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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Fremantle vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Fremantle vs Hawthorn, R18 of 2017

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valkorum: it has just started pouring down with rain here in Perth
valkorum: 40mins before the game starts
valkorum: and typical of perth, it has cleared up
Hawks_13: i have a feeling fyfe is going to go big tonight. starting to find form
9inch: Cox and Ryan will be down the pub tonight?
lukat: ‘Hawks’ dont tag, they said.
TheOnyas: have a crack nealey
PowerBug: Howe has been tagigng for week so idk where you heard that lukat
boo!: ballantyne you huge spud, muppet
PowerBug: Although watching the game I don’t think there’s much of a tag going on. Fyfe still roaming freely 🙂
Lestat: Is Mitchell sleeping? Only 13 disposals.
heppelitis: welcome to my team cb…good job
CBeezDeez: I’ll take 4 of these qtrs thanks kindly VC Titch
boo!: cmon titch 50 possies
kano: Ballantyne is the mole
Wends: Finally bought Titch in for Newman (yep me love him long time)… working out ok so far…
PowerBug: Made the same trade last week Wends. C’ed him this week. Happy so far!
Lestat: Thought you said on the other game you brought Hurley in for Newman @Wends?
pcaman2003: What the hell Walters. Do something good FFS
CamT: Ballantyne said this week that he is ready to sign his new contract. All Free have to do is put it in front of him.
CamT: * Freo
Apachecats: Nyhaus always seems to be in the right place at the right time ,like him lots.
Wends: Yep – Newman/Berry for Titch/Nyhuis in SC; Newman/Pendles 4 Titch/Hurley in RDT (Titch capt).
Lestat: Ahhh that makes sense Wends.
DrSeuss: Neale going to get a touch this quarter?
Wends: I’ve stubbornly resisted titch on principle all season. Has got me nowhere.
Ladbrokes_: Get neale off the flowering pine lyon
boo!: stay down neale
StuL: Nice Darcy.
DrSeuss: Neale and Titch have done very little this quarter
pcaman2003: Good goal 22.
PowerBug: Neale scoring well from only 53% TOG. kepe him on the ground Ross!
9inch: Kirsty and Cathy both useless fwds
lukat: Has Fyfe broken the tag?
pcaman2003: Number 22 again. Go Breusty!
Lestat: Not exactly tagged lukat
pcaman2003: Young Glass looking a likely lad.Good decision making and disposal
Lestat: Arthy Co best as 3rd tall fwd 9inch
Breezey: This Blakely nearly looking like a must have. Very consistent
Lestat: If only SC did a DT and made him DPP Breezey.
heppelitis: Quiet Lestat Arthy Cou POD
DrSeuss: Neale only on for just over half a game so far….
lukat: Blakely POD could be deadly
Ben_Gogos: I think Sicily might’ve been slightly concussed after the Balla kick. An aggressive reaction is a symptom of a concussio
Ben_Gogos: And that was some serious agro
Breezey: That would be nice @Lestat.
gazza39: Suck a big one little Sicily
9inch: What at Freo or afl Lestat
boo!: darcy gamble at r2 proving ok
kangawalla: Good to see Arthy Cou still lives into round 18
TheOnyas: pull your finger out nealey
Wends: it’s such a relief to not be sweating over Titch’s score. Need a spud for leaving it this late 😐
LuvIt74: bloody hell Darcy has a great score and I can’t take it if he scores decent
DrSeuss: WTF Lyon – get Neale on the field
LuvIt74: Darcey is my R2 also for a few weeks & he’s done quite well but as soon as I seen greenwoods score i moved NANK to R2
LuvIt74: bloody neale
Wends: Same luvit – he’ll prob beat both my rucks
pcaman2003: C’mon Walters. Wake up!
Trindacut: Neale not doing too bad
sfmmp23: Get moving again fyfe
9inch: Freo are useless going i50 same as last week. Just atrocious.
Gotigres: Fyfe and Titch fallen asleep
Breezey: Who would’ve thought Gunston could ton up without kicking a goal
Lodgy: Titch loves the stoppages and there were so many turn overs that quarter, few stoppages
pcaman2003: Thanks Walters. You can go home now.
Yelse: what happened to fyfe since quarter time
Lodgy: This game has been ugly. less mistakes just terrible simple skills
PowerBug: Walters done for the day
JRedden: sloane last week, walters this week, sums up my year
Lodgy: If you got tackled by Darcy you’d know about it…
HawkTalker: Darcy tackles pies every night
Lodgy: pies and the rest. as me ol mum would say…. rather feed him for a week, than a month
Hawks_13: sicily for x factor already
sfmmp23: Come on Fyfe, ton up.
Heizenberg: How are you wends?
Wends: Doing fine Heiz, especially now I have Titch. Et vous?
Heizenberg: That’s good, haha nice, what language is that? Spanish?
Heizenberg: And yeah I’m pretty good thanks
Lodgy: burgoyne saw he got loaded with the down arrow and was quick to shake it
Wends: français. Mais je ne parle pas français. Plus Monty frowns on French chat IIRC.
Wends: Neale needs a LIFT Heiz.
Heizenberg: Ahhh French damn it!!!!
Heizenberg: Move
Heizenberg: Cmon bloody Neale, ton up!!! Sjoudk be there already
LuvIt74: Hows the tipping going fellas? 6 from 6 here
Heizenberg: Just for you wends 🙂
Breezey: Does anyone think Sandi’s career might be ending with Darcy doing so well.
LuvIt74: my misus brought Neale in today for Pendles last minute. lol
LMartos: Gunston star c’mon
frenzy: titch gotta be a charlie smokey
LuvIt74: Sandiballs is GAWN
Lestat: gday Heiz
CamT: Darcy should play Full Forward in 2018. Sandilands just resigned for heaps.
Heizenberg: Sup lestat?
Lestat: Won’t get enough 3 or 2 votes frenzy.
Heizenberg: Too early frenzy, next year watch this space
Lestat: Not much. Terrible match day for me today.
Wends: Hawks supporters: what are Glass’ chances of playing out the season?
LMartos: @wends, was very good, really depends on who gets back at this stage. With Stratton and Birch out for the season maybe
LMartos: although, they may want more height with Heatherly in the future so it really is unknown at this stage
Wends: thx LMartos

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