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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, P2 of 2018

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SilverLion: “third tall forward” haha
PureSwag: The Bombers VS Cats game had the 2nd highest Free Kick count of all time.
frenzy: lots of interest in this game
amigaman: The umpires were a disgrace
PureSwag: @amigaman got the W thats all the matters but Marty and Zaka are my concers.
AFL Blues: These two teams… Seriously…
amigaman: W not important, but yes, injuries a concern
penguins00: There’s a heap of rain coming down for those who aren’t watching
PureSwag: @AFL Blues, your team is just as bad, stop complaining
teddyt: Lol @AFL Blues its in the wet and they both still look better than carlton.
th3rio: liking the looks of Holman so far, not so much Rayner
amigaman: Rayner -9 with no stats?
luke394: Love it when a bargain basement like Holmer comes along 🙂
AngryRyno: @amigaman, Rayner has two clangers
th3rio: Kind of spoiled for choice with a few debutants this year!
AngryRyno: make that three clangers, they’re coming in hot
amigaman: @AngroRyno, I can see that, but he still had no stats
amigaman: How do you get 3 clangers from 1 possesion?
AngryRyno: you can commit clangers with no other effect on the fantasy stat sheet
amigaman: Please explain?
AngryRyno: missed shepherds etc.
penguins00: free against and 50m pen are clangers
teddyt: he tripped over his shoelaces
amigaman: Hmmm, new to me
AngryRyno: @penguins00 but a free against will register on the stat sheet
amigaman: @penguins00, correct but he had none of those
SilverLion: hahah oh this is fun to watch
SilverLion: McStay is not playin CHF on May m0nty. He’s at CHB
DrSeuss: Aaron Hall doing nothing? Or a little too wet for his game?
circle52: Time for lions to lift with clearances and contested possessions.
Death: anyone tell where bell is playing?
rainmandt: Is Hanley playing MID?
Haydo: Just watched shortys video on bell, did well in jlt 1 as well
damoc85: across half back Rainman
snowman123: Is Weller really playing half back?
SilverLion: Not sure what to make of Bell any more
circle52: Me either but putting his hand up. Will Beams take that midfield spot for Rd 1 though,
Haydo: Hes inside mid and is only 287k in the forward line
circle52: Would be great if we could kick straight,
frenzy: Bell>Bundy
J.Worrall: Bundy in pain?
circle52: Agree Frenzy on this perfromance. However if he loses mid time with Beams return he will score crap.
J.Worrall: Serious chaffing reported …
J.Worrall: Wrong size shorts?
teddyt: Would want to have you as coach circle52. Beams comes back so you take out there in form mid?
AFL Blues: Is this possibly the most boring A.F.L. game of all time?
teddyt: allison, cameron, christensen, rayner, mcclug, mayes are all playing midfield + more
teddyt: but bell is the chosen 1 for you to be deleted from the mids? Righto
J.Worrall: steady teddy!
StuL: I don’t think I’ll be touching either of these teams.
SilverLion: Bell won’t be playing much mid time at all when the real stuff begins
SilverLion: Not with Beams, Zorko, Robinson, Mathieson, Berry, Bastinac, Clugg all ahead of him
StuL: Almost as bad as AFLW.
J.Worrall: AFLeX was worser
PureSwag: Reports just in that Danger has done a hamstring strain, has to wait a few days to see how bad it is.
PureSwag: @J.Worrall worser isn’t a word.
J.Worrall: Bundy using fistsful of vasoline on the chaffing
sammyo7: early word is 3-4 weeks
J.Worrall: Danger wasn’t playing for round Won anyways now
J.Worrall: and it could be worser
AngryRyno: spelling couldn’t get much worse-r?
J.Worrall: Granma, sin tax and spellcheck police qre on the ball!
J.Worrall: I know my Fowlered Onions (CT).
J.Worrall: Day out for Holman!
J.Worrall: tef steady with no Archie …
frenzy: wasnt looking likely early on J.W
J.Worrall: *Stef
J.Worrall: Didn’t like the wet?
frenzy: been great since 1/2 time
circle52: Could be as Hit outs in forst quarter favoured Suns.
PureSwag: Looks like Danger down to Martin, no question asked. Looks like Danger will be my first upgrage.
J.Worrall: … since Martin went off?
circle52: 20 scoring shots to 13 and we trail by 8 points – Back to our bad habits in kicking for goals.
AngryRyno: think you can ignore that today Ringo, given the conditions
PureSwag: Dustin Martin
frenzy: Lynch needs tv, m0nty
J.Worrall: Anyone think Holman has gone better as a result of J martin being off in the second half?
circle52: AAngry some shots were reasonably easy even in spite of weather, Suns scored OK.
J.Worrall: Or does Holman just go poor in the wet?
the worm: i thought holman hadnt been elevated yet?
m0nty: he’s in a hole, man
J.Worrall: Oh m0nty, you’ve done it again!
frenzy: Bundy unders again, no thanks
J.Worrall: Bundy is chafed … playing very sore …
SilverLion: Witherden played shower for his 84. Interesting.
pcaman2003: Chritensen on the nose second half.
pcaman2003: Taylor no clangers in 2 games. Amazing!
circle52: What is it with umps this round we had 77 Free kiicks last night and another 57 here.

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