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Chat log from R23 of 2017: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R23 of 2017

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frenzy: Tanks ‘R’ us
frenzy: Raynor cup
m0nty: yeah I am not expecting much from this game
frenzy: should be a snore fest
TheOnyas: onya rocky
leorosman_: rockys got 2
SilverLion: The tankeroos
leorosman_: far out mountford get a touch
SilverLion: Only way north will get one is from the square. Just hacking at goal atm
m0nty: someone from North put a magnet in the goals
LMartos: I’m done, didn’t field Withers :/
Ladbrokes_: Withoooo you are a jet
SilverLion: 3 straight to 1 goal 8. Yeahhhh cmon north…
SilverLion: “Heartbreaking” for north. I reckon all is going to plan for them tbh
SilverLion: Disgusting that only one side is interested in having a crack
m0nty: North is having a crack, they are just genuinely poor.
Haydo: witho on the field and zorko vice captain 🙂
StuL: Benched Witherden of course!!! Grr.
SilverLion: Clearly m0nty. I might Ben inclined to believe that when they get a set shot or two
StuL: Hib useless. Higgins useless.
Thedude24: 1.8 to 5.0 loooooool
frenzy: and the lion cubs aren’t tanling
frenzy: *tanking
SilverLion: Indeed we’re not. If we were, ya reckon Zorko would be playing with a busted finger if we were?
dipstick: cmon!! EVERYONE knew norf has been tanking. pack of facken cheats. their culture is non existane
original: Any danger in playing rockliff in the guts?
SilverLion: Bloody miracle hrovat
m0nty: The history of tanking is that players don’t do it, but coaches sometimes do.
man0005: The irony if a Carlton player going off about North tanking
AngryRyno: has the tag on Zorko dropped off?
m0nty: it wasn’t a tag in the first place, Dumont spending more time on D. Beams
AngryRyno: tell the guy running the website who had the tag listed as Dumont on Zorko
Thedude24: m0nty is the guy lol
AngryRyno: hence the comment @Thedude24
frenzy: how many number one draft picks in your team again dipshower
SilverLion: Nice to see North has actually decided to show up since qtr time
dipstick: @frenzy my names dipstick dipshit. show some fucken respect. PS i dont know the answer. what is it einstein?
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Aaron Mullett just turned into Aaron Muppet.
JButcher: Cmon Rocky and Withers
AngryRyno: wither has certainly disappeared after quarter time, cmon young lad
StuL: Beams not Zorko. Great call.
Pokerface: its a pity only one team having a crack this half eh Silver?
Ladbrokes_: @AngryRyno he’s been one of the few lions players putting in a shift since qt, also doesn’t help that
Ladbrokes_: Aren’t kicking many behinds because he’d take the kick-outs
SilverLion: North is a better side Poker, just converting after qtr time.
original: Thanks again for playing rockliff as a fffffffricken forward smh
SilverLion: We were only ever in front coz 5.0 to 1.8.
Pokerface: north are not a better side.
Pokerface: should have won it easily. ‘unfortunate’ you didn’t i guess.
SilverLion: North beat Adelaide by ten goals. We know what they are capable of.
Pokerface: very unfortunate SL.
SilverLion: I wish I could say we are better, I think we’re on the way up and Norths on the down tho. Probably be
SilverLion: better than them next year. Not saying I don’t wanna come last, saying that there is no way North is worse than us atm
Pokerface: i am not a north supporter. they are worse than you right now.
SilverLion: Got a player who will be close in the Coleman. Beat the #1 side by 60. Lost a bunch of games by 10-. GC, Carlton, Bris..
SilverLion: …are all worse than them in fairness. Next year different story, all 3 will go up and North probably won’t.
SilverLion: In fairness whoever loses this game is going to get scrutinised, regardless of what any of us think
Pokerface: you can’t just quote a gale in hobart as if it was a normal match
Pokerface: nor does a single match like that prove a point
Pokerface: thats like saying hawks beat sydney twice, carlton beat hawks so carlton will thump sydney. it means nothing
SilverLion: Both sides had a chance to use the gale. Agreed it doesn’t, but it’s an example of what’s they can do.
TheOnyas: onya richy
SilverLion: Carlton did beat Sydney already this year btw
AngryRyno: Witherden! cheers for the lift
Pokerface: well they should smash them this arvo then hey!
Pokerface: good grief
Apachecats: I’ve already signed up Witherden for next year.
AngryRyno: strongly believe that, if he played the whole year, Witherden would have taken home the rising star, still eligible 2018
Pokerface: he’ll be awkwardly priced angry.. avg 85 so probably around 450k
SilverLion: They might who knows, any side can beat any other *on its day*.
Pokerface: sorry, apache not angry
SilverLion: Agreed Ryno.
AngryRyno: all good, i’m looking at him too haha
original: Witherden would have won rising star easy as!!! How many hasn’t gen played? Can we get on him for 2018
SilverLion: Any chance Big Ben takes Home the Coleman?
Apachecats: Yeah I know PF but still might make an exception for him.C.Oliver was awkwardly priced this year.
AngryRyno: he’s played less than 10 so can still win the rising star next year
Ladbrokes_: Sad that Witho may finish the season with a higher average than Heater. Never again
Pokerface: true apache, but for every C.Oliver there are 10 C.Mills
Apachecats: can’t argue with that PF

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