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Chat log from R17 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Collingwood, R17 of 2017

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JockMcPie: Could be a close game, lots of quality back for both teams
Lawls: Treloar has to get close to Danger for me, I fucked up my loophole
BestCoast: @JockMcPie Go Pies
circle52: Riska on Pendfles, Howe on Ablett
poolboybob: This is going to be a match with top calibre skills on display
Apachecats: Adams due for a good one.
JockMcPie: That was better
Yelse: what is grundy doing lift
Ben_Gogos: McKenzie struggling once again.
SilverLion: Need Grundy to outscore witts. Off to a flying start.
Ben_Gogos: Cannon was destroyed against Rohan last week and now has the fast starting Fasolo.
poolboybob: lol commentator just said “you’re a big cox fan”
BestCoast: Coaches Cup who gets the ass first
Pokerface: how is mckenzie part of this converstaion? perhaps 4 years ago
frenzy: I miss wellsy
original: Smh grundy doing all he can to lose me sc match
luke394: Pendles is sue for a score
AngryRyno: carn GC don’t lose to this rabble
SilverLion: Grundy down. Brilliant.
Haydo: Finally adams is doing something again
SilverLion: nvm, he just took Fasolo out instead
JockMcPie: May done for the day oh dear
circle52: Steven May done for the Day
AngryRyno: steven may done for the day means GC lose
chris7399: not that it will matter. collingwood dont have key forwards anyways. match will be won in the middle
SilverLion: Looks like the pies kept the wrong ruckman
iZander: very intelligent comment there by Chris…wont have an effect at all imo
9inch: Cmon Grundy and Pendles get a move on.
Ben_Gogos: Another gift from Cannon…
heppelitis: common going really huge this week…please dont be my 1 fail
DrSeuss: Treloar you going to suck again this week?
NoneyaB: FINALLY ADAMS was going to get rid of u for doc but got rid od roberton instead
stew42: Reckon McKenzie could be a useful delisted free agent next year. Why he’s being played in defence baffles me.
stew42: Cannon should be a high half forward. Use that big boot to kick goals. Doesn’t have defensive nous.
fonzie: pumpkink for lynch
original: Grundy score can’t be serious this qtr?
pcaman2003: Pendles! What ya doing man? Nuttin, dat’s what!
AngryRyno: Treloar, Grundy, Lynch, all poor!
Breezey: It is raining down pretty well
JockMcPie: Collingwood cannot play wet weather footy at all, ffs
AngryRyno: and TJ is on the board, hoorah
korza: Next years no no’s Pendles and Goldy
stew42: Collingwood’s disposal efficiency is rubbish on a dry day, wet weather surely can’t affect it that much 😛
JockMcPie: @korza I have a few more to add to that list…
luke394: Why is Pendles so shit now?
korza: Let’em rip Jock
heppelitis: grundy should tap it gc…trying to hit his own team mates not working
Breezey: Not wrong there Jock. Went from 24 in front to behind since it started raining
JRedden: went grundy to darcy this week, looks good so far
stew42: Was tossing up who to trade out between Pendles and treloar this week. Went with Pendles. Lesser of two evils?
korza: *Luke its the Adams and Treloar factor
JockMcPie: @korza Franklin, Hannebery, JPK, Riewoldt, to name a few
SC_brAh: Treleor you muppet
poolboybob: Why not put Lyons in the goal square? Dude can barely walk.
AngryRyno: Lyons to do a Paddy? good call
BestCoast: Dependlbury Ave 108 far from shower all time fantasy player
heppelitis: Lyons going to be in my team next year…I like him
korza: 2018 starting with Bont Cripps Wines Lyons and Rockliff at his starting price
Breezey: Lyons ain’t no Paddy
JRedden: treloar never again
AngryRyno: treloar never again
SilverLion: Better quarter Grundy
korza: Gazza oh my goodness
JRedden: haha @angryryno, same thought..
pcaman2003: The Little Master still showing them.
JockMcPie: Ablett also never again, because of injuries
BestCoast: Hope the Pies sign Bucks for another 4 years
DrSeuss: Treloar getting outplayed by Lyons playing on 1 working leg FFS
benzammit: lol loopholes can be cruel had GAJ as C opted Danger as vice uh well go big GAJ
SilverLion: Lyons’ injury happened during second qtr Ben
NoneyaB: nah it was the 1st quarter
SilverLion: Oh did he have something prior to th kick just before half time? Didn’t notice haha
heppelitis: side bum had a big qtr…was low when i last looked
Tommo2909: People were writing of Gaz. Never doubt the God
NoneyaB: lyoin got hurt in 1st qtr but came back on then hurt it again in the 2nd
NoneyaB: geez witts has bene a bargain this year
NoneyaB: been*
Lestat: Witts effectively traded for Brown and Daicos. Both clubs would be happy.
korza: With May and Lyons out big point on offer for the Suns
poolboybob: Treloar get the ball you dud
pcaman2003: Witts flogging Grundy.
Lestat: Grundy sore from collision with Fasolo still?
pcaman2003: @lestat. Maybe,but got up to play straight away after collision.Seems okay.
DrSeuss: GAJ, Witts and Adams going great – Treloar not so much
NoneyaB: Ive had witts since the start of the year i was going to trade him for gawn i dont really want to now tbh I might trade
NoneyaB: smartin instead
original: Free against. That’s great grundy really good mate keep it up flowering hell
Beast_Mode: with 2 men down, pies should win this
Breezey: About to power down here
Lestat: @Noney Martin will score better now Smith not in team.
Yelse: grundy trelaor peddles well done guys ruin my SC and ontop u playing shower for bucks
9inch: How is Grundy less than at H/T?
pcaman2003: Move it Pendles you sloth.
NoneyaB: hope so lestat thats the only reason i still have him is noe smith is gone he may do better
The39Steps: Possibly all-time record scores this weekend.
circle52: I have had Stef since RD 1 and ridden the roller coaster. Started with Sandi as R2 and then went Sandi to Goldy
circle52: @39 steps maybe but 3000+ is still a way off. Remember a score above that marke 4/5 years ago.
poolboybob: Much better Treloar. Keep going
cammo92: Grundy has had 3 HOs to advantage in 10 minutes. How is he not scoring?
SilverLion: Bloody Witts ffs
Beast_Mode: too bad I didn’t put the emg on scharenberg
CamT: Is Pendlebury sandbagging until they announce a change of coach, is he injured or has he lost interest ?
SilverLion: If Grundy can get 80 and Witts less than 100 I’d be happy
The39Steps: Wod @circle52! Remember some high 2800s but can’t remember a 3k so perhaps we wont get there.
9inch: Need huge last from Pendles and Grundy to at least get their predictions.
The39Steps: *wow
Hawks_13: I agree with you CamT. I think he is injured
mark621: just wondering, does anyone actually play DT or has everyone moved to SC
fonzie: the the record is 2965
sfenda1: adams positive in supercoach/dt ratio. that’s new
The39Steps: But all the favourites are going big so there is a possibility of some mega scores. 2400 won’t win it this week.
Lestat: Pendles wants to be Captain/Coach next year.
Sixty656: Coasters will shit this in.
Breezey: I play both
feralmong: hehe 39. yeah on track for 2800 but watch it fall over tonite or tomorrow.
PowerBug: was definitely a week where 3000 was scored. Was a kong time ago
fonzie: just looked up the highest score from what i found 2965 is the highest
The39Steps: Both *mark
anthsill03: how did grundy shoot up to 58 SC
Screech23: It is defintky 3000+
fonzie: i want to find it
JRedden: ton up treloar
NoneyaB: fonzie that cant be right as my highest sc ascore is 2800 something but this happened back in 2011 in high score round
Lestat: The 2965 was highest for 2014 and is 1 of the highest.
NoneyaB: highest scoring round i remember was some guy got 3300 i got a massive score that year
NoneyaB: does anyone remember that huge scoring round back in 2011? and the par score that week was 2600 in sc
pcaman2003: Pendles a sad looking player. Shadow of his former self.
Lestat: I do Noney. Was my best ever with 2714
LuvIt74: Whats wrong with pndles?
NoneyaB: yeh i got 2800 something i think and 2600 in dt that year
LuvIt74: He’s far from being the dependlbury we all had
iZander: harsh on McKenzie, hes playing tall due to May being out…
PowerBug: Tight game, he only needs a few key touches to get to 100 SC 🙂
pcaman2003: His timing appears to be off. He used to read the game well.
CBeezDeez: Um? He plays for Collingwood @LuvIt?
BestCoast: Treloar is the ultimate seagull overrated
poolboybob: I don’t understand how Sexton can only have 3 touches when his team is down two rotations
Gott2Win: 15 contested touches and 6 clearances for a seagull?? You’re cooked
fonzie: cmon gc i want u to win
Lestat: We all want GC to win fonzie 🙂
thommoae: ‘ … to evacuate their defence …’! Nice one, Ben.
OllieC: Pendles on the bench
korza: Another never again J.Howe as a POD
circle52: 2 rotations down starting to tell in the wet conditions as well.
PowerBug: Pendles stuck on the bench it seems 😐 TOG has dropped 4% last few mins
JockMcPie: Pendles needs to get on the field
frenzy: you star Gazza, danger vc dont look so good now
BestCoast: @Gott2Win I have had a fair few today
sfmmp23: Get Pendles on
Screech23: Wish we could do screan shots ….sis innlaw got 3011 in 2014
SC_brAh: Ton up pendles you runt
pcaman2003: Pendles getting some low scores lately. Might have to move him on.
fonzie: lets go suns
Lestat: No chance SC_brAh.
lzaffina: is pendlebury on the ground?
lzaffina: oh yep there he is
PowerBug: on the ground now. Followign GAJ
circle52: Throw missed there prior to goal.
LMartos: if you have the trades to trade Pendles you’re sailing
J_Herer: love heart for Treloar? he came from no where
duckky: Why hat for McKenzie? Should be 2 hats and a spud for harbrow then.
Lawls: Varcoe 14 touches with 0 marks and 0 tackles
Lawls: Never seen that
Gott2Win: Witts needs to build his tank in the offseason, drifts out of games in final quarters a lot.
Apachecats: Adams must reckon he’s done enough
pcaman2003: Ablett all class. 70+ pts more than any team mate.
Donz: Owning Pendles is so frustrating
pcaman2003: @Donz. Itis,but not after this week for me. He’s gone!
SilverLion: Very respectable finish Grundy
korza: He is the greatest, you know who, HIM
Donz: how many trades you have left pcaman? With 4 I’m not sure I have the luxury to do so
fonzie: whats the bet bucks will be safe now
Donz: unfortunately.. Also the thought that it comes back to bite me on the backside later
pcaman2003: Only 5 left,but have mostly premiums. Pendles my m7
9inch: Grundy was important in that qtr no love from cd
frenzy: you had him on toast Witts, what happen?
Zeratul: Grundy… yet another YinYang
Screech23: Happpy with my mids so far ebert, ablett, trelor, danger& tich

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