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Chat log from R19 of 2017: Collingwood vs Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Adelaide, R19 of 2017

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lukat: Tag Sloane plz
lukat: Bench Taylor Adams or Howe to get Luke Ryan’s score?
Growlers: Slone to go massive!
Texwalker: Go crows, big win please
colin wood: Dont under estimate the Pies Tex, you guys will need to work for this one.
grossn: Pies are going to smash the crows in the finals @Texwalker get ready ^_^
Texwalker: Especially wen we butcher the ball like that, useless….
JockMcPie: Yes Taylor
Texwalker: To many crows without touches…
poolboybob: Back to usual for Sloane
Haydo: adams going at 28 percent disposal efficiency, killing his score
Texwalker: @poolboy cant single sloane out plenty just as bad or far worse
StuL: Good plan not tagging Sloane by us.
Texwalker: @stul those scott boys r a bright bunch…
colin wood: not sure how adams disposal is at 28% has kicked 2 and chipped a ball efficentily to phillips who marked out in front…
colin wood: doesnt add up.
Raspel31: Very good point colin wood-perhaps Adams was aiming for a point?
StuL: Scotts explanation on AFL,360 was ridiculous.
Yelse: adams and treloar would be the standard SC no love
Texwalker: Hes a sook, always whinging wen the camera pans to him each game
JockMcPie: You beauty!
DrSeuss: Lift Laird
Texwalker: Might switch over to brissy game..their skills r better
Eo84: laird not interested today
Haydo: good adams
colin wood: Fairweather support Tex?
pcaman2003: Go Adams.
Ben_Gogos: Taylor Adams career high for goals!
Texwalker: Lol, tbf pies should be killing us, crows have brought their u11s skills today
Eo84: no sloane no crows
Apachecats: Its a great day for the Rorys (not)
PieCannon: i understand his efficiency is down, but surely 11 and 3 goals is more than 57 points
BestCoast: Give Bucks a ten year contact
LuvIt74: Thats the only trade i made this week Traded out Newman for Adams
Apachecats: With LRyan on the bench I was hoping Adams woud be a late out out (big roumour) but happy now.
Haydo: and 10 of them kicks, 3 marks and 2 tackles pie cannon
Pokerface: only 18 rounds too late luvit
m0nty: Riley is better than three Rorys put together
Apachecats: *rumour
poolboybob: Clearly Buckley has gotten the formula right. Lifetime deal.
LuvIt74: Great game Apache one of the best games of the year, dogs were just to good over the 2nd half
Pokerface: riley is never an option. its either spike or angel
Texwalker: Cant watch these skills, its disgraceful, but ill chuck some coin on pies by 60-70
LuvIt74: @Poker you must be ranked #1 coz you have ALL the very best players it seems
Apachecats: No excuses here Luvit we were awful today
DrSeuss: Come on Laird. The one week that an opponent doesnt have you
Pokerface: luvit stop figjamming then
poolboybob: Crows look awful
BestCoast: @Poker how did the roast chook in the tin foil turn out
Pokerface: yeah was good, thanks BC. the red worked well
LuvIt74: Apache you werent awful I thought you played great, it was bloody quick footy best game this year
JockMcPie: No passengers today from the pies, thats what i like to see
LuvIt74: @Poker every time someone mentions bringing in a top player u seem to have them so u should be ranked #1 the way u go on
DrSeuss: Is Laird near the ball or Adelaide just playing horrible?
BestCoast: @Poker did you save me any
LuvIt74: I will be lucky to tip 5 this week
LuvIt74: @Dr Laird & Sloane may as well slept in m8 terrible round for me this week
Pokerface: @BC i did initially. but i ate it. sorry
BestCoast: @LuvIt tou should go alright on the cash stakes if Danger gets rubbed out
Pokerface: @luvit but you are the only one who talks about how good your team is when you will bring in some player
LuvIt74: @BC fingers crossed – however I cannot see it happening.
BestCoast: Did anyone find out if GOD had the C on Tomahawk
BestCoast: @Luvit with no tades lest i hope so to
LuvIt74: @poker not me m8, wrong person, I gust stated to Dr how its a terrible week for me this week.
BestCoast: *Left
JockMcPie: @BestCoast yep he did 😀
Raspel31: Yep, he’s claimed that BestCoast. I believe him.
LuvIt74: *Just
Haydo: yeah, he said he did bestcoast
Ash777: how are crows going to win a gf if they play like this on the MCG
BestCoast: @JOCK he is a genius the magical GOD
BestCoast: @Ash that is the million dollar question. The answer is they wont
Haydo: @ash777 win a girlfriend???
lukat: ahhh sigh i benched Howe instead of Laird for Ryan’s score
Sloaneyyyy: how can a guy as big as Jenkins have zero impact in a half of footy. Needs to be dropped again
Haydo: @lukaT I thoight u said it was between adams and Howe
BestCoast: @Sloaneyyy i need a big second half from you please
lukat: Thought Laird would perform @Haydo
Haydo: yeah same, I benched Harbrow for ryans score
pcaman2003: Greenwood still only get low TOG.Doesn’t make much sense
vamos77: Sloane has become a liability when tagged. Massive frontrunners couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag
Sloaneyyyy: too many passengers in this crows team… they need to step up and take ownership
Sloaneyyyy: so many underperforming “premos” this week
Haydo: danger counts as a double premo so he underperformed as well sloaneyyyy
JockMcPie: @Sloaneyy yep, Zerrett, Franklin, JPK, Dahl, ‘Shaw’, Laird, Hanners, etc.
LuvIt74: I have no idea what Geelong were thinking last week by not having Scooter or someone tagging Sloane
LuvIt74: @Jock its that kind of week mate
lukat: What is with interstate teams doing shower in melbourne?
Yelse: ferret finally tagged today and woah bombers lost. a few games to late
Sloaneyyyy: love looking at my team and seeing the highest scoring player on the bench…
JockMcPie: Goddam Luke Ryan..
Footyrulz: goddam Mike Ross
Footyrulz: Goddam Mike Ross
Sloaneyyyy: that’s been the problem with the crows all season, there’s no Plan B for when things aren’t working
frenzy: lotta luv for Wellsy still
JockMcPie: Wow, just wow.
LuvIt74: Danger blew out to $2.25 after yesterdays tackle, if they gave me $3 I would pump the hell out of it before tomorrow.
Sloaneyyyy: T.Mitch / Danger / Dusty should all be equal favourite for the brownlow
Haydo: Dusty will win sloaneyyyy
LuvIt74: @Sloaney other issue is Crows playing at the G which isn’t great and a serious concern come GF if you get there.
Haydo: titchell’s a bit behind in my understanding
LuvIt74: I got Dusty at a average of $11.32 & Titch at $9.8 before the season with decent bets.
Sloaneyyyy: if the Blues would win games, Docherty might have been an outsider
MattyZ: murph, gibbs, cripps and kruez steal too many votes
JockMcPie: Need another one back boys…
LuvIt74: @Haydo no one will come close to Danger for the Charlie. The only way they have a chance is if he gets suspended
lukat: On the AFL prediction Dusty has a few more votes atm
DrSeuss: Lift Laird
Raspel31: On the money Luvit.
poolboybob: Sloane may be on my never again list
Haydo: dusty will win whether danger gets suspended or not, just u watch, is there fanfooty on grand final day
Pokerface: figjam
BestCoast: @poolboy is is very very high on the list
LuvIt74: Haydo you’re a tigers fan so that equates ABSURD
Texwalker: Herlad sun has dusty comfortably ahead
LuvIt74: Haydo wish I knew u in person because if I did I would make a bet with you giving u $1000 to $100 that Danger wins
LuvIt74: Tex thats all B/S – If that were the case then Dusty would be Favorites with all the bookies. Hope the Sun is right
JockMcPie: Dustin Martin aint good enough to win a Brownlow, not now, not ever
AngryRyno: any guesses who doesn’t own dusty in SC
pcaman2003: Pies looking wobbly.
MattyZ: no one deserves the brownlow this year
Pokerface: dusty was moved into favouritism before the tackle.
AngryRyno: what sort of airheaded remark is that @MattyZ
Texwalker: @luvit he is favourite
MattyZ: ryno haha just teasing based on all this brownlow talk
Haydo: @luvit you might know me, we can never know with the name luvit tho
LuvIt74: Tex he might be now until Monday. William Hill had Danger $1.85 favourite prior to round 19
poolboybob: Jarrod Pickett deserves the Brownlow
Pokerface: yes but mid round and before the tackle, dusty was favourite based on likely votes from round 19
LuvIt74: @Haydo 25 Million to 1 chance of me knowing you, Its safe to say I don’t based on those statistics.
Pokerface: he was moved before the tackle
poolboybob: Hope Sloane has a blinder in Q4 and gets to 50
Haydo: still, easy way of telling if ur not in vic
LuvIt74: Poker where are u getting pries from during the round in progress?
JockMcPie: Any fucking danger of the crows missing a shot? Jesus christ
BestCoast: Everyone knows Haydo opening batsman extraordinar
Pokerface: sportsbet.
Pokerface: go there now and you can get on
LuvIt74: ok thought so.
Haydo: wow bestcoast, do u actually know me???
LuvIt74: Very few Corporate bookies have the brownlow market open once a round has commenced.
Haydo: or are u just talking about matthew hayden
GOD: Nathan your FIRED!
Yelse: how has this happened
LuvIt74: Well great come back Crows
LuvIt74: Buckley is now on the chopping block…lmao
pcaman2003: This could be the BIGGEST choke of the year.
poolboybob: Treloar -6 SC this quarter
LuvIt74: pies r back
JockMcPie: Onya Blairy, lets go boys, pile them on
AngryRyno: might as well give Wells the star now
banta: lol 3 in a minute crows just ate the dong
lukat: One of those games where Taylor Adams would be on 55 if it werent for his goals
LuvIt74: My two defenders on the bench Ryan & Scharenberg have scored better then onfield players
DrSeuss: Laird finish strong
Haydo: @lukat he’s had 27 disposals as well
banta: game over. cop that crows. nothing away from home
Pinkman: knew i shoulda played Greenwood over Sloane 🙂
LuvIt74: bloody hell Adams died in the orifice considering he was scoring huge at quarter time
LuvIt74: @banta bit early with 8 mins lft
pcaman2003: C’mon Greenwood,get the ball.
LuvIt74: lol Pinkman
poolboybob: From now on I’m playing Steele instead of Sloane. Sloane doesn’t try hard enough when he’s tagged.
JockMcPie: Fuck this game honestly
Haydo: lucky u didn’t captain greenwood @texwalker
LuvIt74: There ya go only 9 points
LuvIt74: @banta never go the early crow. lol only 4 points in it with 7 minutes
Chelskiman: Been such a crazy season. 40-50 poins isn’t a big enough lead anymore in some games.
pcaman2003: Can you have a DOUBLE CHOKE in the same game?
DrSeuss: Come on Laird get to 80 for me
colmullet: treloar getting screwed in SC again?
poolboybob: Down arrow for spud Sloane
DrSeuss: Sidebum has gone very quiet
Haydo: Adams HUGE lastquarter!!!!
Yelse: treloar been raped by SC again
Haydo: never thought that i would say this but come on pies
banksie: Cape for Adams this qtr?
pcaman2003: Greenwood on the pine too often.What a joke!
BestCoast: Sloane should be Tea Bagged
LuvIt74: bloody hell Adams scored over 50 points this quarter alone he was on 91 at 3/4 time
LuvIt74: Glad i brought him in this week
LuvIt74: OMG can u believe it
Chelskiman: Wow, what a mental finish.
J.Worrall: Stunning Finish!
LuvIt74: Crazy crazy season
Haydo: 4 draws in the top 4! Only Richmond without a draw in the top 4
LMartos: just got home for the last 2 minutes, wow
pcaman2003: LOL! Choke,choke.
JockMcPie: All we needed was a fucking spoil…
poolboybob: hahaha poor Joffa
anthsill03: Only brought in adams this week lol wow luvit
Haydo: Good for richmond means Adelaides huge percentage doesn’t matter, only 2 games ahead of us, if we beat Geelong we can
Haydo: finish top of the ladder
Texwalker: Snatched a draw from the defeat of victory there
Texwalker: Jaws of victory even lol

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