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Chat log from R1 of 2018: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R1 of 2018

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BigChief: Just a little wet for this 1
Gotigres: Pouring with rain at the ground.
frenzy: think spoon roos
RGriffen: this is why you don’t play games in North Queensland this time of the year
Umpirespet: Lol the weather
Gelly: good swimming weather
Beast_Mode: potential game of the year
RGriffen: get on the blues next week and whoever North play. Both teams are gonna be spent
RGriffen: Koss easy job for you tonight
Ash777: give them both spoons so they can paddle 😛
penguins00: Good game to be a ruckman
RGriffen: Weller nearly died
RGriffen: hahaha LDU
man0005: hahaha LDU
zadolinnyj: Why do fans boo when it has been proven touch. Surely you can’t complain about a proven decision
Snarfy: I think Holman has fallen down a manhole!
RGriffen: what a mark by Williams
RGriffen: anyone pay up for Day? Good start
Raspel31: Wow, the score has changed a lot since I last looked.
J_Herer: Lyons as a POD is going well for people jeez
SilverLion: Went Stef Martin ahead of Goldy. Not dissapointed with Stef, but wow Goldy
Raspel31: Same Silverlion but it’s the pitch- he won’t do this every week.
TheMessiah: Glad I grabbed Goldy, only positive so far.
TheMessiah: Can he make up for zerrett and zorko?
RGriffen: Higgins hahaha
Nuffman: wow.. conditions must be disgusting in Cairns!
RGriffen: what a tackle by Holman
Raspel31: I can’t believe it-I only disappear for 30 minutes and someone scores a goal.
BigChief: Understatement Nuffman.
RGriffen: 2 goals now haha
RGriffen: man anyone pick Bowes. He was cheap af
RGriffen: 3 in 4 minutes from GC!!! this is amazing
Raspel31: Electric RGriffen-simply a goal fest.
RGriffen: ANOTHER!!! The suns are gonna win the flag
Ash777: I had bowes for awhile then traded him out for a rookie 🙁
duckky: Come on McDonald
God_: Same Ash. Had him in keeper, dropped him at the start of season.
RGriffen: 5 in a row this is great
RGriffen: any Ben Jacobs owners?
MONEY TALK: trading zerret to jacobs
RGriffen: unbelievable quarter by the suns
RGriffen: who do you think he goes to next week MT?
amigaman: @Money Talk, Why?
MONEY TALK: because he is a jet
amigaman: Okay then
BigChief: Jacobs is a crab at best.
RGriffen: damn Holman
RGriffen: scoring end of the ground aha
MONEY TALK: i think jacobs will go to jack steven
MONEY TALK: score a ton
Pokerface: anyone stuck with LDU?
RGriffen: Roos using the senior blokes to get it done now
CamT: Is Young playing HF or on the ball ?
RGriffen: bit of both. But like there is 20 players around the ball all the time
CamT: Thanks, RGriffen
RGriffen: what a goal. Game tied!
RGriffen: 10 goals to one end of the ground 0 to the other
the worm: i’m calling a draw
RGriffen: crazy good chase from May
RGriffen: game of the round this
RGriffen: horrible umpiring decision
luke394: Go Holman, he’s making my loop for the Danger pick worth it
RGriffen: how good is this game. So much better than the other blowout
Frankfaust: How come Goldy’s score is going backwards?
Frankfaust: Also, hell all.
Frankfaust: Also, hello all, I meant to say.
Pokerface: cos its clutch time and he aint contributing now
SilverLion: Gold Coast kicking with the tide
Frankfaust: Ok. Thanks for that.
Waspy79: Nice to see Youngy do well
BigChief: Is Rory Thompson injured? 1 kick and zero tackles
Pokerface: lol SL
duckky: what happened to bowes?
the worm: yeah, nice one Silvrelion
TheMessiah: hahah SL Love it
TheMessiah: Witts would of been a great POD
RGriffen: love how its barely windy. Just can’t kick goals at one end of the ground
stuballs: Oof… First Rayner, now LDU. Should’ve skimped
Pokerface: agree Messiah, but that rd 10 made it impossible
RGriffen: 20 disposals for Witts
RGriffen: AF with Lobb getting DPP in round 6 only way I could see people doing it
luke394: has Witts beaten Goldy?
RGriffen: Witts been getting clearances so yes. But both just equalling ruck contest
circle52: Yep but Goldy has has ben interchanged with Jacobs a few times.
circle52: Brown sorry
RGriffen: Day been rucking too though. Not as much as Brown has though
RGriffen: great mark by Witts
RGriffen: Holman been a star
RGriffen: wtf was that Kolo
RGriffen: Koss do you go for either of these teams?
MattyZ: Koss is a dirty dirty magpies fan
Koss: I go for the Pies 🙂
SilverLion: Petrol Gauge/Ying Yang for Goldy
RGriffen: geez, not even Lynch will make you any good 😉
luke394: Loving Holman
Koss: Maybe if we had both Lynch’s 😉
tommy10: You beauty Holman 🙂
luke394: Goldy completely stopped
dipstick: wheres rooboy stewpid?
Koss: Harbrow 21 kicks 0 handballs :O

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