesy
cusch1: 3 goals in 6 minutes going to be very tough, but if anyone can do it, its Sydney
SilverLion: Bonner with the sealer!
BigChief: Wines, Boak and SPP attack on the ball have got them this win.
cusch1: and 4 goals in 5 is not possible. port a contender?
m0nty: nominations for star please
frenzy: Thatll do bonney enough now
JockMcPie: Wines
Apachecats: Gotta rate them now Cusch1
korza: Rocky a handy pick up after the bye. Not a bad bench option at 200k
BigChief: Boak star, Wines magnet, Westhoff gun
oc16: wines
Umpirespet: Wines
TheBoy89: Wines obviously
JButcher: Has to be ollie m0nty 4 quarter display from him
Apachecats: Wines by the length of the straight monty
SilverLion: Wines easily m0nty, Boak the cherry
FordyHawks: Wines has to be star
cusch1: Wins star, Boak x factor, Gray cherry
gers: Port did the same thing to Sydney last year and went on to do bugger all
StuL: Parker stopped. Maybe you should pick Oliver.
LuvIt74: If Menengola plays ordinary tomorrow I think ill go Boak.
SilverLion: Haha maybe StuL
Umpirespet: Why not Gray Luvit?
JockMcPie: I’ll look at Port players after their bye
SilverLion: Zombie for McVeigh
LuvIt74: @StuL Parker has done well even though he has been quiet last 40 mins – Oliver scored 108 last week.
LuvIt74: Need the coin to upgrade Naughton to bonner.
LuvIt74: Actually Hibbered to Shaw and Menangola to Gray would be a better option even though i think bonner done enough today
StuL: It’s Menegola but for some reason BT is retarded and calls him Menengola

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