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Chat log from R18 of 2017: Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Sydney vs St Kilda, R18 of 2017

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Lestat: Can Steele get more than 70% TOG?
Haydo: prob not lestat
9inch: Saints a chance?
lukat: swans by 6 goals
Costanza: even on stats but hard to see
Haydo: see how st k start 9inch
Wends: Evening all. Just traded out Newman, watch him go bang!
Hawks_13: l’ll be interested to see how mcveigh goes. i almost bought him.
Costanza: Newman!
Wends: Traded out Newman bc McVeigh seems to me, rightly or wrongly, to be taking Newman’s points.
boo!: newman is now oldman, traded him to duckweed via adams
heppelitis: evening wends
Lestat: Must be nice to have unlimited trades.
teachrtony: Let’s go Buddy
feralmong: benched newman because of witherden. seems about right.
Wends: Evening Hepp 🙂 lol costanza, every game newman plays is your moment!
Rush: I went Newman to Jelwood via Lloyd. Pretty happy with how that turned out.
Nuffman: Straight swapped Newman to Roberton
Costanza: I loathe him – but have him to swear at on Monday mornings
Wends: Good going Nuffman, for some reason I went Hurley over Roberton in RDT this wk, of course Hurley stunk it up.
feralmong: he’s staring a big nutella donut right now.
heppelitis: your fault then wends that hurls as rubbish today haha
Nuffman: @Wends: I brought in Hurley 3 weeks ago, but I feel ya, was towled up and had to play a more defensive role
Costanza: Newan and Jones need to work on their disp eff
Nuffman: 4 weeks soirry
Nuffman: 4 weeks sorry
JRedden: jpk out next week
Trindacut: Where is buddy???
Lestat: SCG Trinda
Trindacut: There he is!
Breezey: I have 2 players running around in this game. Franklin and Jones. Going like busted you know what
sfmmp23: slow start SC wise here
Lestat: 10 quick disposals for Steele then back to his 2nd home.
boo!: cmon steele 40+ possies
Costanza: onya Steelo, without a tackle which is hopefully a good sign
Gotigres: It was all going so well…until this game.
TheOnyas: onya rampey
Wends: Sorry Hepp 🙂
Wends: @Nuffman: Arghh! do u think he’ll continue more def role??
jaxx: imagine having 5 of sydney’s bottom 6
frenzy: don’t poke buddy, need him right there
Nuffman: @Wends: Doubt it, too damaging.. We have to make sure to play our brand. not oppositions
Nuffman: Onya Mav Newman. Instilling his message by putting others down on national TV… drongo
Nuffman: @Jaxx: I have 2.. that’s bad enough
Lestat: Steele must be injured. Only 47% TOG.
Hawks_13: mcveigh is going to kill me now.
Wends: Buddy. One of De La Soul’s better tunes…
sfmmp23: Buddy and Heneey, good start to the qtr boys
feralmong: Lloyd pls mate. do something.
Gotigres: Maybe if i go and brush my teeth Newman you’ll be 25 points by the time i get back.
PowerBug: As was said earlier, McVeigh is taking Newman’s points
Wends: If by brush your teeth you mean brush your teeth whilst watching the Tour de France time trials u might be in luck Gotig
pcaman2003: Newman? Must be April 1st already.
zadolinnyj: I prefer Saturday by de la soul @wends
Apachecats: Keep brushing @gotigers
Wends: Ooh that was almost a spear tackle. And nice one Zads – one whole day to play 🙂
Nuffman: Not much Heeney could do there… dude tried to jump over him as heeney is going into tackle
Trindacut: How the flower was that a free kick!
DrSeuss: Great tackle Heeney
Lestat: Dangerous tackle is how Trinda.
JockMcPie: Heeney should be suspended for that tackle
Breezey: Games gone soft if that’s a free kick against Heeney
heppelitis: dumped him on his side..not his head…not too bad imo
9inch: Had some dinner and JPK goes bang
Gotigres: No, only 17 points Newman. You might be right Wends.
Lestat: I disagree with the decision, but the game is as soft as butter now.
Wends: team sky first down the ramp Gotigres. Enjoy!
Wends: Hope your toothpaste is non-abrasive.
pcaman2003: I traded out Tuohy. Should’ve been Newman. Kill me now!
StuL: Too inconsistent Steele. Does this when I bench him. Next week he will play and be a spud.
Gotigres: Thanks Wends. Might watch it for a bit.
Lestat: @StuL Steele normally good when given TOG.
Gotigres: Tour not on tv yet Wends.
Haydo: i say goal
Wends: Starts nearly 10pm. Will luke rowe roll down the ramp before Newman 1/4 tonnes up is the question.
pcaman2003: Newman,you’re sinking me quicker than the Titanic.
lukat: Newman -> Hurley not bad after all
Wends: Oh Callum, abt 100 000 buddy owners throwing you daggers.
runt: Montagna on 69 Nice turnaround from last week
DrSeuss: Can Lloyd get a touch any time soon?
StuL: Keep going Newman. I pulled the trigger a little early but was right.
Gotigres: Newman had 2 kicks and still on 17
Breezey: I’m putting Zac Jones on the chopping block if he doesn’t improve.
Lestat: Blue moon for Sinclair surely.
Costanza: Parker defiantly prepares for rain each week
StuL: Keep going Sinclair.
pcaman2003: Let Buddy kick some Sinclair ya hog.
boo!: callums sinclair the ruck with no hit outs….
Wends: Does anyone else picture the dude from Road Trip when Sinclair on screen?
Gotigres: Good observation boo
Lestat: HAHAHA great call Wends. Dead ringer for him.
runt: Montagna quite spritely for 80
Costanza: cmon Steele ya scrubber
pcaman2003: Buddy, Newman,get into the game PLEASE!!
Gotigres: There we go, Newman finally reached 1/4 ton.
Nuffman: Why was Heeney HB classed as ineffective? went straight to a swans player??
Wends: Noice Gotigres, you can relax now. Keep going Buddy….
Lestat: Marshall has been ok on debut.
Wends: Montags limping off.
runt: Montagna overdid it but at least paid his bill
zadolinnyj: HAmmy mont. game over for him
Lestat: Joey was looking good for 120+ too.
Costanza: thx for the memories Joey – amazingly consistent over 15 years
runt: Montagna was like a 70 year old at a whore house trying to prove he still had it. Only to die of a heart attack
Costanza: 1 FA for Nathan Brown took 35% of his score away – costly
Lestat: remember this is a family friendly site runt.
Wends: Nawww, love Joey. Surely he’ll play on?
Costanza: LeNanna
Lestat: Doubt it will be with Saints Wends.
runt: @Lestat You are right. He had a heart attack but recovered.
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Trindacut: come on Franklin, slot some of these goals!
Trindacut: Need Keeney, Franklin, Lloyd and Roberton to lift for the last quarter!
Haydo: hey heiz
LuvIt74: I really want to see Saints lose by 100 or more
Wends: Newman picks up just as Heiz appears. Coincidence?
Haydo: same @luvit maybe cuz i go for Richmond
sfmmp23: Come on Buddy and Lloyd, get going
JRedden: junk it up robbo
Costanza: Jacked Steven – no locks, no oomph
Lestat: Lloyd had a shocker.
pcaman2003: My whole night is a shocker lestast
frenzy: pwr off buddy
Lestat: Hawks doing ok though pcaman.
sfmmp23: If only Buddy kicked straight
zadolinnyj: Hey heiz
Costanza: Saints and Tigers shoud merge and maximise their supporters’ angst
Lestat: Newman has raised the bat GoTigres.
Trindacut: No thanks
Wends: Wow Seb Ross must’ve caped it up at some point – was dragging his feet in 1st 1/4.
Heizenberg: Your here too wends haha
Heizenberg: Hi kestat
Wends: lol 🙂
Costanza: Jack played well for Saints, but that Jack was averga and those Jacks were shite
Wends: Swans doing their best pies SC/RDT score impressions this week.

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