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Chat log from GF of 2017: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, GF of 2017

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pcaman2003: Hard to believe the season is ending. Poo!
pcaman2003: Scores?
pcaman2003: Jumper holding only seems to favour the Tigers. Umps need consistency
pcaman2003: Crows big forwards no impact at all.
amigaman: Surely 1 of the players in blue is BOG?
Bulky: Did Relton Roberts get dropped?!
pcaman2003: Yes! Eddie held in goal square,no free.Rub of the green for Tiges today.
amigaman: Crows always up against it. AFL required result
circle52: Seems Tigers are allowed to grab jumpers but Crows are not. Agree men in blue BOG
pcaman2003: Lets see the farce unfold further second half
circle52: Non payment of holding frees have cost Crows at least 3 goals.
BigChief: S. Meredith Rich for Norm Smith?
Ash777: high fend offs no longer a free kick?
LuvIt74: Umpiring first half was ordinary favouring tigers. Tigers need 2 more to steady the lead.
StuL: Forget the umps, it’s just tiger time.
LuvIt74: Tigers wont lose it from here
pcaman2003: Crows are playing panic footy. Making lots of errors.
LuvIt74: Sure are
poolboybob: Jenkins must be the most overpaid key forward in footy
LuvIt74: Oh and I told you last week that Cotchin’s hip & shoulder was text book.
pcaman2003: Otten has to be finished,surely? He’s had lots of ordinary games
pcaman2003: There goes the Fat Lady…lalalalla
original: OTTEN was always a terrible selection
pcaman2003: See you all next year folks. This one is gone.
intergaze: must’ve been the umpires
Brad_J: how does dusty get the norm smith from here?
LuvIt74: Well done TIGERS, well deserved.

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