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Chat log from R23 of 2017: West Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R23 of 2017

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teachrtony: Sloane already tagged! Cmon MCrouch, big game to bring Home my GFs.
dipstick: had to field c brown coz greenwood was E.
dipstick: and i’m playing a few teams with greenwood so he better stay OUT!!
BigChief: Greenwood not playing
Crowls: sums up 2017 SC for me, Greenwood donut to finish and my 2350 down to 2200’s.
dipstick: couldnt risk greenwood playing so had to switch him for c brown and he’s poxy little contribution.
Team Flog: Sloane/Mitchell vs B Couch/Yeo ????
SilverLion: Sloane getting tagged before the bounce. #notmakingassumptions
BigChief: 57 better than 0 Dipstick
dipstick: @bigc if i win within 57 then i will give him 3 votes for my sc award. like nank last week
NewFreoFan: Never ever cheered more for Adelaide
BigChief: How was that not a 50m penalty?
jwill55aus: @BigChief: West Coast at home.
BigChief: Good point
DrSeuss: Sheed – never ever again.
TheOnyas: onya sloaney
Lewysport: Dees fans at Perisher aren’t shaking cos it’s cold at the mo!
teachrtony: Crouch brothers on track for 60+ touches
BigChief: Cmon Brad, kick it.
Lewysport: As long has Matt has 40 of them teacher, need him and Sloane to get 300.😳
hinsch: for me to lose Soane needs 320 feeling OK at the moment
spudaroos: Put Redden into the inside midfield and he becomes a non useless player.
BigChief: Is J. McGovern injured? Looks very sore.
Ladbrokes_: On the other hand, take Mitchell out of inside mid and Priddis becomes a non useless player
Hadouken: i lost because i went spud boak over buddy…..damn rookie i am…
Hadouken: good luck everyone. peace
Wends: Bad luck Hadouken, can’t get over his score with no Talia.
Apachecats: Went down to Sugar Ray by 6 pts but beat Dopey Rogues by 21 pts.
AngryRyno: need MCrouch to crack the 140SC mark, cross those fingers!
Lewysport: Got em crossed angry, 160+ be better!
amigaman: Jacobs SC score outrageous. 4 clangers + 54%
circle52: Come on Sloaney 55DT points this half would be great Helps get over the Roberton fail.
circle52: will get me another 3 GF wins.
TheLegend6: Needed 240 between Sloane and JJK to win GF… wow
Apachecats: Correction beat Sugar Ray by 8pts
Apachecats: Melbourne supporters have gone to the gin cupboard.
boo!: i need hartigan to score 285sc to win gf, cmon harty
Apachecats: Actually don’t know if I’ve seen too many D fans in these chatrooms ever.
Lewysport: Nice work apache, congrats!
Apachecats: Just got home from Docklands that was scary enough for bombers.
teachrtony: Free kicks getting ridiculous now
Apachecats: Hey Apache well done on beating Sugar Ray and Dopey Rogues.
AngryRyno: i thought you said Sugar Ray got up by 6 @Apache
Apachecats: Thanks Apache it was a bit of a battle.
Apachecats: Thaks Lewy I hate having to congratulate myself.
circle52: Come on Sloane have not had a possession for 10 minutes,
Apachecats: Yeah Angry then I realised when the scores came through that I hadn’t counted on Nanks 90 which exceded his forecast by
PieCannon: let’s go yeo, need 90 to win the gf
jocka: Steady WCE, only 8 more points and you have to play Swans in Sydney.
JButcher: Poor Melbourne fans, looks like they are gonna endure some more pain
jocka: *2 more points
Raspel31: Demons can take pride in the fact it was within their grasp-and they decided against glory.
mardyb: Thank you Sloane. Repaying the low scores mid year
Apachecats: Simon Goodwin will address the Adelaide players over the phone at 3/4 time.
Thedude24: West Coast should only win by 25-38 so that they avoid Swans in the first round
SilverLion: just checked now, I drew with Sugar Ray in both my grannys.
teachrtony: So, 6/6 g/f wins and on track for 2450.
SilverLion: Does it go by overall ranking, or position within the league to decide the winner?
Apachecats: Well done TT ,about the same stats as me.
Thedude24: position within league im 99% sure
Apachecats: Wouldn’t mind if eagles pushed in front of Bombers .Does any one know what they would need to win by??
Thedude24: 43ish Apache.
Lewysport: Last iMessage l checked W/C didn’t have a last quarter? And need crouch and Sloane to get and even 100 between em this Q
teachrtony: Silver, ladder position at end of minor round. I snuck in like that last week.
Apachecats: ty dude
SilverLion: Finished higher than him within the leagues, but he finished higher overall. Will the stress ever end haha
Lewysport: Don’t know what an iMessage is, me neither, spellcheck gone mad.
SilverLion: Sweet teach. Thanks. Wins by default, the best kind.
LMartos: good Seedsman
LMartos: WA umpires will get them into finals
Wends: You won Silver??
mardyb: hulk for sloane?
Solat: atlas
LMartos: Seedsman gun
poolboybob: lol Eagles are such a pathetic fourth quarter team
runt: Here come the Demons
SilverLion: Yup won in a draw Wends. Unbelievable. Also guys what happens if Melb and WC tie on %?
Jukes82: it wont be a tie, percentage can be broken down to .675 etc
jocka: If it is a tie, they draw lots
poolboybob: Kennedy mare
NewFreoFan: 20 points is roughly the cut off between the Demons and Eagles lol, heart in mouth stuff for both teams
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Wends: 4 mins to go
JButcher: Bye Bye Dees?
amigaman: Sloane looks to have got me a GF win 🙂
runt: Nostradamus predicted this.
frenzy: poor dees
BigChief: Crouch brothers 88 disposals between them. Huge games.
Wends: Looks like I’ve won both Grannies 🙂 On a sad note tho…Vale Drew Morphett. Will be much missed.
pcaman2003: Crows doing best to get WC in the 8
Apachecats: see you next year everyone.Have a good christmas.
pcaman2003: @SilverLion. Congrats on ya win mate.Well done!
BigChief: Cricket season now?
amigaman: Make that 2 wins. Won AFL Fantasy by 1 point :)))
Lewysport: Won 4 lost 1 by 19, happy days, congrats to all winners!
SilverLion: thanks pca 🙂

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