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Chat log from SF of 2017: Western Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs West Coast, SF of 2017

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duckky: If two more people turne up in here – there will be more online than there are paying spectators at the ground
pcaman2003: Well! I’ve arrived duckky. I wonder if more will come?
The39Steps: Six GWS frees to 1. The AFL would hve briefed these umpires pretty well.
duckky: Crowd influence T39S
The39Steps: Can 258 people be called a crowd?
jocka: Ouch. A hip and shoulder to the head isn’t a free kick now?
SilverLion: Umps on the AFL’s side, need their baby to win.
pcaman2003: Johnson and Priddis like a pile of dung.
SilverLion: Greene was on his knees before mcGovern even got close to him
duckky: Neither of these two teams will provide a contest for the Tigers
cusch1: It is so good to see Sam Mitchell play his final game
circle52: Where was the kicking in danger there. Umps definitely favouring Giants and leads to a goal up thge other
m0nty: agreed duckky, Tiger fans must be loving this
pcaman2003: This has become boring. See you next week people…maybe!
duckky: West Coast have given up… at least Nic Nat will be cheap for next year.
poolboybob: Cripps potato
StuL: You’d think Stevie J would be good enough for our forward line.
dipstick: poor richmond will cop a destroyation next week
Ladbrokes_: Priddis robbed in his last game. 30 touches with 23 contested, 7 tackles and 12 clearances. Only 79?!

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