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Chat log from P2 of 2018: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, P2 of 2018

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SilverLion: I’m not usually one to ride pre-season form, but if Dunkley gets 100+ today I’ll definitely be considering him
Waspy79: Seems like Jacko is up forward if he is dishing off assists
JockMcPie: Trengove down, looked nasty
JockMcPie: Or maybe it was Roughead im not paying attention
SilverLion: Murray and Dunkley both looking good
StuL: Bucks has his own list at least. Its just a shower onw
Waspy79: 17 scoring shots to 10, Pies must be doing something right
GOD: Welcome to my SC team J. Schache
Yelse: wheres peddles playing
frenzy: would it be wrong to have all the first 5 bulldogs
user_five: #26 for WB not listed
ajconodie: @user-five – 6th from the bottom
user_five: thx
StuL: Dogs back to being one hit wonders.
SilverLion: Why didn’t Murray play in JLT1?
Haydo: I was just about to ask that silver hes playing really well do u think he will play rd 1?
ajconodie: Some straight kicking would be nice. So frustrating to watch when everything else seems to be functioning.
SilverLion: I’d say so Haydo. Most possies for the pies so far.
StuL: Pies want to see Big Cox.
GOD: E. Wood no good
SilverLion: Star for the Big Cox
Umpirespet: Footscray council have tweeted 25 dogs gone missing please contact WBFC if found
StuL: Pies fans. Callum Brown? Son of pies royalty. How secure is he?
frenzy: does Grundy like Cox
StuL: Commentators gave that goal to Stephenson. I think they were right. If so it’s the most unlikely goal in history.
ajconodie: @StuL – Fasolo and Elliott to come back still. Security a bit shaky.
SilverLion: That was definitely Stephenson’s goal. Smith kicked it when it was already over. Varcoe didn’t touch it.
StuL: Thanks aj. Bundy still in that spot for now. Not loving him either. He’s not what he was with us.
AFL Blues: Grundy and Pendlebury, I think I’ll pass.

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