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Chat log from R22 of 2017: Carlton vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Carlton vs Hawthorn, R22 of 2017

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Gotigres: Yes! My opponent has Glass as captain.
Gotigres: Damn! He noticed and now has Dusty as captain.
pcaman2003: Don’t you just hat that?
SC_brAh: how is kreuzer on 15…
pcaman2003: Kreuz,Murph and Mitch. Have a good game boys.
Gotigres: I guess i’ll be hoping Dusty has a quiet one @pcaman
pcaman2003: Oh! And Doc too.
SC_brAh: CD seriously mate…lol not playing sc after this season
Ben_Gogos: That was awful from Boekhorst given his role in the team.
JRedden: went captain gibbs.. good start
original: Have we seen what the free reversal was for? Wanna hate on one of my players
J.Worrall: Glass in will be a pane for some. The guy with him as captain will be shattered!
Fatbar5tad: Shutter up worrall 😉
J.Worrall: I have glass on for Hurley – happy to see through that one!
pcaman2003: Geez Hawks,tighten your defences.
J.Worrall: Love seeing the blues number one in the long sleeves!
Wends: If anyone accidentally left the C on Glass, they’ll be getting 1/2 full round about now.
man0005: O’Meara trade of the year
Raspel31: Pickett has been getting fat and chewing the cud on my bench all year-he finally decides to play?
J.Worrall: (c) glass half empty!
Thedude24: Great start Gunston. A 150 would be nice
J.Worrall: Glass adding to the spectacle!
pcaman2003: Playing rubbish Hawks,C’mon now!
TyCarlisle: Lamb just missed an open goal and is still talking shit
man0005: Why isn’t Monty blogging the Hawks game? Has he officially jumped off the bandwagon?
m0nty: Ben decides the matchups… anyway yesterday was his birthday so I didn’t disagree!
MattyZ: @man gogos is the hawks supporter at fanfooty towers and m0ntyboy loves his bombers more
DrSeuss: Traded out glass for Hodge this week FFS
Wends: Happy birthday Ben 🙂
man0005: Fair enough haha. Hopefully the Hawks win. Will make the last round very interesting
Raspel31: Indeed-happy birthday Ben.
AngryRyno: must be your birthday if you miss out on watching this rubbish from your mob m0nty
Nuffman: Jaeger proving a masterstroke trade
poolboybob: Hey remember when O’Meara was good
pcaman2003: Hard to fathom some of the handball.
Nuffman: @poolboy: pepperidge farm remembers
Thedude24: Was hoping for a top 5 pick from the Hawks. Pick 7 or 8 is still okay i guess
boo!: gibbs on 37s after 3 mins, going backwards…flog
DrSeuss: Should have kept Glass or played Witherden. Gamble on Hodge is screwing me right over
pcaman2003: Well played Billy!
Ben_Gogos: Curnow is an exceptional player and only going to grow.
shrtlg: What the flying flower is Sicily doing?
aces-high: Curnow locked for me next year averaging 96 over the last 8 rounds. Bloke is on a be a boneafide star
Ladbrokes_: Only The Doc himself would get his projected score in a half. Champion
Ben_Gogos: @aces agreed mate!
pcaman2003: Get Sicily off Clarko. He’ll cost us the game
The39Steps: If Silvagni didn’t have the heirtage would he be on an AFL list?
Thedude24: Lol 6 fa
DrSeuss: Hodge just taking the night off? Lazy from him tonight
MattyZ: @benny continuing from last week how bloody good will pickett be with a preseason
pcaman2003: Glad Hawks not in finals on this form. Would be embarrassing
original: Gee Sicily soiling at titch too
original: Gee Sicily sooking* at titch too lol
DrSeuss: Kreuzer getting outdone by Big Boy tonight
shrtlg: Forgot to loophole Danger’s VC today. C on Mitchell, oh well :3
pcaman2003: FFS Sicily! 14 poss and 10 clangers. Go away.
Raspel31: Think that may not prove a mistake shrtlg
Wends: That’ll do pig, that’ll do.
Thedude24: Sicily gonn dropped
pcaman2003: Hawthorn = Clueless
poolboybob: Potato for schoenmakers
StuL: Schoenmakers 2! DCM
feralmong: Mashed spuds for smith. Oooh.
Thedude24: Well played Schoenmakers, tripled ya score with 1 player
MONEY TALK: nice to see my players all do good when im out
pcaman2003: Kreuzer still going backwards. Wake up man!
9inch: 6 from 6 whoo
Costanza: Kruez’s skin is so fresh and clear these days

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