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Chat log from R1 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R1 of 2018

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SilverLion: Currently unable to log in on PC, was happenening yesterday too. Get an XML file error.
AngryRyno: GWS by 5 goals
RGriffen: playing for the GOAT medal today
CamT: Am I the only one with Heath Shaw in his side ?
Pokerface: Tom Boyd thanks you for the kind words RGriff
Wends: GOAT medal… so early in the season?? Also, have Taranto as PoD in RDT & McLean in SC…
BigChief: This will be a slaughter.
RGriffen: Tom Boyd and Ryan Griffen 2 stars of the game
RGriffen: nah i got Shaw in AF
AngryRyno: cmon Lobbster get cracking
luke394: I’ve got Shaw at d2 @CamT
Chelskiman: Finlayson on field, Dodee on the bench. Sums up my round tbh.
Wends: Lobb looking juicy in SC atleast
BigChief: Enjoy Shaw for 1 or 2 weeks before you realise you made a mistake picking him.
Wends: Who’s this Gowers fella??
frenzy: hope english goes large
RGriffen: how about the people that got kissed by starting O’Connor with Doedee emg
RGriffen: wtf was that Patton
BigChief: @ Wends he is Andy Gowers kid
Chelskiman: Wake me up when the score review is done, fellas.
RGriffen: Greene playing so well he is gonna get suspended today
DrSeuss: I had that RGriff with O’Connor. Unfortunately, I also had Zerrett and Langdon, Finlayson in this game…
Wends: Lol @BigC, honestly never heard his name in all the preseason mullings over of rooks.
Chelskiman: Giants are killing them at the moment.
RGriffen: game over!
BigChief: I think he played both games. But the Dogs are a rabble again this year.
luke394: good start Dahlhaus
AngryRyno: Finlayson with 9SC before recording a stat
NewFreoFan: You get SC points for spoils and stuff that isn’t shown here
JockMcPie: Hope no-one had Libba…
Wends: Libba leg injury 🙁
original: ANy danger dahl ffs
Chelskiman: Libba looks done.
RGriffen: oh poor Libba
JackRipper: Finlayson on 14pts with 1 kick. Is he on the Bont’s scoring chart ?
Breezey: I’m going to go early and say Libbas done. Didn’t look good
NewFreoFan: Look at Dougal Howard’s SC from the Port Dockers game. It’s from 22 spoils in the game
BigChief: Angry and Jack SC gives points for spoils. That’s why Howard for Port scored so well.
Yelse: so bye bye supercoach libra ryder metret rich great weekend
BigChief: I think you’re right Breezey.
Chelskiman: Had Kelly and Gibbs in my team forever. Ended up going Zorko and Neale. FMDT.
Chelskiman: Ouch, Yelse. And I thought I was going bad!
luke394: @Yelse thats shocking luck I copped Merrett as well but all them together sucks 🙁
NewFreoFan: Bloody hell Yelse, who else do you have I’m getting rid of them now
RGriffen: I swear he played on
penguins00: Shouldn’t have bene 50m but I’m not sure it means much
cusch1: If Katie Brennan had of been playing today, this scoreline would be a lot different #equality
RGriffen: I’ll take this from Lobb. Except I got a feeling he might be gassed at half time. No pre season games. Playing 90% ruck
AngryRyno: slow(er) start keeps people away from jumping on in round 3 griff
DrSeuss: Langdon for Donuts….where did Gowers come from?
RGriffen: people gonna just on in SC regardless imo because he’s a great tap ruckman
Wends: Yelse, that’s painful! Had Ryder only from that lot. On the bright side, cldn’t loophole Dusty in SC, so stuck w C Kelly
SilverLion: Langdon on the ground. Shower.
SilverLion: Anyone else unable to log in/post on PC?
AngryRyno: Gowers was on the carlton list for a few years, then just VFL i believe
Wends: Not unhappy w McLean SC.
Wends: *meant Capt Kelly in RDT, not SC.
Crowls: what posie is bont playing?
Brad_J: i can log in on laptop Silver Lion
SilverLion: Libba done for the day, courtesy of Nicky Dal
SilverLion: Cheers brad, on Firefox?
PureSwag: Chrome?
Wends: @Silver, I’m logged in on PC in Firefox.
RGriffen: I am too Silverlion. Try shift f5 or something like that
BigChief: I am on pc using chrome.
NewFreoFan: Would be nice if Naughton could do something
luke394: is Dalhhaus just irrelevant in SC now?
BigChief: Taranto looking good early
BigChief: So many injuries already.
Wends: Had a v frustrating 2017 with him @Luke394, he didn’t make the cut in 2018.
Wends: Of course now he’ll kill it.
original: WISH they played dahl on the ball ffs
SilverLion: Will do guys, might just be buggy internet. Also, flower in do something Langdon.
original: There he is!
DrSeuss: Can anyone show Langdon what the ball looks like – he is on my field FFS
RGriffen: Martin and Danger has made guys like Dahl, Rocky, Parker etc play more forward imo all good 1v1
Wends: Whoa Capt Kelly 😮
luke394: love having Naughton on filed over Doedee
BigChief: How good is Kelly. A must have imo.
Raspel31: Martin, Gibbs, Titch, Kelly-thanks muchly but Naughton? Eeek.
Torz: Jeez, they’re talking up Langdon up for a bloke who can’t find the ball.
RGriffen: do something Shaw
CamT: I’m a bit disappointed with Giles-Langdon atm.
Wends: Kelly slow patch = off the ground! And hellooo Raspel 🙂
Raspel31: Howdy Wends.
heppelitis: geez i put the wrong rookies on the field
SilverLion: Langdon!
PureSwag: Naugton! SMH
RGriffen: I traded Finlayson to Coffield and moved Naughton to the bench to loophole Doedee score…
circle52: think a lot of us put wrong rookies on bench – the risk we rook with fielding 3 rookies on field though.
circle52: Picking right 3 from 5 was going to be the issue –
AngryRyno: @NuffiesOnSuperCoachPages
Haydo: same luke394 smh
Wends: Hey @ Hepp! Mixed bag for me, nailed the Dood & Holman, epic fail w others. Finlayson picking up tho.
circle52: Welcome back to all the regulars as well
RGriffen: Shaw finally scores
heppelitis: all I can see on my monitor is the 1 next to naughtons name
Breezey: Took Coniglio instead of Kelly. Happy I did thus far. Cheaper option
Raspel31: Good thinking RGriffen-should have done the same.
cusch1: Should change his name to Aaron Oneon after recieving that point…
SilverLion: CD ripping Langdon off a handball
MQuimby: *Singleton
RGriffen: $20 on Doedee to score 40 next week and Naughton 80
circle52: Trying to work out the big discrepancy in SC and DT scores for McLean. Have in DT not SC
AngryRyno: scores on here are 1 point higher than they are by CD, so he really is Naughton
heppelitis: funny cush if he loses 1 he is Aaron Nought
Gotigres: Noughton living up to his name.
AngryRyno: or Aaron onNaught if you will
Roksta: Please tell me you’re a dad cusch cause that was horrible
Raspel31: A big second half and Naughton should get to 3 hepp
CamT: The ABC definitely called Langdon dishing off a handball that lead to a goal.
heppelitis: Hi Wends..great to be back
Gotigres: Good start English
Apachecats: Finlayson or Oh Da Do Dah Day for 1st week rising star
Wends: Has to be the Dood… so far.
Haydo: yeah i heard that too CamT
PureSwag: Naughton at least get to 30 by the end of the game.
Wends: Did anyone go there, with Greene?
BigChief: Findlayson not eligible. Too old.
Apachecats: Has GOD called in today? Suppose he’s got Greene as his third captain of the round
Wends: GOD has foresaken us, Apache.
BigChief: GOD has 9 different C every week.
RGriffen: Cogs is going 140
runt: Why does Steve Smiths pants have no pockets? Because he is always tampering with his balls. The bastard.
PureSwag: Bulldogs are doing so bad that Libba is going up in points.
AngryRyno: did anyone leave Conigs out?
SilverLion: Cogs doing well
the worm: i hope naughton to coffield to get doedee’s score wont burn me 🙁
Breezey: Wouldnt he good if Coniglio broke Titchs possession record today.
RGriffen: only reason I don’t have Cogs is have fun when he isn’t playing in 3 weeks
Raspel31: GOD has indeed left the building-as Kelly appears to have.
PureSwag: Naughton is on 2, no way.
MQuimby: you mean HOwdy Doedee
luke394: Coniglio looking extremely good
cusch1: Trengove proving why there was a bidding war for him over the off season…
awesomeguy: Naughton to 8 my lord hes on fire
Apachecats: left conig out Angry but got Greene tg
Roksta: Naughtiness going to outscore Merritt and his glass jaw
Wends: Kelly gone for a martini; shaken, not stirred.
dipstick: naught ton i can accept…but naught ten I cannot…dont make me give a unity stamp on your forehead
Haydo: naughton is on 8 and hes only dogs 4th worst
heppelitis: charity free to naughton helped
the worm: roksta’s spell checker selects naughtiness for naughton… u naughty boy
circle52: @angryyyno – I do not have Coniglio.
Wends: Libba suspected ACL according to Dogs.
frenzy: Libba season over, sux
poolboybob: Tombstone for Libba
bones351: How’s English been looking? Didn’t get to watch the first half, on the way home now.
heppelitis: JJ the blonde troll doll
Umpirespet: Happy with Conig so far
heppelitis: Competes real well considering hes thin @Bones351
luke394: do Dahl
RGriffen: English looking good. Only issue that Lobb is no way at full fitness
PureSwag: Libba done ACL?
SilverLion: “Was it touched before it went out?” That’s not how deliberate works ump
RGriffen: going up against another under done ruckman next week will do him well again
Apachecats: English been OK for a cheapie @griff ,reckon he’s good for 75 -80
bones351: Thanks guys, hard to judge his JS to confidently invest as R3 for emergencies
frenzy: looking like it, pureswag. club tweet
RGriffen: 75-80 a bit much. 55-65 is more what I am expecting. Doing really well today though
poolboybob: Glad I took the punt on English over a guaranteed zero like Olango
RGriffen: in SC I was thinking English F8. Means you can still loophole plus you have a backup ruckman
Apachecats: same here poolboy
cusch1: I picked up Hayes considering he was supposedly the best ruck in the draft.
Apachecats: Is Hayes PA cusch? If so he will get a run with Paddy out for a while.
RGriffen: in AF for the 2 rucks I went Draper over Cameron/Oscar Mac. Think he might play a bit this season
Haydo: libba beating naughton with 19% tog
RGriffen: Frampton in front of Hayes from what I know but sounds they will go Westhoff/Dixon/Marshall/Howard as rucks
cusch1: Draper wont come close with Leuy and McKernan in the 2s Griff
cusch1: and Fingers crossed on Hayes, was touted as top 20 for a while before slipping to late 40s.
tommy10: Bont do something
RGriffen: not what Woosha said a few weeks ago
heppelitis: He might Cusch..those 2 are spuds and he has least got potential
RGriffen: I don’t expect him to play but positive words from the coach helped
cusch1: Draper is a big project player. Id probably play him ahead of both leuy and Mck because I dont rate them, but exp talks
RGriffen: Cogs again…
thornz23: What’s the go with Mitch Wallis? Injured or just can’t even make EMG atm?
the worm: coniglio inconsistent and brittle, dont get sucked in
RGriffen: brittle is the reason I don’t have him. Expecting 105 average from like 10 games
AngryRyno: if he averages 105 over 10 games he’s done his job
circle52: Do something Bont,
cusch1: Speaking of brittle, does Deledio have the bandaid icon on a permanent basis?
Umpirespet: Has 1 out of 10 already and for 200k less worth the risk
SilverLion: If Langdon could get 50 I’d be happy
RGriffen: thank you Rory Lobb
Raspel31: Naughton off and running again. Superb use of the pill.
The39Steps: Dogs hangover massive now – bit like my mine from my 18th. Lasted 2 years.
cusch1: Can someone call the RSPCA, because there are 22 men currently embarrassing 22 puppies
SilverLion: Traffic Cones for the Dogs
ajconodie: Are GWS that good, or are the Dogs struggling?
RGriffen: bit of both. Dockers put up way more of a fight yesterday for some context
kano22: Naughton is not good
Roksta: Dogs struggling ajconodie
Apachecats: Dogs struggling ajconodie.JJ and Bont well down.
ajconodie: Crap. I was hoping they would come good. Love the Dogs.
Breezey: In a smashing like this I don’t think it’s up to Naughton.
HappyDEZ: GWS much better forward line + their mids hitting the scoreboard as well.
thornz23: Anyone know about Mitch Wallis?
duckky: Has any 18 year old recruit done anything this weekend (not mature age)
Roksta: Gws are good too. But dogs all over the place here
AFL Blues: Aaron is naught good…
dipstick: wheres Kelly? hasnt scored for 20 minutes
AFL Blues: Bontemsmelly…
Chelskiman: +10 for Kelly there, haha.
LuvIt74: Granted its only round 1 but so far not one of the expensive rookies have scored well.
duckky: Maure age rookies have done OK so far – especially as I have to cover Libba and Merrett
cusch1: Darcy Fogarty from Adelaide has probably been the best rookie so far
LuvIt74: 48 is still a poor score
ajconodie: cusch – Enter the other Fogarty.
AngryRyno: wouldn’t mind a few more points from Kelly of the Josh variety, 120+ please
LuvIt74: Naughton has been very dissapointing he is my only expencive rookie which I played Murray.
LuvIt74: Kelly has done ok cant complain with 110
LuvIt74: Shaw has done well
duckky: Dang – I didn’t thing Lobbe was in yet
LuvIt74: If English scores well next week i can see a few ppl trading him in including myself.
original: Trash icon for Shaw is unwarranted hehe
duckky: Yes – Im eyeing off English for T Bell (dumb selection)
RGriffen: you don’t have English?
RoughRed: Cogs scoring on o
LuvIt74: Nope i dont have English
RGriffen: man I went Bont and Fyfe in SC and don’t have Titch…
LuvIt74: Thankfully i dont have Kruzer or Ryder either
RoughRed: Cogs scoring only 71% game time 😀

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